Swaragini- my friend (Episode 25)


Thanks for your support friends and bharathi for you, I give this maha episode and all the best for your exams. Also thanks to silent readers and Laxmi is not pair for Arjun. Ok before starting my ff someone pinch me. ok. I pinch myself. It’s paining. It’s not dream . I am writing 25th episode of my ff. I never crossed 17 two times, I finished my ff within 10 episodes. Actually I am jumping virtually. Ok. enough of my drama, I am thanking you all friends, without your support I can’t achieve this. Fairy and Ragz teju, thanks for your complements. I don’t know I am suitable for that or not but I am so happy. I want to thank all my supporters Kutty, Fairy,Akshata, Ragztegu, Kutty, naina, mica,bharathi, asra, devihaa,sindura, lovely, kiddoo, sravia sri, kakali, vk, ammu, rekha, dharani, malu, febi,s, arjuna, jazzy, monu, meenu, srivijayan, silent writer,s, amina 2000,Maha 016. Asra , they are pretending to be married by doing a fake marriage. I have some another plans for Arjun and this episode is just a shock to all even me.
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Well! I start today episode.
Past(asusual no one is remembering or saying)
A hilly side place, in Ooty,
A school is shown.
In LKG Class,
A little boy is sitting in a bench and a girl sits in next bench in corner.
Boy: hello cute…
Girl: my name is kutty…
Boy:you are cute naa. That’s why I called you. you don’t like my nick name.
Kutty: cute… (smiles)
Boy: actually, I forgot to bring my pencil. Can you have extra pencil?
Kutty: haan.. wait I will give it.
Both interrupted by teacher.
Teacher:Sathya Dev, Kutty what are you both speaking?
Sathya: miss, I am just asking her pencil.
Kutty: he calls me cute miss. I am looking cute naa.
Teacher:Sathya she just come today. You gave nick name. don’t talk.
Sathya: miss, you are looking sweet while smiling.
Teacher : what?
Sathya:miss, my maa says we will not control our smile(innocently and blinks his eyes)
Teacher smiles.
Bell rings.
Students run out of the class.

Teacher enters staff room and smiles by remembering what happened in class.
“ what happened Subhadra? Smiling alone” a lady asked her.
“ it’s all because of your son Ragini. You should name him Krishna instead of Sathya” Subhadra said.
“ even I can’t scold him as he is correct in his work and intelligent in studies” Subhadra continues.
At that time, Sathya comes there and hugs Ragini.
Sathya:Maa, ask sweety today she scold me.
Subhadra: my cute little prince, I already said naa don’t talk in class.
Sathya(turns his face): I didn’t talk while you teaching.
Sathya shows tongue to Subhadra.
Subhadra: It didn’t suits you prince.
Subhadra takes Sathya takes in her hand.
Subhadra shows dairy milk and Sathya snatches it.
Subhadra: now you forgive me naa.
Sathya climbs down.
Sathya: who said? You have to work hard sweety.
Sathya runs towards ragini and Ragini takes him in her hands.
Ragini:Sathu, she is asking sorry naa. You also commited mistake. Ask her sorry and forgive her.
Sathya:Sorry Sweety, I will not talk in your class.
Subhadra pulls his cheeks.” Oh ! my cute little prince”
Ragini feeds him food and Sathya feeds her chocolate. Subhadra watches her with moist eyes and wipes it.
Sathya runs to class after bidding bye to Ragini and Subhadra.
Subhadra: he is so sweet, ragini. You are so blessed.
Ragini:like his father.
Ragini: nothing Subbu! Come we should prepare for next class and my dance class.
Ragini and Subhadra immersed themselves in work.
In Kolkatta,
Swara sleeps in Sanskar embrace and Sanskar feels swara body temperature is abnormal.
Sanskar touches Swara’s forehead.
Sanskar: I think she got fever. I will call Sahil. No .. but I don’t have any other way.
Sanskar calls Sahil and Sahil rushes.
Sanskar goes to kitchen and sees laxmi making dinner.
Laxmi: do you want anything Sanskar?
Sanskar:water and a cloth.Swara have fever.
Laxmi:wait a minute!
Laxmi comes with cloth and water in bowl.
Laxmi goes and Sanskar follows her.
Laxmi checks her forehead and immerse cloth in water , drain the water and give cloth to Sanskar.
Laxmi:do like that for once in half an hour.ok, Sanskar.
Sanskar nods and puts the wet cloth in Swara’s forehead.
At that time,Sahil comes.Sahil checks her and injects some medicine.
Sahil: the shock resulted in fever. Sanskar, I want to stay here until she recovered.
Sanskar understands Sahil’s feeling.
Laxmi: I already arranged guest room for you Sahil bhai. you can stay there. You also needs some rest.
Laxmi:we will wake you if anything needs.
Sahil nods and half heartedly stands up and goes to guest room.
After half an hour,Swara starts to wake up and tries to sit.
Sanskar holds her .
Sanskar:Swara, you are so weak. Just take rest.
Laxmi comes here with bowl.
Laxmi:Sanskar, help her to sit.
Sanskar nods and make Swara sit in bed and give pillows to her support.
Laxmi:Sanskar, it’s overcooked rice with rasam. It will help her to get fine soon. Feed her. I will come.
Laxmi comes downside.
Janki, Aarav, Raj and Arjun walks tensedly.
Janki:how is she?
Aarav: is she ok naa?
Raj: you shouldn’t stop us.
Laxmi:She is ok, Janki di. just relax. Raj, now it’s time to enjoy her husband’s care. Let it be and we will see her in morning. Janki di, I will take food to sahil.
Arjun:Sahil is in terrace.
Laxmi: ok, I will take care of it.

In terrace,
Sahil stares moon with tears in his eyes.
Laxmi:Sahil bhai…
Sahil turns and hides his tears.
Sahil:haan is Swara need anything?
Laxmi:no bhai. I am Mrs.Laxmi Arjun Mehra. I know it’s not correct time for introduction. I want to tell one thing.
Laxmi:Don’t let your sorrow depress your heart. just let it to be come out.consider me as your behan.
Laxmi holds Sahil hands. Sahil falls on his knees and cries.
Sahil: Rago is innocent. She never deserve this. How much she suffered? I am a bad bhai. I failed to save her. I failed.
Laxmi let him to cry and pour his feelings.
Laxmi puts her hand on Sahil’s shoulder.Sahil raised his head to see her.
Laxmi:bhai, Ragini’s murderer is punished. Now, we have to save Swara’s life.
Sahil looks Laxmi questioningly.
Laxmi:bhai,you know Swara loved Laksh but now she married to Sanskar. Sanskar loves her and he only can keep her happy. So, I want you keep her in happy mood and now you should Amar and Swayam. Both needs you.
Sahil:you are correct Laxmi.
Sahil leaves.

In Swasan room,
Sanskar feeds Rasam rice to swara and swara swallows it.
Swara feels vomiting sensation and try to control.
Sanskar observes it and put rice bowl in table, and stands to hold Swara to take her to wash room.
Swara can’t control and vomits on Sanskar.
Swara nods her head down.
Swara:So..rr..y.. Sanskar. I ..
Sanskar: it’s ok Swara.
Sanskar takes Swara to washroom and wipes her mouth with cloth, make her goggle with water.
Sanskar makes Swara sit in room.
Sanskar cleans himself and changes into Tshirt.
Swara looks him with moist eyes.
Swara: I am also disturb you naa, Sanskar.
Sanskar didn’t speak and sits with Rice bowl next to her.
Swara:I am..
Before Swara complete, Sanskar feeds her with spoon. Whenever Swara starts to speak with guilt, Sanskar feeds her and stops her.
Food is finished but Swara didn’t stop.
Sanskar holds Swara’s shoulder.
Sanskar:Swara, you are not at all fault.
But Swara blabbers continuously.
Sanskar:chup!(puts his finger on her lips)
Sanskar have goose bumps and takes his finger suddenly. Swara looks him shockingly.
Sanskar takes tablets in his hand.
Sanskar:eat it!
Swara nods no.
Swara: I hate medicines.
Sanskar goes and comes with chocolates.
Sanskar: eat this chocolates, you will feel better.
Swara takes chocolates and eat it.
Swara: you cheater, it’s not chocolate it’s tablet.
Swara going to spit it out but Sanskar make her drink water.
Swara punches him and feels dizzy because of medicine, slowly falls into sleep.
Sanskar make her lay on bed properly.
Swara wakes up at evening and sees Sanskar who is sleeping by holding her hands.
A unknown smile shown in her face and she gets up without disturbing Sanskar.
At that time, Laxmi comes inside.
Swara sees Laxmi and signs not to speak and points Sanskar sleeping, Laxmi nods.
Both comes outside Swasan room.
Laxmi: how are you feeling now Swara?
Swara:better Laxmi. How are you? is that goons .. are you okay naa?
Laxmi laughs.
Laxmi: don’t ask about that idiots. They can’t withstand my single punch and they called themselves goons.
Swara surprisingly looks at her.
Laxmi: we can talk a lot in my room. I have to check Arjun’s cloth.
Laxmi takes Swara with her .

In their room,
Laxmi arranges Arjun cloth and irons it.
Swara: there are servants naa. Why are doing yourself?
Laxmi:he is my buddy Swara. I feel happy when I am taking care of his each and every things like he cares for me.
Laxmi:ok, I finished. Our morning outing is ruined. Why can’t we go out now with our husbands? Actually we can book table for night lunch.
Swara: no Laxmi. I am not feeling well.
Laxmi:it’s ok. I will take you to your room. If Sanskar sees you missing, he will be tensed.
In Swasan room,
Sanskar wakes up and worried by seeing Swara missing.
He comes out of room and shouts”Swara..Swara..”
Laxmi: I told you naa. Waise, you are so lucky Swara to got this much loving husband.
Swara :haan…
Swara remembers how Sanskar cared for her.
Laxmi : come on. He will kill me otherwise for stealing his wife.
Laxmi smiles and Swara comes with laxmi to hall.
In hall,
Janki and Raj, Aarav try to cool Sanskar. A unknown feel arose in sanskar’s heart.s
Sanskar goes towards her”where you gone, Swara? do you know how much I tensed?”
Before Swara answer, Laxmi answers him.
Laxmi:she felt bored and you are sleeping deeply. She thought to not disturb you, Sanskar.
Sanskar remembers Laxmi as Arjun wife.
Sanskar:Sorry bhabhi. I didn’t even ask about you. actually I am tensed about Swara. how are you? what happened?
Laxmi:I can understand Sanskar. I am alright. Waise, you can ask Aarav bhai about that. He can explain you clearly. Hai naa Aarav bhai.
Aarav tells everything and everyone laughs .
Swara: you did a very good thing, Laxmi.
Laxmi: ok. ok. Sanskar , take Swara to garden. If she inhale fresh air, she will feel better. But don’t let her walk.
Sanskar gives a confused look.
Laxmi:arre, she is your wife. Take her in your hand and go. You are such a tube light. Both the friends are same.
Janki: you are scolding Arjun in this chance.
Laxmi:Arre bhabhi, which wife leave a chance to taunt her husband?
A voice comes there” haan, now only I got to know”
Laxmi acts like blushes and ran to her room. Without any other option, Swara agrees and Sanskar takes her in his hand in bridal style and walks towards garden.
Arjun comes to his room and sees Laxmi sits in chair and deeply thinking.
Arjun: you should go for acting Laxmi.what an acting?
Laxmi returns a stern glare.
Arjun:Arre, teasing friend is not a crime.
Laxmi smiles.
Laxmi: you will never change Arjun. before and now.
Arjun:before and now means… so, you now about me.
Laxmi bites her tongue.
Laxmi: yes. I know about you.I hope you don’t compele me.
Laxmi : I will come within a minute.
Laxmi goes to Aarav and Janki room and knocks it.
Janki: come in.
Laxmi enters the room.
Janki:Arre laxmi, do you need anything?
Laxmi:di, actually Arjun bought this for us. But I have a sudden head ache. I think yo can enjoy this concert.
Aarav:but you are not well..
Laxmi: I have Arjun to take care of me.please.
Janki: ok.
In Raj room,
Raj enters his room and sees a movie ticket.
Raj: who put this? Haaa! Whoever it is may be Aarav bhai, I will enjoy this movie.
In Arjun room,
Laxmi enters and smiles.
Arjun:why are you smiling?
Laxmi: you are going to cook for me naa.
Arjun: no.. actually I don’t know how to cook.
Laxmi:don’t lie to me. I know you all know how to cook and cook spiceless.Swara shouldn’t eat spiceless food as she is ill.
Arjun:Sachi haa.. I don’t know how to cook.
Laxmi:then, who helped Sahil in pune trip.
Laxmi smirks.
Arjun gives a shocked look.
Laxmi: I know all about you and so do what I say.
Arjun goes to kitchen helplessly , thinking deeply and Laxmi smiles.

After half an hour,
It’s night 7 and Swasan enters the hall.
Laxmi sits in sofa and hold her head.
Swara(concerned):what happened Laxmi bhabhi?
Laxmi: just an headache Swara.
Sanskar:where is Arjun, raj and others bhabhi?
Laxmi:Aarav bhai and bhabhi went to concert and Raj went to movie. Don’t tell them that I have headache and my pyarre Arjun is cooking for me.
Sanskar: are you take medicine?
Laxmi:Arre, who will take medicine for headache? I have thailam(natural medicine), it’s enough for me.
Sanskar: ok. I will help Arjun.
Sanskar goes to kitchen.
Laxmi: do you know Swara, which is precious gift for a girl. Her husband who showers motherly love to her wife. I feel that I am so blessed in that.
Unknowingly, Swara’s heart and mind both thinks about Sanskar and his care.
Sanskar comes in chef’s attire.
Sanskar:Ladies, food is ready. We are honored if you taste it.
Laxmi taps his head.”Dramebazz..”
Swara smiles and Sanskar stares her smile and feels happy by seeing her smile.
Swara and Laxmi both gets into dining table and eats with lots of fun.
At night,
Sanskar make Swara takes her medicine and Swara starts to sleep as a effect of medicine.
Sanskar goes to terrace and inhales fresh air. The feeling which he refused now it crossed it’s threshold.
He feels someone behind him and turns”Laksh…”
But he sees only Laxmi.
Sanskar:bhabhi aap.
Laxmi: haan.. can ‘t I come to terrace?
Sanskar(tensed):no… no.. it’s not like that bhabhi.
Laxmi:arre why are you always Serious yaar? Just have fun.
Sanskar bitterly smiles.
Laxmi:Sanskar, in life we will face so many situation but we never forget to smile. Because our smile will give power not only to you also for your beloved ones to face the situation.
Sanskar looks her shockingly.
Laxmi: I know all about you, Swara and more importantly Laksh importance in your life. Arjun told everything.
Sanskar and Laxmi both stares moon.
Sanskar:even after that you want me smile bhabhi.
Laxmi(smiles): because Laksh needs your smile Sanskar.
Sanskar looks her shocked.
Laxmi:Sanskar, my maa always says bhabhi holds a mother position in devar’s life. I know I can’t be Suji maa but you can trust me and share your problems.
Laxmi makes Sanskar sit in long chair.
Laxmi:first tell, where did you go in that night? I meant your marriage night. I Have seen you while parking your car and I sense something important.
Sanskar: I went to the village where my marriage happen. The marriage is Laksh plan and he sent me a letter.
Sanskar tells everything in the letter and sobs.
Laxmi caresses his hair and make him lay in her lap.
Sanskar: I need him bhabhi.
Laxmi: he is always with you Sanskar. If he hides means, may be he have some reasons. He promised you naa that he will be with you whenever you need. Let it be Sanskar. But now you need some patience with Swara to win her love.trust your love Sanskar.
Sanskar: how do you know I love her? Even Arjun can’t know about this.
Laxmi: I am not duffer like Arjun. I can read love for Swara in your eyes.
Sanskar(unknowingly): but still she loves Laksh.(bites his tongue)
Laxmi:Don’t worry Sanskar. I already know you both are acting. But just trust your love and go to your bed. it’s already late.
Sanskar stands” I don’t know bhabhi, now I feel little bit better. You also like Laksh so understanding”
Laxmi smiles and Sanskar goes to his room.
A man comes from hideout and Laxmi and that man speaks something hidden.
After a month, Swara takes care of Sanskar’s everything and unknowingly falls for Sanskar’s unconditional love but not realised. Elders returned from pilgrimage. VR Industries stocks falls down and they lose important contract to LS Industries and Sharma Industries.
In VR Industries,
Ram: today, we have to go Mr.Sharma’s party for his recent success. Definitely they will try to taunt us for recent loss and happy news is Amrit won the contract.
Aarav: he is our rival and I also think like that.
Vishnu: it’s better to ignore the party.
Raj: I also think like that.
Sanskar: no . we can’t refuse the invitation.
Veer:Sanskar is correct. I , Sanskar and Aarav are going to party. That’s all. Everyone return to work.
In Lakshya Industries,
Aditya and Amrit is analyzing about VR Industries.
Amrit: if it continues, they will be bankrupt .
Aditya: we also need this naa. But I feel bad. My heart forces me to save them.
Amrit: yes once I also want to destroy VR industries.but it’s not only sign of papa’s friendship , it’s Ram uncle’s hardwork.
Aditya: and moreover Sanskar bhai, Raj and Aarav bhai life is based on this organization.
Amrit: they are more intelligent than us, Aadi. Something behind this loss. Keep an eye on that Sharma. He is their main rival.
Aditya: ok, bhai.
Aditya leaves the cabin.
Amrit takes Lakshya photo.
Amrit: why did you left us , Laksh? is maa , papa commited mistake what is my fault? Why are you punishing us? Please return. I am scared Laksh. I don’t know why I am feeling that you are going far from me. no…I never let that happen.
Amrit hears a knock on his door . Amrit composed himself.
Shyam, Adittra’s bhai cum Amrit friend , 30% share holder of Lakshya Industries but works as Amrit’s PA still thinks he is also responsible for Lakshya’s suicide attempt.
Amrit:Shyam, is anything important?
Shyam: we have to go Mr.Sharma’s party.
Amrit calls someone and talks seriously.
At 7:00 PM,
Veer, Sanskar and Aarav comes to their party and Amrit and Aditya comes there.
Mr.and Mrs.Sharma welcomes them.
Veer ,Aarav and Sanskar takes softdrink in his hand and sits in chair, some business men talks with them.
The near group of Veer,
Mr.Sharma: VR Industries never get their position again. Mr.Rudraveer Singh and his men lost their potential.
Men 1:haan.. they are facing so much loss.
Men 2:see, within two months, they will be bankrupt and no one remember VR industries in industry world.
Amrit comes to them.
Amrit:yes, you are correct Mr.Sharma .VR industries never get back their position and no one remember VR industries in Industrial world.
Veer hears it and feels bad, but composes himself.
At that time, Laxmi and Arjun comes there.
Arjun goes to Amrit by hearing this.
Arjun and Amrit holds their hands and go towards Stage. Laxmi stands with Veer with a smile.
Veer, Sanskar and Aarav stands their with confusion.
Amrit raises his glass and makes sound with glass.
Amrit:Attention Gentlemens and ladies…
Arjun:we both here to inform a happy news.
Amrit:Asia’s No.1 Industry VR Industry and Lakshya Industry are merged today and we won a huge project.
Mr.Sharma and the men who shocked by hearing this news.
Arjun: we want to announce via a press meet but we just want to share our happiness. Thank you all.
Arjun and Amrit comes towards Mr.Sharma.
Amrit smirks” I said naa Mr.Sharma, no one will remember VR Industries because it’s going to be merged and no one can snatch it’s position”
Arjun , Laxmi , Sanskar ,Aarav and Amrit ,Aadi leaves the party venue.
In Parking area,
Amrit turns while Aadi sits in car as he gets emotional.
Amrit: even though I hate you, you are my papa and it’s my family. we have so many problems inbetween us but I can’t bear if anyone insults you or my family.
By saying this,Amrit gets into car and starts it, moves a little bit.Veer falls down on the floor collapsed.
Sanskar&Aarav&Arjun: bade papa..
Amrit stops the car and Aadi and Amrit run towards them.
Amrit takes veer in his lap.
Laxmi:let take papa to hospital.
Amrit takes Veer in his hands and tears flowing from Amrit’s eyes.
Laxmi sits in car and Amrit, Aadi gets inside with Veer while Sanskar,Arjun and Aarav follows them in their car.
In hospital,
Veer is admitted in ICU.

Amrit and Aadi stands outside with tears.
Aadi hugs Amrit”bhai, papa kuch nagi hoga naa”
Amrit remains silent and sobs.
Laxmi:why are you remaining silent Amrit? Tell him that your both hatred is killing your own father.
Amrit and Aadi looks her painfully.
Laxmi:Amrit, I can understand your feelings. Whatever happened with Laksh and you was wrong. Kallu maa or veer papa shouldn’t do like that. But just think Amrit. If Laksh went against Sanskar, what will be the result? It’s a complete destruction and at that time, no one can’t predict Laksh mind. He was completely broken. I can justify their decision in Laksh and I can’t when comes to you. but your silence and ignorance is killing them inside. They pretend to be happy for others but I know how they will cry by holding your photo. They are dying daily by your punishment. Forgive them otherwise you may lost them forever.
Laxmi said with a choke and runs from there. Amrit and Aadi falls on floor completely broken and cries aloud. Sanskar and Aarav hugs them and try to console them.
Arjun run behind Laxmi and hugs her.
Arjun:don’t worry Laxmi. Nothing bad will happen to Veer mamaji. Actually I drugged him to make Amrit and Aadi realize.
Laxmi breaks the hug and slaps him hardly.
Laxmi:don’t you know how much I am scared. It’s a play for you. how can you do this Arjun?
Laxmi holds Arjun shirt collar and shakes him.
Arjun: I want to unite Amrit and Aadi to Veer Mamaji. Please don’t cry.
Laxmi leaves his collar and turns.
Laxmi:Sorry I become emotional.
Arjun: it’s ok. don’t tell them. they will bury me alive.
Laxmi nods.
At that time , Someone takes Sultan in structure.
Arjun runs behind sultan.
After an hour,Doctor informs Veer fainted because of Stress and discharges him and Sultan have a heart attack.
Arjun break down.Laxmi holds his shoulder.
In Veer’s ward,
Amrit and Aditya both holds Veer hands and silently cries.
Amrit:Forgive me papa, we always taunted you. because of me, you suffered.
Aditya can’t speak anything because veer is his hero, he sobs.
Veer: no Amrit.actually when you stand for Laksh, I feel proud of you both. I did a mistake but at that time, I don’t find any other way.
Amrit:papa.. don’t stress. I understand and Laksh will also understand.
Veer:where is Arjun?
Sanskar:Sultan have heart attack and Arjun is stand there.
At that time,
Doctor comes to Arjun and says Sultan gets conscious.
Arjun and Laxmi runs inside.
Arjun holds Sultan hands”Dadu! Don’t let me an orphan. Haan, I am anger on you. I ignored you. eventhough I know you were manipulated, Sanskar, Raj and Laksh suffering hide my eyes. I can’t believe my dadu this much cruel. But now I want you. don’t leave me alone”
Sultan takes his oxygen mask and hugs Arjun.” nothing will happen to me,Arjun and I never let my Arjun to suffer. You don’t cry and I can’t see your tears. Bahu rani forced me to do this. Please don’t ignore me”
Arjun shocked and sees laxmi and Laxmi holds both her cheeks by her hands by remembering her slap.
Arjun: dadu, I forgive you but now I can’t come from Mamaji’s family as they needs me and once laksh returns, I will return to our house.
Arjun holds Laxmi hands and come outside.
Arjun:why did you do this, Laxmi?
Laxmi:I did this for you Arjun. Now Dadu is alright but really if he have heart attack or something, you can’t forgive you yourself Arjun. I don’t want my friend live his life in guilt
Arjun raises his hand and Laxmi closes her eyes in fear.
But Arjun hugs her.
Arjun: the most correct thing which happen in my life after Laksh friendship, it’s you Laxmi. I really did a good thing by acting this fake marriage. Otherwise I will miss you in my life.
A voice comes there”what?Fake marriage?”
Arjun and Laxmi turns”Mamaji/papa..”
Veer comes to see Arjun to give confidence but overhears their conversation accidentally.
Veer: how is your dadu,Arjun?
Arjun(stammers): now .. he is alright Mamaji…
Veer:do you want to stay there?
Arjun nods no.
Veer:ok, we can go.
In car, Amrit,Aadi and everyone comes silently.
Amrit and Aadi comes out of the car and sees kalyani is waiting for them with moist eyes.Amrit and Aadi eyes become moist.
Both run and hugs her.
Aadi &Amrit: maa…
Kalyani caresses their hairs.
Suji:Kallu,let them to come in.
Amrit:Aadi, you go inside and I will come with Meenu otherwise she will give me broomstick treatment.
“Are you speaking about me?” a voice comes from behind.
Amrit/Aadi:Meenu kutty/Lioness…
Meenu stands with put her hands on her waist.
Meenu:Kallu maa..
Both hug each other.
Meenu: I missed your embrace maa..
Kalyani: I am also…
Kalyani kisses meenu’s forehead and Amrit feels bad for the separation.
Sun starts to rise.
Laxmi: ok. ok. everyone get inside..
Radhika and Janki takes Aarti to Meenu and Amrit,Aadi and they get inside.
In hall,
Elders get into their room after a little talk. In hall, Swasan, Amrit ,Aadi, Raj and Aarav are present.
Amrit:Sanskar, Aarav bhai ,Raj. Many times, I insulted you. but…
Sanskar and Raj,Aarav side hugs Amrit and Aadi.
Aarav: we never felt bad Amrit. Actually we are happy by seeing your care and love for Laksh. Like you, one day Laksh will also come.
Amrit: I also hope that.
Arjun and Laxmi stands far from them.
Arjun: I am so happy Laxmi. Once, Laksh united with that family , it will be completed.
Laxmi(low voice): he will never come but this family is going to be complete family without him.
Arjun:did you said anything,Laxmi?
At morning,
In Kalyani-Veer room,
Laxmi comes there.
Kalyani:Laxmi beta, Are you need anything?
Veer: now, I ask why you and Arjun did fake marriage?
Laxmi: papa, don’t anger on him.Actually, (stammers and sheds tears) I am an orphan and good wrote my life time so shorter. I wish to feel family’s love and Arjun give this.
Kalyani and Veer hugs her and their eyes become moist.
Kalyani: you are this house’s LAXMI beta. You will always my beti. No one can change it.
Laxmi:Maa..papa.. don’t say this to anyone.
Veer:haan beta..
Veer caresses her hairs and Laxmi comes out of room.
Kalyani:She is very good girl and I thought she will keep our Arjun happy.
Veer:until she is here, we should make her feel happy.
Kalyani nods by wiping her tears.
In Arjun room,
Arjun tensed and wait for Laxmi.
Laxmi enters and closes the door.
Arjun:how did you convince them?
Laxmi: I lied them that I am going to die.
Arjun(feels pained): don’t say like that even for a lie.
Laxmi:otherwise, they will make us marry. I am so tired and I am going to sleep.
Arjun(to himself ): don’t worry , I will never let you go from this family.
Arjun smirks.
It’s been three days after Amrit’s arrival. It’s been night and our Swasan and Arjun and Laxmi goes to a party as Veer requested them.
Swara wears a red shade black saree and Sanskar wears black colour suit.
Both enters into party.
They sees couple dances .
Laxmi:Arre Arjun, we can’t dance as I have leg pain today.
Swara: but Laxmi, you didn’t said to me.
Laxmi: I don’t want to make you feel worry.
Swara returns a glare and Laxmi pouts.
Laxmi: ok, why can’t you both dance?
Arjun: it’s a good idea.
Laxmi:no but or if s.
Sanskar sees Swara and Swara agrees.
Sanskar and Swara holds their hands and goes to dance floor.
Sanskar holds swara waist and Swara holds Sanskar shoulders. Both starts to dance and Swasan both starts to fall in each others eyes. They have a deep eyelock. Both dances in that position.
Arjun: I don’t know why you make Swara take care of Sanskar’s things. I know she loved Laksh but it’s waste Laxmi.
Laxmi: the truth is she never loved Laksh,Arjun and she already starts to fall on Sanskar’s love.Sanskar’s love increases when he sees Swara’s taking care of him.Swara have a positive sorner for Sanskar and I just make her feel Sanskar’s love. Ahh! I feel headache. I am going to house and take care of them.
Arjun: how can you go?
Laxmi: I will take Cab.
Laxmi leaves.
Everyone claps and Swasan broke their eyelock.
Sanskar have a call and Swasan comes from dance floor.
Sanskar:what?no.. I will come now itself. Try to control.
Arjun:what happened?
Sanskar:there is a fire accident in both units. I will go unit 1 and you will take care of unit 2.
Arjun: ok. I will call my driver and you can go .
Swara feels something bad in her heart.
Swara: I am also coming with you,Sanskar.
Swara:no arguments…
Sanskar nods and both Swasan goes from party.
In the way,
Sanskar Car is break down.
Swara:what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar: I will check.
Sanskar opens the bannet and check the engine.Swara comes out.
Swara sees a goon comes towards Sanskar with knife.
Swara shouts by calling name Sanskar name and gets middle inbetween Sanskar and man , faints.
Sanskar holds Swara and shouts”SWARA..”
Sanskar raises his head and sees another man holds that goon hand and slits goon hand by using his hand.
Sanskar looks him shocked. Rain starts and a thunder blows and Sanskar sees that man face by lightning’s light.
Laksh smiles to Sanskar and another goon try to hit Laksh from backward.
Laksh hold his hand and just break it.
Dark covers the place. Again Lightning happens, Sanskar sees goons laying on road in wounded state and moans.
Sanskar is frozen by seeing Laksh’s this side.
Sanskar takes Swara in his hand and stands.
Laksh: I will be always with you Sansku.
Laksh smiles and dark covers the place.
At that time, another car comes here.
Aarav comes out and sees Sanskar and goons by the front light of car.
Sanskar turns to see Laksh and but Laksh is not present here.
Aarav:Sanskar get inside and it’s not safe to be here.
Sanskar nods and takes Swara in his hand and get inside.
After half an hour,
Aarav and Swasan reached VR Mansion. Here, everyone looks tensed. Sanskar puts Swara in bed and Janki changes her clothes and taking care of her.
Sanskar:Aarav bhai who is taking control situation in unit 1?
Aarav:Papa , bade papa and Aadi , Raj . Arjun , Amrit and Ram uncle is in unit 2.
Sanskar: I don’t know how to recover this loss. It may be 100 crores approximately.
Aarav: tomorrow we are going to merge our company with Mr.Sharma.
Aarav: we don’t have any other way.
Sanskar: but, how badepapa accepted?
Aarav: for our future. Even I opposed, but he don’t want to risk our future.
The next day,
In VR Industries,
Mr.Sharma and Veer and youngsters present.
Mr.Sharma(smirks): can we sign the deal?
Amrit(to sanskar): I sense this Sharma behind the accident.
Sanskar: but , we don’t have any proof.
Veer signs as the chairman and Mr.Sharma is going to sign.
At that time, A man comes inside with lawyers and directly gets inside to conference hall.
Man: sorry for disturbing you gentle man.
Everyone looks him questioningly.
Man: I am Rehan P.A of LS industries chairman.
Aditya: bhai, LS Industries is no.1 in import and export business and it’s developed in just two years.
Man:we bought 90% shares of Sharma industries yesterday evening itself and now Mr.Sharma is not a chairman but we want to continue this deal.
Mr.Sharma stands in shock.
Mr.Sharma: no. it can’t be happen. It’s not possible.
Rehan(smirks): you yourself sold your shares to our chairman,Mr.Sharma.
Mr.Sharma: no you cheated me.
Rehan: don’t you know Mr.Sharma, diamond cuts diamond? You bribed VR Industries employee and stealed information about tender proposals and you made fire accident to make this merger and you even try to kill Mr.Arjun Mehra with goons but Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari suffered in this. You are going to lose your remaining share for did the accident.
Rehan calls police inside and they arrests Mr.Sharma.
Rehan: my Chairman signed in this documents for merger. You can read it and after you can sign, Mr.Singh.
Veer: ok, Mr.Rehan. but we don’t know why your chairman helping us?
Rehan: your son helped my chairman once.so he is helping you as a repay. Now I leave.
Rehan leaves and Sanskar analyzing the documents.
In VR mansion,
Ram informed this and they are doing special dishes for celebrating.
Meenu, Janki ,Swara and Laxmi cuts the vegetables.Swara lost somewhere.
Laxmi:meenu, Arjun said your’s is love marriage. What you feel when you fall in love?
Meenu: it’s a different feeling Bhabhi. My thoughts starts with him and end with him. whenever I close my eyes, his face come infront of my eyes. Even I can risk my life for him.
Swara closes her eyes and Sanskar smiling face come infront of her eyes.
Swara jerks her thoughts and cuts her finger lightly .
Laxmi:swara, you are not well. Come with me.
Janki and Meenu forces andLaxmi takes Swara with her.
In Swasan room,
Laxmi dresses the wound.
Laxmi:Swara, what happened?
Swara: I am confused, Laxmi.
Laxmi:Swara, my maa always says we can get solution in temple. So we can go nearby temple.
Swara:but we have ..
Laxmi: I will take care of it.
Laxmi gets permission from kalyani and takes Swara to temple.
In temple,
Swara stands before Mata rani idol.
Swara: maa, I loved Laksh. but now I don’t know what is happening inside me. Love is come once in life. I love Laksh then how can I love Sanskar.
“because you never loved me doll..” A voice comes there and sees Laksh covered with white blanket.
Laksh:haan doll! The truth is you never loved me. it’s just an attraction doll.
Swara looks him shocked.
Laksh:doll, we met in park. You saw me and attracted towards my innocence and I healed your pains which makes you attracted towards me doll. It’s just an attraction Swara. but you misunderstood as love.
Swara: Laksh!
Laksh:Doll! It’s the truth when I am in death bed in hospital, when I am missed, you felt sad not you felt as losing your life Doll. You felt guilt not felt the pain of losing your soul.you tried to keep me alive by your acts as a best friend.but, when comes to Sanskar, You can even ready to sacrifice your life for Sanskar not for me. you love Sanskar not me. you attracted towards my innocence and helping nature not to me. Innocence is just a part of me not me.but you love Sanskar who he is.
Swara: because of me, you and Rago suffered.
Laksh: it’s my fate doll. Now, I want a promise.Keep my sansku always happy.
Swara:I promise Laksh that I always keep my sanskar happy.
Laksh and Swara both prays and Swara opens her eyes and confused to see Laksh is missing.
Laxmi comes there.
Laxmi:Swara, what are you thinking so long? I am scared.
Swara(in mind): if I really see Laksh or my imagination… but the truth is I love Sanskar not Laksh. because of my confusion, I already spoilt my rago’s life. I never let spoil my sanskar’s life. My Sanskar…(smiles)
Swara:thanks Laxmi.. my all confusions got cleared.
Laxmi and Swara returns to VR Mansion.
In Swasan room,
Swara’s POV
I don’t know what happen towards me. in temple, I don’t know that I saw Laksh or it’s imagination. But the truth is I love Sanskar. Yes, his care and love made me love him. I don’t know why I am smiling. First I saw Laxmi cares for Arjun, I just followed it for acting. But when I start to know Sanskar, he is not what he look. I thought he is self centered. No he is not. he is very sweet. How he showed love and care towards me even after know I loved Laksh sorry I attracted towards Laksh. but my attraction made as a hurdle in my rago’s life. If I get that person, I will kill him with my hands but Laksh did it. I am very happy my rago’s murderer punished. But the guilt still remain in my heart. but I will never let this guilt affect my relation especially my Sanskar.Sanku.. I want to take wife rights from you even you didn’t gave me I will take it. it’s my first step. I am going to share your personal wardrobe with me.
I opened his wardrobe and start to partition. Something a book, I got. It’s sanskar’s diary.
“ it’s wrong Shona to read others diary” my good side snapped me.
“you are reading your hubby sanku’s diary and nothing is wrong in it” my evil side won me.
I opened the diary and I am … I can’t express. It’s my photo.. he drawn my face in his diary. What he written below my love my baby Shona…. Is it Sanskar love me? my vision got blur as a result of tears.
“do you know Swara, which is precious gift for a girl. Her husband who showers motherly love to her wife.”Laxmi bhabhi’s word rings in my mind. Finally I get my love who loves me truly and it’s not attraction.
In VR Industries,
Sanskar calls Amrit and Arjun to his cabin.
Sanskar shows the papers which Rehan gives.
Amrit:what is in it,Sanskar? There is no fault in this. We will have equal shares.
Sanskar starts to tear that paper little at one side and takes a sheet from the paper. Two papers sticked and above one can take without any destruction in below paper.
Amrit and Arjun are shocked.
Sanskar:All the papers are same like that,Amrit.
Amrit:what is this?they are tried to fool us.
Amrit stands in anger.
Sanskar: no Amrit.LS is my dream company which I want to start with Laksh.
Arjun:what do you mean Sanskar?
Sanskar: the chairman of LS Industries is Laksh. my Laku(choked)
Arjun stands in shock.
Sanskar takes LAKSH chain in his hand and give it to Amrit.
Amrit: it’s LAKSH.
Sanskar: he gave me when my marriage happened through that Sarpanch leader. But the truth is that village, villagers all are fake. It’s all LAKSH plan. Only he knows I loved Swara.and these papers, laksh merged his company with us and he gave all his shares to bade papa, papa, and chote papa and Raksh and gives 5% shares to shyam and 5% to Amar. He made us 90% share holder of new merged company and he made our industry so strong.
Amrit:it means he is going far away from me. I sense that he takes some stupid decision.
At that time, Shyam knocks the door.
Sanskar:come in.
Shyam comes inside.
Amrit:is anything important Shyam?
Shyam: Veer uncle signed that papers and he asked me to inform you. ok. I want to go.
Shyam leaves.
Amrit holds his head.” now, what can we do?”
Arjun(determinately): I know what to do.
Arjun takes his car and comes to VR Mansion and storms the door.
He sees Laxmi sits in bed and looks so tired.
Arjun closes the door.
Arjun:Laxmi, I want to speak to Laksh.
Laxmi: he will talk when he wants.
Arjun kneels down infront of Laxmi and folds his hands. Laxmi stands in shock.
Arjun: I beg you laxmi please I want to speak to him. please… I beg you(cries)
Laxmi turns and holds bed clamp tightly and her eyes sheds tears.
Laxmi: go to office and he will call you the next minute you enter the office.
Arjun stands and hugs her”thanks Laxmi. I love you…”.Arjun goes to offce.
Laxmi freezes in shock.
Arjun enters his cabin and he receives call from international number.Sanskar and Amrit also present there.
Laksh: hello Arjun bhai..
Sanskar and Amrit stands in shock and Arjun puts phone in loudspeaker.
Laksh: yes! Laksh only bhai and don’t cry like a school boy. It doesn’t suits you.
Laksh:So, Sansku, Ammu also here naa.
Sanskar:what is this Laku? Why did you transferred your industry on our name?
Laksh: hmm! You become smart than I thought Sansku. Who are you?this Laku’s friend naa.
Amrit: please return to us Laksh. we need you.
Laksh: no bhai. I already gave my position to Sansku.
Sanskar: I can’t fill your place in anyone life Laku.
Laksh:Arre Sansku! We are speaking after so many days. So don’t be emotional. You are going to hold position in our family. that’s all.
Amrit:why are you punishing us ,Laksh? please return to us.
Laksh gets teary eyes.
Laksh: Arre Ammu I didn’t punish anyone. I can’t live without my cutie. I will be alive still the hope alive in me. I made you all independent and no one can never hold VR Industries. I made that much strong and take care of maa ,papa and Aadi. Aadi is grown for name sake but still he is a kid. Take care of him and Arjun bhai, thanks for uniting Amrit and Aadi with our family. because that problem made me pluck my hair by myself but you easily solved. Ok. if time allows, we will talk.
Laksh cuts the call and cries.
On other side, Sanskar and Amrit frozen by Laksh words. Arjun face shows different type of emotions.
Laksh feels a shadow near his door.
Laksh puts a little make up for hiding tear marks. Laksh take a necklace and wear it in neck which has a device to change his voice. He stands before mirror and checks wig and mask correctly positioned or not.
Someone knocks his door.
Laksh opens the door.
“Arre Laxmi, what happen? Why are you looking tired” Lady asked.
“ nothing janki di. just an headache” Laksh/Laxmi answered Janki.
“Kallu maa called you.come with me” janki said.
Laxmi/ LAKSH puts her pallu on his head to cover the partition of wig.
In hall,
All ladies are present. Veer,Ram and Vishnu also present.
Laxmi/Laksh sees the pandit ji.
Laxmi/Laksh(hides his sadness):maa, is any good news?
Kalyani: haan.. it’s very good news. Pandit ji gives a date after a month for ..
Meenu:you and Arjun bhai marriage.
Laksh/Laxmi looks shocked and nods down to hide his expression.
Swara:Arre, our Laxmi bhabhi is blushing.
Laxmi/Laksh: maa.. papa.. I want to talk with you.
Laksh/Laxmi runs from here and go to Arjun room and tensedly waits for Kalyani and Veer.
Kalyani and Veer comes and Laksh/laxmi cloes the door.
Laxmi/Laksh: maa.. papa.. I am going to die. You can’t do this to Arjun. his life will be wasted.
Veer: he loves you madly, Laxmi beta and you also love him. I have seen your care towards him and you yourself accepted.” do you know Swara, which is precious gift for a girl. Her husband who showers motherly love to her wife.” You said this to swara about Arjun.
Laxmi/Laksh: but papa..
Kalyani: I already lost my one son. I don’t want to lose another one also. you both love each other and we will consult doctor about possibilities for increase your life time
Laksh/laxmi sits in bed tiredly and Kalyani and veer leaves. Laxmi/Laksh put the lock in door and throws his mask in frusturation.
Laksh stares the mask and wig and bitterly smiles.
Laksh:I think I weared this in YamaKandam. That’s why I have so many problems. First that useless goons now this marriage. Arghh! What can you do LAKSH? think think…
Laksh remembers what Arjun said morning” I love you..”
Laksh: is he really loves me? no.. no.. think Laksh. he never loves me chii Laxmi. He try to use laxmi to get me.(to himself)you solved everyone problem and now everyone is happy. Ok. Laxmi death is the only way to get out from here. Not only from here from this world. I can’t live as a K, the don at the same time, I can’t live as Laksh.
Arjun sees Laksh in camera through camera which he attached today morning when Laksh /Laxmi went temple with Swara.
Arjun:Aree Laksh! so my assumption is correct. What a drama queen sorry sorry drama king you are Laksh. no one doubted you even you fooled me. but once I am your teacher Laksh. now I can’t tell this to Sanskar or Amrit. They will get emotional. I will make you expose yourself and I will make you return to our family. you started this game but I am going to end it.
Arjun smiles after so days whole heartedly by the return of his Laksh.

Precap: Raglak pov about their life.Laksh V/S Arjun and most awaited Ragini V/S Laxmi . who will win Laxmi or Ragini?

I know Asra you want me to tap my head for this mad episode. Please it’s my 25th episode and I want all my friend’s suggestion. Kutty, I missed your comment so much. If you feel discomfort in my ff, inform me. I don’t want to lose a single reader and friend. It’s just my request and I know commenting is reader’s choice. But still, I want to rectify my mistake . Ok. good bye. I have so many works for my parents marriage. Yes, my papa turns 60 after today and we will do parent’s marriage as a ritual. It’s a boon to each son and daughter to see their parents marriage. I am blessed. Don’t forget to give suggestions and keep smiling,take care and stay tuned with my friend.

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