Swaragini (Friends forever) episode 3


hey guys i am back with the ff ..hope u all like this part and plz comment …..
so here is the story .
at school
swaka leaves to their class
whereas sanlakva were standing and flirting with girls (their all time job)
ragini ; laksh i want a help
laksh ;ragini mr dramebazz is asking me help
ragini ;haan yaar …wont u help ur cousin
laksh ; oh oh ok ok …now tell me what help
ragini ; vo actually a man scolded me …
laksh gets angry and furious
laksh ; who is the man ..show me ..
ragini ; he is standing behind u ..
laksh ; behind me ok
laksh takes a bat in his hand …and turns to hit him
to his unlucky state it was principal

principal ; r u gonna hit me mr laksh maheshwari
ragini smiles and whispers
ragini ; free advice run from here ..take it or dont take it ..
ragini and kavya both give hifi
laksh in mind ; oh this ur plan huh ? ragini ki bacchi i wont spare u ..
laksh ; no sir …i just took it play
principal ; in corridor
laksh ; vo …i …actuaaly
bell rings
laksh ; sir class time

principal ; in my office in lunch break
saying this principal leaves ..
laksh throws the bat
laksh ; ragini i wont spare u and i dont know what this virus will do (virus = principal)
at 8th classroom
tanu ; swara i wish this year sanky becomes the headboy
swara was shocked (tanu as a crush on sanky)
swara ; tanu then school will be upside down ……he is a brat
tanu ; stop talking about sanky like that …..
swara ; oh oh someone is fuming here ..
tanu ; i am ur best friend from LKG so
swara ; so ….
tanu ; will u help me in my love
swara was shocked
swara ; what do u mean by that

tanu ; arrey i love sanky u know that right and sanky only talks to u and kavitha in this class …
swara ; haan …wait …i should help u to succeed in sanky love ‘
tanu ; ya u got it
swara ; ok ..i will help
swara in mind ; sanky u r gone ha ha ha
sanky ad tanu together ha ha ha
tanu ; i love u shona …..ok u tell me plans .
swara ; today we will do group studies in my home
tanu was confused
tanu ; why group studies
swara ; buddhu u can meet sanky right …he is cousin and we live in same house right ?
tanu ; u r really an genius
swara ; as always
swara in mind ; sanky u r gone and no one can help u dear
sanlakva goes to canteen …..
they all sit opposite to ragkav
sanky ; i heard pricipal called u (teasingly)
laksh seeing ragini angrily (fake anger)
laksh ; haan yaar ….that to because of that dramebazz …

varun ; oh i see …why dont u take revenge yaar …
sanky ; varun got the point
laksh ; u r really my bro …
varun ; i am as always
laksh calls the waiter ( their school is the top richest school)
laksh ; take this money and spill tjis drink on that girl
he points ragini
waiter happily takes the money
laksh ; aab haye ga maaza …..
sanky and varun closely watch whats gonna happen
the waiter goes towards ragini ..
but ragini stands up
it suprises the waiter
laksh falls down
ragini gives some money to waiter
ragini ; spill this drink in his pant
pointing towards laksh ( ragini doesnt know laksh plan )

waiter was happy seeing more money ..
he goes towards laksh
ragini ; aab haye ga mazaa
kavitha ; laksh is really very unlucky
ragini and kavitha give hifi
they two closely watch whats gonna happen
waiter comes
laksh gives more money and does the same
ragini also does the same
after some time the bell ring
raglak were suprised as no one got any prank
raglak both gets confused and go to their class

they were not happy but someone really was happy
no guesses its the
waiter was loaded with money
ha ha ha ha lol
principal called sanky for some work ..so as swara
first sanky comes first
sanky ; good afternoon sir
principal ; good afternon beta ..so i called u for electing u as the headboy this year what u r saying ,…
sanky was numb with happiness ..(when it comes to studies sanky is really serious and takes the resposibility with care and perfection)
pricipal ; come on say me something
sanky ; its really an great opporturnity sir …
principal ; ya i know ….u r my favourite student and a responsible one …so then tomorrow assembly i will announce ..
sanky ; sure sir and thank u
pricipal ; welcome
just then swara enters …

sanky smiles seeing swara
sanky in mind ; swara i will easily win the bet now ..
swara ; good afternoon sir ..y u called me sir
principal ; good afternoon …i called u to announce the head boy tomorrow in assembly ..and i want all captains to be assembled tomorrow in my office
( swara is the school assembly incharge and house captains head ..)
sanky in mind ; she is also popular …god give me some way to win
swara ; sure sir ..but who is the head boy
principal ; ur cousin sanky ..
swara was shocked
sanky smiles at swara ….
swara ; ok …ok…sir ..
principal ; thats really good now u two may leave ..
swasan ; thank u sir
both leave the office

swara ; u head boy thats like total different ..
sanky ; i know miss oversmart u r jealous of me ..han ha ha
swara ; oh miss swara kapoor is never jealous of anyone ……i am already having two big jobs ….so i think u will be jealous of me
sanky ; oh come on oversmart
swara ; haan mr jealous
sanky ; stop calling me like that
swara ; first u stop then i will think
swasan both stare and leave to their respective classes
i think its really longer one .. sorry i will try to minimize …..
the journey has just startd there are many twists , turns , masti and suprises which r gonna start now …

hope u also will join this journey ……….

Credit to: dolly

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