Swaragini-A FRIEND REQUEST… (Episode 2)


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Epi- 1

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A friend request
Epi- 2

Next day at college.
Ragini met swara.
Ragini- good morning shona…
Swara- good morning laado.. Hw r u dear?
Ragini- I can’t lie to you… Not at all fine.I don’t know wt to do?…my marriage is fixed with that criminal sanjay…. Only 2month is left…
Swara- chill…first listen to me…u have to put signature here…
Ragini- signature.. Why?
Swara-so that I can secure ur future..
Ragini- I didn’t get u??..
Swara- oh god…nw plz put ur signature first…

Ragini put her signature on the paper.

Swara- wow..nw u got ur job in famous SKL company …my laksh is a partner of this company. By signing the contract, u have to work there at least 3year as a PA of Laksh’s one of partner for compulsory.. Or u have to pay 50lakhs …if u don’t do this na..u will be jailed according to the rules… Nw u signed it na..ur uncle have to send you for job nw.??..and this is ur dream job in one of the most famous company…
Ragini- wt?? r u my friend or enemy? Ha…I know my uncle won’t pay a single rupee for me…but he can put me in jail na..?
Swara- oh budhu… He is making u married to that sanjay only for ur property na…and ur papa before death wrote an agreement that if any criminal case file on u …the properties will go to orphanage ..u only said this to me ..nw u forgot it…so don’t worry.. He can’t do anything…

Ragini hugged swara with teary eyes…

Ragini- shona… I don’t know wt to say…u and maa r my world..plz.never leave me alone… Plz…(swaragini BG music plays)
Swara- never and ever…u are my soul sister… And whatever I did is really small in front of ur help…if u weren’t there… I would have died in that accident…
Ragini- shona…don’t say like that.. We r SWARAGINI na…we will be there for each other..
Swara- ha Laado… We will…

—– days passed—–
Swara and Ragini tried their level best to stop the marriage.. But all failed… Same time Ragini and sanskar started to share a good bond in a short time. They exchanged their contact number and talked with each other everyday.

At Ragini’s room.

As usual sanskar called Ragini.

Sanskar- hi ragu…hw r u?
Ragini- hi sanskar.. I am fine..wt abt u?
Sanskar- me too…wo…
Ragini- wt happened sanskar.. U don’t sounds well??
Sanskar- ragu..I want to share something really important…
Ragini- say it na…
Sanskar- but first promise me that it won’t effect our friendship..
Ragini- wt r u saying sanskar.. Nothing can effect our friendship.. Nw tell me na…u r making me worry yaar…
Sanskar- wo..wo..ragu..I LOVE YOU… I really really do..I don’t know when I fall for u…but ur innocent talk and sweet voice always dragged me towards u…I know I never see u till nw..but trust me..even without seeing u..I am deeply in love with u…

Ragini was in shock… She didn’t understand wt to say…
Only silence!!!!!
Sanskar- ragu…r u there??? Plz say something.. Ur silence is killing me.
At Last Ragini broke her silence.

Ragini- sanskar… I don’t know wt to say…i always considered u as my friend only…I can’t take any discission right nw…I want some time.. I hope u understand..
Sanskar- sure ragu…u take ur time…I won’t force u..I will call u later…I hope ur replay will be positive… Anyway good night dear..
Ragini- ya..good night..

They ended the call…Ragini was in confusion.. She didn’t get hw to react.. The day she couldn’t sleep.

Next day.
At college.

Ragini met swara…she shared whatever happened till yesterday with her .
Swara- Ragini ki bachi… I won’t leave u today..these much happened, and u r telling this to me nw?…
Ragini- wo…shona..first it was just a chat..nothing serious…so I didn’t mentioned it.but in this short time he became really close to me.
Swara- oh ho…close ha…?then wt r u waiting for ?..say him that u too love him.
Ragini- no shona…it isn’t love.. He became a good friend of mine..nothing more than that.
Swara- r u sure laado??
Ragini- ha..I am damn sure.. But I don’t know hw to say no to him…u know me na…I never want anyone get hurt because of me…
Swara- OK…but laado… Why r u refusing his proposal?.. I mean…u don’t love anyone.. And u felt his feelings genuine na…then why can’t u give him a chance?.. Who knows in future u also may start loving him??

Ragini- but…shona.. I never met him and..wt ever maybe…I don’t know hw serious he is abt me..and most important part.. My situation.. U know na..only 3week r left for my marriage.
Swara- that’s why I am saying this dear.. I damn sure he will be far better than that crap sanjay.. I don’t know why.. My heart says that everything is going to be good soon…may be he will be ur Prince charming who made for u..who will save u from the dirty hands of the sanjay..who will stand for u in any situation… Look laado.. U always maintained a distance from social sites and everything, but destiny made u meet him through an app..which is unbelievable for both of us…in fact..it is an 8th wonder of world.. I think he is the one for whom u waited for long…, the one WHO IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE…

Ragini was in deep thoughts..

Ragini- nw wt??..do u want me to accept his proposal???
Swara- no… Means.. not so soon..I think he is good person.. But I can’t take risk with ur life. First we will meet him,then decide OK??
Ragini- as u say…so I will call him and will ask him to meet us..OK?
Swara- oh..budhu… If we call him… He can pretend to be good in front of us na…so we will follow him..without his knowledge… U know some of his details na???
Ragini- ya..I know…
Swara- so mission sanskar begin…
Ragini- OK…
Episode end with smiling face of swaragini…

Precap- mission sanskar…

Hi friends,
I hope u liked the episode..this is a small ff… I saw u people want my first ff update.. Don’t worry guys.. I will update it soon…I am working on it…
Plz leave ur valuable comments about my episode.. Plz…
love u all…have a great day..

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