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Epi- 5
Suddenly Ragini jumped in front of a car…luckily the person stopped the car on time. He came out of the car with full anger…but when he saw Ragini , he got MESMERIZED !!!…..
Ragini also looked at the person.. An unknown SMILE appeared on her face… She murmured his name with her soft lips….
She ran to him…and hugged her world… Her love…with teary eyes..sanskar was in shock by her sudden hug..but he was happy from inside… He couldn’t separate himself from her…he felt an heavenly connection with her… (Background music plays).

Iss lamhe ko rok doon
Yaa main khud ko is mein jhonk doon
Kya karun.. kya karun.. kya karun…
Iss lamhe.. main kuchh bhi jaanu na

(Sanskar also hugged her…and smiled at her …they drenched in rain.. It was first time he felt him self complete with her presence… He never wanted to come out of this wonderful moment…but…Ragini came to sense..she Brock their hug…and looked at him..they shared a eye lock…)

Naina naina laage…

Tose naina jab se mile
Tose naina jab se mile
Bann gaye silsile (x2)

Tose naina jab se mile..

(He looked at her beautiful big eyes… It was filled with immense love for him…he couldn’t take of his eyes…)

O sudh-budh khoyi hai khoyi maine
Haan jaan gawaayi, gawaayi maine
Haan tujhko basaya hai dhadkan mein
Saanware… (x2)

(Bcz of wind her hair came to her face which disturbed his view of her clear face…he moved his fingers across her face and put it behind her ear…without breaking the eyelock…)

Tose naina jab se mile
Tose naina jab se mile
Ban gaye silsile

(Naina naina laage….)

Huge sound of thunder …
She hugged him again with fear…
Sanskar also responded to her hug…she looked at him…

Ragini-i knew it sanskar… U will come… It is me…Ragini.. Ur ragu.. Why did u take too much time to come ha?…I was so scared…

Sanskar was going to answer her question ,but a noise interrupted him.

Sanjay- so he is ur lover…?…hmm..not bad…so Mr…if u want ur life back, handover her to me…
Sanskar got angry seeing his attitude towards Ragini.
Sanskar- hey,u…who r u?…she won’t come with u…and I am not going to leave her…
Ragini-sanskar plz go from here…I can’t put ur life in danger…just go ..
Sanskar put his finger on her lips..they again shared a cute eye lock. They came to sense by sanjay’s loud noise.
Sanjay- so u r ready to reach God ha?
Sanskar- not me…u get ready for it…

They started to fight. Suddenly a man took an iron rod and was going to hit sanskar from back, Ragini ran to sanskar and pushed him away.. By mistake the rod hit Ragini… She fall on the floor ..sanskar got shocked seeing it.
He shouted her name…he went to the man and fought with him..in fact he almost killed them..they ran from there with their remaining life.
Sanskar came near Ragini and took her in his arm..and placed her in car..he started to drive.. He murmured “Ragini.. Nothing will happen to u..I am here..I don’t know why ,I feel I am connected to u…I won’t let u leave from me..”

@maheshwari mansion.

Sujatha and RP are watching TV…suddenly they heard a bell..they opened the door… And got shocked….

Sanskar is standing in front of them..an unconscious girl is lying on his arms like bridal style. She is badly injured.. He was in tears… He entered to his room without saying a word and placed her in his bed…and went near RP.
Sanskar- dad,plz check her… Plz dad…she is not opening her eyes…
(RP is a doctor in my ff)
Rp- don’t worry my son..I will …u calm down…
RP went to attend Ragini.sujatha looked at sanskar…
Sujatha- beta…who is that girl???wt happened to her…? Wt is She doing with u?
Sanskar- maa…she is Ragini… I know her name only… Nothing else… She got hurt bcz of me…
Sujatha- bcz of u?? Hw?
Sanskar described whole incident.
Sanskar- they were going to hit me maa…but she took my place to save me…
Sujatha- beta…it wasn’t ur fault… Ur intention wasn’t wrong.. U wanted to save her …but it happened without ur knowledge… She will be alright…
Sanskar- I hope so…

RP came out of the room.
Rp- don’t worry beta…she is fine..sujatha.. She have fever..her dress is wet…plz change it.
Sujatha- ji…
She went to Ragini and changed her dress.
Sanskar told everything to RP.
Rp- hmm…so u don’t know her…
Sanskar- ya..dad..
Rp- but looking whatever happened… I feel she know u well..
Sanskar- I too felt it..in fact she was expecting me on that road.. But dad hw is that possible??… I was supposed to stay in that hotel for tomorrow’s meeting.. But last moment it got cancelled.. That’s why I thought to return home…I even didn’t inform anyone.. Even u dad…then hw she got know abt my arrival??

Rp- hmm..nw u don’t think too much…go and sleep… Everything will get clear tomorrow When she get consciousness..
Sanskar- ya dad..good night.
Rp- good night beta..

Next day
Sanskar opened his eyes hearing the alarm.. He went down after freshen up. Sujatha and RP was getting ready to leave.
Sanskar- maa..papa…where r u going??
Sujatha- we r going to Temple.. U stay here with Ragini.. She will soon open her eyes…we will come soon..

Sanskar- OK..
Sujatha and RP left home. sanskar went to the room were Ragini was lying .
He looked at her…she looked like an angel.. He sat near her…after sometime Ragini opened her eyes.. She saw sanskar sitting near her..he was holding her hand unknowingly…Ragini blushed seeing this..
Ragini- San..sanskar…

She tried to sit in bed.sanskar came to his sense..he helped her to sit.
Sanskar- Ragini.. Hw r u??..is it paining still??
She looked at him with same love. She hugged him suddenly.. Sanskar was in shock by her sudden move.
Ragini- when u r with me..nothing can hurt me sanskar.. I love u..for being with me..for selfless love u gave to me..I really love u.
Sanskar didn’t responded to her hug.he Brock their hug ..Ragini looked at his eyes with confused face.
Sanskar- Ragini… Don’t u mind… Can I ask u one thing?
Ragini- haa sanskar… Why r u asking permission??
Sanskar- wo…hw do u know me??I mean we never met right??even didn’t speak na?

Ragini with shock…

Ragini- wt??..is it a prank??.. Then plz sanskar, I am not in that mood..I know we never met..but u talked with me every day and night… U love me right??
Sanskar- wt…I love u?? Seriously?? Ragini wt r u saying?? R u out of ur mind?. Yesterday I was coming to my home..u jumped in front of my car…when I came out of my car,u hugged me calling my name. I didn’t say anything bcz I saw u were in trouble.. I helped u only in the name of humanity.. Just like u saved me from that hit….nothing else… But nw also I didn’t get hw u know me…this is first time that I talking with you….
Ragini- sanskar plz..this is really a bad joke.. Stop it na..u love me na..plz say once…
She collapsed on the floor by seeing his no response.. She was crying badly.. Suddenly she noticed her self…she wasn’t in her previous dress..she was fuming in anger.. Sanskar looked at her.he got her point.
Sanskar- plz…put a full stop to ur thought.. Nothing happened between us…
But Ragini came near him and slapped him hard..
Ragini- hw dare u??.. U took advantage of yesterday night??
Oh..nw I got it…u got whatever u wanted from me right.. That’s why u r rejecting me…? Hw disgusting u r…

Sanskar- shut up…nothing happened yesterday… My mothe..
Ragini- oh plz…don’t lie anymore… Enough is enough.. I won’t believe u anymore…..thank u so much for making me realize hw stupid I was in love…BYE FOREVER…I don’t want to see ur face again in my life..
Sanskar also got Angry this time..
Sanskar- really…? Oh hello..I don’t want to see ur face..I know ur type characterless girls…who r behind celebrities …hw disgusting… U got to know me through news na…so I was ur prey this time right?..i think yesterday’s night incident also maybe a plan to get my sympathy right??..saving me from that hit and all ha?? sad to say I rejected u even after so much try…so nw u r on new plan that I took advantage of u and All .?..maybe tomorrow u will say u r pregnant with my child also…

He couldn’t complete his words…suddenly her hands reached his cheek…yes.. She slapped him again…sanskar was in shock.. He came to his sense..he felt bad for using such words for her…he never wanted to see her in tears..but situation made him become an evil…she was blaming him without reason..
Ragini wiped her tears…she looked at the man again…few second before,he was her world.. He was her ray of hope to live..whom she blindly believed… But nw……

Ragini- thanks… Thank you so much once again…
She didn’t utter a word again..

She ran from there…she was completely broken.. But..suddenly she again jumped in front of a car….!!!Ragini and the person inside the car got shocked seeing each other…!!!!

Precap- who is the person in that car??wt is the role of that person in Ragini’s life??
Do u think ,really sanskar don’t know Ragini??? His ragu…?or is he pretending??if he was innocent then ,why he didn’t say I don’t know Ragini to swara..??.

Wt is all this mystry??? Wait guys…
I hope u liked this episode.. Comments r really decreasing day by day..plz guys..plz tell me hw was the episode… I really want to know it..ur comments r my motivation to write..

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