Swaragini- my friend (Episode 7)

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Let I start the episode.
Ragini comes down to see Swara.
Swara: Rago.. I am going to work.
Ragini: wait a minute Swara.
Swara looks Ragini questioningly.
Ragini: I want to spent some time in parents house atleast for a month.
Swara holds Ragini’s hands.
Swara: ok, Rago. I will take care of Swayam. If you stay in your parent house, you will feel better.
Ragini(in mind): Sorry shona! Until I get my revenge , I will stay away from you. I am sorry.
Swara smiles to Ragini and goes to her work.
Sanskar and other devils start their travel to Chennai.
At airport,
Sanskar: Raj, we didn’t know tamil. How will we communicate here?
Rajat: I already hired a guide. He will help us.
Devils come out and sees one man have a board in which Rajat Singhania is written.
Devils go to near them.
The man introduces himself.”Sir, I am Sid..Siddu guide”
Raj: we want to go ddgg hospital.
Sid: ok sir. There is a car. I will take you.
Devils enquires receptionist but she said that they already discharged and she denied to give their address.
Sanskar: now, how can we get his Address?
Raksh: I have a way.
Rajat: what?
Raksh: this hospital belongs to My Father’s friend. I will contact him.
After few minutes,
Raksh phone shows a message.
Raksh: I got his address. It’s somewhat a village Annur..
Rajat snatches phone from Raksh and shows to sid.
Rajat: make necessary arrangements , we want to go this address.
Sid nods.

On another side,
Amrit and Laksh reaches their village. Amrit sees the scenary of village. Everywhere it is look like covered with green carpet, birds are chirping and goats and cows are raising their sound. Amrit likes the scenario and amazed to see a village like this.
Laksh observes Amrit’s feelings.
Laksh: my village is so beautiful naa.
Amrit: haan Laksh.. it is so beautiful.
Aadi and Sathyanarayan knows hindi.
Laksh and Amrit reaches the Kalyani devi’s house which is in the middle of farm.
Aadi helps Amrit while Sathyanarayan helps Laksh to sit in wheel chair.
Laksh and Amrit stands in entrance of the house and Kalyani takes Aarti for both and put a dilak then pours the aarti water outside.
Kalyani takes Amrit to Laksh room whiel Aadi takes Laksh.
Laksh and Amrit both settled in Laksh’s room.
Kalyani signs Aadi and Aadi goes and comes with bowl of Rasam Kanchi(overboiled rice with rasam i.e.Semisolid)
Kalyani: Amrit beta..
Kalyani takes food to feed Amrit and Laksh.
Amrit: its okay aunty. I will eat myself.
Kalyani(smiles): beta,you are also like Laksh to me. consider me as your maa.
Amrit have moist eyes by remembering how much he carved for parent’s love in orphanage.
Kalyani feeds Laksh,Aadi and Amrit with her hands.
Amrit is in his own world and eats silently and Laksh observes his condition. Laksh signs Aadi about moist eyes of Amrit.
Aadi: Amrit anna..
Amrit comes to present by hearing Aadi’s voice.
Amrit: haan Aadi…
Aadi: can you come with me a walk at evening? If you feel ok.
Amrit:Definetely Aadi…
Amrit observes that Aadi also eats spice less food.
Amrit: Aadi, why are you eating this food? You are fine naa.
Aadi(smiles): Amrit anna, if my anna eats this spice less food means how can I eat tasty food?
Amrit(in mind): Laksh is so blessed. First time, I feel why my parents left me. why I can’t deserve a family like this.
Kalyani finishes feeding and wipes everyone mouth with her saree pallu.
Amrit(hesitatingly): can I call you maa?
Kalyani smiles to Amrit and caresses his hair.” Before itself I said you are also my son. I don’t know my son this much tubelight”
By hearing this, Amrit smiles. Kalyanai and Aadi leaves the room by giving rest to them.
Amrit stares sky and unknowingly his eyes sheds tears.
Laksh puts his hand in Amrit shoulder.
Laksh: Amrit..
Amrit: you are so blessed laksh have a family like this. When I am small, I always carved for parents love. A sponsor sponsored me my school fees. Whenever PTA meeting conducted, I will stares my classmate with jealousy eyes. Some of parents praise their child, some of them scold for their marks. But the truth is they have parents for scold or praise. I didn’t have anyone to scold or praise me. when my classmate knows I was an orphan, they starts to bully me by using this. I started to create a shell around me. but you are the one who break it first. I scared first that how will you react after knowing my truth. After I trusted you,Laksh. thank you for helping this orphan.
Laksh(calmly): you are not an orphan Amrit. now it’s also your family, Amrit.
Amrit holds Laksh hands and stares Laksh with moist eyes.

Laksh wipes his tears.” Now, take rest. If not , that doctor will again take us to his hospital”
By Laksh tone, Amrit smiles by forgetting his pain and dozed off while leaving Laksh thinking deeply.
At afternoon,
Laksh and Amrit wakes up and Kalyani feeds with Rasam rice.
Kalyani leaves the room.
Laksh: Amrit, are you need anything spicy?
Amrit: ya. But..
Laksh: don’t worry. Just follow me silently.
Laksh and Amrit silently walks and Aadi comes there. Laksh and Amrit hides in pillar.
Laksh(whispers): good. You learnt very soon, Amrit.
Finally, they arrive their destination.Kitchen.
Laksh and Amrit goes near door and look at each other confusingly.
Amrit: why it is locked,Laksh?
Laksh: I don’t know,Amrit. Usually, we don’t lock the kitchen.
A voice comes there” I will tell you,Laksh”
Laksh and Amrit turns” Maa..”
Kalyani holds Laksh ears” I am your maa, Laksh. I know what all you can do. Already you spoiled, now you are spoiling Amrit also”
Laksh(pout face):maa, what can I do?
Kalyani: you both go and sleep. I have some work in clinic.Aadi!
Aadi: haan Maa..
Kalyani: if they try to eat spicy food, call doctor and sent both to hospital and admit them for a week.
Laksh and Amrit(unison): no.. and sees each other.
Kalyani: go and sleep.
Laksh and Amrit goes to their room with sad face.
Amrit: Laksh, maa said about clinic.
Laksh: I forgot to tell. Maa is a doctor and she treats people freely. We always allocate one third of profit to this.
Amrit and Laksh take rest.
On another side,
Arjun kicks the car.
Arjun: dammit! Now the car’s two tires are punctured. Even we don’t have any stepny.
Sid:Sir, that village is only 12 KM far from this place .
Sanskar: guys, I am going by walk and you all accompany me.
Rajat:Sid, lock the doors and take all our bags.
Sid didn’t have any other way. He obeyed Rajat’s order.
Rajat, Sanskar, Raksh and Arjun walks and Sid follows them with their bags.
After 9 KM,
Raksh: I am so tired, guys.
Arjun: me too.
Sanskar: guys, just two to three km left. We can go.
Sanskar is eager to see Laksh.
Rajat: yes guys. Just three Km.
At that time, A girl comes there and enquires.
Sid: we are come here to see Mr.Laksh and whose mother name is kalyani.
Girl: my name is meenakshi and I am village leader Sathyanarayanan’s daughter. more important don’t tell Kalyani maa’s name normally. If someone hears it, it will not to good for you.(threatening tone) we have more respect on her. If you want to address her, call her as THAIYAMMA.
Meenakshi tells in tamil and Sid translates it into hindi.
They starts to walk and Meenakshi guides them.
Suddenly, Meenakshi stops them and all stares her confusingly.
She walks carefully and takes a snake which is minimum 7 feet long in her hand.
Everyone is frozen. Meena kisses the snake and throws it.
Everyone hear a THUD sound and turns. Raksh fainted in shock.
Meena: is he fainted by seeing a snake? Poor boy.
Meena giggles.
Arjun takes Raksh in his hand.
Meena: we will reach Laksh anna house in few minutes.

At laksh house,
Laksh’s POV:
I wake up and hears a knock sound.
I remembered that Aadi went to maa’s clinic.
I opened the door and sees Meena, Sathya Narayanan mama’s daughter.
I tapped her head and said” now only you got to know the way for our house naa, Meenu”
She pouted and told me that someone came to meet me.
I confused who came to meet me.
Meena went inside and I see my Sansku.
“sansku..!” my mouth unknowingly whispered his name.. he come to near me.
“ why did you do like this , Laksh?” he asked me with so much of pain. I closed my eyes and I feel tears flowing in my eyes. The next moment , I hugged him tightly. Silence speaks a lot inbetween us.
“I scared Laku. Why you didn’t informed me.you don’t know how much I worried. Until, I see you, I feel restless Laku” he said.
I feel the truth in his words. He didn’t cheated me. he really my best friend.
He broke the hug” Laku” he whispered my nick name. I feel doubting gaze of meenu on me.
“ I am sorry Sansku. I misunderstood that you are played with my feelings. At that time, I lost my thinking capability..” I ask forgiveness from him and searching words. My action can’t be justified.
“ In Friendship..” he said.” No sorry no thanks” I finished.
We both smiled to each other.
“ stop your bromance. I can’t with stand more” we disturbed by a voice. It’s Arjun bhai. but…
Sansku moved and I see Raj bhai, Raksh bhai and Arjun bhai. I really amazed. But why Arjun bhai have Raksh bhai in his hand. I see Raksh bhai unconscious.
“ what happened to Raksh bhai?” I asked. I really tensed.
“ he scared by seeing snake and fainted” Meen said with a giggle.
“meenu” I said in cold tone.
She stopped giggling. Ohh! God. My goodness they didn’t know tamil.
I arranged a room and Arjun bhai kept Raksh bhai in bed. I see their tired face and marks of sweats.
“ Meenu, arrange rooms for them” I requested meenu and she nods.
“ Bhai and Sansku, you all are tired. First take rest. I will take care of Raksh bhai” I said.
They accepted and followed menu.
I take water jug in my hand and sprinkled water on Raksh bhai’s face.
Raksh bhai blinked his eyes and I relaxed.
“ where am I ?” the universal dialogue , everyone ask when they wake up after faint, Raksh bhai asked the same to me.
“ you are in my house” I told.
I make Raksh bhai drink the water.
“are you ok?” I asked him. eventhough I feel relaxed, I little bit tensed.
“ I am perfectly ok” Raksh bhai said.
Raksh bhai hold my hands” I am sorry whatever I did. I ..” Raksh bhai felt sorry.
“ even if I am in your place, I will also react like this, bhai” I answered.
Raksh bhai stared me with moist eyes.
“ bhai, I got to know some dark past didn’t let enjoy your present, just throw it away bhai” I requested him.
“ he is Madan..” Raksh bhai started to tell his past.
“ he was my best friend. He belongs to middle class. But I always consider him as a good friend. We were very close and friends for more than 2 years. One day, my papa is arrested because of Political enmity. We lost our wealth. I admitted in Govt.School. one day, I went to see him. but he make me feel ashamed and said that he was my friend for my money. I disheartened. But Arjun make me as his friend. Later, my father get his wealth back. But the wound which is created by that witch still in my heart.” Raksh bhai finished and started to cry.
He is just like a jack fruit.
“ bhai, just throw this memories from your mind. He didn’t deserve you.” I consoled him by sidehugging him.
“ thanks Laksh. now I feel better. I had taken this memories in my heart for so many years. “ Raksh bhai said.
“ it’s ok , bhai” I said.
“ cut that bhai.call me Raksh. I sounds somewhat I more older than you” Raksh bhai said.
“but..” I hesitated.
“ can we be friends” Raksh bhai oops.. Raksh asked me. I am more happy.
The next minute, I hold his hands.” Friends..”.

At night,
Sanskar and me are in terrace of my house.
“ I overheard your conversation, Sansku. I think you played with my feelings like a friend did in my past. He used me for my intelligence” I told sansku with pain in my voice by remembering how that boy used me.
“Laku, first I say sorry to you. I hide that I am your senior. Because you can’t accept me as your friend.” Sansku said.
Yes it’s true. If I know Sansku is my senior, I can’t feel free .but not now.
“Actually the truth is I am your classmate. I debarred from exams that I didn’t have sufficient attendance . taking notes for you, I started to attend classes“ Sansku finished.
Now I got, it’s the thing confused in my mind. How he attend lab and classes with me if he is a senior.
“ once , I am bad bullying boy, Laku. I didn’t understand anyone feelings.” Sansku said in guilt tone.
How can I let my friend in guilt.
“ now, you are my sweet sansku. You will remain like that in your future also” I said by pulling his cheeks.
He rubbed his cheeks and give his million dollar smile. Then we immersed in more talks. At that time, I see Aadi and Amrit who are laughing and chit chatting. A unknown happiness filled my heart.
Two days rolled,
Sanskar and my friends are going to Mumbai. I struggled more to sent them. I think that I have to convince Sanskar but I have to struggle more to sent Raksh and Arjun. Aadi is easily mingled with them. Maa take extra care for my friends. Sansku and Rajat starts to call my maa as their mom. At that time, really I observed how much they craved for parent’s love. We all are connected in point craving for love. I craved for my appa’s love. All others craved for parents love. Amrit is also joined in our gang. We shared so many memories and I become the most happiest person in the world. Now we are best friends. I promised them that I will come after a week.
At night,
I am walking towards garden. I heard some voice . its Amrit and Meenu. They are speaking in English.
Amrit: Meenu, I can’t accept your proposal. It’s just a attraction.
What! Meenu proposed Amrit. I never expected this. That lioness proposed my friend. Yes we always call her lioness. If she got anger, she will chase us with broom stick. So we never make her anger.
Meenu: no dev. I know it’s not attraction. I can differentiate between Love and Attraction.
Amrit: sorry Meenu. Laksh and his family trusted me so much. I can’t betray them. go from here. I never love you.
Meenu runs from the place while crying. Amrit wipes his tears and walks weakly.
I decided to speak about this to maa.
I entered Maa’s room.
“ Maa, I want to speak about..” I hesitated.
“Meenu and Amrit” my maa finished.
I amazed.” How can you know?” I asked her with curiosity.
“ I know before two days” maa answered.
“ but, we came here before two days” I asked maa.
“ when she saw Amrit anna, she started to blush. Even we shocked to see like her. Our lioness blushing” Aadi answered me.
“ but is Sathya Mama accept or not? even he accepted our village should not accept love marriage” I worried because Love marriages are strictly prohibited in our village. We have to bound with their rules.
“ that’s why we have a plan. Two days after, we decided that day is their marriage.” Aadi told me and explained their plan to fool our villagers.
I asked maa strictly “ maa, really if you want to do this, you will do whole heartedly”
“ I took this decision whole heartedly” Maa said.
I am so proud of my maa.

The next day morning,
We started the drama. Sathya Narayan Mama comes with some important peoples of Village.
I make Amrit present in hall at that time.
I and Amrit welcomed them. in these days , Amrit learned to say a single word”VANAKKAM”. I really feel pity for Meenu, how can she spent her whole life by speaking English with Amrit.
Sathya: Kalyani, I think you remember that veer promised me that he made his son marry my daughter Meenu.
The reality is my Appa didn’t gave ant promise to Sathya Mama.
Kalyani: but, Laksh treats Meenu as his sister and Aditya is one month younger than her.
Sathya(fake anger): I never thought you will break Veer’s promise.
Amrit is confused by the situation.
Aadi explains the situation to Amrit.
Aadi(fake tensed): Amrit anna,, now we can’t know what will happen. Even Panchayath can sent away from village. They will order villagers to ignore us. We are going to lose everything.
Amrit walk towards Kalyani and whispers in her ears” Maa, if you think I am one of the family, then announce me as your son who lived with your sister and now come back as your sister died.”
Kalyani(whispers in Amrit ears): but Amrit, lying is bad habit.
Amrit: for goodness, Lie will taken as truth.
Sathyanarayan: Kalyani, tell this boy to stay away from this matter. He is a stranger.
Kalyani(loud voice): he is my elder son AMRIT DEV VEER SINGH, Twin of my son Laksh . my sister was childless. So I gave him to her. Now she is no more and my son is returned to his home and he will marry Meenakshi.
I heard peoples gossiping.
Men1: I already expect this.look at their name Amrit DEV, Lakshya DEV, Aditya DEV. each of their name ends with DEV.
I hide my laugh and our plans start to work.
Men 2: thayamma(Kalyani) have how much big heart. even she gave her own son to her sister.
Kalyani closes her eyes in pain by remembering how she lose her first son.(A/N Still, Kalyani didn’t know Amrit is her own son)
SathyaNarayan: but, how can I trust him? I want this marriage will happen in next muhurtam. Pandit ji, when will the next muhurtam?
Pandit: after two days. There will be Muhartum. Before that we will do some pooja.
Soon, the works are started. I hold his hands and sheds fake tears.
“ I can do anything for you Laksh” Amrit told me. really I am very blessed to have friends like this. He accepted this marriage only for the sake of saving me.
We make our faces sad.
“ it’s my marriage, Laksh. Aadi, if you have sad face in your bhai’s marriage, it’s not look like good. I accepted this relation, wholeheartedly” Amrit tried to make us happy. Now I am feeling guilty to force him. but we didn’t have any way to get his love .
Priest comes and starts the pooja for Adoption. We make Amrit sit in the pooja and Amrit didn’t about the pooja. We told him that pooja as a start of wedding.

At evening, engagement ceremony started. I stand in Amrit’s bhai’s place and exchanged the plates.
Finally, the marriage day is also come.
We pulled meenu’s legs and Aadi irritated her. She forget its her marriage day and starts to chase Aadi with groom stick. Before she cross the room, I hold her and remind her about marriage.
Amrit sits in mandap in white silk dhoti and silk shirt and Meenu comes to mandap in Red green silk saree. They look made for each other.
Amrit ties 3 knot Thalli (Mangalsutra) in Meenu’s neck and then Amrit and Meenu takes three pheras as Tamil culture. Then, Amrit put Metti(silver ring ) in her foot finger , then they see Arunthathi Nakshtraa.
Then we started to pull their leg in Nagavalli Kalyanam.
Maa gives a Krishna idol in Meenu’s hand. They put the idol in swing and swings it. the next in so funny.
Amrit and Meenu have to break Papad on each other cheeks. Then they have to feed each other with sweets and Vada.
Meenu gives Vada with chilly to Amrit. Amrit asks for water. At that time, only family members are present. Outsiders are not allowed at that time.
Meenu kisses him in his cheeks and Amrit is frozen. We all are laughs. Amrit and Meenu starts to blush. Then Ring finding Rasam.
There a pot is filled with milk and flower. I acted like dropping ring in milk. They started to search ring and I hide my smile. They have a very cute eyelock.
“Aham..!Aham..!” I intentionally coughed.
They broke the eyelock.
“ I have the ring then what are you searching inside?” I asked Amrit with smirk in my face.
Amrit and Meenu face turned into crimson red.
I put ring in milk after stealing angry glance of Maa and Sathya mama.
First Meenu take the ring then Amrit finally Meenu take the ring. But I see smile in Amrit’s face. I understand that he make menu win the game. Meenu is so lucky.
Finally, it’s time for Bidaai.
Our Lioness starts to cry like a school going girl. I know it’s very hard time for a girl. She leave all her maternal relations and go to her sasural .
“ Meenu, you are going to next street. Not so long distance” Sathya Uncle try to console her. Bt finally, menu make him also cry.
Eventhough Amrit can’t understand tamil, he walked towards Sathya mama and Meenu and put his hands on his shoulder and side hugged her and then holds Sathya hands and pressed it little that he will always keep her happy. Sathya mama becomes very happy that he also wanted this.
Amrit and Meenu get in cart and we go to our house.
Her maa is ready with Aarti and then Grahapravesh. Finally, Maa sent menu to Amrit’s room.
LAKSH Pov ends.

In Amrit’s room,
Amrit: menu.. I never think we can be together. I know you should be angry that I married for you to save My family.
Menu looks Amrit amazed.
Amrit: I start to feel this is my family, meenu Kutty.
Meenu starts to squeeze blanket.
Amrit; now we are Husband and wife. You never hide anything from me and I also.
Meenu: Actually, I want to say onething.
Amrit holds Meenu’s shivering hands.
Amrit: feel free, Meenu. First I am your friend.
Meenu somewhat gathered her courage and told every inch of their plan.
Meenu: they got to know that we are loving each other.
Amrit: is this planned by Laksh?
Meenu:no.. Kalyani maa.
Amrit is shocked by Meenu’s answer.
Amrit goes to Kalyani’s room while meenu run behinds him.
Amrit enters Kalyani’s room in which Aadi and Laksh are already present.
Amrit directly goes to Kalyani and holds her hand.
Amrit: maa, why are you showing this much care and love for an orphan?
Kalyani: Don’t dare to say like that. You are Amrit Dev Veer Singh. You are elder son of this house and meenu is this house elder bahu.
Amrit: maa..!
Kalyani takes him in her embrace “ Amrit, you are my son, always. I don’t know why I feel motherhood when I see you. I feel that you are my son. Take that in your mind you are my son and it’s your family.”
Amrit cries in happiness.
Kalyani: go. It’s your first night. Then, your lioness will beat you with broom stick.
Meenu: maa..
Everyone smiles.
Amrit and meenu goes to their room.
Amrit: Meenu, I decide to wait until your studies completed and you ..
Meenu: I will study hard and get scholarship.
Both smiles and lays in bed by holding each other hand.

On other hand,
Arjun walks into a house which is guarded by goons.
Arjun enters into a room.
Days started roll,
Amrit and Laksh are perfectly cured.
At the day of departure,
Meenu , Aadi and Kalyani, Sathya stands with moist eyes.
Aadi: Amrit anna, Laksh anna is like a kid. Take care of him.
Laksh makes angry face to Aadi.
Amrit takes blessings from Kalyani and Sathya uncle.
Amrit goes to meenu and gives a chain to Meenu.
Amrit: Meenu, this chain is more important for me. my maa means orphanage maa told me that it’s in my neck when she found me in asharam entrance.
Meenu holds his hands and make him put that chain in her neck.
Amrit: you have to study well.
Meenu: Don’t worry. I will study well Mamu.(Special nick name of Amrit from meenu)
Amrit and Laksh boards into train.
Meenu hides her tears.
Laksh and Amrit starts their travel to Mumbai .
Meenu starts to walk . suddenly someone snatch that chain from her neck. But Aadi catch him and give that chain to Kalyani. People beats that theif.
Kalyani sees the chain and shocked. The chain have a blue stone like Laksh, which is gave by his papa Veer. The only difference is Laksh is looks sun and Amrit looks like moon. But both have blue stone in middle.
Flashback starts…
Kalyani pleads a man who have gun in his hand to leave a one year child. Veer is lying unconscious on the ground.
Kalyani: please Leave Sansku. He is just a one year child.
Man: but, his mistake to be born as maheshwari, Kalyani.
Kalyani: please leave him, Sultan. Suji can’t give birth any other child. You can take my child.
Man: ok. deal accepted.
Kalyani shocked but she didn’t have any other way.
She goes to her room. There, two babies are sleeping. She takes one baby and take a chain from her neck, put in his neck and kisses him in his forehead.
Tears flowing in her eyes.
Kalyani: here my son .
Man: hmm! He is looking cute. But it’s his mistake to born in your vomb.
Man takes his gun and points towards baby.
Kalyani closes her eyes and hears a gun shot.
Kalyani sits wth a thud and yells “Amrit..”
But she hears a laughing sound of baby.
Kalyani opens her eyes.
Man: I never let you in peace. If I kill your son, you will just have a pain of losing son. But I will give more than that. You will worry and never have peace that what happened to your son.
Man laughs wickedly.
Kalyani: Sultan… please leave my son.
Sultan leaves the place with sanskar and Amrit .
Flashback ends…
Aadi shakes Kalyani: maa…
Kalyani comes to present and wipes her tears.
Aadi misunderstand that Kalyani is crying because of Laksh departure.
Aadi: maa.. don’t cry. Laksh anna will return soon after completing his studies.
Kalyani : haan Aadi…
Kalyani walks towards Meenu and gives chain to her. Kalyani is in mixed emotions and decide to hide the truth.

On other hand,
In Train,
Amrit thinks about meenu and Kalyani and Laksh observes the expressions in the face of Amrit.
Laksh: Amrit, if I announce your marriage in college, especially Raksh, what will happen?
Amrit gives death glare to Laksh.
Amrit: if you tell, I will get meenu with broom stick in college and then she will chase you with broom stick in front of whole college. If you need that, you can say.
Laksh(imagines that situation): no.. no.. don’t do like this.then my name…
Both laughs and decided not to tell about Amrit’s marriage.
Two days after,
Amrit and Laksh arrives their college at night.
The next day morning,
Amrit and Laksh wake up and goes to park. As usual Laksh buys tea for that old couple and then lucky licks Laksh foot.
Swara’s POV:
Laksh kneels down” Sorry Lucky, now we can’t play chase and catch game”
Laksh said to his dog and I heard it. is he alright? Is he have any fractures?
“Are you alright?” finally I asked him by leaving my hesitation in one side.
Laksh turns and smiled me. he has a charm in his smile . one minute, I feel my surroundings are frozen.
He waved his hands before my face. I comes to reality.
“ I missed you chase and catch game, very badly.” I said to him.
“you will enjoy the same after a month Swara.” he answered with his smiling face. he remember my name. I am in cloud nine. I don’t know why I feel like this when comes about him.
“ you have very good memory , Laksh. I think you forgot my name.” I said .
“how can I forget my special park friend.” He asked me with wide smile.
Park friend. Not that much bad.
“ Park friend? Not bad.” I extended the convo. I don’t know why I want to spent my time with him. I feel better.
Laksh also smiles.
We Both start to walk.
“ Actually I am little bit scared that anything happened to you.” finally I told him about my fear.
“: no.. actually my ammu is ill..” he replied.
“ Ammu!” I shocked. I prayed god it should be an animal’s nick name as lucky. It’s should not be any girl name . I really don’t know why I am feeling like that.
“ Ammu is My Bhai. now,he is alright. “ he answered.
I don’t know why I am feeling relaxed.
“ but why are you calling him as ammu” I asked him with confusion. Why he calls his bhai with girl name.
“ I always give nick name to my friends and my beloved ones” he answered.
“ thenm what is my name?” I don’t why I asked this question suddenly.
“ Doll.. actually you look like Barbie doll, so I gave you name as Doll” he answered.
“ are you trying to flirt with me?” I asked him, teasingly.
At that time, I heard a voice.” Flirting and Laksh like fire and water. They can’t be one”
I turned and see a man with smile.
“ he is my bhai Amrit dev” Laksh introduced me and I smiled him.
“ Ammu..” Laksh called his bhai and his bhai returned a glare.
“ if you are Laksh’s friend then you also be my friend” Amrit said genuinely. I just feel genuineness in his voice.
“ don’t worry . he is married. If you try to flirt with you, tell me . I will inform Lioness and she will return broom stick treatment” Laksh said to me with a wink.
I have handshake with Amrit.
“ if you didn’t want to call me by name, then call me bhai” Amrit said .
At that time, I remembered my bhai.. Amar bhai. reality hits my mind. It’s virtual and it can’t be real. I should not have this feelings now. Laksh make me forgot my own world. It’s not good for me and Life is not a fairy tale. I have so many responsibilities. I never let down my own world for my strange feelings.
“ why are you crying?” Amrit and Laksh asked me. they are tensed.
“ no . I just remember my bhai” I answered him.
“ then, I am also your bhai.” Amrit said. Both brothers are so good at their heart like my Amar bhai. that’s why I am interested to spent my time with them.
“ Ammu..” Laksh called Amrit bhai.
Amrit start to chase him.
“ Amrit, operation is done before some days. Doctor advised not to run” Laksh said.
“ I am not running. I am walking fastly. And you also operated. It also suits you” Amrit bhai answered.
Now they tensed me. if stitch is broken… no..
I shouted them” stop”. I walked towards them and tapped their head.
“ are you kids? You guys don’t know how to take care of your body.” I questioned them with anger. I don’t know why I behaved like this. I realized that I am crossed my limit.
But both giggled. Now I got. They are teasing me for my out burst.
“ I will not talk to you” I turned my face.
Both come behind me.
“ you are my doll naa. How can you anger on your friend?” Laksh asked me.
“ now only you said I am like your bhai. but how can you turn your face to your bhai?” Amrit bhai asked me.
They see my face tensely and I laughed.
“ it’s my revenge for making me tensed.” I said in cool manner .
They both sees each other and releases a long breath. This virtual world reduce me my stress but I don’t know how many days it will work. One day, this virtual world should be destroyed and I should be ready to face that and I should learn how to control my feelings towards Laksh. I accept the reality that he is attracting me by his innocence. I scared that one day I fall for him. but for that, I don’t want to leave today happiness.
After few minutes of friendly talk, we both leave to our destination. Now I should be ready to face my daily struggles.

At college,
Laksh and Amrit go to their respective classrooms.
Sanskar sees Laksh and smiles.
Laksh sits beside Sanskar.
Sanskar: Laku, if you late one day, I will come to your home.
Laksh: that’s why I came here as soon as possible, Sansku. Ok.
Professor comes inside and Laksh starts to sleep.
Professor smiles by seeing this. Professor completes his lecture.
Prof: Laksh, see me in my cabin.
Prof leaves and Laksh wake up.
Laksh: Sansku, I will see you in canteen. Now I have to meet Prof about technical competition in sasgata college.
Sanskar: All the best.
Laksh smiles and goes to meet Prof while Sanskar goes to canteen.
In Cabin,
Laksh knocks the door.
Prof: come in.
Laksh: Good Morning Sir.
Prof: can you decide about your project?
Laksh: yes sir. Its in the field of medical electronics.
At that time, they hear a knock sound.
Prof: come in.
Ragini enters.
Prof: Laksh, she is Ragini. You both are going to deal with this project.
Laksh gives a friendly smile to Ragini.
Laksh: ok sir. But I want Sanskar’s help also in this. He is good at presentation.
Prof: you can use him while presenting your paper .
Laksh: ok sir.
Laksh and Ragini leaves the cabin.
Laksh: are you my senior?
Ragini gives a look.” I am your class mate, Laksh”
Laksh: sorry. I didn’t see you.
Ragini: (smiles and teasingly) for that, you should be awake my dear sleeping prince.
Laksh feels little bit embarrassed.
Laksh: we will meet in Library at sharp 2:30. Bye Ragini.
Ragini(in mind): I am coming to you destroy your happiness, Sanskar. Just wait for me.
Laksh goes to canteen and sees Devils are chit chatting.
Laksh: hi bhaiya s.
Devils smiles by seeing Laksh.
Raksh: Sanskar, there is also a dance competition in Inter college competition at Sasgata college .
Laksh: couple dance..
Arjun: Laksh, it’s not your cup of tea. Couple dance… first you can’t flirt with a girl.
Laksh: Arjun bhai, don’t challenge me.
Rajat: Laksh, Arjun is correct. I know you can learn dance moves for a song in this month. But you can’t dance as a couple.
Laksh: ok, Bhaiya’s. I accept this challenge and If I win, you all do what I say including Sansku.
Sanskar: challenge Accepted.
Laksh: ok Sansku, come on.we are getting late for lecture.
Laksh and Sanskar goes to class by laughing and chit chatting each other. Ragini sees with anger.

To be continued…

Friends, after that I will concentrate on Swasanraglak. Ragini is not negative. You will get to know about her in further episodes. She will stuck between revenge and her own character. Just think, she see your family destroyer and he is living happily without any guilt of destroying a family, what will she do? . absolutely, she will decide to take revenge and when we want revenge, we will go to any extent. She also doing this. i am not justifying revenge. just say about her condition.

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