Swaragini- my friend (Episode 4)


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In Side Car,
Laksh: Raj bhai, where is Sanskar?
Rajat: he will come when we arrive.
Laksh: ok Raj bhai.
Laksh tries to speak with Arjun and Raksh but they refuses. By seeing this, Rajat starts to speak with Laksh.
Rajat: Laksh, can you tell about your family?
Laksh: in my family, I am , my maa, my choti Aadi
Laksh holds his chain: my Appa.
Rajat observes the difference in his voice.
Rajat: are you missing your papa?
Laksh(smiles): no.. because he always be with me.
A long tear escaped from Laksh’s eyes.
Rajat: (changes the topic) tell about your choti.
Laksh: aadi! He is so irritating at the same time, he is so caring. Because of him, now I am studying here.
Rajat: pardon !
Laksh: I don’t want to come here . but he forced me that it’s good for me.
They continues their talks while Arjun and Raksh busy with their head phones.
They reached a house.

Laksh: bhai, whose house is this?
Rajat: it’s mine Laksh. come inside.
Rajat takes Laksh to a room and gives some clothes. A red t shirt, black denim jeans and red jacket.
Laksh sees a photo in which Rp, Aarav and Rajat smiles at Rajat room.
Laksh: bhai, are you know them?
Rajat: he is my brother Aarav Singhania.CEO of VR Group of Industries and that uncle is Ramprasad Maheshwari, Chairman of VR Industries and also your friend Sanskar’s papa.
Laksh(virtually taps his head): both sur name are same. You idiot. You didn’t noticed it. wait. If they are CEO and Chairman then why are they acting as normal employee? I have to find it.
Laksh: bhai, I never like this type of clothes.
Rajat: for me, once .please.
Laksh nods half heartedly.
Laksh changes his clothes and come outside.
Arjun and Raksh sees each other.
Arjun(whispers in Raksh ears): is we did wrong by giving this clothes?
Raksh: I think so, he is looking handsome than us.
Rajat: lets go guys.

In car, Laksh feels uncomfort with clothes. He didn’t wear this type clothes before.
Rajat stops the car before the pub.
Sanskar sees Rajat car and comes near to car.
Laksh comes first. Sanskar is stunned to see Laksh in that dress. Because he knows that Laksh didn’t like that type of clothes.
Arjun smirks to Sanskar.
Sanskar takes Laksh inside.
Laksh didn’t like the atmosphere .
Laksh: sansku…

Before Laksh starts to speaking. Arjun and Raksh take him to dance floor and force him to dance.
Laksh try to cope up but he failed. He comes out from dance floor.
Arjun signs to waiter. Waiter mixes tablet in cool drink and goes to Laksh. Sanskar sees Laksh alone and comes to him.
Laksh takes the juice and sits in table and Sanskar comes there with another juice and sits.
Laksh: Sansku, can we go from the place?( by sipping the juice)
Arjun and Raksh comes there and drags Laksh with him.
Sanskar drinks the juice which is Laksh’s by mistake.
Laksh and Sanskar both feels drowsy.
Arjun: (shows two fingers) how many fingers I shown?
Laksh:one.. two.. three.. total three…
Raksh smirks to Arjun.
Raksh: ok. now I will ask some questions. Who are you?
Laksh(giggles): don’t you know bhai?
Raksh: just answer(strict tone)
Laksh: I am Lakshya dev singh.
On other hand, Sanskar feels drowsy. He can’t stand. Rajat sees Sanskar’s state and take him to his car.
Rajat:Sanskar, sit there.
Sanskar: no.. I want to Laksh. LAKSH..
Sanskar tries to come out but slips.
Rajat: you sit here . I will find him. okay.
Sanskar shakes his head.” No. I will also come.”
Sanskar starts to behave as child. Rajat observes it as drink effect.
Rajat: Sanskar, you are good boy naa. If you sit here, I will bring two chocolates when I return with Laksh.
Sanskar: chocolate..! I want this much big.(shows his hand)
Rajat: ok. be a good boy.
Rajat locks car’s door and get inside and searches Laksh.

Inside Pub,
Arjun: ok. who are all in your family?
Laksh: my maa, Aadi and me, haan.. my papa.
Raksh: ok. why you select Sanskar as your friend because he is rich?
Laksh eyes welled with tears.
Laksh: no. first I don’t know he is rich. If I know, I will never spoke with him.
Arjun: don’t lie Lakshyadev. I know that middle class peoples mindset.
Arjun holds Laksh hands tighter.
Laksh: bhai, it’s paining.
Rajat(yells): Arjun! what the hell are you doing?
Arjun and Raksh are shocked by seeing Rajat’s anger. Rajat sees unbalanced Laksh.
Rajat goes to Laksh and supports him.
Rajat: what you did with him?
Arjun: we are trying to prove his original character.
Rajat: I ask what you did with him.
Raksh: we drugged him to get the truth.
Afterthat, Raksh feels his cheeks are burning.
Raksh: Rajat!
Rajat: I never think that you guys can go this much low.
Raksh: are you slapped me for the sake of this middle class witch.
Rajat: I warn you last time Raksh, if you badmouth about him, you will regret for this.
Raksh: if I do, what will you do?
Rajat holds Raksh shirt collars and Raksh holds Rajat’s shirt collars.
Arjun tries to separate them.
Laksh(with difficulty): Raj bhai! don’t fight with your friend for the sake of me.
Laksh falls down because he can’t stand due to drug.
Rajat goes to Laksh and take him in his shoulder, leaves the pub.

In car,
Sanskar(to him): how much time I want to wait in this car? No.. I will go..
Sanskar tries to open the door but he can’t because Rajat locked the doors.
Rajat comes with half conscious Laksh.
Sanskar bangs the mirror but the strength is so low, it is not enough to break the mirror.
Rajat comes to his car and opens the door, makes sit Laksh beside Sanskar.
Raksh words still rings in Laksh’s mind.
Sanskar hugs Laksh.” I scared Laksh , why are you so late? . Raj, where is my chocolate?”
Rajat sits in driver seat and understands Laksh’s condition, decides to divert him.
Rajat: you can ask your chocolate from your friend.
Sanskar: Laku, where is my chocolate?(shakes Laksh)
Drug starts his effect on Laksh.
Laksh: I don’t know Sansku. Wait! What you say chocolate? Raj bhai, I also want chocolate.
Laksh and Sanskar each other,
Sanlak: we want chocolate! We want chocolate!
Rajat(hide smile): if you both silent, I will give chocolate to you.
Sanskar: no. already you fooled me.
Laksh: I trust you bhai. Sansku, bhai never fool us.
Sanskar sees the chain in Laksh’s neck and touches it.
Sanskar: Laku, this chain is beautiful.
(Laksh stares the chain lovingly)
Laksh: it’s my appa, Sansku.
Sanskar: appa..
Laksh(smiles): hmm! But he left me alone in the world. This is his chain. He gave me when he was in his dead bed.
Rajat observes the pain because he knows that pain how much cunning.
Laksh(stares outside): he left me alone. But I can’t take it. I curse me when I see my appa is lying in the pool if blood. I immersed myself in various activities to forgot this pain. I always search technologies in net, I learned music and drawing. I made myself as a tech freak. But I can’t forgot that pain of losing my appa in front of my eyes. So I started imagine that this chain is my papa. My papa is always with me in the form of chain. If I help anyone, my appa will be happy. I started to help everyone as my level. I trust that soul is deathless. My papa is with me always.

Laksh starts to cry badly.” My papa is always with me”
Rajat eyes become moist
Sanskar side hugs him: Laku, don’t cry. I will always with you.
Laksh: you will never leave me naa.
Sanskar: I will never leave you., Laku. I am also unlucky laku. My father didn’t care about me. for him, Business is important than all incloding me. I searched him whenever my school conducts PTA meeting. But he never comes. To get his attention, I will become naughty. But he sent me boarding school. He didn’t love me. he didn’t love me.
Sanskar starts to sob.
Laksh hugs him: I love you Sansku(as friend). I will always with you. don’t cry.
Laksh ruffles Sanskar hair .
Sanskar: I also love you laku. I will never let you down.
Rajat is hearing the convo silently with heavy heart. unknowingly, tears flowing from his eyes.
Rajat house is arrived and at the same time, His driver parks Sanskar’s car in his house.
Rajat: Sanskar, Laksh come out.
SanLak nods no.
SanLak: first we want our chocolate . until that, we never come out.
Rajat: ok. stay here. I will come with chocolate.
Rajat goes inside to take choco in fridge and goes outside, shocked to see the scenario.
Laksh tries to catch something in air while Sanskar helping him.
Rajat(hide smile): what are you doing both?
Laksh:Sssh! Don’t shout. Otherwise this butterfly fly from this place.
Sanskar: we are trying to catch it.
Laksh: ouch! Because of you Raj bhai, we lost that butterfly. We want it now.
Sanskar: we want it now.
Rajat: kk,kk. First eat this chocolate come inside and I will give two butterflies.
Laksh comes near Rajat and taps Rajat head.” Raj bhai! don’t you know, we never harm butterflies. You are bad. “
Laksh and Sanskar takes chocolates it’s dairy milk. Laksh and Sanskar starts to eat.
Laksh’s chocolate start to melt and their face eat more chocolates than their mouth.
Rajat takes them to a room while Laksh stopped middle by seeing a painting,
Sanskar dozed off in bed and Rajat comes outside and sees Laksh near a painting and Laksh giggles.
Rajat:Laksh, why are you giggling?
Laksh: Raj bhai, don’t say you are the one who bought this painting.
Rajat: yes I am. What is your problem?
Laksh(giggles loudly): I never think you are that fool.
Rajat : Laksh..
Laksh: it’s my worst piece. But it sold for 5 lakhs. Aadi and me have a convo who is that fool, who brought this painting for 5 Lakhs. I never thought it was you.
Rajat(confused): are you that Artist Rudra?
Laksh: don’t say to anyone. It’s my secret. I am Rudra, the sculptor artist whose face is unknown for media.
Laksh is dozed off.
Rajat is shocked” how much Shock he can give?, a nerd, a tech freak, now a famous sculptor”
Rajat takes Laksh to the room where Sanskar lays in bed. Rajat wipes the chocolate in both their face and removes their shoes. Rajat is also slept there in couch to take care of them.

In Pub,
Arjun and Raksh are drunk heavily. Both are unsteady.
Raksh: for the sake of that middle class moron, Rajat slapped me.
Arjun: he broke our group, Raksh. First he snatched Sanskar then Rajat.
Raksh: I scared Arjun. I don’t want to see Sanskar and Rajat in pain which I am going through is these years. That betrayal..
Arjun puts his hand in Raksh shoulder friendly and both the friends sees each other with painful eyes.
The next day morning,
Sun rays fall on the face of three young men.
Rajat wakes up first and sees Laksh and Sanskar whose sleeps by holding each other hand.
Rajat smiles and goes to kitchen.
Sanskar wakes up first and sees Laksh who is sleeping calmly with a smiling face.
Sanskar holds his head because of hang over.
Rajat:Sanskar, have it. you will feel better.
Sanskar takes Lemonade and drink it in one go.
Sanskar: what happened yesterday Rajat? Why I am here in your house?
Rajat(points Laksh): we will speak Later.
Sanskar and Rajat goes to hall and Rajat tells everything what happened except their blabbering.
Sanskar: its my mistake Rajat. They take advantage of my silence. I will never except they will go this much.

In Park,
Swara is waIting for Laksh.
Swara’s POV:
Why he is not coming today? He will come everyday. But why didn’t he come today. I remember when I saw first time. He was offering tea to that old couples and talk with them politely. Then Suddenly, that street dog starts to chase him. when I tried to help him , he saved that dog from me. when he said Laksh and Lucky, I fall on his innocence. He is so pure at his heart. by this time, he didn’t tried to flirt with me. he respects other feelings. My thoughts of chain is cut by hearing a bark sound. I turned with excitement to see him. but it’s some other one.
I am madly searching him in park. Even I asked that old couples whom he offers a tea. They also searching him. Still why I am restless. If he is ill, or he met any accident. No ganapathi papa, he should be alright. I am tensed about his safety, I know he even didn’t remember me. but still I am worried for him. I check my time it shows 7:30. I have to go. But my heart doesn’t accept it without seeing him.
Swara left the park half heartedly.
On other hand,
Laksh wakes up and tries to stand from the bed. But his head twirls and he falls down. By hearing the sound, Rajat and Sanskar comes inside. Sanskar takes Laksh in his hands and puts in bed.
Rajat: I think still he feel dizzy.
Sanskar: I never think my guys do this.
Rajat: take care of him. I will come with Lemonade.
After few minutes, Rajat comes with Lemonade and made Laksh drink.
Laksh starts to open his eyes and sees Sanskar.
Sanskar: you will be alright Laku.
Laksh: Laku!
Sanskar: your nick name. didn’t you like it?
Laksh: I like it very much. I feel Sleepy.
Sanskar: ok. you continue your sleep.
Laksh starts to sleep again.
Sanskar goes to hall for helping Rajat for cooking. Rajat house is 3bhk house. It’s enough for him and he lives separately from his brother.
A hour rolled,

Laksh’s POV
“why you select Sanskar as your friend because he is rich?” I wake up with jerk. These words are rolled in my mind. am I behind Sanskar for his money.
I don’t know why my eyes sheds tears. Yes this world always tell me like that. Because I am belong to middle class. I observe Sanskar comes inside.
“Laku…”Sanskar called me. I sense the worry about me . “
are you thinking that I am become your friend for your money?” I asked him with difficulty by nodding my head down.
I don’t know why I asked this question. But the reality is I asked the question. I feel my cheeks are burning. But I didn’t feel any pain. I feel different happy , joyness that my sansku trust me. he didn’t think me like that.
“ give a tight slap behalf of me” Raj bhai told Sanskar.
no. I can’t take any other slap. I holded my both cheeks and looked at Sansku. His eyes express so much of pain.
“ how can you think me like that, Laku” his voice choked at the end. He hugged me tightly and I hugged him even more. After a minute , we both broke hug. He sees my eyes more deeper that he is searching anything. We both sheds tears and silence occupies between us. But we spoken so many things by the language of heart which Words never describe.

Precap: Laksh supports Arjun and Raksh.

To be continued…
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