Swaragini-A FRIEND REQUEST… (Episode 3)


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Recap- planning for mission sanskar by Ragini and swara.

Episode – 3

Next day.
Ragini informed swara one of his company name where he can be today. They went there…
Suddenly a stylish car arrived there. they heard someone’s shout..
” everyone hurry up…. Sanskar sir arrived ”
Ragini’s heart beat became fast..swaragini looked at the person who came out of the car.
He was handsome.. Ragini’s eyes dragged her to his brown eyes which had so many emotions..

He was entering to the company,a bundle of files fall from one of his employee who was really old(above 60).
Employee – sorry sir..I am really sorry.. It happened by mistake.. Plz forgive me…I will correct it and will bring it to the office ASAP…
The young man sat on the floor and started to help the employee to pick it.
Employee – sanskar sir..I will do it …u plz forgive me..

Yes guys ,he was our sanskar.

Sanskar- oh uncle…stop this..wt mistake u did so that I forgive you..?. No one can handle so much files in two hands.

He called another employee and ordered him to help him in work and sanskar went to office.

Ragini was really impressed by his attitude. Without her knowledge, her heart started to beat for him.swara was observing Ragini.

Swara- laado I think u fall in love with him in first sight…
Ragini- wt ?..nothing like that OK?
Swara- oh…someone is blushing.. Anyway he is handsome and very good man from heart…u will be happy with him.I think u have to accept his proposal.
Ragini- don’t u think.. It is going too fast?
Swara- OK..take ur own time… But like him,I am also waiting for ur positive reply..
Ragini blush more…

A week passed.Ragini followed sanskar everywhere. She started to fall for his innocence and well -manners.and most importantly love and respect to everyone in his eyes without looking at their status… He treated everyone equally.

One day,on road.

Swara was crossing road. Suddenly a car was going to hit her,but somehow driver put break.
Swara shouted.
Swara- wt the hell??? R u going to kill me?
A handsome man came out of the car.
Man- i am sorry..my driver didn’t saw u…we r really sorry.. It was our mistake..
Swara was in shock to see him.
Swara- sanskar..
Yes ,he was sanskar.
Sanskar- ya..but hw do u know me?.sorry I didn’t get u?
Swara- this is our first meeting..and wt question is that u r such a big business tycoon.. Everyone will know u na.. BTW I am swara… And I know u little bit more.. through ur ragu…she always tell abt u..
Sanskar- oh..ragu..means.. U r her friend..right?
Swara- ya..anyway.. Nice to meet u..
Sanskar- ya..it is my pleasure. If u want I can drop u.
Swara- it’s ok.. I will go myself..bye…
Sanskar- ya bye..

@Ragini’s home.

At last Ragini decided to say yes to his proposal.
Ragini called sanskar.
Ragini- hi sanskar..hw r u?
Sanskar- I am 5n ragu..wt abt u?
Ragini- me too…I called u to say something really important…
Sanskar- ha..ragu tell na..
Ragini- wo..wo…sanskar I love u ..
Sanskar- wt?..r u serious?? Ragu…I love u too…I don’t know hw to explain u..u r my life ragu..
Ragini could feel his happiness in his voice..
Sanskar- waise…hw did u fall for me ha??…
Ragini- wo..wo…by ur attitude… And ur helping mentality made me fall for u…first u were a good friend for me..but knowing ur innocence and treating everyone with equal importance made my heart stuck on u…u know what sanskar,u r not so impressive in talk…whenever I listen u,I felt like I am talking with a good friend of mine… But..but ur character.. Took my heart from me..u r simply awesome sanskar… I don’t know I really deserve u or not?
Sanskar- u r my life ragu…hw can u say that …BTW ..hw do u know abt my character ,attitude and all without seeing me once??

Oops, the question made Ragini in trouble. She said her self..
Ragini u r gone today… Hw can I say I was following him in this whole week…he will definitely tease me… More than that wt will he think abt me…hw can I say…I fall in love with u in first sight..when u treated an employee just like ur family member.. Not by our call or chat…
Sanskar- ragu r u there???
Ragini- ha..wo..wo (She closed her eyes and prayed to God.. Sorry.. I will tell him the truth after our wedding…) Wo actually… When u chatted through app I felt u like a friend ..but when we called each other ,u told me ur life experience and all na…I was really impressed with your attitude in such situations.. So I guessed ur character ..and I fall in love with you…
She somehow ended it..
Sanskar- not bad..good analysis… Anyway ragu…l love you.. And I want to meet u once.. I want to share something really important before starting our life..
Ragini- wt happened sanskar
Sanskar- nothing serious… Don’t worry… I will tell u when we meet OK…so meet me tomorrow at xyz coffee shop at 4:00pm.
Ragini- OK..
Sanskar- OK then… See you tomorrow… I love you…
Ragini- ya..I love u too…

Before she complete her sentence… A deathly voice wrapped her..
She cut the call and stood there with remaining life which is going leave her soon.
Precap- Ragini’s marriage with sanjay fixed… RAGSAN first meeting… Will destiny help her to escape from sanjay’ s evil hands…?or put her future in darks forever?…
Real story begins…
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