Swaragini- my friend (Episode 26)


Thanks for your wishes and all your comments , friends. Kutty, being an IT Professional I know how much pressure in office. I am glad that you like my ff and thanks for your wishes . Asra, As your wish I will give equal pair to Arjun, thanks for your wishes and prayer.it really means a lot if someone pray for us.Monu,Jazzy,Sindhura,dharani,malu,riley,bharathi,VK, lovely,Random fan,Naina, Ragz teju,S,Silent writer,Febi,Fats, Ashnoor,Reka,Renukom,Asra, fairy, pooja, arjun, sherin, Ammu, kiddo, Akshata,Anju,Mica and Maha, thanks to all your comments. I am overwhelmed by seeing your support friends. I know you all disappointed with Raglak but I before said spare me for two episodes. Now, for three episodes full of Raglak, Arjun and Sathya. In this, half episode is swasan.

Lakshya dev singh-Namish taneja/ Laksh from swaragini
Sanskar Maheshwari-varun kapoor/Sanskar from swaragini
Swara and Ragini-Helly shah and Tejaswini
Subhadra/Sweety-Drashti Dami/Madhubala from Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon
Arjun Mehra-Vivian Dsene /RK from Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon

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Let I start the episode.
Past (as usual no one is describing or remembering)

In ooty,
Ragini and Subhadhra returned to their small house with Sathya. Subhadhra works in kitchen with Sathya and Ragini stares the sky.
agini’s POV
Jaan , our sathu is growing so fast. He is like you even though he has my maa cold blue eyes. He always help others, his innocence and his pranks everything remembers you jaan. I don’t know whether my decision is right or not to live far away from you. when I came to hospital to see you, I eavesdropped a conversation of doctor and that beast. That beast wants your property so, he stooped that much low. I requested doctor and he helped me and swapped the lady, I carried our sathya in my vomb.(unknowingly touches her belly and smiles) But that beast got to know about that and he imprisoned me but somehow I escaped after 9 months. I don’t know how I passed that hell period only our love gave me this much strong. even I jumped from cliff but god grace, I survived and our sathu born. When I carried in my hand, I felt t’s somewhat different jaan. I smiled but the same time, my eyes sheds tears. At that time, I really needed you jaan to share my happiness, to show our son to you. but I can’t. till my last breath, I will stay away from you for you and my shona. Shona loves you a lot and in her love, you may forget about me and I trust Sanskar in this, he never let his friend life to be wasted. May be now Sathu’s choti may be born.
“Maa..”Sathya hugged me. I bended my head and kissed him in forehead. His nose, his lips, the way he smiled in my hand all remembers you Jaan. he is just a replica of you, Jaan.
“Maa,Save me from sweety”Sathya hugged me tightly. I take him in my hand .
“Rago, see me what he did with me”Subhadhra complained me while sneezing. What happened to her.
“Sathu, what you did with sweety” I asked him while putting my hands in my waist.
“Sweety said that she is allergic to pepper powder. I just checked it”Sathya answered me.
“what? Don’t say you sprayed pepper powder near her nose”I asked him by expecting answer ne even though I know it’s yes.
“Maa, I just need a practical session to check it true or not”Sathya said while rolling his eyes.
I smiled but a word ringed in my mind”Cutie, , I want to practice session also.”
I hugged my sathu tighter. He is scared by seeing my tears.
“Maa.. don’t cry. I will never do like this.please don’t cry” Sathya started to cry.
“Rago..”Subhadhra put her hands on my shoulders and signs her to calm.
I broke the hug and sathya wipes my tears.
“maa.. don’t cry. I will be good boy”Sathya told by holding his ears.
I take his hands in my hands” my sathu always a good boy. Go and bring water to sweety”
Sathya runs to bring water and the next minute, I hugged Subhadra and cried. She pats my shoulder and she never asked me any question till now nor I . we both supported each other. I left my jaan and her husband left her. Sometimes, I wonder is her husband dumb to leave her.
Sathya come with two glasses of water and we take it. he stand before subhadra and nods his head down.
“Mausi, I am sorry”Sahthya asked forgiveness.” I never thought you will suffer like this” he feels guilt.
Subhadra bends to his height and hugged him” call me sweety my cute prince and don’t do like that to others sometimes they will suffer more” Subhadra pinched his nose and Sathya smiled.
Sathya holds his neck” promise. Maa, sweety I am going outside to play”
Sathya smiled to us and go outside.
“Sweety , you take rest. I will continue remaining work” I said to her. I Headed towards kitchen but stopped that subhadra holded my hands.
“ come out of your pain Rago otherwise it will kill you from inside” Subhadra said to me.
“ it’s my decision sweety I have to “ I answered her.
“why can you return to your husband” she asked me. I don’t have any answer.
“Sathya is growing Rago. Once, he will crave for father’s love and care. Leave it . one day he will definitely ask about his father. What will you do?” she asked me. I think she is exhausted by my sorrow. Nowadays , I am longing for my jaan and Sathya acts remains him and I become emotional.
“ I don’t know anything about you Rago. One thing I can understand you love Sathya’s papa still now, why you can join with him?” Subhadra asked me. I smiled bitterly.
“ I can’t, Sweety. I can’t be hurdle in my shona’s life” I answered.
“Shona..?” she asked me confusingly.
“ my behan cum my friend” I answered her.
“ I can’t understand Rago. Ok. your husband loved your behan and you let them live. But how can he left his son? Is he didn’t love sathya? Is he that much stone hearted and selfish?” Subhadra asked me.
“ first thing, he love me but I left him for my shona. He didn’t know anything about Sathya for him I commited suicide and dead” I answered her by suppressing my pain.
“Rago..”She take me in her embrace.
I blurted out everything.

She made me sit in kitchen slab and give water. I drink it in one go.
“ I always wonder Rago why destiny joined us to support each other. But now I got to know. You left your husband for your sister and I left my husband for his betterment”Subhadra said while staring the sky.
“Sweety..”I asked her in shock.
She takes her strands and Vermillion is shown in her mang . she is married…
“ my love story is kinda different ,Rago. My papa worked under a don and he died. That don took me to his house and taken care of me. I always call him Dadu. He is so sweet and he have one grandson my Tommy cat. We always fight like tom and jerry and Dadu always stuck between us. We trio enjoyed a lot. One day. My aunt come here to take me.Dadu told them that he would sent me after 3 months because of my education. They agreed and went. But my tommy didn’t want me to go.At that time, we went to marriage. I don’t know who said about marriage to Tommy in that place. He married me in the age of 11 as he didn’t want me to leave from here. For him, it’s just a way to made me live with him and we were just kids. Dadu shocked first but he taken decision that he would take me from my ant once I was 18. I started to live in dream. He become my world, my everything. but everything is changed when I saw hil with a lady. He is totally changed what I thought. He is not my tommy Rago(cries). But still I love him, I can’t give that place to any other one. “Subhadra hugged me and cries.
I never think she is that much broken but she is living with a smile in her face. I have to forget about my pains and I live only for my sathya and sweety. I can’t let her life to be wasted but her love.
“Maa…Sweety…”Sathya ran inside with a blue flower in his hands.
He give that beautiful flowers and kissed my cheeks.” I love you maa..”
“it’s so bad. Flowers for only maa.. not me”Subhadra turned her face dramatically.
Sathya pulls her pallu and she bend near to him. he takes the flowers hided in his pocket and put it in her hair strands like a crown.
“ ohh! It’s so cute prince” subhadra kissed his cheeks.
He smiled” maa.. my friend maa said that it’s so precious. It will blossom once in 12 years. It’s name.. haan Kurinchi poo”
I smiled at his antics.”Sweety, take him out for play otherwise we will never complete our cooking”
Subhadra nodded and take my sathu outer. I started my works which Subhadra resumed.
In Kolkatta,
In Isolated place,
Arjun comes down from his car and go inside.
“where is he?” Arjun asked his men.
“ he is inside the room choti malkin”his men answered.
Arjun get into that roo and sees Rehan who is tied with chair but seems very calm and sits relaxed. Arjun is surprised and remembered how he knocked out him when he stand alone in car parking of his office.
“ I kidnapped you and you are looking so relaxed, Mr.Rehan. but I am sorry for kidnapping you and I don’t know any other way” Arjun wondered and asked forgiveness .
“ ohh! Do you think kidnapping me is that much easier ? I want to meet you Arjun and I want to talk about Laksh. for that only I let you I think you got my letter and confirmed that Laksh and laxmi are same” Rehan said .
“ I want to know why Laksh didn’t return to his house. Why he acting like this. What happened in his life in the past 4 years.” Arjun start to shoot his questions.
Rehan smiled” both the friends are same. When Laksh saw me first, he also shoot question like that”
Arjun stopped his question and stared rehan.
“ I will tell all your answer Arjun because I don’t want to lose him. first..”Rehan points the ropes and Arjun sign his men to cut off the ropes.

Rehan rubs his ankles and wrists” I want to talk you alone and you can trust me. why can’t we go a long ride? Because Laksh monitors my movement. If he get doubt , he will go out of our hands”
Arjun nodded and both get into arjun car.
“ Actually I lost my behan because of one spoilt brat minister son . I attempted to kill him but I was failed. I escaped and reported to your dadu Sultan as he supports justice. He helped me and made me kill that moron. I didn’t want to go normal life and I attracted towards your dadu. I joined as gunday . one day, that minister mens chased me to kill . at that time, Laksh entered into my life. He saved me even though at that time he was handicapped. When I went near to him, he was unconscious. I don’t know what I feel towards him. when I see innocence in his face which I always seen in my behan, I decide to help him and admitted him in hospital as my choti and changed his name into Chirag Kashyap.
“Where am I ? who are you?” Laksh asked me like you. I hide my identity as a he will get fear and I started to treat him with the help of doctor from my home. Whenever I asked him about his family, he will become mum. I stopped to ask him and a friendly bonding start to between us. But one day, he got to know about my identity and at that time, he is perfectly cured.
“ I know you don’t want to live with gunday. I will arrange a good job for you and you can leave” I said to Laksh.
“I want to be Gunday like you for getting my revenge” laksh said to me, Arjun. still I can’t forget his expression. I hesitated but he won. He start to wear a mask of burnt skin over his face and start to getting training as chirag under your dadu. he start to became a beast. His punishment always very cruel. By seeing his punishment,no one dare to do mistake or doing wrong things. Sultan sent us to kolkatta to get control and Laksh started his life’s dark phase as K, the don . not only people’s even Goons get scared by hearing his name. he became that much cruel for sinners and he stand for justice. but his another side is no one can imagine. Whenever he punish someone for their sin, it starts to affect him. their pleads, pain the gone through started to kill him from inside because it’s not his world, he is so sensitive arjun and he used to give only happiness. He falled in depression and He started to take drugs to overcome his pain and he started to beat himself .but it worsen his mental state. Whenever he is so anger, he lost his mental stability. First I tried to kill his emotions and I succeed half. I made him believe that sinners deserve punishment. I don’t want to lose him. but it will not help. So , I made him live double life, K, the don and Laxmi, innocent girl. He reduced his pain of giving pain as K by helping others as laxmi. He started a new company by using the money which he earned through his paintings and he trained me in business. Still, I regret why I let him to come into this dark world.

Tears rolled from both their eyes.
Rehan wiped his tears.” One day, I drugged him and take him to psychiatrist. He examined him and said that about his love and ragini and his instable mental condition. I started to investigate and get to know about Raksh’s father behind ragini’s murder. But I hideit from him. because he will die if he get to know about that truth. He slowly converted himself as a shadow of his family and friends to safeguard them. he start to get happiness from their happiness. But everything ruined when he got to know about Ragini’s death. I sent him to your house as laxmi and I thought he will patch up with his family. Now I am scared, Arjun. I felt that he started to hide things from me.I entered his private room and clicked this pictures.
Rehan shows images in his phone. The last image is laksh is falling from cliff in a car . Arjun put a sudden break .
“ he is trying to go far away from all. We should do something and I want your help”Rehan finished.
Arjun leaned towards seat and close his eyes as he trying to digest the truth.
At VR Mansion, in Arjun room,
Laksh stands before mirror and stares his face in mirror. He raised his hand to bang the mirror but realizing his surrounding he down his hand. a bitter smile formed in Laksh’s face.
Laksh POV
My life I never thought it will become like this. I am a normal person as others. All I wanted a little world, where I can lost myself and give happiness to my beloved ones. But it didn’t written in my fate. My fate… first I separated from my Appa now cutie. My heart still says that she will come to me one day like my appa. This hope only motivate me to live. I want to be live like my younger days where I am enjoyed and live happily. But I can’t. because now I am don. If anyone got to know that K is Lakshya dev singh, it will danger to my family. still my death, I have to live like this. A Angry cruel don. But I can’t at the same time, I can’t return to my family. everyone will be sad by seeing me lost my life. I can’t start a life without my cutie and it will pain my maa. It’s better to kill both Laksh , Laxmi and K and I am going start a new life with new name where I can live with cutie’s memories and hope.
Laksh POV ends…
Laksh stared his mask” it’s time to kill you, Laxmi”
Laksh wears his mask and wig and his phone rings. Phone screen shows Dadu.
“hello dadu” Laksh said.
“ is everything fine naa? Arjun came here and said that he is ready to take my place. He wants to become don. I don’t want that.. it’s a oneway path beta. Do anything laxmi beta to make him backing off his decision” Dadu said.
“Don’t worry Dadu. I will take care of it” Laksh assured.

In Swasan room,
Swara sits in frozen state.
“Sanskar loves me from previous 4 years. He loves me.”Swara said to herself.
A smile formed in her face and she stands and twirls” my sansku loves me..”
Swara wants to shout but she closes her mouth by remembering other members of the house.
“ he loves me”Swara said to herself and blushes little by seeing sanskar’s photo in wall.
At that time,
Sanskar comes there from office and sees Swara with his diary, tensed.
Sanskar snatches his diary and try to said sternly.”Reading other’s diary is bad habit Swara”
“Stern face didn’t suits you Sanku”Swara pulls his cheeks and kissed him in his cheeks.
Sanskar is frozen where he stands. One minute, he don’t understand what happened.
Swara runs downside and Janki and meenu takes Laxmi/Laksh to hall.
Laksh sees Arjun stands with a smirk.
Meenu:Laxmi bhabhi, tomorrow is your engagement. So, we need tp put make up. I know you face glows naturally.
Janki:but, we want Arjun should faint by seeing your beauty.
Laksh didn’t say anything and nods his head down.
Swara:Blushing not bad haan… waise Arjun bhai is lucky to have you Laxmi bhabhi.
Laksh stares Arjun with questions in his eyes.
Kalyani comes there with jewels and dress.
Kalyani:Laxmi beta, there is yellow Red saree and some jewels. It will suit you.
Kalyani puts a dark mark under Laxmi/Laksh’s ears and hugs him.
Laksh stares everyone face and their happiness. Laksh takes jewels.
Laxmi/Laksh(whispers):maa, I want to marry as soon as possible. I hope you understand.
Kalyani smiles and nods.
Suji: Janki beta,you prepare guest list. We don’t have so much time. Tomorrow evening is engagement. Swara beta, you take care of decorations and Meenu , you take care of caters.
Radhika: I want everything to be best.
Suji and Radhika cares Laxmi /Laksh cheeks.
Kalyani takes a pair of bangles and put it in Laksh/laxmi’s hand.
Amrit:Choti maa, you gave correct work to meenu. Food… no one can separate her.
Everyone chuckles and meenu start to chase Amrit with broom stick in her hand.
Amrit hides behind laxmi and Meenu try to catch him.
Amrit: bhabhi, I am your sweet devar naa. Save me from your devil devrani.
Laksh/LAXMI: Meenu…! Give him two more punches from my side.
Meenu: haan bhabhi! I am devil naa. I will see you.
Meenu shrugs and Amrit goes behind her to convince her.
Everyone laughs.

Laksh can’t take it more and he ran to Arjun’s room.
Arjun: I will take care of it, Kallu maa.
Arjun runs behind laksh and stops from closing door.
Laxmi/Laksh:why are you doing like this?
Laksh/Laxmi: what is the reason behind this marriage?
Arjun:Simple. I want Laksh back and you are my trump card.
Laxmi/Laksh:Are you not ashamed for trapping me by using our family ?
Arjun:Absolutely no. I can go to any extent to get back him even I can put my life in risk.
Arjun goes out leaving Laksh frozen.
Arjun(in mind): Laksh, I will never let you go again from our lives. I can expose about you in a single minute but I want you yourself comeback to our family.
Laksh sits in bed “Again in my life, the same situation raised. I don’t know what can I do. I can’t expose myself but at the same time, I can’t return to my family”
Laksh wipes his tears and sees Arjun car keys in the table, takes it and come outside.
“Maa, I want to go temple and want to spend some time alone”Laksh/Laxmi said.
“ ok beta but come soon” Kalyani agreed.
Laxmi/Laksh starts the car and goes towards temple.
In Swasan room,
Sanskar sits in bed and don’t understand what happened.
Sanskar(in mind): what happened to swara? is he really kissed me or I am dreaming?
Sanksar is lost in his thoughts and Swara comes to room.
Swara(to herself):I have so many works tomorrow. I called decorotar to come morning itself(sees Sanskar) ohh! My cute sansku.. I am coming.
Swara(sternly):Sanskar…! What you wrote about me in diary?
Sanskar stands: Swara.. . don’t hate me or misunderstand me. yes.. I love you Swara not after marriage before itself. But you loved Laksh and I decided to hide my love within my heart.
Swara:still you love me naa .
Sanskar:haan.. I love you swara. please don’t leave me.
Swara:why should I leave you Sanku?
Sanskar looks her shocked.

Swara moves towards Sanskar and holds his hands in her hands, directly looks into his eyes.
“ I love you Sanku.. I love you.. I don’t know when I started to love you, but I love you..”Swara said.
Sanskar stands as numb and Swara hugs him. a long drop escaped from Sanskar eyes.
“Swara..”Sanskar whispered.
“Haan.. I love you Sanskar I love you . you are my life and I can’t live without you” Swara exclaimed and huhs him tighter. Sanskar tightens his grip and both start to travel in another world where they both only present.
In Temple,
Laksh stands before Kali maa idol .
Laksh: why? Why you always play with me? why did you make them love me? even I can’t live nor I can’t go from my house. Tomorrow It’s my engagement. It’s funny naa. Before Arjun bhai knows about me, I will go from their lives.
Laksh stares the bangles which presented by Kalyani.
Laksh: I am sorry maa. I don’t have any other way. I am leaving from all your lives.
Laksh takes Arjun car and drives towards cliff area. Suddenly a dog comes middle and Laksh puts the break but it’s not working.
Laksh:what the hell? Why this brakes are not working.
“are you cut the break to commit suicide Laksh?” A voice of controlled anger comes from back side.
Laksh:Arjun bhai…
Arjun shows his face from back side.
Laksh: put your seat belt bhai.
A truck comes backside and try to hit them.
Laksh drives the car fastly and plays with truck.
Arjun: if we alive, wake up me.
Arjun leaned towards his seat and closes his eyes.
Laksh concentrates on driving and sees tank will end soon.
He tricks the truck driver and made the truck fall and car stopped as fuel is no more.
Laksh takes a deep breath and come out of car and bangs car bannet.
Arjun comes out.
Arjun:come with me laksh.
Laksh(smirks): so you know about me naa bhai. Marriage is your trick to expose me.
Arjun: haan Laksh. it’s my trick. I never dreamt you should be this much selfish. Before doing like this, you didn’t think about kallu maa or sanskar or anyothers.
Laksh: yes I am selfish bhai. I am selfish. If they witness my horrible life, it will give them pain. I should be hidden from them. if they get my death news, they will cry and heart broken. But time will make them forget about me and they will moveon in their life with my memories. they have just pain of some days not for whole life.
Arjun: are you come with me or not?
Arjun puts his hand in Laksh shoulder.
Laksh: no.. I ..
Laksh falls down unconscious in Arjun arms.
Arjun takes his phone and calls Rehan and ask him to come.
Rehan comes in a car and Arjun takes Laksh in the car.
Rehan:what happened to him?
Arjun: he attempted suicide.
Arjun tells about break failure and their convo.
Arjun:tomorrow I am going to expose him infront of our family. I can’t take risk.
Rehan:Take care of him, Arjun. he deserves happiness.
Arjun stares unconscious Laksh.
The next day morning,
In Swasan room,
Sanskar wakes up first and sees Swara who is sleeping in his embrace like a baby.
Sanskar smiles and kisses her in forehead.
Swara opens her eyes.
Swara:Good morning Sanku..!
Swara sees the time.
Swara: ohh! No.. the decorator will come any time.
Swara tries to stand but Sanskar pulls towards him and puts his head in her neck.
Swara:Sanskar… leave me. I have so many works for engagement.
Sanskar takes her face in his hand and leans towards her.
Swara pushes him and shows her tongue.
Swara: it’s not easy to get my kiss, Sanku.
Swara get into bathroom and get ready in beautiful saree.
Sanskar comes towards her and fills her mang with vermillion. Both have a eyelock through the mirror.
They broke their eyelock by hearing knock in door.
Suji:Swara beta, decorators are came.
Swara:haan maa.. Just a minute..
In Hall,
Kalyani stands tensedly.
Veer:what happened devi?
Kalyani: Veer, still Arjun and Laxmi didn’t came.
Raj comes there.
Raj:Badi maa, I called him. they both are returning. Actually, his car break down.
Arjun brought another car from Sultan and the road is outskirt of forest side.
Laksh sees himself in a car and he is still in Laxmi’s attire, sees Arjun is driving and he sit in front seat.
He tried to get up .
Arjun:do you need water,Laksh?
Laksh rubs his eyes.
Laksh:where am I Arjun bhai?
Arjun:we are going to return our house.
Laksh tries to open door.
Arjun: I put child lock so don’t waste your time and don’t force me to make you temporarily paralyse.
Laksh: please bhai let me go.
Arjun puts the FM on and increase the sound.
Arjun phone rings and shows as Rehan.
Rehan: Arjun, jump from your car. There is a bomb in your car and it will explode at any time.
Arjun:are you sure?
Rehan: I am sure Arjun. just now I caught the culprit but he commited suicide.
Arjun releases a long breath and smiles to Laksh.
Arjun releases the child lock and push laksh from the car.
Laksh rolled in road and stares shockingly the car blasts.
Laksh(yells): Arjun.. bhai..!
In VR Mansion,
Swara takes care of decorations. Suddenly she felt someone pulls her by her waist. Swara lands on Sanskar’s chest.
Sanskar:baby.. just give me a kiss.
Swara: let me to work otherwise I will throw out you from our room for two days.
Sanskar releases his grip in shock and his mouth shown O shape.
Sanskar:Baby.. it’s bad . you make your husband wait for a kiss. It’s bad.
Swara sees surrounding and locks Sanskar in wall.
Swara: everything is fair…
Swara leans on Sanskar at the nick of time,
“Swara beta..”Suji called.
Swara chuckles by seeing Sanskar’s reaction.
Swara: maa.. I am coming…
Swara runs from Sanskar and Sanskar smiles sheepishly.

In Ooty,
Ragini and Subhathra cuts veggies for breakfast.
Subhatra cuts her finger and Ragini have a small burnt.
Ragini&Subhatra(in mind): why I feeling Restless..
Sathya sees blood in Subhatra’s hand and sips it.
Sathya: you are such a kid sweety(taps her head) even don’t you know to cut veggie?
Sathya runs from there and Subhatra smiles and sees Ragini lost somewhere and burnt in her hand.
Subhatra takes Ragini’s hands and shows it in running water.
Ragini comes to sense by water’s chillness.
Subhatra:what happened Rago?
Ragini:don’t know Rago, I feel restless.
Subhatra: nothing bad will happen. Get ready soon we are getting late for school.
Ragini sees the time and hurry.
In VR Mansion,
Kalyani feels restless.
Kalyani: why arjun didn’t attend my phone
Veer:Raj call Arjun.
Raj:Badepapa, his phone is switch off.
At that time,Inspector comes inside.
Ram:Inspector Aap..
Inspector takes his cap.
Inspector:Mr.Arjun Mehra and his wife Laxmi Mehra died in bomb blastr car and car is blasted. We can get this only.
Kalyani steps back ward and Radhika holds her. The whole place adopts silence and happiness is converted in immense sadness.
Inspector gives a watch, a single bangle with blood stains and a wallet.
Kalyani: I gave this bangles to Laxmi. No.. it can’t happen.
Veer hugs Kalyani and Kalyani bursts out and everyone stands with tears. Swasan can’t tolerate the sadness. Sanskar is broken by hearing his friend’s death news.
Inspector:Mr.Sultan Mehra identified the watch. Can anyone identify whose wallet is this? Because the bodies are completely damaged, I mean scattered into pieces. We can’t identify. How many of them dead?
Inspector shows wallet in half burnt state.
“It’s Lakshya’s . lakshya dev singh s/o Rudra veer Singh” Rehan said which makes everyone heartbroken and most of them lost their energy to accept the lose of three important lives.
Sanskar holds rehan’s shirt collar” no.. it can’t happen. You are telling lie. My heart says that Laksh is alive.. Laksh is alive. do you get that?”
Police mens freed Rehan from Sanskar’s clutches .
Inspector: how are you saying confidently?
Rehan:Laksh is chairman of LS industries and he saved his family from huge loss, I am working as his PA cum CEO. Arjun get to know about that and both Laxmi and Arjun convinced Laksh while returning to their house this incident occurred.
Inspector nods and leaves. Rehan also leaves after tighting security in VR Mansion.
In Sultan’s house,
Sultan is swinging in a chair and Rehan entered his room as he have that much right.
Sultan:why did your brother killed my Arjun? if he wants my position, he should ask me and I will give my position whole heartedly but why he killed my Arjun, Rehan(shouts)
Rehan looks Sultan with moist eyes.
Rehan: he didn’t kill his Arjun , Sultan ji and he never. Because Arjun is his friend.
Rehan tells everything about Laksh transformation and truth of laxmi.
Sultan stands with tears.
Rehan: I am going to convert myself as K as no one didn’t see his face and I will take my revenge. But the culprit is in our group only. Because he wants the throne which you holding now.
Rehan leaves.
The next day,
Rehan is also dead as the same way Arjun and Laksh. Veer increased security and Sanskar falls in depression of losing his friends and Swara helps him to come out of depression. Aadi and Amrit is completely broken . The house sadness is decreased by hearing Swara’s pregnancy.
After three months,
In Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
A person is shown playing flute and students surrounds him.
Person: ok .. let’s start practice..
Peon disturbs him”Chirag sir.. principal sir is calling you..”
Laksh/Chirag: tell principal sir.. I will come after finishing my class.
Laksh starts to correct the students and helps them play correctly.
Laksh: well! You played moreovercorrectly.. bye..
Students: bye..sir..
Laksh walks towards Prnici’s room.

In Principal room,
Laksh:good evening sir…
Princi: I have seen your resignation letter and you even paid your three months salary as per clause. But we don’t want to lose talented teacher like you. within a month, because of you, our students bagged price. If you want salary increase, I will speak with management.
Laksh(smiles fakely): it’s not about Salary. I want to go Ooty for my personal reasons.
Princi: ok.. good luck..
Laksh shakes his hand with princi and leaves.
Laksh opens the door and get inside. Laksh’s POV
It’s been Three months after that incident. By god’s grace, Arjun bhai survived but his mental condition is not good. His mind is working now as a 10 year old kid. But Doctor gave me hope that it can be cured. For that only, I am taking him to Ooty. It’s weather will help him to calm his mind . i want to forget those period. First I shocked but when I remembered every incident and Dadu’s words, I concluded that someone wants Dadu’s place after him for that only, he played with Arjun’s papa and now Arjun. once Arjun cured, I will show who I am. I helped that doctor once I was Laxmi but he repayed me by helping me to hide Arjun.I entered house where I am rented now. A steel Tumbler falls near my leg. Ohh! I made him Angry. I checked that I have Dairy milk silk in my pocket.
“Ajju..!” I called him but no response. After a second a plate falls near my leg. He is super duper Angry on me. I started my acting.
“Ouch..!my hand.. it’s paining” I jumped and the next second Arjun comes there and take my hands and blows air in it.
I stand with smile and he stared me and get to know the truth.
“I will not leave you bhaiyu” he started to chase me. it’s just a 3 bhk house. Finally he caught me and messed my hair which I am enjoying the most.
“ why you come late. I was bored even TV is not working.” Arjun bhai pouted like a kid. It’s ached me but I have to overcome my pain and I will support him to his betterment.
I hold my ears”Sorry Ajju, can you come with me for swimming?”
Arjun bhai jumped in excitement and we both go to nearby pool and swimmed and played. I should keep him happy as maximum.
Finally after an hour, we feel so tired. We returned to home, changed ourselves into new clothes and I packed the things .
“is we are going out?” Arjun bhai asked me.
“we are going to Ooty. There, we didn’t need AC. That place is superb” I created eagerness in Arjun bhai.
At next day noon, we reached Ooty and I booked jeep and reached my house which I bought before. Even Rehan didn’t know about this house.
Arjun bhai is so tired. I let him sleep and checked him if he feel comfort in this new place or not. I come out and inhales the fresh mountain air.
A small boy tapped my hip.
I bended his height “ what do you want Little prince?”
“ can you write in this paper that I WILL BREAK YOUR HANDS IF YOU STARE MY SWEETY? Please” he asked me sweetly.
“can you share what happened? I will help you” I asked him and he gives a thinking gesture. He is such a cute especially his blue eyes.
“ that man always disturbs my sweety mausi. I want to give him a warning and he don’t know that I did this” he said cutely.
I write as he said and put it in his bike and his bike both wheels are punctured. I stared that boy and he smiled very cutely.
“ ahh! His parents are so blessed” I said to myself.
“Sathya..” I heard a voice . it’s my Cutie’s. I turned and see my Cutie… she take that boy in her hands.
“Maa..” that boy Sathya called her. That means he is my son.. my own blood.. sign of not only our love sign of my cutie’s sacrifice..
I stepped backwards and bumped into someone and I hugged him” he is my son Ree. My son and cutie both are alive” I said with tears in my eyes because of happiness. Wait I called Ree. I break the hug and see Rehan whose eyes none other than red tomato.
I walked backwards” Ree , I just get my family and I want to spent some time. So, you can hit me after some time” Rehan sees Ragini and Sathya nodded.
I stared my cutie. She becomes more beautiful expecially that sindoor in her mang makes her none other than anjel. Wait! She live with my son alone and she didn’t come return. Why? For Doll! How can she thought my love is so weak? Did she think I move on with doll? Cutie, you did a big mistake and I will teach you a lesson that you will never thought to leave me even in your dream. I smirked and I know Rehan stares me confusingly by seeing my smirk, firstof all I should know how he tracked me. I don’t want to take any risk in Arjun bhai’s life.
Sathya and cutie come towards me and I turned to hide my face.
“maa.. he is my new friend.. friend he is my maa”my sathu said to my cutie.
I turned and she shocked to see my face and I can see tears brimming in her eyes. If you hugged me in happiness, I will forgive you cutie.
She tightly clutched her saree. Well!
“ did we met before? Actually I lost my memory in a accident four years before. That’s why I asked you. I felt I know you before. Don’t mistake me” I said while observing her emotions. She felt relaxed… what the hell, cutie?
“ haan we were classmate”Cutie said.
Just a classmate.
“Friend do you also my maa’s friend? Then, you know about my papa. How is he? Is he look like me or not? whenever I ask maa, she will be sad. Can you say me?” Sathya whispered in my ears.
I felt a immense pain. There is no other worst punishment for a father. He is longing for me.
Without a delay, I take him in my hands” I will tell you” I whispered in his ears and he encircled his hands through my neck.
Before I hesitated now I will surely teach her a lesson. Cutie.. be ready.
“ haan I forget to introduce. He is my saala rehan , my wife Laxmi’s bhai” I introduced Rehan . both Rehan and Cutie looks me shocked.
“ can I take Sathu with me? I feel he is so closed to me.even my bhai will feel happy” I said and take Sathu with me without waiting for her permission. Rehan followed me.
I arrived my house and played with sathu, Arjun and Rejan joined with me. Arjun is so happy by seeing Sathya. After an hour, sathya told me that he wants to go his house and I take him to his house.
“ I will never step into his life, Sweety. He is my jaan and I can do anything for him even I can live alone “Cutie said to her friend. What is rolling in her mind. I can’t take another separation.

Precap: Past Last part and Climax part -1. Revealtion of Rehan’s fake death, Raglak happy moments and Main villain’s entry.

Sorry friends for late. Sorry pooja for making you wait but I have responsibilities of my parents marriage. It’s my dream. My papa is turned 61, we will say that marriage as Arupatham Kalyanam and I have so many pre and post marriage rituals for them. I enjoyed each and every moment because their happiness is my strength. finally I get some time and I posted it. I will post the Last part 1 Friday, and then Monday then Tuesday. Just four parts more as I said.

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