Swaragini-A FRIEND REQUEST… (Episode 4)


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Epi- 4
The cruel voice made her shiver top to bottom.
It was non other than her uncle.. He came near her and slapped her.
Raj- u love someone?… Hw dare you?.. Don’t u know ur marriage is fixed…
Ragini- (with teary eyes) uncle plz understand… I can’t marry a crap like sanjay who even don’t know the meaning of marriage…
Raj- oh…u started to raise ur voice in front of me?..

Hearing the shout a lady came there by running
Yes …it was sumi….Ragini’s mother.

Sumi- brother… Plz don’t do this with my child… I am begging to u..I promise, even if she marry a person whom she love,she will give her whole property to u…plz…leave my daughter.. Let her live her life…
Raj- do u really think I will melt in ur words..? U know what… Ur daughter is a deal for me…if she get marry with that sanjay na…he will give me 50lakhs …nw I will get both the property and the money.. Hw can I leave such good deals from my hand ha?..
Sumi- my husband is no more that doesn’t give you the rights to take decision for my child.I am still alive.. I won’t let it happen..
Raj- oh..so my sister also started to cut my words ha??..nw see…

He went to sumi and dragged her to a wall and pushed her on it.her forehead hit on the wall and started to bleed…he was going to do again this to sumi…

Ragini- don’t do this… Plz leave my mom..I will do whatever u say.. Plz leave my mom..plz…
Raj- now u came on track. But wt can I do? I don’t believe u anymore.. So I decided ….ur marriage Will happen tomorrow.. Ya..it is final…I really want it to happen today itself.. But I need some more time to prepare the property papers… So tomorrow is perfect…
(He smiled evilly)
Ragini collapsed on the floor.. Raj came near her and grabbed her hair and dragged her into a room and locked her in it.Ragini shouted to open the door

Raj- Ragini, if u want to see ur mother alive.. Then put ur mouth shut and stay in this room.this will open only in the time of ur marriage.. So be a good girl..

Raj left the place with the key.sumi was crying by seeing bad happening with her child.suddenly she got an idea…she grabbed the mobile of Ragini which was lying on the floor without getting noticed by anyone and called the person whom Ragini called last…yes it was sanskar’s.

Sanskar- ragu…why did u cut my call in a sudden ha? Is everything fine?
Sumi- beta…I am Ragini’s mother…
Sanskar- wo..wo…I am sorry.. I am sanskar.. Ragini’s…..
Sumi- I know.. U two love each other… That’s why I called you.
Sanskar- wt happened aunty?

Sumi told everything happened there.

Sanskar- no…I won’t let it happen.. Ragini is mine only …I will come there and take my ragu..
Sumi- no beta…I know u love her a lot..but don’t come here…it isn’t safe for u.the person with whom ragini’s marriage is fixed is a criminal… He is really dangerous..
Sanskar- I really don’t care…
Sumi- but I care for u both na..?..so I have an idea…. But it is Also somewhat risky.
Sanky- I am ready for everything. I want Ragini that’s it….
Sumi- OK…listen.. Ragini’s marriage is tomorrow at 9:00pm.so u come xyz bus stop sharp 7:30pm.I will make Ragini run from here somehow… But u have to take care from sanjay’s people.
Sanskar- thanks aunty…
Sumi- aunty nahi…maa..
Sanskar- ji..maa…I will be there on time. And I will take care of ur daughter just like a princess.
Sumi- I know… My daughter’s selection won’t go wrong. Take care..nw I will cut the call,if anyone get to know this ,it will become a head ache for us.
Sanskar- OK maa…bye…
Sumi- bye beta…
They ended the call.

The day passed silently…
Next day.
Night at 7:00pm.

Someone opened the door where Ragini was locked. Ragini looked at the person with teary eyes. She was sumi.she came near her and hugged her daughter with teary eyes showing her love.
Ragini- maa…u r all right na??
Sumi- I am fine Laado… Wt about u…?
Ragini- if u r fine ,then I am also fine.
Sumi again hugged her daughter.. And broke it.
Sumi- laado …u go from here..ur sanskar will be waiting for u…

Ragini was in shock. She didn’t get anything.. Seeing her face sumi told everything to her.

Ragini- r u mad maa…I am not going anywhere… And first of all… U opened this room without the permission of uncle..maa..why r u doing such stupidity…?.. Nw u lock the door and go from here as fast as u can…for me , nothing is more important than ur life maa..even my love…
Sumi- beta..don’t worry abt me…I will be OK…but it is final.. U have to go from here…..I can’t let sanjay spoil my daughter’s life…plz beta…otherwise I will feel like,I failed as a mom…
Suddenly Ragini hugged her mom.
Ragini- don’t u ever say this.. U r the best mom in this world… U r the only reason behind my existans… OK fine.. I will go…but at one condition.. U have to come with us..
Sumi- paagal…hw can I put my head between two love birds ha..??
Ragini- maa…I am serious..
Sumi- I am also serious… Plz try to understand, if I come with u na…Raj will get doubt…and will search for u…so I will stay here.. But u don’t worry abt me…before they come to ur room for taking u to mandap na…I will go from here with ur friend swara .I already called her…she is already planned well to take me from here…she is on the way with her friends…
Ragini- r u sure?
Sumi- ha Laado… Nw go…he will be waiting for u at xyz bus stop. Go fast…u have to leave far from here before they get to know ur absence..

Ragini once again hugged her mom with all emotion.

Ragini- love you maa
Sumi- love u too beta…

Ragini went from there.

She reached xyz bus stop.. She was alone there..she couldn’t find anyone’s presence.. An unknown fear started to attack her heart !!!…

@ Ragini’s home.

Swara came there with her friends… And took sumi from there according to their plan..after some time,Raj and sanjay got to know the absence of Ragini. They started to search for her.

@ swara’s home.

Swara lost her parents in an accident 3years before. So she lives in her home alone …she took sumi there..

Swara- today onwards this is our house maa…sorry aunty…
Sumi- nw listen, today onwards I have 2daughters ..so call me maa only.

Swara hugged sumi with happy face and noded positively.

Sumi- I hope laado reached sanskar’s home. We have to call them.
Swara- OK.
Sumi dialed his number. But didn’t get.
Swara- maa..don’t worry… They will be fine… And sanskar is a good man. I already met him.
Sumi- haa…I know… Nothing will go wrong with my laado…
Swara- ha maa…nw u sleep..
Sumi- u too beta…

@xyz bus stop.

It is raining outside Ragini is still waiting for sanskar. Time is 9:30pm nw.still he didn’t come.
Suddenly she saw some people coming near her…it gave her a sudden shock. It was non other than sanjay and his people… They saw her.She started to run ,and they were chasing her…
She ran as fast as she could.

Suddenly she jumped in front of a car…luckily the person stopped the car on time. He came out of the car with full anger…but when he saw Ragini , he got MESMERIZED !!!…..
Precap- MAHA EPISODE…with full of TWISTS….and SHOCKS….!!!

Yes guys,
Next will be a maha episode… R u excited to know the person who came out of the car?? Is it sanskar?… Or someone else…?
Will ragini’s marriage happen with sanjay?? Or will destiny play his game here too??…
To know this,U have to wait for the next episode…
I hope u liked it…plz plz plz…leave ur valuable comments…
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