Swaragini-A FRIEND REQUEST… (Episode 1)

Hi friends,
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Hw r u all…i missed u guys so much….here is ur nw ff…I hope u like this ff also…I will upload my first ff “For your SMILE” with in few days…


@ college
It is interval time. Two girls r sitting on a bench which is situated in college garden. A girl is busy with her mobile and other one’s face look like she in tension.
Girl- shona….nw stop it na…24hrs mobile.. Mobile… Wt r u doing in it yaar?
(Yes ..it was swara who was busy with her mobile.)
Swara- oh ho…I said na..I got new friend in this app..I am chatting with him…he is really cool u know?
Girl- ha…everything is cool for u..u have no idea wt I am going through.
Swara- laado… Take a chill pill… Ur mom won’t let him do that..she know what is good and bad for you.

Yes guys… The tensed girl was our beautiful gorgeous Ragini…

Ragini- shona…I am serious.. U don’t know my Raj uncle.. He can go any extend to make his wish complete…
Swara- OK..now stop worrying… I am here na…I will do something..
Ragini- wt???
Swara- u just wait and watch.. U don’t know what ur friend can do for you..
Ragini- r u sure?
Swara- ya…don’t u believe me..??

Ragini- more than myself.
Swara- then leave it to me.. I will do something OK..
Ragini- ya.
Swara- then why this mood swings??. OK..I have an idea to cheer you up… I will make an account for u in this app…it will be fun..
Ragini- no need.. I am OK..
Swara- oh meri maa…r u living in 17th century..?.. In fact they r better than u…u r not using any social sites.. Wt yaar..at least this app..
Ragini- wt is this??
Swara- yeh…this app’s name is”meet me”.through this u can meet so many people without revealing ur original identity.. So don’t worry yaar…
Ragini- no yaar..I am not interested in all this…

Swara- plz laado.. Don’t be so boring… It is really fun..and kya pathaa …through this, tujhe bhi tumhari Prince charming miljaye..just like me…look at me and laksh yaar..we met through such an app…nw we r together.. We can’t live without each other…
Ragini- ha..u and laksh r made for each other.. I can see true love in his eyes for u..but shona..everyone is not lucky like u…
Swara- I don’t know about everyone… But u…u have a bright future than me…I am damn sure abt this.
Ragini- whatever …nw stop this emotional athyaachaar… Do whatever you want.. Here is my mobile.
Swara- that is like my good girl..

Swara took Ragini’s mobile and created an account in that app.

Swara- OK…nw ur account is ready.. Wow yaar..look..so many friend request with in a minute…. Hmm..not bad…laado.. With whom do u wish to chat first ha..???

Ragini- no one.. U wanted me to create an account.. I allowed it..but nw it it is my wish to chat or not…
Swara- oh god…u r really boring.. No no…u r the founder of boring.. Seriously, do whatever u want..I don’t care…
She left there with an irritated face…Ragini smiled and walked towards her ..

At Ragini’s home.

A light pink coloured room is shown.. A girl is lying on the bed..she is crying very badly.. Yes..it is Ragini… Suddenly she got a call from swara..
Ragini- shona… (She was literally crying)
Swara- wt happened laado.. Why r u crying..??
Ragini- he fixed the date shona…..even mom couldn’t stop him..I don’t know what to do?.. Uncle is forcing me to marry that crap…. U know na..that sanjay he don’t love with me..he is behind my ….
She couldn’t complete her sentence..
Ragini- wt I can see in his eyes is..lust…

Swara- laado…don’t worry… I am here na…nothing wrong will happen with u..trust me…
Ragini- I trust u shona..but..
Swara- u trust me na..nw stop crying… Nw listen.. I already found a way to secure ur future ..
Ragini- what…but hw..
Swara- I will tell you tomorrow.. Nw don’t cry…we got solution for one of our problem na…like that next problem also will Get a solution soon.. Nw we have to plan something to stop this marriage… By hook or crook we will do it…
Ragini- thank u shona…
Swara- thank you ki bachi… I won’t leave u today.. Hw dare u thank me??
Ragini- oops..sorry
Swara- nw sorry too…?
Ragini- noo..OK..bye..
Swara- hmm..bye.. Sleep well.

They ended the call. Suddenly her mobile’s flash light blinked..she looked at the msg…it was A FRIEND REQUEST…
For sometime she felt swara’s words echoing in her ears..
” kya pathaa tujhe bhi tumhari Prince charming miljaye just like me….”
She stared at the friend request again.. Without her permission her heart made her hand to accept the friend request…
Suddenly a msg came…
Unknown- hi…hw r u?

She was somewhat uncomfortable.. But she replied to the msg..
Ragini- hi…I am fine.. Wt abt u?
Unknown- me too..BTW can I know ur beautiful name?
Ragini- Ragini… Ragini godia.and ur’s?
Unknown- sanskar… Sanskar Maheshwari..
Ragini was in shock….
Ragini- the owner of great Maheshwari company???
Sanskar- yaa…
They chatted for some time. And went to sleep…
Thank u guys,
For reading my ff…I really missed u all…I hope u liked the episode..
Plz leave comments friends… I love to read them…plz..


I wrote an one shot on RAGSAN.. If anyone missed it plz read it and leave ur valuable comments..

Have a great day guys.. Love u all…

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  1. I like for ur smile story plz continue that one

    1. Thanks lovely… Ya..I will try my best to update my first ff soon..

  2. Is this ragsan ff? ????

    1. Ya..it is a RAGSAN ff…I hope u liked the episode.

    2. Like it ? I love it it was awesome cant wait for the next Episode ????????????

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  3. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Joona di pls continue it was damn superb luv u loads ?

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  4. awesome intro, ragsan rocks!!
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  5. awesome i want to know the pairs if they are ragsan and swalak together

    1. Thanks Ana… Ya..it is RAGSAN and swalak..

  6. Yaay joona ur back….superb epi…great start…all the best…I am also waiting for ur other ff

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  9. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

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  11. not a swalak nd ragsan ff

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  13. joona ur ff was excellent and i loved it and iam waiting for next

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  20. interesting…..waiting to see how this develops

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