Swaragini- my friend (Episode 5)


Thanks for your comments friends and also thanks to silent readers. I just want to know onething that am I boring you?. this story is about 6 friends and merely concentrate on Sanlak. If I am boring, please inform me. because I feel that I am starting to lose readers.

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Let I start the episode.
Laksh’s Pov:
After an emotional talk, we both are disturbed by Raj bhai’s voice.
“ are you both talking like that or you both come and help me in cooking” Raj bhai asked us.
We see each other” we are coming”
I walk towards kitchen and I see a painting , remembered whatever I say.
“ one of the worst painting which I bought” Raj bhai snapped me.
“what? Look at this painting bhai. how well It shows emotion? You are saying worst, bad bhai” I asked him and try to make over.
“ yesterday night, the one who he draws it told me that it’s his worst piece and I am a fool to buy this painting” Raj bhai smirked.
Well! I perfectly trapped. I raised my both hands on air and signs I accepted my defeat and say sorry through my eyes.
“ what are you talking? I can’t understand anything” Sanskar asked us in confusion.
I pleaded raj bhai not to tell.
“ hmm!” Raj bhai tensed me.” nothing Sanskar” Raj bhai told. I feel relaxed. I didn’t want to reveal this identity to anyone.
I cut veggies while Sanskar kneads wheat flour well and Raj bhai make Rajma. Sanskar and me threads the floor and finally we made chappathis. I thanked maa for taught me to cook.
We trio eat together and we leave to college. I checked my phone . there are so many missed calls form Amrit.For my goodness, classes starts on 11 o clock. Still, I have one and half hour time. I entered into hostel. But scenario was different. I ran to my room. Here some professors are standing infront of room and some boys tries to wake up Amrit. Amrit. What happened to him?. My hostel met said that warden comes for raid and he caught Amrit in drunken state and some hot drink bottles in terrace.
I know Amrit never drink. Even he hate smoking. He told me once.
“ I will take care of him” I told professors.
“ tell him, to meet principal. At afternoon, he have an enquiry” Professor told me. now I am scared. If he didn’t prove him innocent, he may lose scholarship and even he may dismissed from college.
Laksh, what can you do? Think… oh! I think he tried to call me for inform this incident. I sit with a thud and stared Amrit. I failed as a friend to save him.
Amrit starts to wake up.

“ Amrit..” I called him. he hold his head because of pain.
“ what happened yesterday , Amrit ?” I asked him.
He nod his head down.
“ what happened yesterday? Tell me dammit.” I exclaimed in frustration.
He stare me with moist eyes. What you did Laksh? he already in trouble. Now you increase his pain.
“Amrit…” I called him and put my hands in his shoulder.
“they forced me Laksh, they forced me” Amrit said while sobbing.
“ that seniors who ragged you” I asked him. he nods no.
“then” I asked him.
“ my class mates” he told me.
I shocked”what? Why?”
“yesterday, you didn’t come night. I scared. I try to call you. but there is no signal. I went to terrace and called you. you didn’t left your phone. At that time, I see my classmates are drinking. I tried to stop them. but they overpowered me. they made me forcefully drunk that I shouldn’t inform to others about them” he said with so much difficulty.
“ but, I tried to stop them for their goodness, Laksh” he said with a choke.
I ruffled his hair.

How can I save him now? I walk slowly towards room entrance by sending Amrit to take bath. I see a thing which give a hope to me.
Now I started to plan. I opened my laptop and hacked college server. I never think that my help one day will help me. I jumped in excitement and at the time, Amrit comes out with sad face. I stepped to amrit and put my hand on his shoulder.
“ I will always with you,Amrit” I Said.
He weakly smile to me.
I am going to see Sanskar to get help from him . I see Arjun bhai, Raksh bhai and Rajat bhai and Sanskar are quarreling. I go to near them.
“ do you know him for just a week? But for him, you guys both forget our seven year friendship” Arjun bhai asked Sansku.
“ you know Sanskar about me. how that middle class moron Madhan used me? I scared sanskar. I don’t want you face the betrayal” Raksh said .
“But you guys did the wrong thing” Rajat said.
“I accept that I drugged him. because I really scared for you guys. Even I did that half heartedly. But My heart didn’t trust him.”Raksh said.
They are friends for seven years. But why Sansku told me that they are his seniors. More than what he said. He is my senior. But why he acted as my classmate. Why he CHEATED me. why he fooled me.
I remembered my moments with Sanskar. It can be just a lesser than a week. But he is very closer to my heart and I thought he was my best friend. WAS..You are a liar Sansku. I hate you. you are played with my emotions.
“No. Laksh leave this matter now. First you want to save Amrit” my mind snapped me.
I leave the place .
“ Laku is not like that Raksh. He is so good. He even changed me from bullying bad boy to understanding friend.”Sanskar said. But unfortunately Laksh didn’t hear it.
Sanskar: Rajat, I feel head ache. I can’t listen class today. Can you drop me, today?
Sanskar and Rajat moves out from college.
After an hour,
I take Amrit to enquiry room where Hod’s of various department, Associate professors and Principal.
Princi: Mr.Amrit, I think you are an intelligent boy. But you make me feel low. How can you drink alcohol that to inside the college? Why can I dismiss you from college?
Amrit nods his head down. I see his tears. My anger raised inside. First time, I feel so anger on that boys.
“Sir, I will prove him innocent. Before that I need Amrit classmates who are all staying in hostel” Laksh requested.
Princi: ok.

That boys come into enquiry hall.
Laksh switch on his Laptop and it shows the video how they forced Amrit to drink.
Laksh: real culprit they are, sir. Amrit is just tried to stop them.
Amrit feels a immense pain in his stomach.
Prof. 1: how can you get this video? It is like as CCTV Footage of hostel terrace.
Prof 2: but it is not working naa.
Laksh: I asked Princi sir to allow me to repair them. when I check today, I will get this video(lies and pleads to princi because Hacking is crime).
Princi: yes. I gave him permission to repair them. ok. now Amrit is innocent.
Amrit: Sir, I have a request.
Princi: yes Amrit.
Amrit: Sir, just inform about it to their parents. Don’t dismiss or ban them from exams. Their parents have so many dreams about them. I sure they will never do like this.
Laksh feels some difference in his voice but he think as alcohol effect.
Laksh(anger):Amrit! They didn’t worry about your future. Why did you worry about them?
That boys nods their head in guilt.
Boy 1: we are sorry Amrit.
Princi: I decide to suspend them for a month. What is your decision?(asked to panel members and everyone agrees)
Princi: we are suspending you for a month as a warning because of Amrit request. If you guys continue this, we will dismiss you from this college.
Princi and others starts to move out of the room.
Laksh’s POV:
Well! All the problems are sorted out. I should thank and ask sorry principal privately. I finished that repairing of CCTV before itself and princi also changed password. For proving Amrit innocence, I didn’t have any other way than hacking. I turned to see Amrit who is holding my hands tighter.
“ we made it, Amrit” I hugged him in happiness. But why he didn’t hug me back. I feel a flow of hot liquid in my shoulder back. I broke the hug and sees Amrit whose starts to vomit blood on me. he totally lost his steadiness.
“Amrit” I whispered.
I shaked him. but he didn’t responed. I hear my name from his mouth” Laaakkksssshhhh..” he leaned on me.
“Amrit” I yelled.
I didn’t hear anything my surrounding. Amrit.. my very first friend. He didn’t make friendship with me for my intelligence like others. He always supported me . my whole world is shattered infront of my eyes. Is he tried to commit suicide. Should I already informed him about the evidence. What I have done? I killed my own friend. “No..” I yelled. Princi and other professors ran inside.. I just stared Amrit who is in my hand. Someone is taking him from my hand.
I started to ran behind them. Princi arranged a car immediately and take us to the hospital.

In Hospital,
I stand before ICU. Doctors are running from ICU and goes inside . no one didn’t respond to me. I want to know what happened to my Amrit. I see my hands which is fully covered my Amrit’s blood. Why Amrit? Why you tried to commit suicide? Why didn’t you think about me and your parents? Parents.. how can they accept this? Their son is in dead bed because of my mistake. I walk towards princi”sir..” I called him.
“Nothing happen to him, Laksh. he will be alright” he tried to console me even he is also so worried.
“ are you informed his parents?” I asked him without seeing him.
“ he is an orphan, Laksh” princi answered me. I raised my head in shock.
“ but he always call his maa” I asked him with shock.
“ she is orphan head and she likes him so much. He always treat her as maa” princi answered me.
“ how can you know?” I asked him.
“ because I sponsor him for his studies” Princi answered me.
A nurse comes outside.” Doctor wants to meet you”
We both entered into Doctor’s cabin.
“ Sorry Sir. I think someone made him drink raw alcohol. His internal system can’t digest it as he didn’t have the habit of drink. His liver is failured as a result of alcohol stagnation. If we didn’t do operation immediately, he may die.” Doctor informed us.
I banged the table in anger, frustutation.
“Laksh, control yourself” Princi told me.
“ we need a donor and operation will cost 7 Lakhs” Doctor informed us.
I fully shattered. One side my best friend whom I trust than myself betrayed me and another side my another best friend is in dead bed. Why Pillayarappa(Ganapathi papa), why always you did this to me. first you take my Appa from me , now you also try to snatch Amrit also. No this time I will never let you win.
“I will be the donor . test mine and I will pay all the hospital fees” I announced them by ignoring princi’s gaze.
I come out and nurse take mine for samples and I go to near by bank. I have 15 Lakhs totally in my account . I take 8 Lakhs as DD in hospital name and paid in it. my tissue is ok for transplantation.I called Sathya Narayan uncle and informed him about this and asked him come with Aadi and take us to our state Chennai.
Nurse told me that Amrit is now wake up and get into his ward.
“Laksh..” he called me with so much difficulty.
“Amrit..nothing will happen to you. I will be with you” I give confidence to him even I scared and shattered .
“ can you hum the song which you did in flute four days before?” he asked me with so much difficulty.
I start to hum the song. He slowly closes his eyes because of medicine effect. I can’t see it and ran outside.
Principal put his shoulder on me and I bursted out in cry. At that time, I see some shadows. I raised my head. Those blood sucking classmates of my Amrit. I don’t know how the anger raised me insise. I walked towards him and holds his neck and starts to squeeze .
“ why you did this to him?even he tried to make you good. Is it his mistake? I will never leave you. I will kill you” I shouted in anger and I squeeze his neck even more stronger. His friends try to save him from me. princi and other hospital members also try to save him from me. he is suffocating for breath but I want to kill him to make Amrit in dead bed. Yes I want to kill him for what he did with my Amrit.
“ you want to donate your liver part to Amrit. This much tension made your BP unstable and we can’t save Amrit” Princi yelled me.
I leave his neck and he is heavily taking breath. I just see my face in mirror accidently. A red aged eyes and anger, devilness in my face. I changed.. that betrayal and fear of losing my friend changed me. the one who always try to help others now even ready to kill others.
“ Sir, if I see him again in our college, I will ruin his life. It’s my promise on Amrit” I exclaimed on princi. I just see that boy who is shivering because of my anger.
Princi is taken aback a step because of fear. Fear… now I made someone scare because of me. but I didn’t care about this. I drink a glass of water. But still, the fire which is burning inside me is not controlled.
“ Sir, My uncle will come at night. After finishing operation, I made arrangements that I will take Amrit to Chennai and my family will take care of us.” I informed him.
“ ok. I will handle in college” Princi said.
After that, I changed myself into hospital dress. Nurse comes inside and gives me anesthesia. Before, I dozed off I wished Ganapathi papa to make everything alright. I closed my eyes.
In VR Industries,
Aarav stormed into Rp’s cabin.
Rp: what happened Aarav? Why are you tensed so much?
Aarav: Amrit is in dead bed and Laksh is donating his part of liver to Amrit.
Rp: what happened to Amrit?
Aarav explains what happened.
Rp sits weakly.
At that time, Aarav receives a call.
Aarav: uncle, Amrit is out of danger and Aditya takes them to Chennai.
Aarav(continues): Uncle, we should tell all the truth to Laksh and we will inform Laksh that Amrit is his twin brother and They are the real heirs of VR Industries.
Rp: Use best doctors for Amrit. I want him alright Aarav. I scared Aarav I failed to save my friends from him even I lost my suji in this. I don’t want to lose anyone. Until we get him, we can’t tell the truth to anyone.
The Next day,
In Chennai,
Sathyanarayan, Aadi are waiting before ICU for Laksh and Amrit.

In Park,
Swara is waiting for Laksh. today also he didn’t come. She scared for his safety.
After two hours,
Sanskar comes to hostel for Taking Laksh with him. by seeing him, his classmate Shyam comes there.
Shyam:Sanskar, didn’t you come yesterday.
Sanskar: yes. What happened Shyam?
Shyam tells what happened.
Shyam: even I scared by seeing his face. I never expect he will burst out like this.
Sanskar(in mind): why Laksh didn’t tell about this? No something is wrong.
In A hospital, at kolkatta.
A lady sits here and speaking to a person who is in coma.
Girl: bhai, they are enjoying their life without a guilt of ruining your life. They can bought the justice. But I will punish them, bhai. it’s your Ragini’s promise.
She takes a photo in which Sanskar and Laksh smiling.
Ragini:Sanskar, I will snatch all your happiness from you. I will make you feel the same pain which I am going through. You like your friend Laksh naa. I will make his life hell and I make you cry by seeing your best friends suffering. Sorry Mr.Laksh, you will suffer for choosing a wrong person as your friend.
She stand and walks with determined face.

Precap: Devils in Laksh’s Village and Ragini’s entry in Sanlak life.

Well friends there is another part.with Ragini’s entry. Please leave your feedback.
1) Is the change of Laksh temporary or permanent?
2) What will happen in Swasanlak life after Ragini’s entry?
3) Will Laksh understand Sanskar or not? and Rp why hides Amrit from his family?
I am waiting for your suggestions, friends.

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