Swaragini- my friend (Episode 8)

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Let I start the story.
Ragini and Laksh sits in library and Laksh explains about project.
Ragini’s POV
“ I hope Ms.Ragini, you get a clear idea.” Laksh said. If he work as a lecturer, definitely that student should get S grade. He is so talented. But if didn’t accept me as his friend, how can I get closer to Sanskar.
“ call me Ragini and cut that Miss. We are not speaking in any board meeting” I said to him with a smile.
“ok. Ms.Rag.. sorry Ragini” he said with a genuine smile.
Ok. I stand to leave.
“Actually, I want a help from you Ragini” Laksh said to me with so much hesitation.
“ what help?” I asked him.
“ can you teach me how to flirt with girls?. Its not my cup of tea.” He asked me. is he teasing me or. But I sensed the seriousness in his voice.
“ are you want to be a ROMEO?” I asked him with teasing smile.
“ no. actually my bhaiya’s challenged me that I can’t participate in couple dance as I am bit shy and nerd.” He answered me.
“ so, you want to make a girl accept to dance with you. For that, you want to change your dressing style and so many things” I answered him.
but he didn’t notice me that I am also a girl. I just see me in the computer mirror. I am good looking even though I am wearing traditional clothes like Salwar . for the first time, I am doubted that am I beautiful.
“ so, are you helping me. thanks so much cutie” he stand and shaked my hands in excitement.
Cutie… I frozen where I am stand. My maa only calls me like that.
“ you didn’t like my pet name for you. sorry I think I am crossed my limit. But it’s my bad habit. Who ever my heart tells me close to me, I will give their pet name. my heart tells me that you should be a very good friend to me” he said what ever rolling in his mind openly.
I just look into his eyes. I just see that his innocence and kindness. His eyes shows kindness which I seen the same in my maa. I am doing wrong that I am using him for my revenge. But I didn’t have any way. I will try my level best to not hurt his feelings.
“ am I not looking a girl?” I asked him and then I bite my tongue. He stare me amazedly.
“ I didn’t mean that. Wait. So you will be my partner in also dance. But you have to teach me how to dance” he said with a wide smile.
What?. He didn’t even know dance. I want to work hard.
“Moreover, you are so cute” he complemented me. ohh! God. He is unbelievable.
“well! You learned the first lesson. If you want to impress a girl, first compliment her about her appearance. Now give a good try.” I teached the first lesson.
I said and walked outside the library. He comes and followed me.
“ you are so cute even your big specs also cute” he said to me.
He will never learn about this. I chuckled with his antics but wait what he said my big specs also cute.
I turned with anger face. he really make me anger.
“ what you said my specs are bigger” I asked him.
“ but it’s a true. You are looking so cute” he said to me with a smile. His smile has a charm. I forgot my anger and smiled.
“ when you smile, you are looking so beautiful cutie” he extended. I observed that his eyes are speaking a lot than his
“ who said you didn’t know to flirt. I think he is a duffer “ I said to him
“ it’s bad cutie. You are saying my bhaiya’s duffer” he said with sad face. I wondered that he is so friendly. I think that he is attitude, nerd and never respect other feelings. But my first assumption is wrong. He is friendly nature.
“ ok Laksh. I will teach you how to impress a girl. After that, you have to make me accept your proposal for couple dance” I strictly said to him.
“ ok. thanks for helping me cutie” he said and leave me alone.
My assumption is wrong. he is different. He is intelligent at the same time innocent not like his friends. He accepted me as his friend in first meet.
My watch alarmed that I am getting late for my part time job.
Ragini Pov ends…
Laksh POV
I am going to my room and I am whistling. I am so happy. I got a new friend Ragini @Cutie. She is also like me . she is helping minded like me and she will be my partner in couple dance. My biggest problem is over. I am getting ready to my office. I never think that I will complete my project this much soon. I expected that I will need six months. But I finished my design in the holiday itself. Now I have to check the design relaiblity.
I entered and sees Aarav. His eyes are moist and he is staring a photo. The photo is fall down and I take that. In this Raj bhai and Aarav are smiling. But they are little. I decided to give confront Aarav. I didn’t have any rights to peep into their life. But I did it . I pressed a button in my watch to record our convo.
“are you missing your choti, Aarav?” I asked him softly and put my hands in his shoulder.
“ I miss him a lot” he answered.
“ then, go to your brother. May be he also miss you” I said.
“ no.. he hates me. but its also good” he said with a painful smile.
Well! I think a great misunderstanding between them.
“ what you did?” I asked him.
“ I left him when he needs me most” he answered.
“ say clearly Aarav” I said to him.
“ my Raj thinks that our parents dead in accident.but they are murdered and our rivals pointed Raj and Sanskar, next. We didn’t have any other option. We tried our best to save them. in this, we didn’t spent our time. Day by day, he are tried to steal our glances and attacks on him ,also increased. So, I decide to leave him in hostel. Till I remember how he ran behind my car. But I didn’t have anyother way. He start to hate me/ anything can happen to us. If I am dead, he should not pain” Aarav blurted out his feelings and when he said last sentence, he choked.
But the next minute, his face wear the mask of pretending to be normal.
“ ok. how is your health, Laksh?. I am making you unhappy by my story ”Aarav said in apologizing tone.
“I am perfectly alright, Mr.Aarav Singhania” I replied in professional tone.
“ what happened Laksh? why are you calling me like that?” Aarav asked me in confusing tone.
“I have to give respect for CEO of VR industries.” I confronted him. I know that he treats me as a friend, that’s why he shared his feelings with me.
“ how do you know?” he asked in shocking tone.
“ why are you lied?” I asked him with little bit anger.
“ if you know about us, you will not feel free with us” a voice comes there. Obviously Ram Uncle.
“ so, you make me as your friend” I asked him. he make me as his friend for selfish reason.
“ no Laksh. you are mistaken. We made you as my friend because we really feel you as a good friend” Aarav replied tensedly.
“lying to friend is a sin. Even I accept hiding but I never accept lying” I answered them.
“ we never lied to you” Ram uncle answered me.
“ you said that you are project head and Aarav is my colleague” I said.
“ yes it’s true. I am project head because this profect is so confedential. I didn’t lie to you” Ram uncle said.
Well! They are trying to convince me. but still, I am feeling that something is hidden.
“ we want to make feel free. But we don’t know when we became your friends. Can you forgive your friend” Aarav asked me.
I accept that They wanted to make me feel free.ok. reason for hiding is accepted.
I take CD and give to Aarav.
“ there is design of IC. You can check with technical team. Still the work is 75% completed. If you didn’t have any issue in design, we will proceed, Mr.Singhania” I said.
“ Laksh..” Aarav called me and stared me with paining expression.
“ your punishment is write 1000 times sorry in a paper for both and I want it tomorrow evening when I am coming here” I said and leave the office, hide my smile.
Laksh POV Ends..
Aarav: uncle, now what can we do?
Ram: as he said, we didn’t have any way.
Ram and Aarav smiles.
Aarav: sometimes he is act as matured and sometime acts as a kid. Really, I can’t predict his nature.
Ram: He is just like his father, Aarav. Come on we have to write 1000 times sorry.
Aarav: even I didn’t write imposition in school. (pouts)
Ram: don’t late. Come on boy .
Laksh walks towards Hostel and sees a boy who is unconscious in road. It’s around 10 PM.
Laksh goes near that boy and taps his cheeks.
Laksh takes his water bottle and sprinkles water in his face and the boy wakes up.
Laksh make him drink the water and observes he is blind.
Laksh: chotu, what is your name?
Boy:My name is Swayam.
Laksh: Swayam… where are you living? I will help you.
Swayam tells the address.
Laksh make him stand and Swayam have difficulties in walking as result of sprain. So, Laksh takes him in his hands.
Swayan: thanks for helping me, sir.
Laksh: you can call me Laksh, Swayam .
Laksh takes Swayam to doctor and doctor treats him.
Within a 10 minutes walk, Laksh reached Swayam’s house.
Swara’s POV
I am working in kitchen and making Roti’s for swayam and me. I always come this time to my house because of my part time job. I need money for Swayam’s operation. I heard Swayam voice at door step.
I tensed what happened to him and why he calls me near doorstep. I quickly come out from kitchen and opens the door. I see a man who is having Swayam in his hands. I didn’t see his face that I have fuly concentared on Swayam’s condition.
“Swayam.. what happened to him?” I ask the man.
“doll. He just have a sprain in his leg. I took him to doctor and he will be alright in two days” that man replied. That voice .. it’s Laksh.
“Laksh..” I whispered.
“ let me come inside doll” he said calmly.
“ haan..” I said and showed Swayam’s room.
Laksh put swayam in his bed and takes some gel, and massaged swayam’s leg. I want to ask some questions to Swayam that why he went out.
Swayam moaned in pain.
“Swayam ok. I will stop. Just answer some questions” Laksh said by stopping the massage.
“ haan Bhai..” Swayam accepted.
“ which thing you like?” Laksh asked by slowly putting his hand in Swayam’s leg.
“Music Bhai..” Swayam answered.
“ ohh! Can you say fully which music you like, which composer..?” Laksh asked him.
Swayam start to answer him and immersed in his talk. Laksh responded his talks and completed the massage.
“ ok Swayam. Doll, come with some dinner. We both are hungry. “ Laksh said by pointing his flat stomach.
I smiled and go to kitchen. I checked the roti’s count. There are just 6 and there is no wheat flour in my home. I decided to give my share to Laksh and I don’t want to show my financial state to him.
I divided Roti’s in two plates and rajma and go to Swayam’s room.
“ where is your plate, doll?” Laksh asked me.
“ I already ate,Laksh” I lied to him.
“ but, I can’t eat without you. otherwise, I will have stomach pain.” Laksh said with chuckle but I can’t understand. I give a confused look to him.
“ my maa always said we should share our food. Take this” Laksh offered me one and Swayam offered me one.

Eventhough the food quantity is low, I feel my stomach is filled as well as my heart. Swayam start to sleep because of medicine effect.
Laksh starts to instruct me about the tablets and gel and then said that he will take Swayam tomorrow again to hospital.
“ Laksh, I will take care of him. I didn’t want to disturb you” I said to him.
Swara, I think that you considered me as your friend” he said with sad face. why he call me swara instead of doll.
“ no Laksh. you are my friend” I tried to explain him.
“ then don’t stop me” he said strictly. I smiled that I can’t see his strict face. it’s doesn’t suits him.
He also smiled.
“ Doll, how Swayam lost his vision? Because it seems like that he lost his vision, recently” Laksh asked me.
I wondered how he understand everyone.
“ Haan Laksh, he lost his vision before three months. Still, he can’t able to accept the reality.” I answered with pain.
Laksh hold my hands friendly and I break down fully.
‘ I can’t see him like this laksh, before he gives me more confidence and he make this house as a home. He always smile and make us smile. He stopped his smile. I can’t see him like that Laksh If I didn’t do the operation with in two months, he may lose the vision permanently. Even I tried to sold my house, but my chacha didn’t let me and he took that house with the help of local politician and Rago can’t sell her house until she married. The helpless state of ours kills us, Laksh” I want to blurt out the pain which I am have these three months, which slowly kills me from inside.
Laksh slowly patted my shoulder and I composed myself.
“ he lost his vision in an accident” I said with a pain.
“ why are you not taking him outside?” Laksh asked me.
“ he denied Laksh. some one making comedy using his blindness.” My eyes shed tears while remembering that incident.
“ ok. Doll. I want his medical history now.” Laksh take Swayam’s mediacal report and left my house.
Laksh POV
I never think doll have that much pain in her heart. I thought she is easy going girl. But no.. by using that mask, she acting that she is happy. I observe the pain but she didn’t say what is she facing. Even she is hiding her poverty. I remember that she said park is solace of her pain. Now I understood .First I will help Swayam and I will make him confident. Yes Sansku will help him to get his confidence and smile back. I entered my room and sit in my bed. Still, I can’t believe the girl whom I meet in park and now is same. Both are very different.
“ what happened Laksh? where you lost?” Amrit bhai asked me.
I said what happened in Swara’s house.
Amrit bhai also start to think about that.
“ do you think that Sanskar will help you in this?” Amrit asked me.
“ he will definitely help me and moreover Sanskar should learn to understand other feelings. first I will consult doctors about Swayam’s reports” I said confidently.
I feel so tired and I slept while Amrit is dreaming about his lioness.
The next day morning,
Amrit and Laksh wake up.
Laksh: Amrit, now we should be careful. Doll shoudnot feel that we are show pity for her condition. there is lot of chance that’s why she didn’t show her pain.
Amrit: hmm! You are correct. We will never let her feel like that.
Laksh and Amrit go to park and see swara.
Laksh: good morning Doll! How is Swaru?
Laksh:yaa….Swayam’s nick name is Swaru.
A voice comes there” not bad Laksh bhai…”
Laksh turns and sees Swayam.
Swayam smiles.

Amrit goes and holds Swayam’s hands.” I am Amrit.. bhai cum friend of Laksh.can you come with me for a walk?”
Swayam nods.
Laksh: Doll! Can I take Swaru tomorrow with me?
Swara: why Laksh?
Laksh: you have to let him to face this world. You have to give confidence doll.
Swara: but…
Laksh: doll.. please…
Swara: ok. but ensure about his safety.
Laksh pecks her cheeks .” that’s my doll”
Amrit comes with Swayam and Swayam laughs by hearing Amrit’s jokes.
Swayam: bhai.. stop stop I can’t laugh more.
Amrit: wait wait I will complete..
Swayam: no.. I can’t take it more..
Amrit(pouts): it’s so bad swaru.
Swara witness it with moist eyes.
Swara: I see him like that after so many days, Laksh.
Laksh: you will see him always like that, here after.
Swara: thanks Laksh.
Laksh: in friends no sorry .. no thanks…
Swara returns a smile.
Laksh and Amrit leaves the park after bidding bye to swaryam.(swara and swayam)
In college,
Laksh and Amrit gets ready and Laksh is wearing as usual his boring formals.
Ragini meets him in corridor,
Ragini: Laksh, I want you tomorrow for dance practice and teaching session.
Laksh: ok Cutie.. today you look like angel in this white anarkali.
Ragini taps his head and pins him to wall .
Ragini: what you said?
Laksh: wo..wo.. you are beautiful in white anarkali and your black hazel eyes..
Laksh directly look into her eyes and nknowingly lost him in her eyes. Ragini also mesmerised by seeing his eyes. Literally unknowingly they made an eyelock. Ragini broke the eyelock first by hearing the sound.
Ragini: don’t try on me which I am teaching you and make ready 10000 in your hand, tomorrow.
Laksh: ok.but why?
Ragini:for teaching session 2.
Laksh: but you never tell that you will charge for sessions. And one minute, I want to practice session also.
Ragini : is this any subject that you want practical session, Laksh?
Laksh: then , how can I check that how much I learnt?
Ragini(in mind): is he teasing me? but looks like he is saying really.
Ragini : you are really impossible.. book worm…
Laksh smiles sheppishly.
Ragini: see you tomorrow and I want your whole day.
Laksh(in mind): what happening to me? she orders me but why I like that.
He remembers their eyelock and smiles unknowingly.
Laksh(in mind): her brown eyes…ohh! I think I immersed in her teaching.
Laksh virtually taps his head.
Laksh: ouch! Who is tapping my head? How can it pain if I virtually tapped?

A voice comes there” because I tapped your head.”
Sanskar: where you lost?
Laksh: when did you come?
Sanskar: just now. First answer me.
Laksh decides to talk about Swayam.
Laksh: actually I want to discuss some important things.
Sanskar: what? Is anything serious ?
Laksh: well! Actually I want you to help a boy who lost his vision recently and I hope you help him to get confidence.
Sanskar(serious): Laku, what are you speaking?
Laksh tells everything about his doll and swaru.he didn’t use swara.
Laksh: he didn’t need any pity for him. it make him worst. He is more frusturated and can’t accept the presence. I want you make him realize that even now he can achieve. I want to make him normal.
Sanskar: why are you want me, Laku? I am not good as you in understanding other feelings Laku.
Laksh put his hands in Sanskar’s shoulder.
Laksh: I trust my friend can do anything.
Sanskar: ok. I will try my best.
Laksh: first, you have make him your friend. It’s not that much easy and today, I am taking leave.
Sanskar: what? But you didn’t say anything and about attendance .
Laksh: I will take care of it and don’t forget to take notes for me.
Sanskar(smiles): you are impossible Laku, I think when god made you, he is mad.
Laksh smiles and goes to hospital. It’s a eye care unit.
Laksh waites in corridor.
Receptionist: Sir, you can go now.
Laksh goes inside and discuss about Swayam’s report.
Doctor: I want to check him, once. I will give appointment at evening.
Laksh: thanks sir.
Laksh comes outside .
Laksh(in mind):ok, now I am going to office.
In College,
Sanskar sits in bench sadly that Laksh is not with him.
Sanskar(in mind): why Laku made me attend class and moreover how can I handle that boy. But I will definitely give my best.
Laksh arrives office after one hour.
Laksh directy goes to his cabin and Receptionist informs Aarav and Ram about Laksh’s arrival.
Aarav and Ram go to Laksh’s cabin with bundle of papers.
Laksh smiles by seeing them and then hides his smile.
Aarav and Ram have red eyes because of improper sleep.
Aarav: we wrote 1000 times sorry. Please forgive us for hiding our position.
Laksh sees the papers and feels guilt.
Laksh: are you didn’t see SANTHOSH SUBRAMANIYAM tamil movie?
Laksh asked doubtedly.

Ram and Aarav sees each other and nods no.
Laksh smiles mischeviously “ ok. I will have it my lap. I love that scene”
Laksh opens his laptop and puts the movie . it’s with English subtitle.
Jenilia: say 1000 times sorry.
Jayam ravi: 1000 times sorry..
Jenilia smiles..
Scene ends..
Laksh closes the laptop.
Aarav: uncle, today you won’t stop me.
Ram: I won’t stop you.
Aarav: Laksh..
Laksh: Aaru..
Aarav: aaru..
Laksh: your nick name..
Aarav: I will not leave you.
Laksh: aaru.. violent is not good. Are you didn’t read about gandhiji? Panda.. please help me.
Ram: panda..
Laksh: your nick name…( bites his tongue)
Ram: Aarav, don’t leave him.
Aarav finally caught Laksh because the cabin is not big.
The trio burst out in laughter.
The whole office is frozen because they hear their rude CEO and Arrogant Chairman are laughing.
Laksh hugs Aarav and Ram.
Laksh: now I accept your apology. Ok. what you decide about IC Design?
Aarav: we sent it to technical higher authorities. After fifteen minutes, we have meeting.
Aarav and Ram gives a glare to their employees and they back to work.

In board room,
The higher authorities , technical leads are discussing about Laksh’s design.
Ram signs Aarav to get Laksh inside.
Aarav goes and take Laksh inside.
Laksh explains about his design in a perfect professional manner.
Laksh: this IC will reduce most of the space and it’s speed is also high. So, we can deliver the slimmest phone.
Laksh finished his presentation. Everyone is frozen.
Laksh: are you didn’t like my design?
Everyone starts to clap.
Tech lead: the design is so amazing. We never thought.
Techie: it’s superb. We can finish the project within three months as before we expected.
Everyone praises Laksh’s skills. After few minutes,
Laksh: it’s my goodness to have friends like you Aaru and Uncle. I finished my work. When will I get my intern certificate? I have to produce it to college.
Ram and Aarav becomes sad.
Aarav: why can’t you continue your work here?
Laksh(smiles): I will definitely join here after completing my studies. But it’s very hard to balance my studies and work. I just want break, Aaru.
Aarav: ok.
Ram didn’t say anything.
Laksh bids bye to them.
Laksh(in mind): it’s really a good time here. I get two friends Aaru and panda uncle(smiles)

Precap: Raglak shopping and Sanskar Struggle for swayam.

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