Swaragini (Friends forever) episode 2

Hey guys …I am here again …happy to know the comments …
So here is the story enjoy ,
we can see a big gate with two body guards standing on the either side ….
As we move on we can see a garden with tables and chairs arranged in a beautiful side ..
The left side I’s a big pool with bar attached and sun chairs …and some workers …
On the right is the parking area with all types of cars standing ..
And in the centre we can see a very big mansion with 3 floors height and with a big breath …
A big room is shown …it’s painted blue colour with three big beds laid on a row ..attached with study tables and wardrobe ..
It’s really big room ..with a balcony attached
A big 100inch LCD TV is attached with a curve sofa .
And three beanbags on either side …
There were many video games laid near TV ….
The bookshelf which is big but books r not arranged properly …
Guitar’s are hanging on the walls …
Of course it’s the boys room ..
A women comes inside …
Women : wake up everyone it’s late for school …
No response from anyone …
Women : OK then ….the girls will get ready ..and u three boys will be loser …thy will show their girl power ..
The three boys in a jerk wakes up ..
Laksh : they should not win ..only boys power wins …
Sanky : u r right …girls r not faster than us not even this ..
Varun : deal accepted ..
Women in mind : this is the only way to wake them ..but now girls …offu …
Laksh : OK guys I am going washroom u both talk OK .
Sanky : ha ha …u r thinking that we will let u ..
Varun : OK then u both fight I will go to washroom and come ..
Laksh : oh oh …do u think we will forget u in our fight ..
Sanky : OK then u both argue ..I will use the washroom .
Saying this Sanky gets up from the bed ..
Laksh nd Varun together : attack …
Both falls on Sanky …
Sanky : oh my God …ahhhhhhhh …God help me ..u both gorilla get up from me ..
Both gets up ..
Sanky runs to washroom and say’s : when did u both started obeying my words ..
Laksh nd Varun were shocked ..
Laksh and Varun : Sanky ????::::
Sanky makes faces and locks the washroom door ….
Laksh nd Varun sits in sofa in angry mood
A room is shown ..which is coloured in pink and red …with hearts and princess pictures attached to it ….it’s really cute
The racks are fully with teddy bears …and pictures of them …all over a wall ..
Two big beds areally shown with white and pink ..
Two study tables are attached …
On the left side is the big vanity with lights ..just like the bulbs with golden lights ….
And a very big wardrobe with a changing room ..
In the centre there is a light red sofa with 100 inch LCD TV ..and home theatre screen ..
With carpets laid down ..
A very big book shelf ….
With neatly arranged books ….and this room has a balcony too with flower pots
This is room is next to sanlakva room ..
Two girls are sleeping on the either beds
Women comes ….
Women : shona …kavi. ..wake up …come on ..
Both wakes up in one second ..
Swaka together : good morning badi ma…(.yes it’s ap )
Ap : good morning dears ..now come fast for breakfast ..
Swaka :OK badi ma ….they both smile ..
Swara : u go first kavi
Kavi : OK Swara ..tomorrow u go ..
Swara : OK ….
They both smile at each other …
Ap : at least these two r obeying here …
Oh shit. ..next is that ..room …..
A room is shown colored with purple and gold ..
Same as swaka room only but with rocks tar pictures on walls …
And not as clean as swaka room ..
It’s ragini and kavya room ..
This room is opposite to sanlakva room ..
It also has balcony ..
Ap : ragini and kavya wake up dear ..
Ragini (sleepy): two minutes badi ma
Kavya (sleepy) : half an hour badi ma ..better ..
Ap : it’s already 7 …beta ..
Ragini : no problem ma ..we will put leave hena Kavya ..
Kavya : good idea
Ap : I think the boys r already in the dining table ..
Ragkav shout’s : what the he’ll ..
Ap : ya they r already ready we lost ..man power is greater than girl ..
Ragkav : no way ….
They both run into washroom ..
Ragini pushes Kavya outside the washroom nd locks .
Kavya : ragini ki bacchi ..I will not leave ..u ..
Ragini in washroom : no problem ..billi..
Kavya keeps angry face …
Ap smiles and leaves ..
@dining table ..
The table is really big …
The four mens are sitting and having breakfast ..with their wife ..
The food is been served by the servant’s ..
Swaka comes first .
Swara : good morning mom ‘s ….and all dad’s ..
Everyone wishes good morning ..
Ap : so u both came first ..
Kavi : we r swaka ..we r never late ..
Priya : that’s true dear kaka bring sandwiches ..
Sanlakva arises with Ragkav …
All is he’s good morning …
Laksh : these two idiot’s are always first ..how come …
Swara : that’s because u three idiots r always late …
Sanlakva pouts .
Swakaragkavlaughs seeing them ..
Sanky : oh oh miss ragini and miss kavya …u both were late .
Ragini : even though we r late …girls were the first right ..u didon’t mention any special names for the bet ..so u lost …
Sanky makes faces …
Sumi : u all always keep fighting yaar ..
Sanlakva : that’s y we r here ..
Swaka Ragkav : to lose with us ..
Sanlakva gives terror look
Swaka Ragkav gives funny looks …
Shekhar : OK then it’s late guy ‘s. ..let’s go ..
All the men’s leave ..saying bye to everyone ..
Swara : ragini pass me the butter (they don’t call Di and bhai. ..)
Ragini : here ..
Varun : so who is gonna stand for head boy here ..I myself is gonna stand ..
Swara : as if we will vote for u all ..
Swaka give hifI ..
Varun : miss over smart …stop it drama …
Swara makes faces …
Sanky : of course Swara ..as we will only win this year ..as we r popular then u all ..
Swara : y don’t we keep a bet ..who is most popular in school
Sanky : I am always ready miss over smart ..
Laksh : u r keeping bet with wrong people swara …no no …billi
Swara : u monkey …
Laksh and swara makes faces ….
Kavi : guys we r already late to school come let’s leave …
Kavya : that’s a good idea …
Everyone leaves …to school …..
Hope u like this episode ..and plz comment …guys ..
I won’t give any precap to this ff …
With love ..

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  4. Dolly really you were a great writer dear, the way you have described the rooms was really awesome. Though I couldn’t see it, I felt that i was really watching all those rooms. Please start off with mera ashique season 2.

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