Swaragini: Friends or…..??? Part 1

It was raining heavily….and both the confused souls were staring at it blankly…they were at different places but they can only think about each other…their mind was reeling from the thoughts about the past incidents as they tried to dig deep so as to understand what exactly they wanted but their egoistic nature n brain came in between & was constantly restricting their heart to overpower them and fall in the beautiful feeling LOVE….
Irritated with the things not happening according to their wishes they both decided to contemplate over their past encounters…..


It was a beautiful Sunday evening…n everything was going on smoothly until then….A guy was pacing in his room impatiently waiting for someone…he was wearing a white shirt which had some buttons open from the top and his chiselled body is slightly visible through it and was wearing blue denims….He looked dashing in his ensemble…Suddenly he heard a car stopping infront of his mansion and he peeped through the window and automatically a smile descended on his lips…yes she has arrived….

The black Mercedes had stopped at its destination and out came a girl from the driver’s seat and entered his mansion…A servant opened the door and she stepped into the house,she ordered him with a voice of authority”Now you can leave…and don’t come back before tomorrow morning”
The servant nodded and made his way out while she closed the door behind him and went to the guy’s room…
She entered the room and saw him facing the window….”You can come out of ur trance dear because the one who you are waiting for is here”she said cheesily but in a seductive tone.
He immediately turned back and his heart fluttered but he didn’t show it…There she was,probably God’s most beautiful creation…she was wearing a s*xy navy blue short dress,her milky body was inviting him,he looked at her from bottom to top scanning each and every part of her body…her beautiful legs,soft hands and killer curves were making him insane each second…He moved towards her and hugged her tightly and whispered in her ears”You are late but don’t worry we can begin our work now”…with this he kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes,then he kissed on her eyes and cheeks passionately…she trembled in his burning desire,he then looked at her luscious lips…her deep hazelnut eyes twinkled and she nodded so that he can proceed…n with that he placed his hard hot lips on her soft rosey lips..at first it was a small peck but then both kissed each other passionately…while the girl clutched his shirt tightly n felt his silky hair with her hands,he had placed his hand around her waist tightly and the other hand was caressing her heavenly neck…his actions did the trick and she got lost in him completely and continued the kiss with a greater passion…now he couldn’t control himself and kissed her hard and sucked her lips enjoying it…the violent kiss lasted for some minutes and they parted breathing heavily but they were still close…they had an eyelock and smiled at each other and again indulged themselves in a kiss burning desire…while kissing they proceeded towards the bed and his hand opened the zip of her dress and he felt her milky bare back and he pressed it…she stopped the kiss and began to unbutton his shirt while he kissed her nape and felt her beautiful back….he then carried her to the bed and then they completely undressed themselves…he was continuously kissing her neck while his hands were playfully playing with her waist,he then went kissed her petite shoulder and then went down and kissed her br***t and squeezed them lustily…she moaned and shrieked but was enjoying too…he then entered into her and began to kiss her now like a wild beast…he kept on kissing her whole body and she moaned…with her each moan it became wild…she then pleaded him to go slow but he has now become a ruthless beast…she then gathered all her might and turned him and came over him and said”Enough is enough now…now see what I do”…She then kissed his bare chest and neck…it was become irresistible for him and he frantically moved his hands on her back pressing her soft body hard on his chest…she then kissed his ear and bit him…he cried”ouch…u didn’t do right now get ready for your punishment”…she made a pouty face and he kissed her hard on her now swollen lips and they continued to make love throughout the night….

Around 3 am in the night,he suddenly opened his eyes..his body ached and his head was paining…he then looked towards his side,a tingling sensation ran through his body…there wrapped in his arms laid a soft and beautiful beauty sleeping peacefully…he softly whispered in her ears “Hey gorgeous”…she opened her eyes and turned towards him and asked”Are we doing right?I mean what about Tanya?”
He tightly held her and said”Stop taking that b***h’s name…m fed up of her antics…let us be together,what say my wildcat?” and winked at her…
Her face went pale and she snapped”Stop it!!!How many times have I told u not to take these flings seriously…have u forgot the contract we signed?You had said this even when we did it 1st time…but I don’t want this to go any further than the clauses written in the contract…look we both are heartless maniacs and we both are enjoying this arrangement,so stop day-dreaming and face the reality…if you don’t then we have to put a stop to this rendezvous adventures of ours”
He thought of her words in his mind and his blood boiled in rage…how can she treat him like this…they were childhood friends after all and they shared their problems with each other…he knew after that horrible incident both of them had become stone-hearted and ruthless but she…she had literally lost her mind and had come to him with the contract…but then now he can’t let go of her as she had overpowered him completely…but she won’t accept what he wants…
He sighed heavily and looked at her intensely…”Ok!!! Fine everything thing ll be as it used to be…I won’t say it again”
She retorted bluntly “Better…now let’s enjoy ourselves with each other again but better be quick because I have to attend a meeting with Dad at 9 am tomorrow n I shouldn’t look too tired as he’s getting suspicious now as to where I m spending my Sunday nights wildly” and winked at him.
He smirked and said”Tell him you spend it with your ruthless beast” and kissed her lips hard and they again drowned themselves in each other…

Hello everyone…How was the episode? I hope you liked?If so please drop in a comment…

And coming to the story…Who is the girl?Who is the guy?What is the contract they’re talking about?What is that horrible incident that changed them to be heartless?Who is tanya?

These answers you ll get as the story unfolds…if you wanna guess or give any suggestions or criticism feel free to do it….
“Everything you see or seem to understand doesn’t turn out like that in the end…So wait and watch”

Ta…Ta and I ll come back soon with another chapter…till then keep smiling…

Credit to: Zac


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