Swaragini (Friendship, Love, Pain) episode 1


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Thank you all for the comments that you all gave to my fanfiction i will try my best to write regularly.
My story is based on Friendship so love story will start a bit later.
FRIENDSHIP:Friendship is the bond between two people without any blood relationship and if the FRIENDSHIP is true then the person is really blessed by god. Now a days relationship s are based on just selfishness and in this selfish world to find a selfless friend is a very big thing.
Swara Bose house where swara live with her small and sweet family which includes her mother father a sweet little sister who is 7 years younger to her and her grandma.Swara share a very special bonding with her mother’s mom (I will call her granny).They share best friend bonding swara shares each and every thing with her granny.She is very much close to her and loves her alot.

She has three friends MEERA (Meru) ANANYA (anu) and SHANYA(samy).
Meru anu and swara are classmates but samy is in another section she is in ragini section.

swara friendship with this three aldo has an interesting story each one is unique and also can say funny in some case.
Let me explain:
Meru n swara were classmates from class 1 but they were never friends they just know each other as classmates and swara know her as there school counceller’s daughter. once meru was fighting with a boy of her class becaise he was trying to snatch her tiffin .Swara was least bother at first but when the boy push meru and she fall down Swara got angry and webt to him took the duster from teachers table and punch on the boys face.then she tookout ber bottle and wet him up and told not to disturb her friend again the boy went away crying swara help meru to get up and meru thanks her from that time they were friends or can say very good friend s.

Anu took admission on 5 standard at that time swaras beat friend was (Tanveer).Tanu was a bit possessive girl she never let swara to talk with other friendly she always overpower her and swara as she as a dumbo that time listen to her every sayings without even thinking but I was also true that tanu loves swara a lot but her overpossisiveness was the think which never legt swara to make friend s.there friendship last till tanu went to another school as her father got transfer at noida. After tanu left there was a very big vhange came in swaras life for some days she stayed silently without talking with anyone as she donot have friends .But gradually she s started to talk with her classmates her classmates thought her to be a proudy and arrogent girl coz she never talked wid anyone except tanveer.But as time pass she started to make friends and the wall between swara and her classmates also started to fall.
Anu and meru were already beat friends by the time .It was on class 6 when the teacher asked the students to seat according to there roll numbers and that time meru anu and swara were benchmates .Meru and aru were best friends. Meru and swara were also very good friends. but at the very first day anu and swara fight for some silly reason and there start the hate u relationship. for nearly 2 months Anu and swara would fight for not very good reasons and meru was the one who always sortout the thing.
But there friendshio blossoms when meru went to her uncles marriage for nearly 2 weeks. a first anu and swara would fight as usual but as meru was absent they would help each other whenever they need some help.Gradually there friend ship grow and cute nok jhoj were also there but the Friendship was started between them.There misunderstanding for eachother were sortout by the time meru camw back they were friends. Meru was happy as her both best friends were no more enemies and they were also best friends.

Samy was a tom boy of her class or can say dacoit she always make fun of others she has a gang of her own.As swara was silent girl samy always make fun of her but swara never complain amything to anyone.Meru and anu were also angry as swara never tell her anything but swara somehow convence them.
But at class 8 on Sports day samy came to know what tyoe of girl swara is .Samy was a good sports girl.But on the second day she was coming to school as she came near the school gate a boy came running and push her her leg got spin and she fall down swara was near the gate waiting for anu and meru .she came running at first samy scold her samy thought that it was swara who asked the boy to push her as samy alwys make fun of her but swara without saying anything help her to get up and land her to her class room as samy came to know that her leg got spin and she will not be able to run her remaining races she cried for the first time swara tried to cheer her up but samy was so angry that she slapped swara.Butswara without saying anything went out by the time meru and anu also came and saw swara crying sitting near a tree.they asked her but she dnt tell anything as she know they will scold samy and she also know that samy was very sad.but some how meru and Anu came to know avout the incident.They search the boy and toom her to samy and the boy told that it was by mistake he push her.He went away and meru and anu scold samy for slapping swara .Samy feel bad for swara and went to her and ask sorry from her .Samy again scold her and tell that: r u stupid if u r not at fault why u bear so much stupid u should stand for urself. after giving 20 min lecture on self protection she and swara become friends there FRIENDSHIP gradually become strong and swara also started to talk for herself and it was ber friends who transform her from silent and unconfident swara to talkative and confident swara.

PRECAP:Ragini and her. friends intro her life style.
So friends how is my very first episode please comment and it can be bore because it is simple life story no suspence and all but twist and turns will come afterwards. . ..as its a friendship story so I have focus on friennds a little more….if u want to change or want to give suggetion u r most welcome……

Credit to: Aarohi

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