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Epi- 7
It was a new day for Ragini. She wanted to leave her past and move on in her life…she freshen up and went to her new office with Laksh to live her dream…

@SKL Office

Ragini stood near the entrance of the office for a moment.she was damn nervous. Whatever happened in these two days, already shattered her…joining her heart like nothing happened was not easy.. At least impossible to do in one day .but she was trying really hard. But a bone crushing hug supported her from behind… She turned back.

Ragini- shona…u here…
Swara- oh laado…hw can I miss my dear’s dream comes true moment ha?
Ragini- thank you shona… I really needed it..
Swara- I know…
Laksh-oh…guys… I am still alive here…plz…give a look to me too…
Swara- whatever…
Ragini- oh shona…don’t u dare..he is my friend cum brother zyada… Did u get it..?

Laksh looked at Ragini for a moment. He was in tears…

Ragini- sorry …I know swara said me, after uttara’s death u never called anyone ur sister and never gave her space to anyone. She was ur only family..i know we weren’t any best friends…but yesterday when I really broke, u supported me like a brother…I felt I got a brother… I really wish to be ur family…

Laksh was teary eyed. He was happy inside.

Laksh- Ragini… When I first saw u,u were just like my uttara..a little bit shy…love ur family more than anything and most importantly the selfless love to everyone… I really wanted to call u my sister but as u said,we never interacted much..I felt u considered me as a friend. So never told u…but nw u r giving me my sister back…so hw can I refuse it.and I will be super happy if u call me lucky instead of laksh like my sister always do.

Ragini was damn happy nw.

Ragini- OK..but at one condition.

Laksh looked at her with confusion.

Ragini- u have to call me laado instead of Ragini, just like shona do…
Laksh- ofcourse my laado…

They shared a brother sister hug.
Swara was in cloud9 to see all these. Ragini was moving in her life… Same time her love got his sister back…

Swara- nw u guys don’t want me na???(swara pouted like a small kid)

Raglak look towards each other and turn to swara

Raglak- noooo….
And burst out laughing.

Swara got irritated.

Swara- fine..I am leaving..

She was going to leave raglak went to her and dragged her in to a hug.the trio shared a imotional hug.

Laksh- so Laado, let’s enter into ur new world. It is not good to be late in first day itself in ur new job.

Ragini noded positively. Swara left the place wishing her soul sister all the best.raglak entered into the office.

Laksh- laado u wait here..I will come in few min.
Ragini- OK.

Laksh went from there.Ragini once looked at her office interior. It was well designed. The entire office was painted in black and white combination. Some awards are laminated there.the office have 3main cabins. she guessed one of it will be the office room of her boss.
Laksh came back.

Laksh-laado ur office room is ready..u can join here today itself as ur wish.. U have to work as a PA of one of the partner of this company, my best buddy SANKY..not to worry he is super cool..so let’s meet him.come..

Ragini noded OK and followed laksh to see her boss..!she entered to the office. Her boss was sitting in a chair turning back..she felt some strange feeling in her heart.laksh called him.
Laksh- hay sanky, here is ur new PA..Ragini…Ragini Godia..my friend cum sister zyada..

Hearing the name the person turn to her in a sudden jerk with widely opened eyes.he got shocked seeing the same angelic face in front of him.
Ragini got froze…she immersed in to his brown eyes for a second.. Her eyes filled with tears..she couldn’t move..
Laksh continued

Laksh-and laado he is my best friend cum brother zyada.. Sanky..oh sorry sanskar Maheshwari… U will be his PA.

Ragini felt it as a Nightmare..
She badly wanted to leave that place… But she was helpless…
Sanskar forwarded his hand with a smile just like nothing happened.

Sanky- hi,Ragini… Nice to meet you…

She joined her hand with him unwillingly..

Ragini- ya..me too sir…
Laksh- so introduction is over..
Sanky- OK ragini..u can join the office from tomorrow.
Laksh- actually sanky..Ragini want to start work today itself..
Ragini- (cutting his words)no..I will start my work from tomorrow.. It will be perfect (while telling she avoided all eye contact )
Laksh- but laado… OK fine..OK sanky so we r leaving nw…I have no much work today.. I will see u tomorrow.. Bye buddy.
Sanky- ya..bye lucky.. Bye Ragini..
Ragini- bye sir…

They left the office. Laksh dropped Ragini in her new home and left for some work.
Ragini went near Window.and looked at garden…her eyes got wet.

Ragini’s point of view:-

God,plz…not again…u tested me much…I can’t tollerate anymore.. I am not that strong..
Sanskar…!!! He is not less than any monster.. Hw can I love him so blindly… He broke my trust, my love,he broke me completely… And today he was smiling at me…
ofcourse.. Anyone will smile at my fate…wt was my mistake God??that u put my life so incomplete.. Still I searched for a ray of hope..I thought by chasing my dream,I will move on in my life.. But I think, nw I will never.. I can’t even leave that job because of the contract…
No Ragini… U can’t break… If u break na..ur ma,lucky, shona all will take the blame on their head that they ruined my life.. No..I can’t let it happen.. I can’t let an evil win in this battle…sanskar.. I will face u…will face u boldly… I will move on…ya..I will…

Ragini wiped her tears.. She was determined.

Sanskar’s point of view:-

Oh..God… U heard my prayers… Thank you so much… I really wished a lot to see that angelic face once again…but u r grt..u made her work in my office as my PA…nw she will be always in front of me…
Ragini..!!! The name have some magic,like her voice and innocent face have..but today something was missing in her…ya her SMILE..The most beautiful and purest thing in this world.. She lost it because of u sanskar… Ya u took it from her..
God,I know the way I reacted to her yesterday was not right… But I wasn’t fully wrong too..I met her first in that bus stop… At night.. Yes it was our first meeting… Ya..I am damn sure abt it..it was love at first sight..!
Ha ha..I still can’t believe it.. I fall in love with a girl in a first glance… The grt sanskar Maheshwari….!!! I always thought I won’t feel such stupid feelings… But mom was right…she always says
‘ Never say “That won’t happen to me”. Life has a funny way of proving us wrong.’…
ya…I fall in love with her. I remember…That day when I first met her..she hugged me calling my name…I felt a current flow through me..I never wanted to get separated from her hug..
She was in trouble… I don’t know who were they,but they wanted my Ragini… They called me as her lover..don’t knw why i felt immense pleasure by hearing it..I was full on energy.. I fought with them..someone was going to hit me with a rod…but she pushed me and took it on her head… I was really froze by her act…hw can someone gave their life for an unknown person… that moment… I witnessed her selfless love for me . I took her to my home and treated.next day she opened her eyes… I was staring at her…she again hugged me…I was in shock but felt immense pleasure again.. But it soon ended…she said I was in love with her…but I never see her before then hw can I fall in love with her…ya I had feelings for her that moment.. But it was unknown to me that time…I said her that I don’t love her…she said I am a betrayer… And put a blame that I took advantage of yesterday night seeing her dress changed…but it was maa who changed her dress bcz of her fever…but she didn’t listen to me..I lost my cool…and I really hurt her with my words…I even called her characterless… I never mean to react like that..but the situation become out of control. She left my home without a word… I was shattered after she left my home.. I didn’t get why I felt bad for her even after so much happened…
When papa and maa came,they asked me abt her…I said everything whatever happened between us…maa made me understand that what I lost because of my so called anger…

Flash back.

Sujatha- beta…I know, she reacted badly.. But just think from her side…everyone will misunderstand that situation.. But wt u did was a sin…hw can u call a purest soul characterless…
Sanskar- I know I over reacted ..but ma…she was continuously putting blame on me one by one.
Sujatha- I know beta…but just try to understand…whatever happened yesterday,and hw she saved u… hearing that I am damn sure…she is a innocent girl…
Sanky- but it can be a drama too..to trap me…I am a big business man maa…
Sujatha- no sanky.. U r mistaken.. If it was a drama to get a rich man na…she would have created a scene here in front of us..infront of our neighbours till nw..would have created press conference for her rights.. We even made her stay here…she could have used it as a weapon against us…we would have traped till now… but she didn’t.. U said ,she ran from this home without uttering a word…it means she didn’t want u to come again in her life…
Sanskar- but maa…
Sujatha- OK..just think sanky.. If she was cheated by someone in the name of the grt sanskar Maheshwari and she came near u bcz whatever she knows through that person will be ur’s identification na???..it is just a wild guess… But it can be true also…the all situation is pointing like this…
Yes …it was possible… Sanskar thought for a second… The moment spend with her flashed in his mind…he also know she was a pure soul…but the situation made him a beast towards her…he was feeling guilty…
Sujatha continued.
Sujatha- and the most important thing…. Ur love can’t be wrong at anytime sanskar… I know.. U can’t fall for a girl with bitter heart…u have feelings for her that means,She will be a princess bcz of a rich heart…
Sanky- maa..wt r u saying.. Me and love..???.never…that too in first sight.. It is impossible…

Sujatha slightly smiled..

Sujatha- beta…I too was in shock to see love in ur eyes for a girl..but beta..it is true…I still can’t forget that face..when u came to home at night with holding her..ur eyes where filled with tears… I could see an unknown fear of loosing her in ur eyes…instead of taking her to hospital and informing the police, u took her to our home for ensuring her safety…nw don’t tell me it was because of humanity… I know wt humanity means…if it was humanity na…u wouldn’t have broken now because of her rude behavior… I don’t know when,why ,how u fall for her…but..u r in love with her sanskar.. If u run again from the truth na…u ur self make get hurt…(she posed for a moment.)
So sanskar.. When will u bring ur bride to me ha????

Sanskar hugged sujatha with teary eyes…

Sanskar- very soon ma…u r the world’s best maa…love u…
Sujatha- love u too beta…

Flash back end.

Sanskar’s point of view continues:-

Yes…Ragini Godia… I love u…I really really do…I didn’t got it first but maa made me understand… U r the missing part of my heart…my life… I will fill it at any cost… When u left me and went from home..that moment almost killed me…if I loose u again na…it will end up my life…I know I badly hurt u…but I am ready to repent..plz forgive me…I know,facing me again is going to pain u…. But sorry I need u…nw by hook or crook,u will be mine…everything is fair in love and war…our hatred to love story is not going to be easy… But i know U will love me again soon…

Sanskar murmured..
“So Ragini godia… Be ready to become Ragini sanskar Maheshwari soon…

The episode ended with smiling face of sanskar.

Precap- MAHA EPISODE..!!! Some truths r going to be revealed and RAGSAN’S FAKE MARRIAGE ON AIR….!!!!

I hope u liked the episode… I really took so much time to write this episode.. So plz….plz…let me know hw was the episode through ur lengthy comments?…
And wt do u think guys,why will ragsan do fake marriage drama ha??? As I said in precap, next episode will be a MAHA EPISODE…and this ff is 15 episode’s…I will try my best to make it a good ff…
I am attending next NEET entrance exam… That’s why I am giving u late updates.. Plz forgive me…I will soon update” for your SMILE “ff…
If u have any suggestions u can send me personal msg nw through telly updates…I would love to read it..

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