Swaragini- my friend (Prologue)


Hello friends this is balaji here with new SS. There is a prologue.
In a terrace, one is standing near a cliff.

One’s POV:
LOSER it’s the name who everyone call me. LOSER..
I just closed my eyes. My maa smiled. I just remembered.
“ I don’t want to go Mumbai. Even I don’t know hindi” I pleaded.
“ bhai, here they speak Marathi. Not hindi” my little devil Aadi corrected me.
“Maa, I can’t live without you” I hugged my maa.
She broke the hug.
“ beta..” she always call me when she tensed.

“ Maa, till I even didn’t crossed our village. How can I survive in this big city?” I asked her.
“ I trust you. you never fail” she told me with pride.
I accepted to come this hell. Yes it’s really hell to me.
“ maa, I failed maa. I broke your trust first time. I failed maa. Your son failed mumma” I literally cried in my mind.
I climbed into wall. I see down. It’s really scared me. how much height I am standing here from the ground. I just take back my one leg.
“ no.. no .. if you step back, then again this hell will kill you daily” my mind mocked me.
“ it’s better to die forever than dying everday” my heart yelled at me.
I see sun rise. But this sun rise witness my death. For world, its sunrise . but for me, it’s dawn.
Suddenly It’s started to rain.Sun is surrounded by clouds. Like my life is covered by sorrow. But RAIN is pious. Rain… the solace of all my pains. Whenever I become sad, it starts to Rain. I don’t know what is my connection with Rain. But its my only solace. I feel that Rain is welcoming me to mix with nature.
My tears mixed with rain triplets.
I heard a scream. It’s its my only friend Sanskar. Sanskar.. he is one and only friend who accepted this loser as his friend. He always gives me courage to me.
I smiled at him. yes he even give me courage to finish my life. I stepped my leg before while smiling to him.

Even I didn’t jumped correctly. Yes I forget to see the tree. After hitting into branches, finally I landed in the floor.
I just a hear a bang. I feel my hot blood flowing from head. I see my blood mixing with my rain. I feel more pain in my body. I feel dizzy. I feel someone holding me and screaming my name. its sanskar.
I opened my eyes with so much of difficulty.
“ please free me from all my pains … this hell” I tell him after gathering my strength. For last, I smiled to him. because he always like my smile. He is only one who liked my smile in this hell. My eye lids are start to closing automatically. My energy is fully drained. I start to fall into a dark world. Darkness but its fair enough from that colorful hell.
Sanskar’s POV

I see my best friend standing in the cliff of terrace. He smiled to me. I sensed something dangerous. I see his tears even in the rain. He falled down infront of my eyes. I screamed his name”laksh…”
I ran to the place where he is laying in the pool of blood. I just frozen. My Laksh is laying in the pool of blood. My world is destroyed in second. I yelled Rajat to take my car by throwing my car keys to Rajat.

I teared my shirt and tied across his head. “Don’t worry Laksh. I will save you” I promised him.
“ please free me from all my pains … this hell” he told me. I feel someone piercing my heart. he smiled to me even in the pain. I see the pain in his eyes but he smiled to me. I always tell him I like his smile. But now his smile literally breaking me.
“ car is ready” Rajat said to me.
I take him in my hands and placed him backside. I continuously tapped his cheeks and tried to control the blood loss. “ Laksh see me. open your eyes. Please don’t leave me. I can’t live without you” I bursted out to him. but he didn’t respond to me. I just see his frozen smile on his face. It scares me.
“Drive fast “ I yelled to Rajat.
After few minutes, we arrived my hospital.
I take him in my hands and ran inside hospital.
“Doctor .. Doctor..” I shouted like a mad.
Doctor comes there and taken him to operation theatre. I stand out OT with moist eyes. I don’t want to loose him.
After a minute,

Doctor comes outside.
“Sir, I need sign from his relatives and without this, we can’t do anything Mr.Maheshwari” Doctor said to me.
I lost my stability. I holded his collar” I want him alive and I don’t worry about any bleedy procedures. If anything happen to him, I will ruin all your lives. You know who am I . use all the best doctors in my hospital” I shouted at doctor like a animal.
Rajat freed doctor from my clutches. Doctor face turned pale.
“ I don’t know what you will do. I just want him alive. do you get that” I threatened him like a beast.

For whom, I turned into a human now only for him, again I am turning into beast. I will never let the persons who is responsible for his condition.
Doctor run inside OT.
Rajat touched my shoulders and I turned to him. he just stepped back and I see fear in his eyes which I enjoyed once. I just see myself in nearby mirror. I look like a beast . yes the beast is back for my Laksh.
My legs walks automatically to the temple which is built by my maa in hospital. I stepped into this temple and kneel before Ganapathi papa after 10 years of my maa’s death. I closed my eyes.
“Ganapathi papa, you already snatched my maa from me. I can’t lose him. please return him to me. I want him through out my life. I can’t live without love in my life. Please, don’t punish him for my deeds” I pleaded god who is stone hearted for me.
I closed my eyes and remembered how I met him first time.
I took my helmet and start my 1 crore racer bike. I see a old beggar couples and I decided to scare them . I raced my bike and drove like going to hit them . the old lady fall down and food in their hand also fell down and I turned and laughed by seeing their suffering. Yes I am a spoilt brat more than I am a beast who get happiness from other sufferings.
But he come there and took that old couples to corner. I just amazed in this Mumbai city still someone helping people. I parked my bike and just watch what happened there.
He took his water bottle and feed that old couples and he did a thing that I shocked. He opened a parcel and feed that couples and he also eat with them. I start to analyze him. he may be in his 18 or 19. He look like a middle class boy and wearing oldstyle clothes. Well brimmed hair with oil, tucked shirt and color button is also putted . but I amazed one thing how can he shared his food with beggars. He finished his breakfast with that beggars and take blessings from that old beggars.

My mind snapped me”Ohh! Sanskar what are you doing? Your juniors are waiting for you. let make fun with them”
I started my bike and went to my college. I walked in corridor but suddenly someone pulled me.
“what the hell?” my mind yelled to me.
“ don’t shout. There some seniors are Ragging. Come with me. are you also first year?” the same boy who I saw with beggars asked me.
“ I am first year , ECE” I told him. because of attendance Lacking, I am studying the first year again.
He gave me a surprised expression” I am also from first year, ECE. I am Lakshya Dev. can I know your name?”

“Sanskar Maheshwari” I answered him. I answered one’s question for the first time.
He chuckled. I felt irritated.” What is it in my name to laugh?” I asked him with irritation because everyone who hears Maheshwari the next minute I saw the respect and fear in their eyes. But he is smiling.
“Sorry. In my state , only girls have name like Maheshwari, mahi, mahalakshmi..” he said to me with genuine smile.
Yes it’s very genuine smile. I saw first time a genuine smile. Unknowingly I liked it.
“ no no. you have to rag him Sanskar. What are you doing now, spending time with this middle class idiot” my mind snapped me.
I just talked with him. I got to know that he is innocent but not matured, he is intelligent but not smart moreover he is a grownup kid.
I holded his hand and dragged towards my gang DEVILS
“My dear Devils, there is a fresher” I announced.
Here some one swims without water, someone do pushups and someone acts as animals. I missed so much fun. It’s bad.
He Laksh sees me with pain in his eyes.

“ remove your shirt” Rajat said to him.
“ please senior sir. Leave me” he literally pleaded to rajat.
Rajat started to unbuttoned his shirt.
“And he is my friend” I announced unknowingly. What I said my friend. I went in front of him and buttoned his shirt. I just plucked batch for my gang from Rajat. Rajat shirt is torned but who cared about this. I make him wear that batch and all my gang members watched with their mouth O Shape . because I never say anyone as my friend and Laksh is a fresher.
I put my hand on his shoulder and I announced” he is also one of our gang”. I glared them and they gulped. They know that I never like repeat.

Rajat shakes his hand with Laksh first.” I am Rajat Singhania”
Laksh smiled. The genuine smile. But how can he smile to Rajat. Just now, Rajat tried to rag him.
Then all our members Raj, Arjun, Raksh introduced themselves.
“ you are very good,Seniors. Actually I scared about Ragging. Can I call you all bhai” Laksh certified.and asked.

“ whatever you want” I said to him.
“I asked them” Laksh replied. They are stunned that no one dared to reply me.
I checked my watch” Laksh, we are getting late for our class. Lets go”
My gang looked me like a alien because I never attended any classes. That’s why I am again studying in my first year.
“ ok. see you all” Laksh waved his hands to them and we went to classes . I put my hands on his shoulders indirectly announced to all that no one dare to mess up with him.
I don’t know why my heart told me to protect him.
I feel someone touched my shoulder and I turned. Rajat stands there with worried face.
Sanskar: Rajat..
Rajat(crying): Doctor is calling you.
Rajat is crying. What happened to my Laksh. I run towards Doctor cabin and I stormed into his cabin.
Sanskar: how is he?
Doctor: sir, please calm down. He is safe but..
Sanskar: but.. tell me dammit. I banged his table.
Rajat hold my shoulders to calm down.
“his knee balls are severely damaged. But it’s not due to his suicide attempt. Someone tortured him and I saw some scars of burnt mark by cigarettes. Now he lost his ability to walk because of that” doctor said.
I just frozen . I failed to protect him.
“and he need a operation. But there is a chance to lost mental stability or slip into Coma. Now he is so depressed. Make him ready for operation mentally” doctor finished and move out.
My legs and hands betrayed me. my eyes are shedding tears . no it’s not time to cry.
“Rajat..” I called him.

“Sanskar” he touched my shoulder.
“ I want to know who did this to Laksh. “ I said to him.
“Arjun and Raksh is deal with this. I will make their life as hell” Rajat said to me.
I smiled devilishly” hell! They will feel hell is better than their life”
I just smiled to Rajat and I see fear in Rajat’s face.
“Sanskar..” rajat stressed my name.
“ only for Laksh, we changed ourselves as a human Rajat. But now, for him, I am changed to devil. I am a devil rajat” I said in a cold tone and smiled devilshly.
Raksh comes inside.
I asked Raksh” Raksh..?”

“ I made police arrest them” Raksh said to me.
I smiled to him wickedly” you can’t save them from me, Raksh”
Raksh hold me” I never bother about them. I started my work to destroy them. I never let anyone who is responsible for our Laksh’s condition. Now ,I worried about you Sanskar”
I didn’t tell anything to him and I weakly walk towards Laksh’s ward.
I stared his face. I always make him smile but now I can’t remove his pain. How can I say to him that he can’t walk. How can I say about him about operation. He is so soft at his heart.
I hold his hand” why you did this Laksh?”
I asked him . but he didnt responded me. he smiled when i holded his hands tightly. i closed my eyes in pain. A single tear escaped from my eyes.
“ I will make them destroy by your hands, Laksh. yes it’s a punishment” I decided.

Well friends, it’s my prologue or my first episode. It’s a plot of a boy whom we always considered as a loser and only use him for fun. Someone always used their innocence to make fun of him. it’s a ss about two boys. One is innocent and another one is devil. If friendship bloomed inbetween them, what will happen in their life. If innocent will change devil as a pious soul or devil change innocent as like him

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