Swaragini- my friend (Episode 3)


Thanks for your support friends and also silent readers. For Ragini’s entry there is 3 episodes left. After that there is 1000 volt drama. And this is balaji not sara . di is out of station because of personal works, so I will update behalf of her. It’s my first attempt. If I commit any mistake, please forgive me. I will try to correct it. and sorry naina, we can’t post.
Precap: Laksh got two friends Amrit and Sanskar. Sanskar gang Devil decides to change Laksh. Laksh got a intro of Swara. Someone tries to trap Laksh and succeeds in it. Amrit and Laksh teaches a lesson to amrit’s seniors. Laksh shocks the whole class including Professor and Sanskar. Sanskar doubts that Laksh is a human or not.
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Let I start the episode.
Laksh slept again by refusing the abnormal gaze of whole class room.
Prof composed himself.
Prof: ok Students, we will continue the class.
Sanskar can’t concentrate on class but he try to write notes for Laksh.
Prof leaves the class and Laksh wakes up before Sanskar wakes up.
Laksh: Sansku, why can we go to canteen? I want a coffee.
Sanskar: ok Laksh. we have ten minutes break.
Laksh and Sanskar goes to canteen by refusing the abnormal gaze of classmates.

In Canteen,
Laksh takes two coffee’s in his hand and sits in a table.
Sanskar takes his coffee from Laksh. After that big shock, Sanskar really needs it.
Laksh sips the coffee .” wah! This coffee is better,Sansku. Not bad as I think”
Sanskar: Laksh, don’t mistake me. how can you said that much correctly? You are sleeping naa.
Laksh: well, Sansku. Yes I slept but it is half sleep.
Sanskar gives a confusing look.
Laksh: I gave rest to my body not my brain. My ear will listen prof ‘s each and every word. It will register in mind and my mind imagines that.
Sanskar: you are impossible, Laksh.

Laksh smiles.
Laksh: ok. but take notes for me. sometimes my brain also fall in sleeping then I will get into trouble.
Sanskar punches his arm playfully.
Both finishes their coffee and goes to classroom.
Laksh sleeps and Sanskar takes notes as usual and this time, the class is not surprised because they know about Laksh.
Students gives a nick name to Laksh” Sleeping Prince”. Laksh freely speaks with his classmates.
The next period is chemistry lab. The same chemistry prof is sit there as Lab incharge of his class.

Students stands in their position and prof explains about the experiment. Laksh and Sanskar listens carefully. Prof instructs Students to get their chemicals and do their experiment. The experiment is the basic one and it deals about the colour changing point of Pottasium permanganate. The exact result is colourless to pale pink colur.
Sanskar and Laksh stands adjacent to each other.
Laksh opens the burette(a long tube with a tap at bottom) and starts the experiment. Prof is going rounds and checks the students.
Prof comes to check laksh and sees his solution is changed into yellow color.
Prof: Laksh, you did experiment wrong. You added excessive Pottasium permanganate. That’s why it results in yellow. Redo the experiment.
Laksh: no need sir.

Laksh gives the readings which is accurate.
Prof: hmm! Come and meet me in cabin.
Laksh: ok sir.
Sanskar is tensed that he only hears half conversation.
Laksh goes and meets Prof. Prof tells Laksh to participate in technical events in Sasgata college and gives some notes.
At outside Lab, Sanskar waits for Laksh. Laksh comes outside.
Sanskar: is he scold you very much?
Laksh: no Sansku. Actually he want me to participate in Sasgata college event.
Sanskar: actually I scared. He is very strict and you are teasing him from morning.
Laksh: ok Sansku, I want to meet principal.

Sanskar: for what?
Laksh: I got a job in VR Industries. I have to work in evening.
At that time, Devils come there to meet Sanskar.
Sanskar: VR Industries?
Laksh: haan. Ok. can you accompany me?
Sanskar sees Devils” no. you can go. I have some work.”
Laksh goes from there to meet principal.
Rajat: Sanskar, VR Industries is your company naa?
Sanskar: haan(smiles) I think it’s correct time to join in my company.
Raksh: you ? work? Don’t comedy Sanskar.
Arjun: all apart, Sanskar you make Laksh come with us Tonight.

Sanskar: what? Why?
Raksh: I think you didn’t forget our challenge.
Rajat: but the challenge is unnecessary Raksh.
Arjun: for our gang, it is necessary. He and his clothes..
Rajat: I already warned you guys. Be careful when you speak about that boy.
Arjun(murmurs): he broke our gang.
Raksh: if Sanskar supports him, there is a point. He is his friend. But why are you supporting him?
Rajat: I don’t know. But you are doing wrong.

By saying this Rajat leaves the place and Sanskar goes to class.
Arjun: Raksh, we will soon disclose about this.
Raksh: yes Arjun, our gang starts to break. First Sanskar now Rajat. I don’t know what that boy has.
Arjun: we have to do something.
At the same time, in the entrance of princi’s room,
Laksh is waiting for meeting Princi.
Princi’s room is slightly open. So Laksh can hear what speaking inside.
Princi(shouts): how dare you to force your junior to do your assignments?

Senior boys: sorry sir. We never do like this.
Princi: I will suspend you for three days. If you continue like this, I will dismiss you from college.
Senior boys come outside with head down. Amrit is also stands inside.
Laksh gets permission and gets inside, smiles to Amrit.
Princi: so, Lakshya dev singh is the one who did the assignment. Is it Amrit ?
Both , Amrit and laksh are shocked.
Princi(smiles): ok. Lakshya dev singh, what is the reason?
Laksh: sir..
Laksh gives the order letter.
Laksh: I come here to inform about my internship in VR Industries as per My hod instructed.
Princi: it’s good, Mr.Lakshyadev. so , it’s the reason for you sleeping in class. Sleeping Prince.
Laksh is embarrassed.
Laksh: sir..
Princi: it’s ok until your studies are not affected.
Laksh: thanks sir.

Both , Amrit and Laksh are comes outside and releases a long breath.
Amrit: he is so sharp.
Laksh: that’s why he is principal. Let’s move on to our classes.
At evening,
Laksh and Sanskar comes outside class room.
Sanskar: Laksh, can you come with me at night? My senior friends want to speak with you.
Laksh didn’t ask where.
Laksh: ok, Sansku. My shift will end at 9:30.
Sanskar: I will pick up you.
Laksh: ok Sansku. We will meet at night.
Laksh goes to VR Industries while Arjun and Raksh are plotting against Laksh. Rajat goes to his house.

In Rajat Room,
Rajat takes a photo where Rajat and his brother smiling innocently.
Flashback starts …
Rajat: bhai, I will obey you and do as you say. Please don’t send me to boarding school.
Rajat Bhai: no Rajat. You can’t live with me. you are going to boarding school . that’s all.
Rajat: bhai, I can’t stay without you. if I scared by nightmares, who will console me? please bhai.
Rajat bhai: I didn’t want to discuss about this, Rajat.
After two hours,
Rajat bhai leaves Rajat in boarding school.
Rajat runs behind his bhai’s car and warden controls him.
Rajat: bhai… kneels down and cries.
Flashback ends…

Rajat throws the photo in frusturation.
Rajat: bhai, you didn’t know when you left me how much I suffered. I made myself Raj, the boy who loves everyone unconditionally into the Rajat, the merciless man. I killed my innocence to live at this world. Why you did this bhai? my friends asking me why I am supporting that boy Laksh. how can I say. I am seeing myself in him. the innocence , love, caring others which I lost because of your decision still present in him. I don’t want to see another rajat .
Rajat holds his head.
On another hand,
Sanskar drives the car and sees a anjelic face and he stops the car. A girl is helping children to cross the road and smiles to the child.
Sanskar parks his car nearby parking lot and decides to follow the girl. The girl is entered into a mall and goes to a shop.

Sanskar enters the shop and sees that girl in uniform.
Sanskar(in mind): is she working in this shop?
His thoughts are cut by Manager yelling.
Manager: Miss.Swara, we are paying for you to work. If you come late again, you have to search another job.
Swara: sorry sir. I will never repeat this.
Sanskar(in mind):Swara… what a name as like her.
Manager(shouts): go and work properly.
Sanskar(in mind): how can he shout to my lady? My lady.. wait Sanskar. It can be just attraction. Go and you have to stand for Laksh today.
Sanskar leaves the place.

Swara: ok sir.
At the same time, In VR Industries,
Laksh enters his cubical and start to analyze the design with Aarav. After two hours,
A voice comes there” young mens, why can’t you have a coffee? You feel relaxed”
Laksh raises to see who is he
Laksh(smiles):thanks for your offer sir.
Aarav: uncle, what are you doing here? You should leave the office one hour before.
Person: Aarav. First let me to introduce. I am Ramprasad Maheshwari, head of this project.
Laksh(in mind): no Laksh. you can’t laugh. He is your project head.
Laksh makes handshake with RP.
Rp: ok. can we go for coffee?

Laksh: yeah sure.
Aarav, Laksh and Rp goes to canteen and Rp makes coffee.
Rp: Laksh, what do you want strong or light?
Laksh: litte bit stronger.
Rp hands little bit shaked while hearing answer.
Laksh: sir..
Laksh makes Rp sit in nearby table and prepares coffee for all.
Laksh: sir..
Rp: Haan Laksh..
Rp takes his coffee and sips, feels little bit better.
Trio chit chats and get closer to Laksh.
Aarav: so, friends..
Laksh: friends…

Laksh watch shows alarm.
Laksh: ok, sir. I have to go.
Rp: ok. we will see tomorrow young man and call me uncle as Aarav.
Laksh: hmm! Ok uncle(smiles and bids bye)
Rp: he is like absolutely Rudra.
Aarav puts his hands on Rp’s shoulder.
Rp: I scared Aarav. When the truth is out, how will he react?
Aarav: don’t worry uncle, Laksh will understand the situation.
Rp walks weakly to his cabin. CHAIRMAN’S CABIN
Laksh comes out and Sees Rajat in a car.
Laksh: Raj bhai!
Rajat: come inside Laksh.
Laksh sits and Rajat takes the car while Arjun and Laksh smirks each other.

To be continued…

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