Swaragini – Friends for life and love until death (Part 22)


So…i know you guyz were excited about next part…n i was free today so posted it so quickly…as my readers want it…so share your views….n silent readers as i m heading towards last parts of my ff…so plz comment….so for you guys…next part so soon…

The world around was breaking itself into a million pieces and each one was piercing her heart in every hidden corner possible. The pain was so excruciating that she rather wanted her breath to give away, than undergoing it. She was trying terribly hard to get in charge of herself, trying to compose herself but the hurt was too deep that it could take a zillion lives to completely get cured. This was the cyclone she realized, was not the one to do anything with the nature but with her own disintegrating life.

He was bleak! Each and every word he spoke was like a weapon aiming directly at her heart and thereby destroying her completely inside out. She completely got worn out and let the silence play its role in the almost won game of his.

She watched him go away, away from her heart, away from her life. The love of her life, the life she had designed to be with was just going away. The treasure of her life’s happiness was being stolen away by the creator himself….
Ragini rans into her rooms…
Lakshika with teary eyes…look at her…sanskar told her to go inside his room…n she leaves…
Sanskar followed Ragini to her room…
She is sitting there n continuously crying…
Sanky:Why did you stopped me?I was going to tell him the truth?
Ragini:Y?U r asking me y?He always did this…never ever trust me….not even 5 yrs back n today also….how can thought that i can married to someone?How can?He doesn’t listen to me?I tried last time but this time i stood there as a numb bcoz i know he is not going to listen…i lost the battle of love before only…so what’s matter now?
Sanskar:But…the situation was like that…shona…we have to tell him….he is your life..
Ragini:Meri kasam h tumhe…you r not going to tell him anything…if destiny wants us to be together we will….
Just then lakshika arrives near her room..but stops at the door…n listens there conversation…

Ragini:Yes…he is my life n he is my husband…i loved him…still loves him…n will love him until my last breath….but he was right Lakshika is my daughter…what if i didn’t gave her birth….he again misunderstood tha she is my n yours daughter n left me again….
Lakshika ti herself:So…that handsome hunk is my daaduuu…n he got misunderstanding with momssie bcoz of me…i shld have to do something…..
Sanskar hugs her tight n consoles her…
Swara calls him..he told swara everything n she also supports Ragini….
One waiter knocks on her door…
Sankar:Yes…come in
Waiter:A letter for Mrs.Ragini Dixit….
Ragini hears this n snatched the letter from him…sanskar tells him to go n closed the door….
She opens the letter….

Mrs.Ragini Sanskar Dixit or RD or R.Dixit….be professional n come for the project meeting the reason y r you here…c u in one hour at decided place….we r ready…
From-LaKsh Maheshwari(MD)
Sanku:What it is shona?
Sanky takes that letter from her n reads it….
Sanky:No…you r not going..i.will not allow you to go…you r not in this condition…
Ragini:I will….i want to see how much he can hurt me and at what extent….i will complete this deal…n we will leave this country tomorrow itself…book our tickets…
She goes to bathroom n changed her clothes…n gets ready for meeting…
Here waiter told Laksh that he delivered the letter n also sanky was there with her…he gets jealous n angry….

Precap:Raglak meeting….AP n Laksh talks to each other about Ragini…

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  1. Awesome episode dear :)… Hope lakshika would unite raglak soon.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ….

  2. superb ff

  3. Waiting for Raglak meeting

  4. Megha123

    Awsm part loved ragini’s boldness
    This should what a girl do when untrusted by their loved ones unlike crying over fate
    Anyways just try to post nxt part ASAP eagerly waiting for the moment of raglak reunion

  5. nice waiting what lakshika is gonna do next part soon

  6. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Now excited for Raglak face off and what Lakshika is going to do….
    Loved Ragini’s act and boldness so much
    Waiting for the next one………

  7. Superb episode dear.. Very very excited to know that would happen next … Very interesting story

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  9. Ruhani

    Felt really very bad for ragini yr.. Hope lakshika clears the misunderstanding

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