Swaragini- my friend (Episode 9)

Thanks for your support friends . really I felt sad that you didn’t like my story. I don’t know why I am think like that I am an idiot and also thanks for silent readers and a big sorry for being late.
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Let I start the episode.
Laksh comes from VR Industries and goes to Swara’s house.
Laksh’s POV
I knock the door.
“ who is this?” a voice comes from inside.
“ Swaru, it’s me Laksh “ I answered him.
“ one minute bhai “ Swayam said and opens the door ..
I get inside. Seems like Swayam is alone in the house.
“ are you staying alone?” I asked him. first I should make him come outside and face the world.
“ Haan, Laksh. I can walk alone throughout the house.” Swayam answered.
“ ok. I am going to kidnap you with me.” I said in teasing tone.
“ where?” Swayam asked. He didn’t tensed and asked me very calmly.
“ is your kidnapper say where he is going to take you?” I asked him.
Swayam smiled “ di, already told me that we are going to doctor about that sprain. But now I am alright” Swayam said with a chuckle. Arghh! Doll! You failed my prank.
“ hmm! But I want to go doctor.” I lied to him.
“ are you okay?” Swayam asked tensedly. He is so much caring boy like my aadi. I smiled unknowingly.
“ actually , my eye power is changed. I want to eye specialist. But I scared to go alone”I extended my lies. Yes I hate lies. But it’s for good then lie is also taken as truth. It’s not my opinion. It’s the great tamil poet

“ don’t say this to anyone” I pleaded in swayam’s ear.
“ I will think about it” Swayam answered me in thinking tone.
“ you…” I said in irritated tone but I am smiling and Swayam smiles.” Ok Laksh. I shouldn’t say to anyone”
“ That’s my swaru..” I pecked his cheeks and I messaged swara that I took Swayam with me.
I have a doubt. That we are gone out how will swara come inside house.
“don’t worry. I locked the door which is automatic and moreover Shona di have a spare key” Swayam answered me by understanding my thought process.
I stopped the auto and get in.
In auto,
“ Laksh, don’t you have any bike?” Swayam asked me.
“ I don’t know how to ride a bike.” I said in embarrassing tone. Even I don’t know how to ride a cycle. The fear which deeply sewed in my appa’s accident didn’t let me to learn it. whenever I see bike or cycle, my Appa’s death rolled in my mind.
“ what?” Swayam asked me in surprising tone by cutting the chain of thoughts.
“ I scared to ride bike” I said to him.
He hold my hands and said” it’s okay. It’s not necessary to all to learn riding a bike” . I just stared him. well! He is matured than I thought.
We arrived hospital and get into doctor’s cabin after few minutes.
Doctor make Swayam sit in checking seat and starts to check.
“ I am not a patient” Swayam said.
“ I am a patient” I said at the same time as my plan.
“ oops Sorry young man wait a minute . nurse will come and take you” doctor answered while examing his eyes through machine.
“ okay” Swayam said half heartedly. I don’t want to do anything which affect him.
After few minutes, Nurse comes inside and takes Swayam outside as doctor said that he want discuss with me alone about my results.
Swayam goes outside half heartedly.
“ we have to do operation as soon as possible, Mr.Singh.” doctor scared me literally .
“ how much it will cost?” I asked him.
“ it’s about 4 lakhs and hospital bills around.. you have to pay 5 lakhs…” doctor said.
I checked my account . still I have 6 lakhs after amrit bhai’s operation. I want to draw a new painting for further money.
“ ok sir. I will pay today itself and when will you start the treatment” I asked him.
“ first I will give some tablets which make him ready for operation and after a week, we can do operation” doctor said and gives prescription.
I thanked doctor and come outside.
“ Swaru, can we go after buying tablets?” I asked swayam.
Swayam nods. I bought medicines for him and come outside.

I see a icecream parlour.
“ Swaru, can we have icecream? Actually I love icecreams more” I asked him.
“ ok.” Swayam answered.
We crossed the road and sit in parlour.
I ordered pista with strawberry and Swayam ordered butterscotch with blackcurrent.
Waited stared shockingly by our combination. Waiter moved and swayam shuckled.
“ I never think you also like me” Swayam says with chuckle..
“ I also. Swaru, I need a help” I asked hesitatingly.
“ I will try my best” Swayam assured without asking question.
“ my friend Sansku lost his mother recently and he can’t bear this pain. Can you help him to overcome this pain?” I asked.
“ ok, Laksh. what he loves most. I mean his hobby” Swayam asked.
“ like you, he also loves music and he play guitar, well.” I answered.
“ okay Laksh. I will try my best. I know how much pain he is going through now” Swayam said. I am sensing the pain. I should know everything about him and related to him.
“ ok, swaru. Let’s go” I said and we come outside.
Suddenly, there starts to rain. We sheltered under a roof .I didn’t take umbrella and I worried but I amazed to see Swayam. He is playing with rain and also drags me outside.
“ Rain is a best solace to wash our pain Laksh. just enjoy the rain” Swayam said to me.
I stare him. he is really happy and by seeing his happiness, It made me happy.
We both start to play and I hold his hands to prevent from slipping. After drenched in rain, we both arrived Swaryam house.
“ I think di is in house. “ Swayam gulped.
“ don’t worry. I am with you. we can handle doll” I give confidence to swayam but I am scared what will she say.
Swara’s POV
I am hearing some noise outside and I walked towards entrance.
““ don’t worry. I am with you. we can handle doll” Laksh gave confidence to Swayam. I confused what they did and why they are scared. I opened the door and see two kids. Yes Laksh makes a puppy face and it’s look like grown up kid and both stand in fully drenched condition.
“ what is this? He is kid, how can you let him in stand rain?” I just starts to throw questions. I know that Swayam loves rain but what will happen if he caught cough.
My expectation is true and I heard two sneezing sound” auchh!”
Laksh and Swayam both starts to sneeze.
“ let us auch! Come..auch! inside..” Laksh said while sneezing.
I take them both to Swayam’s room and take a towel and starts to dry both their hair.
“ are you kid? How can you stand in rain and how can you let him drench in rain? ..” I start to scold him.
He hold my hand and looks at me by blinking eyes.
“Sorry doll! Here after if rain comes, I will say to go away” Laksh Said.
“Rain Rain go away.. come after another day when doll didn’t scold us Rain Rain go away” Laksh starts to sing rhymes.
Swayam also join with him. this both irritating me more but I love this. Laksh starts to fill my life with his colours. I just want to freeze this moment.
I throw the towel in Laksh’s face .
“ I will not speak with you both” I turned my face and go to kitchen to make Kadha.
“ I think that we irritated her more” I heard that Laksh says this.
“ then, we will compromise her”Swayam replied.
After making Kadha,I go to my bhai’s room. I entered the room and inhaled the air. Still, it has my bhai’s aroma. I see the photo in which we four smiling happily. I wipe my tears and opens my bhai’s alimira. I take his clothes and go to swayam’s room after locking my bhai’s room.
“Change into this clothes” I ordered in strict tone.
“doll!” he hold my hands to stop me. I don’t know what I am felt that time. It’s some different. His touch made me lose my control.
“ Sorry. We don’t drench in rain and even we never eat icecream in rainy season” Laksh said.
What they eat icecream and then drench in rain.
“ what? Are you guys eat ice cream?” I asked in anger. Laksh bit his tongue.
“ next time, we will bought for you also” Laksh finished with wink.
I know what to do. I go to kitchen and come with Kadha.
“Drink this” I said.
“Yuck” both give the same expression.
“ then, I will not speak to you both for a month” I threatened them.
Laksh silently drink the kadha by making different faces and I made Swayam drink the kadha.

Soon, Swayam start to fall on sleep after take his medicine.
Laksh is sitting in hall.
“doll, I want to speak something important” Laksh said in serious tone. First time, I see him with serious face.
“ what Laksh?” I asked him.
“ after a week, doctor fixed operation for Swaru and make him correctly take medicines” Laksh said.
I don’t know what I am feeling.my swayam can get his vision back. Tears make my vision blur. After some minute, I composed myself. But it needs big money.
“ Money..” I asked him. I don’t want to be a burden to him and money is also big amount.
“ I arranged from a charity. So stop worry about this” Laksh said with a smile.
“ ok. I am getting Late. Tomorrow, I will pickup him correctly at 9 o clock” Laksh said and left my house after bidding bye with his charm smile.
I don’t know why I want to stop him. my heart want to spent each and every minute with him. when he is around me, I feel safe and relaxed. I want to frozen this minute and want to make him stay with me. but I know it can’t be happen. He think me that I am his friend. But the reality is I love him. yes I am craving for his love. I didn’t have any hope in love at first sight. But when I see him first, I started to fall for him and his innocence, care make me fall for him, totally. I closed the door and go to room , dozed off in sleep while thinking about Laksh.
Laksh POV
Doll! She is a very good girl and my friend. She accepted me what I am.I lied doll that I arranged money from charity. Because she never take my money . she give more importance to her self respect and I respect this. For people like us, Self respect is important one. I am very happy today that Swaru is going to get his vision soon. I want to see smile in his face.
My phone ringed and showed Sansku’s image. Ahh! I forgot that I told sansku wait for me near hostel. I raised my walking speed and arrived the place.
“Sorry Sansku. I am late” I apologized to Sansku.
Then, he said his as usual dialogue.
“ in friends” Sanskar started..” no sorry no thank you…” I finished. We see each other and smiled.
Sanskar’s POV
“ Sansku, I said to swaru that you are suffering from the loss of your mom” Laksh said with guilt.
I signed him to continue.
“ he loves music. So, I said him that you also loves music and you are a guitar player. He will try to build your confidence” Laksh continued.
Well! I have to boost confidence in him.
“ what is his likes, dislikes and more about his family” I asked Laksh and Laksh said about his likes, dislikes .
“ he is parentless , living with his sister , recently he lost his vision in a accident and his brother also” Laksh finished.
I don’t know what to say. First he lost his parents, then his brother and also his vision. Unknowingly, it make me sad and I thank god for giving a life with less pain.
“ I will make him feel better” I assured to Laksh.
Laksh smiled and we both departed to our destination.
The next day morning,
Sanskar get up and get ready.
Laksh get ready and goes to Swara’s house and take Swayam with him.
Laksh calls Sanskar and tell him to come park.
After few minutes,
Sanskar arrived there.
Laksh: Sansku, he is swaru and Swaru, he is Sanskar.
Sanskar give a hand shake to swayam.
Laksh: Sansku, I will take swaru at evening.
Laksh left and go to hostel where Ragini is waiting for him.
Ragini’s POV
“sorry cutie, for being late.” Laksh apologized to me with puppy face. I can’t get anger by seeing his face.
“ are you have money with you?” I asked him and he nodded positively.
“give it to me.” I ordered him and he obeyed.
I throw a bike key to Laksh and he catched the key, give a confused look to me.
“ there is a bike, take it. I will wait here.”I said to Laksh to take my bike.
“ I don’t know how to ride a bike.” He answered me with hesitation. What! He don’t know to ride a bike.
“ being a boy, you don’t know how to ride a bike” I asked him.
“ is there any rule that boys should know ride a bike” he asked me. no there is not any rule like that.
I snatched keys from him.” wait here” I said and go to take my bike.
After some minutes, I parked my bike near mall. During the ride, even I increased the speed , he didn’t hold me for support. He is somewhat different that others. I don’t know why I want to know about him.
I holded his hands and starts to walk. Everything is up side down. He should ride the bike and hold my hands. But I ride a bike and now I am holding his hands.
I stopped near a clothing shop.
“ what are we doing here?” Laksh asked me.
“ we are shopping” I said with a glare.
“ Laksh, first thing to impress a girl, you should change your dressing style” I said.
“ is it really needed?” he asked me doubtedly.

Hmm! First I want to change his style. I take him to a parlour and change is hair style.
“ Cutie, I don’t want to change my hair style” Laksh said in pleading tone. Is he a kid who scared for going saloon.
“ no Laksh. you should be quiet. Don’t forget about couple dance” I black mailed him to make him quiet.
After changing his hair style and bleaching, I take him to near by clothing shop.
I take some t shirts and jeans.
“ I don’t like these type of clothes. Why can’t we try formals? It looks very good” Laksh said.
Arghh! He is impossible.
“ who is tutor here,now?” I asked with strict tone.
“ absolutely you, cutie” he said.
“ then, do what I say” I said to him.
I billed all the clothes and take a red t shirt and blue denim jeans, black jacket.
“ wear it. there is a trail room” I said sternly by refusing all his pleading look.
He get into trial room and I smiled by seeing his antics.
After few minutes, I am walking in the corridor and waiting for Laksh.
“ cutie, how am I?” Laksh asked me like a kid.
I stared him. every girl shoud fall for him. he is just a prince charm. I take a brown coolers and put it.
“ now, perfect” I said to him.
“ I didn’t like this type of clothes” Laksh said.
“ for impress a girl, clothing is important” I advised him.
“ but, inner beauty is more important that outer naa, cutie. Because one day, we should be aged and lose our beauty.” Laksh replied me.
“ you want to impress a girl just for a couple dance not for a relationship” I said to him.
“ you also correct , cutie. You are really an good tutor. When will my practical session start?” he asked me.
What! He really wants practical session. By the shock, I didn’t obsevered my path and I started to fall and I closed my eyes in fear.
“ cutie, open your eyes . nothing happen to you” I heard Laksh’s voice.
I slowly opened my eyes. I see a brown hazel eyes. That eyes attracted me. I start to fall down in this eyes. Its like a deep sea. I start to immerse in those eyes. But a voice is disturbing me and I come into reality.
Laksh is holding me by my waist and I encircled my hands in his neck. What I am doing.
I make myself steady.
“Sorry. I scared that I am going to fall” I said.
“ when I am there, how can I let you down” Laksh said with a smile.
“ I am hungry. Come and we will eat in nearby restaurant” Laksh invited me and I agreed.
We both walked towards nearby restaurant. Laksh walks before me. Suddenly a girl collided with him. he helped that girl to stand.
“ are you okay Ms.Beautiful?” Laksh asked that girl. What! Beautiful my foot. Wait what is he doing with that girl.
“ I am ok…” that girl said and blushed little.
“ why can’t we go for a coffee and little bit talk?” Laksh asked that girl by removing his coolers. His style can mesmerize any girl if she didn’t committed to anyone. Wait! I didn’t teach that. Coffee with another girl. Wait Laksh now you will see what I can do.
I slowly walked towards Laksh and put my hands in his shoulder.
“ Jaan!” I called him innocently.
“ who is she?” that girl asked him.
“ I am his fiance” I answered that girl and Laksh stared me shockingly.
“ohh! You are so lucky” she said and left the place.
“ what are you doing with her?” I asked him. I don’t know why I am anger on him.
“ I am taking my practical session” Laksh said with cool attitude.
“ what?” I asked him shockingly. I know that he always asked me for practical. I think that he is joking me. but..
“why did you ask her for coffee?” I asked him.
“ I see it in youtube, you know there are so many videos to instruct how to flirt.” Laksh said.
“ are you surf in internet for knowing about flirting” I asked him shockingly.
He nods. He is really impossible.
“ well! You know if you didn’t come, she will definitely come with me for coffee” Laksh said with pride.
“ but why?” I asked him.
“ I want to make a girl for accept couple dance” Laksh said.
I don’t know what I did. I just hold his t shirt.” Don’t dare to take any girl as your partner other than me”
He taken a step aback and I got to know what I did. I want to take revenge on sanskar through him. but why I am feeling jealous if he spoke to any girl. Why I can’t take anyone as his partner. What’s happening in me.
“Cutie..” he pointed my hand which is holding his tshirt.
“Sorry Laksh” I apologized him.
“ call me Jaan. I like your nick name” Laksh said. Didn’t he know what is the meaning of Jaan.
“Cutie.. I am hungry. Come soon” Laksh said by pointing his stomach.

On Another side,
In Park,
Sanskar: I am Sanskar.
Swayam: I am Swayam .
Both smiled by observing the silence.
Swayam: Sanskar, are you comfortable when I am calling you by your name? because you are elder than me.
Sanskar: just 5years Swayam. Don’t make me uncle.
Swayam smiles.
Just they hear a music from mobile. By hearing this, Swayam smiles and Sanskar remembers that Swayam loves music.
Sanskar: I love this music.
Swayam: I also.
Sanskar: wait! I will get my guitar.
Sanskar goes to his car and get his guitar.
Sanskar returns back and sees some boys who are in the age of 17, teasing Swayam.
Boy 1: see him, poor boy… come we will help you to get your house.
Swayam: I didn’t want your pity .
Boy 2: how can you go, Swayam? By walk. But you are blind naa.
Swayam stays silent by minute . Sanskar senses his pain.
Swayam: but I have another senses and moreover I am not duffer like you.
One boy pushed Swayam and at the nick of time, Sanskar holds him and make him sit in park bench.
Sanskar is going to slap that boy but Swayam stops him.
Laksh pet dog comes there .
Swayam: don’t leave him.
Lucky starts to chase that boy.
Swayam: I stopped you for slapping not for threatening Sanskar. Still you have another boy.
By hearing this, another boy starts to run.
Swayam smiles.
Sanskar: why did you stopped me? who are they?
Swayam: because I can handle my own problem. They were my seniors in school. They are like that.
Sanskar remembers his deeds. Once, he also did the same.
Sanskar: what are thinking about them?
Swayam: for me, bullying has two reasons. One type is frusturated. They are reducing their frusturation and pain by bullying others.but they didn’t know it will increase their pain. The another type is self headed. They use other weakness and bully them . for me the second type is equal to psycho. These boys are second type and they need special treatment from lucky.
Sanskar smiles by hearing last sentence.
Sanskar: ok. I take my guitar.
Sanskar takes Swayam hands and put it in guitar.
Swayam caresses that guitar and measures it.
Sanskar make Swaym wear that guitar and Swayam hold it correctly.
Sanskar(amazed): how can you hold guitar correctly?
Swayam: I know how to play and even though I am blind, nowadays I am
Swayam observes the guitar dimensions and start to play it.
After few minutes,
Swayam stops and Sanskar opens his eyes.
Sanskar: it’s superb, Swayam.
Swayam: thanks Sanskar. Now you are my friend. We can share some information.
Sanskar: haan!
Swayam: how many members in your family?
Sanskar: me and my father.
Swayam holds Sanskar’s hand.
Swayam: even I lost my parents in accident. I know your pain Sanskar.
Sanskar: no swayam. My maa didn’t died in a accident . that’s a preplanned murder.
Swayam shocked.
Sanskar: at that time, I was only 12 year old boy and me and my maa were going to our papa’s office. Suddenly a truck hit our car from back. My maa throw me outside and I fainted by hitting in stone.(cries and composed himself) When I wake up, I was in hospital and my papa told me that my maa was dead. I told my papa that it’s murder. My papa said me that he punished that persons. After that I craved for my papa’s love which I never get after that.
Swayam: may be you remind him about his helpless situation to save your maa.
Sanskar gives a shocked look.
Swayam: I think that you resemble your maa. I know the pain of helpless when we can’t save our beloved ones.
Swayam bangs his hand in chair.

Swayam: haan Sanskar.. when I met that accident, I was half conscious. I heard what is happening in surrounding. My bhai’s friend Sahil advised my rago to lodge a complaint against that person. My Rago did that.but they make her to return the complaint by stopping our treatment and threatening to kill my bhai. at that time, I am helpless Sanskar. I want to support my Rago but I can’t. I hate myself Sanskar. I hate myself.
Sanskar takes Swayam in his embrace and try to calm down him.
Swayam: no one know about this. Even Rago didn’t know that I know about this.
Sanskar: are you want revenge from him?
Swayam:no Sanskar. I want to know why he made our life worse than hell. I just want to ask this question.
Sanskar: I promise you Swayam that I will help you.
Swayam composed himself after few minutes.
Swayam: I feel free after sharing with you , Sanksar. I feel that you will be my friend.
Sanskar: I also feel the Same ,Swayam. Come . we will have lunch.
On other side,
Ragini and Laksh have their lunch and come outside.
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh maintains silent.
Ragini(shouts): Laksh..
Laksh: until you call me by my nick name, I will never speak with you and I will complain prof that you are not co operate with me in project.
Laksh turns his face.
Ragini: jaan…
Laksh: now ok.
Ragini: we have two works. First we want to do proto type and with in a week, we have dance competition also. We should practice for that. We have to work hard.
Laksh: don’t worry about prototype. I finished half and I will finish the whole in two days.
Ragini: tomorrow , we have to practice and you should wear these clothes in college.
Laksh: I will try but sorry Cutie. I want to go some places. Can you accompany me?
Ragini: ok…Jaan..
Ragini and Laksh do some shopping for their performance.
At evening,
Sanskar left Swayam in his house and waits for laksh in park.
At the entrance of park,
Ragini drops Laksh.
Ragini: jaan..bye see tomorrow.
Laksh: bye cutie..

Laksh takes his dresses and get into the park.
Sanskar sees Laksh and amazed by seeing his new look. He rubs his eyes and blinks. He even can’t believe his own eyes.
Sanskar: Laku..(surprised tone)
Laksh:Sansku.. what happened? Can you know which bothering Swaru?
Sanskar tells everything and Laksh misunderstands Rago is Swara’s nick name.
Laksh: I never think he is going through this much pain, Sansku.
Sanskar: I also, Laku. He is just a small boy. He never deserve this.
Sanskar sees Laksh’s face and shocked.
Sanskar: Laku..
Laksh: what Sansku?
Sanskar shockingly wipes blood from Laksh’s mouth and Laksh feels dizzy.
Laksh falls down halfconsciously .
Sanskar holds him and taps his head.
Sanskar: Laku.. Laksh..
Sanskar takes Laksh to his car and drives to his hospital.
Sanskar takes Laksh and admits him in ICU.
After few minutes, Doctor comes outside.
Doctor: sir, we are going to take some tests. After that only, we can say.
After an hour,
Doctor comes near Sanskar.
Doctor(hesitatingly): sir, I want to say something important. Can you come to my cabin?
Sanskar is tensed and nods.
In Doctor’s cabin,
Doctor: sir, he is in last stage of brain tumour. he is having only three to six months. Mostly always keep him happy.
Sanskar stands up and a long tear escaped from his eyes.
Sanskar: is there no way to save him?
Doctor(nods his head down): sorry sir. No one can save him. I already comsulted with specialist. I will give some tablets which will help him to extent his life.
Sanskar: don’t say about this to him.
Doctor nods and left the cabin.
Sanskar weakly walks towards Laksh ward and sees Laksh is happily flirts with nurse.
Nurse 1: you are so funny, bhai.
By hearing bhai, Laksh pouts.
Nurse sees Sanskar and left the ward.
Laksh:Sansku , what is the problem?

Sanskar’s POV
Laksh asks me what happened to him. how can I say that he is in his last phase of his life. Why god did that much injustice to me. first he snatched my maa from me, then my papa’s love. Laksh made my life colourful. He loved me like maa,cared me like papa, showed right path like a bhai, fought with me like a sister. he fulfilled each and every relationship in my life which I craved. I don’t want to loose him. but I am helpless. I didn’t have any other way. Even I can give my life to save him. but I can’t live without him. my helpless starts to kill me . I feel that I am living in hell.
“Sansku” Laksh called me.
“ just a throat infection, Laku. Doctor gave medicines” I lied.
“ I don’t want to be there. Discharge me soom” Laksh said with smile. His smile kills me that I can’t save him. I am a worst friend who can’t even save his soulmate from death. I just want to be death instead of living can’t save my Laku.. I want to cry louder but I can’t. I come outside and starts to cry. I want an embrace which can give peace to me.but I lost one,my maa and I am going to lose my Laku.why? I can’t deserve any love. Am I sinner or I am paying back for what I did with others.

To be continued…

Mica, once you told bullying people didn’t have any place in another world. But my maa said that whatever we did good or bad, we will get return that if we did good then we will get good. Now Sanskar is going to repent whatever he did in past.

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  19. Ragz_teju

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