Swaragini- my friend (Episode 6)


Thanks for your comments and support friends and thanks for silent readers. Pairs will be Swasan and Raglak. But the story moves on Swara, Sanskar,Laksh triangle love and Ragini’s revenge.
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Let I start the episode.
Laksh starts to wake up and sees Aadi near him.
Laksh(weakly): Aadi…
Aadi: Anna(Bhai), don’t stress yourself and Amrit anna is also safe.
Laksh closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.
Laksh: Aadi, I want to meet doctor. I want to discuss about Amrit’s condition.
Aadi: Anna, relax. Doctor told that we can take you both after two days to home.
Laksh(shocked): what? No.. I can’t live in this hospital. That for two days.
Aadi(smirks): wait! Wait! Still I didn’t complete.
Laksh sees Aadi with hope for some good news.
Aadi: you can’t take spicy foods for a month and the most important thing is the food for you is semi solid items like porridge.
Laksh(makes faces by forgetting pain): yuck! No no you are my sweet choti naa. Please help me in this.
Aadi ruffles his hair by staring his smile. He scared when he got to know Laksh’s transformation from princi.
Aadi: no way Anna. Take rest. I will come after sometime.
Laksh dozes off again by the effect of medicine.

In Kolkatta,
Sanskar goes to meet rajat and others.
Sanskar: Raj, why Laksh didn’t say anything to me?
Raj: I am also confused about this , Sanskar. He should inform about this to you or me and I scared when boys told about his anger. He even tried to kill that boy at that moment.
Arjun: we should meet him, once atleast Sanskar. Even we ask sorry from him.
Sanskar(sees them with disbelief): don’t try any trick in this. He is already hospitalized.
Raksh:we didn’t play any trick. When we know about his struggles for his friend, we decided to trust him.
Sanskar and Rajat feels relaxed by their change because they can’t let down either Laksh or Arjun and Raksh.
Sanskar:(thinks) why he even called me? if he got to know about my truth? Ohh! No.. I think he heard our conversation.
Rajat: but, what is in this?
Sanskar: I know about him Raj, he definitely came to me for support but he heard what we are speaking. I think he didn’t heard fully. He thought as I betrayed him.
Sanskar holds his head “ I lost him, Raj. He think I cheated him.Why Raj, I always lose my beloved ones”
Raj puts his hand on Sanky’s shoulder.” we should make him understand.”
Arjun and Raksh sees each other” we will always with you guys. We want to say sorry to him”
They share a group hug. Ragini sees it with a smirk .
Ragini(in mind): Sanskar, how much you want to be haapy? Enjoy it now. Once your Laksh returned college, I will make you cry.

In Chennai,
Laksh wake up . his mind is so calm.
Laksh POV
Ahh! Within a day what all happened in my life. I struggled to save Amrit. Finally I succeeded in it and Amrit is also safe. Then I remembered about my best friend Sansku. I don’t know , in my first meet itself I trusted him. within a day, he become my best friend.
I smiled unknowingly what I did in Raj bhai’s house. My heart tells me that he should not cheat me. the care and love that he showed for me should not be fake and Raj bhai also he even stand for me against his friends.
My thoughts of chain is cut by Aadi.” Anna, Mr.Aarav Singhania called you and told me to inform that they sanctioned one month leave for you “ Aadi said .
I feel more relaxed. Fine!
“ I want to see Amrit, Aadi” I said.
“Amrit anna is wake up” Aadi said to me and arranged a wheel chair and take me and helped me to sit.
I feel little bit pain in my stomach and I shrieked in pain.
“Anna, it will be alright” Aadi put his hands in my shoulder. I turned and see him with smile in my face.
Aadi takes me into Amrit room. In the way, I see my face in mirror which is calm. I smiled.
“ it’s good for you Laksh” I told to myself. I hate myself for what I did yesterday. Even I tried to kill that person. Helpless it is a worst thing in the world..when you feel HELPLESS that you can let a beloved person to die at the same time, you can’t able to save him. I felt the same pain when my papa died in front of my eyes. I feel the same pain when Amrit is in dead bed in front of my eyes. I can’t control myself and I lose my stability for the first time. Well! Now I transformed into my original version. The one who always want to see smile not fear. I should ask sorry from Princi but not that boy. He deserves it.
My chain of thoughts cut by Aadi.
“Anna, we entered into Amrit anna’s room” Aadi said by observing mental absence.
I shaked my heads virtually and sees Amrit who is laying on bed and tries to smile to me.
I hold his hands” I scared Amrit. I think that you committed sui..…” I can’t able complete my sentence . I turned my head to hide my tears.
Aadi goes out by giving privacy to us.
“ I trust you, Laksh” he said. I want to give him a tight hug but I can do just ruffling his hairs.
“ I am not a kid, Laksh” he said to light the situation.
“ you are worse than a kid” I snapped him. both sees each other and laughs. By hearing Laugh sound, Aadi comes inside with doctor..
“ both of you, shouldn’t laugh hardly. It’s not good for your stitches” Doctor advised.
I see Amrit and asked” are you thinking the same?”. Amrit nod.
“Doctor, I want to be discharged. We feel suffocating here.please” I pleaded him with pout and innocent face.
Doctor smiled. Hurray. You are going to home. But..
“ you have to stay here at least tonight. We will decide about discharge tomorrow morning” Doctor said and leaves making us sad.
Aadi takes me to my room and helped me to lay down in bed. Again, my mind starts to think about sansku. I dozed off while thinking about Sansku.

In Kolkatta,
Ragini entered into a house and go to her room. A photo is hanged in wall. Ragini takes a photo and stares with moist eyes. In this a little boy, a man and two girls are smiling and plucking each others ears.
Flashback starts…
A pleasant morning,
Here two girls are sleeping by hugging their pillows.
A voice comes there” Shona.. Rago.. wake up. You are getting late for your school.”
But the girls are not disturbed by the voice.
“ what can we do ,Swayam?” that man asked Swayam.
“ don’t worry Amar bhai. I have a way.” Swayam said with a smirk.
Swayam goes to near Swaragini and shakes both” Di..di.. there is a chipkali near your leg”
Swara and Ragini wakes up with a jerk and hides behind Amar.
Both “ bhai.. please do anything” they pleaded and Swayam winked at Amar.
“ ok. I will drove away. But you have to all our works including ironing our shirts.” Amar said.
“ ok. bhai. we will do it” Swara assured.
After an hour, Swaragini did all their works.
Amar get ready to hospital as he is a cardiologist and Swara and Ragini get ready to school for their exams result in higher secondary.
Amar get ready and stands in entrance of house.
Amar: Shona.. .Rago… actually I forgot to say onething. Swayam did a prank to wake up you by using chipkali. Bye.. bye..
Swayam grits his teeth to Amar while Amar giggles and rides on road.
Swayam(to himself): Swayam bacha! You gone…
Swaragini turns and glares Swayam.
Swaragini puts their hand in their waist and sees each other.
Swara: Rago..
Swara: what is his punishment?
Swayam(acted as scared): di, I am your one and only choti. I know you will not punish me.
Swara: we didn’t say like that.
Swayam: punish me if you caught me.

Swayam runs inside house and Swaragini chases him.
Swaragini both tired.
Swara: Swayam, come to me. If not, I will not give your chocolates.
Swayam: no..
Ragini acts as slipped and winks at Swara. By seeing this, Swayam runs to ragini.
Swayam takes Ragini’s leg into his lap and examines it.
Swayam: Is it paining? Sorry di. I should not do this.
By seeing his care, Swaragini forgot about their chasing.
Ragini: nothing chotu! I am fine.
Ragini stands up and feels guilt for her prank.
At that time, the neighbor child comes inside.
“ di, your faces are shown in TV.” He announced.
“what” Swayam exclaimed in happiness and curiosity, switch on the TV.
News channel shows Swaragini’s photo and Anchor said,” Ms.Swara Kapoor and Ms.Ragini Khanna, both secured state first rank.”
In a hospital where Amar working,
His colleague enters Amar’s cabin.
Colleague: congrats Mr.Mehra, I got to know both Swara and ragini secured state first rank.
Amar jumped in excitement.
Amar: I want to see them now. I will take permission.
At night,
Amar,Swayam and Swaragini sits in hall.
Amar: why can’t we celebrate this achievement? Lets go dinner in restaurant.
Swayam: yippee! I got a escape from their horrible cook for a day.
Swaragini glares him.
Amar: no..no.. don’t start now. Get ready and we will leave.
Amar takes his Maruti alto and goes to restaurant.
In middle way,
Swara sees a ice cream vendor.
Swara: bhai, I want Icecream.

Amar stops the car in corner.
Swayam: bhai, I will also come.
Amar: ok.
Amar holds Swayam hands and sees each other side of Road . there is no sign of any vehicles.
Amar and Swayam both crossed the road and buy the icecream. Amar and Swayam starts to cross road.
Suddenly, a high cost sports car comes there in full speed. Ragini and Swara notices it.
But that car hits Amar and Swayam both and they fall down in pool of blood. Swara fainted in shock. Ragini runs to her bhais and sees the car. The car is stopped. Ragini thinks that they are coming to help. But they thrown a hot drink bottle outside and moves from the place.
Ragini is shattered and tears flowing from her eyes.
Ragini(in mind): rago you should save bhai at any cost.
Ragini takes Amar and Swayam into car and starts the car.
Ragini enters the hospital and admits them with the help of Amar’s colleague.
Amar’s Colleague: Rago, I start to treat them. you should lodge a complaint about accident. It’s a procedure. We need FIR Copy for further treatment.
Ragini: but..(Cries)
Amar Colleague: I will take care of them. you go first.
Ragini goes to police station. The atmosphere is totally different than what she thought.
Ragini goes to lady constable and lodge a complaint against them and she also told the car number and it’s appearance.
Inspector assured that he will take a strict action against the culprits.
Ragini returns to hospital and see some goons are stand before Amar’s ward.
Goon 1: Sign it.
Ragini looks the goon and shocked. Goon signs another goon and that goon 2 removes oxygen mask from Amar’s face.
Ragini: no.. no.. I will sign it.
Ragini takes the paper with shivering hands and sees the paper. In that, the accident is caused because Amar is in drunk state. There is no fault on Sanskar Maheshwari.
Goon 1:Sign it.or..
Ragini: I signed it.

Ragini signs the paper with crying face.
After an hour,
Amar’s colleague comes out with sad face.
Colleague: sorry Ragini, Amar slipped into coma and Swayam lost his vision.
Ragini sits with a thud. Her world is totally destroyed.
Flashback Ends…
Ragini’s POV
Till, I can’t forget that day bhai. first they accident you and our Swayam, then they threatened me to sign in this. Bhai, you even didn’t like drink. But I signed that you are drunk at that time. I didn’t have any other way to save you bhai. I am helpless. When they removed your oxygen mask, I feel more pain than you. pain of helpless to save you.at that moment, I hate myself bhai. they didn’t have any guilt of ruining two lives . I searched that Sanskar Maheshwari. I got to know that he is studying engineering. I also joined in same college. I want to make him feel the same pain which I am going through..Helpless of saving our beloved ones. Finally, I got to know his weak point Lakshya Dev Singh. He likes him very much and even he ready to fought with Devils for him. now there are misunderstanding between them. I will use it for me. I am waiting for that Laksh return. Once he returned, I will ruin his life and give the same pain to Sanskar.
My chain of thoughts cut when Swayam touched my shoulder. I stare him , my eyes are blurred because of tears. Once he is very happy prank loving boy. But now, he is always alone. He forgtet to smile. He tries to suppress his sorrow with himself and acts before us.
“Swayam, are you need anything?” I asked him by hiding pain .

“ no di. I just want to sleep in your lap” he asked me. he is in deep pain.
He is the one who prevents me not become an orphan. Amar bhai, me, Swara and Swayam are not cousin sisters and brothers. We are met in a accident in which our parents are died. He consoled us and himself and made my cute family. but that scoundrel destroyed everything. My choti always make us smile and give confidence to us. But now he lost all the confidence and smile. I am trying to make him confident. Swara and me tries our best to earn money for My bade bhai and choto bhai’s treatement. AMar bhai’s friends also helping us in this.
I heard some sound in hall. I think Swara come to house. She didn’t know anything about that threatening. If she knows, she will break down. Mr.Maheshwari, It’s my promise. I will make you beg for your death. You will kill yourself. I will give that much pain to you and my only key is Laksh. soon, you will cry and feel helpless.
To be continued…
Friends what do you think about Ragini’s revenge on Sanskar through Laksh.

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