Swaragini- my friend (Episode 24)


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Let I Start the episode.
Laksh gets inside his room and sees Ragini sits in bed and her face covered with veil. Laksh walks towards Ragini and opens the veil, shocked to see Ragini is sleeping in the same position. Laksh face shows a smile by seeing her sleeping cutely and he slowly make her lay on bed, removes her jewels carefully in the way which didn’t affect her sleep.
Laksh kisses her forehead and walk towards Balcony,stares the full moon.
“you didn’t trusted me Laku”Sanskar words ringing in Laksh mind. A sad smile appeared in Laksh face.

“Sansku… I trust you . but now I can’t let my emotions win me. you know that I trust you morethan myself. Still, you said those words to make me emotional and I will blurt out the truth. I don’t know Sansku, how will you react when you know the truth. I will hide it throughout the life.But I promise you Sansku, still I am there, I will never let anyone to harm you and I will support you for facing problems which we are going to face ” Laksh prosmises Sanskar by seeing moon.

In Swasan room,
Swara feeds Lakshman and sings Lally. Sanskar holds Lakshman tiny hands and thinks about Laksh words.
Swara:Sansku, see your champ is not sleeping.

Sanskar:give him to me.
Sanskar takes Lakshman in his hand and Swara puts her head in Sanskar’s lap. By hearing Sanskar’s Lally, Swara and Lakshman slept but sleep is far away from Sanskar.
Sanskar carefully puts Swara head in bed and Lakshman in cradle.

Sanskar walks towards his balcony and stares moon.
“ I don’t know Laku why you doing all this. I sense something big.hmm! once he hated lies now he lies that too me. I don’t know what happened you in these past 7 years. I tried to make emotional by saying that you didn’t trust me but you didn’t become emotional or say the truth.. but you stand as expressionless. I never seen like you. you are changed but our friendship still didn’t changed and it will never change. It ‘s my promise Laku, even I don’t know the problem, I will become your supporting system and I will safeguard you. I want to find that person. Only he can help me.Rehan… I will find him and I will know the truth.”Sanskar promises laksh by seeing moon from his balcony and takes Laksh chain in his hand.
Both the soul friends promises each other.

Sanskar hears Lakshman crying sound and rushes inside, take lakshman in his hand and Lakshman starts to sleep in Sanskar’s hands.
Sanskar holds Lakshman in his embrace and slowly falls in sleep.

In Raglak room,
Laksh returns to bed and lays beside Ragini. Ragini turns and puts her hand on Laksh and digs her face in Laksh neck .
Laksh kisses Ragini’s forehead and starts to fall in sleep.

Past( no one is describing or remembering)
Adittra and Raksh tells youngsters what happened except Swarag’s bhai’s.
Amrit deeply thinks.
Amrit: ok. Amar, Sahil or Swayam no one get to know about this truth. They can’t able to withstand.
Youngsters nods and leaves.

In Swasan room,
Sanskar caresses Laksh chain.
Sanskar: that means, Laku come to my marriage. But this chain is given by that Sarpanch leader naa.
Sanskar get his car keys and descends stairs. It’s all ready midnight.
Sanskar takes his car and drives to the Village where his marriage happened. When he goes to the place and shocked to see no one is present there.
He sees a man and go to near him.

Sanskar: bhaisap, is there a village naa?
Man: no beta, there is no village. It’s outer skirt of forest. Only there is a shiv temple which is also abandoned.
Sanskar: but yesterday…

Man: someone put the sets like village for shooting. I think you confused with that cinema set.
Man goes from there.
Sanskar gets inside his car and sees a letter .
Sanskar opens the letter.
“ hi Sansku,

When you read this letter, you will get my gift for your marriage. I never broke my promise. As I said, I came to your marriage.hmm! your marriage is so superb naa. Escaping, running and chasing and finally married. I know you should be anger on me. but Swara is very good girl and you loves her lot. I don’t find any other way. Sansku, I know you think why I didn’t returned. But I lost myself in my revenge and you don’t believe Sansku, I killed Ragini’s murderer. I know you are shocked. That’s the reason, I didn’t come infront of you. I lost my life in dark world which don’t have any way to return other than death. I will be always with you and whenever you need me, I will support you even I don’t come infront of you.
Bye . when you finish this letter, a drop of tear fall down on this letter and it will be burnt.”
Sanskar hurriedly try to safeguard the letter but a drop of tear falls on Letter and it burnt as ashes within a second.

Sanskar bangs his hand in steering.
Sanskar drives towards his house and lays in couch in his room. He remembers each and every enjoyable moment with Laksh and dozed off.

The next day morning,
Sanskar wakes up by sun rays falling in his face and sees Swara is sleeping still now in the effect of medicine.
Sanskar freshen up and comes to near Swara.
Sanskar: I don’t know Swara, what will happen in our life. I know you love Laksh. but I have to respect this marriage. I never disturb or force you to give my rights.

Swara opens her eyes and Sanskar stops his talk and takes water in a glass.
Swara sits by holding her head.
Sanskar:Drink this water, you will feel little bit better.
Swara takes and drink.
Swara:where am I ?
Sanskar:in our house.

Swara’s POV
Ohh! Shiv ji, what you done with my fate? I am married Sanskar and I want to live in Laksh’s house. No…I can’t. how can I face Laksh parents? I am the one who responsible for Laksh misery life and mera Rago ka suicide.
At that time, they hear a knock.

Sanskar open the door and Kalyani and Suji comes inside.
Kalyani:how are you feeling beta?
Swara feels more guilt .
Swara:don’t show this much care to me aunty. I am the one who is reason for Laksh’s misery life.
Kalyani:who said that?

Swara:if I didn’t …
Kalyani caresses Swara’s face.
Kalyani:Swara beta, it’s our fate. Think, your Rago loves you lot naa. If she knows you suffered because of her memories, she will feel bad and consider me as your maa.
Swara hugs Kalyani and bursts out which depressed her heart for these years.
Sanskar and Suji hides their tears.
Kalyani rubs Swara’s shoulder.
Kalynai:Swara beta, fresh up and wear this (points Saree) for today only after tomorrow you can wear whatever you want. Today it’s your first day here naa.
Swara nods.
Suji go near Sanskar.
Suji:take care of her ,Sanskar. Now she is your wife. Try your best to keep her happy.
Sanskar nods determinately.

In Arjun room,
Arjun bangs the study room door.
Arjun: open the door.. what her name.. haan Laxmi. Open the door.
Laxmi opens the door.
Laxmi: why are you shouting Arjun?
Arjun twists her hand back.

Laxmi:leave my hand.
Arjun: don’t dare to mess up with me.
Laxmi:are you forget about laksh?
Arjun jerked and leaves her hand.
Laxmi rubs her hand.
Laxmi: hmm! Whatever you done with me, it will reflect in laksh also.
Arjun holds Laxmi neck.
Arjun: if anything happen to Laksh even a little harm, I will worsen your life.
Arjun(in mind): I should find Laksh as soon as possible.
Laxmi:Finding Laksh is not easy Arjun.
Laxmi said by sitting in bed with a smirk.
Arjun looks her shocked.

Laxmi puts her leg on another leg.
Laxmi: the each step, you take to find Laksh, it will worsen his situation. Once, I finished my work, I will leave . so don’t do anything stupid.
At that time, they hear a knock sound.
Arjun opens the door and laxmi puts her pallu over head.
Radhika and Janki enters.

Laxmi smiles and take blessings from them.
Radhika:beta, today is your first day. Wear this clothes and come to Kitchen. Today is your first day in kitchen naa.
Laxmi:haan choti maa.. can I call you like that?
Radhika(smiles): definitely..Arjun chose Right girl for this family.
Laxmi nods her head down.

Janki: I am your Jeth ji, Laxmi.
Laxmi: so, you are like my di. I will call you as di.
Laxmi said innocently.

Janki smiles and caresses her cheek.” Ok. nowonwards I am your di. go and get ready soon”
Laxmi nods and Janki and Radhika go from there. Laxmi closes the door.
Arjun stares shockingly Laxmi.
Laxmi: am I looking alien to you Arjun?
Arjun(threatening tone): stay away from my family.
Laxmi: I already said that I don’t have any enmity with your family until you cross my way. Now, I have to get ready.
Laxmi opens the door and shows the way. Arjun leaves his room helplessly.

In Swasan room,
Sanskar gets ready in kurta and pyjama in bathroom itself.
Sanskar sees Swara lost in her thoughts.
Sanskar touches Swara’s shoulder and Swara looks at him with moist eyes.
Sanskar sits near her.
Sanskar:Swara… whatever happened it’s not in our hands. It’s all our fate(in mind- it ‘s all because of laku).

Swara(looking aimlessly): I always brought sorrow in everyone life.
Sanskar:Swara… why are you saying like this?
Swara: I am bad omen Sanskar. First I lost my parents then Swayam and Amar bhai take care of me. but they suffered and My Rago, only because of me , she commited suicide and Laksh lost his hope in life and stay away from you all. It’s all because of me. Stay away from me Sanskar, even my bad luck can harm you.
Sanskar stand there helpless.

Sanskar:Swara… do you think I am your friend?
Swara nods yes.
Sanskar:Swara, whatever happened it’s our fate. We can’t change it. but others happiness, I mean Amar, Swayam and Sahil happiness , it’s in your hand. try to forget it and moreover Ragini didn’t commit suicide, she is not that much coward.
Swara looks Sanskar shockingly.

Swara: are you lieng to console me?
Sanskar(takes deep breath):no Swara.Ragini was murdered and I don’t know the reason but Laksh said me that he took revenge through letter.
Swara : but who have enmity with her?
At that time, they hear a door knock.
Kalyani:Swara beta, are you get ready?
Swara: within two minutes maa…
Sanskar:Swara, I want one help. We have to act infront of world as husband and wife. I know they know about us. But we have to act.
Swara nods.
Swara looks Sanskar and Sanskar signs that we can speak later.
Swara heart is going through the storm.
Swara gets ready and goes down.

In Hall,

Kalyani:Swara beta, I will introduce our family.
Kalyani introduces everyone and at that time, Arjun and Laxmi comes there.
Kalyani:haan.. he is Arjun. I think you know him and she is Laxmi, Arjun’s wife.
Sanskar, Raj and Aarav looks shockingly Arjun and Arjun avoids Sanskar gaze.
Laxmi takes blessings from elders.
Kalyani:Swara beta, Laxmi beta . come I will take you to kitchen.
Elders leave and Ladies leave to Kitchen. In hall, Arjun stands middle.
Sanskar:what is this , Arjun?
Arjun: I am also married.

Raj: we also asking about that. When did you married?
Arjun: yesterday.
Aarav:Don’t irritate us Arjun. Already we are in so much problem. Why did you married her?
Arjun: it’s my privacy and I hope you never force me.
By Saying this, Arjun left the hall.

Sanskar:Something is big and he is hiding this.
Raj and Aarav nods.
In Kitchen,
Radhika: Swara and Laxmi, it’s your first day in our house. So, you have to make breakfast for us.
Kalyani: whatever you make, it’s okay for us.
Janki:All the best.
By Saying this, everyone leaves except Swara and Laxmi.
Laxmi smiles to Swara.
Laxmi: I am going to make Paneer butter masala and chappathi, Basanti. Arjun loves this most.
Laxmi says dreamingly.

Laxmi:Swara, what are you going to make for your husband?
Swara looks Laxmi questioningly.
Laxmi: my grandma always says we should know likes and dislikes about our husband. Didn’t you know?
Swara mind rings Sanskar words.
Swara: I know. Wait I have a call.
Swara calls Sanskar. Sanskar is confused by seeing Swara’s call.
Sanskar(concerned):Swara, is everything okay naa?
Swara: I have no time. Tell, which is your favourite dish? I have to cook for you.
Sanskar feels happy.
Sanskar:Gulab jamun, Poori and Chenna masala.
Swara : ok.

At that time,
In Sanskar side,
Raj:Sanskar, I want to speak something important.
Sanskar forget to cut the call and Swara also forget to cut the call in hurry.
Raj tells everything about fake Shiv kapoor’s deeds.
Laxmi: tell na Swara, what are you going to make?
Swara: Gulab jamun, Poori and Chenna masala.
Laxmi: ok. we will cut the vegetables together and then we will cook food.
Swara:Haan laxmi…
Laxmi: ok. lets complete the work.

Swara and Laxmi finishes the dishes which Arjun and Sanskar’s favorite.
Swara: I don’t know Laxmi why I am feeling I already know you.
Laxmi: everyone says like that. I am so friendly naa.
Laxmi smiles and go to hall and make ready the dining table.
Soon, everyone present in dining hall.
Swara and Laxmi starts to serve and everyone praises both and give their shagun. Arjun looks confused and he mostly avoids his friends to hide the truth of his marriage.

In Swasan room,
Sanskar:Swara, your food is so tasty.
Swara: thanks Sanskar. Sanskar, we have to act as husband and wife. So, we should know each other likes and dislikes.
Sanskar gets sad by hearing act but he composed himself.
Sanskar:haan Swara…

In Arjun room,
Arjun sits in his bed and thinks about laxmi.
Arjun(in mind): who is she? What she wants from me? I can’t take risk with my family at the same time, Laksh is in her hand. why she doing all this? How she knows my favorite food? Arghh! She make me mad.
Laxmi gets inside room.
Arjun:who are you?
Arjun:don’t you understand why are you doing all this?
Arjun holds her hand tightly but feels something different.. definitely not love.
Laxmi: I told you stay away from me and if you really worry about laksh.
Arjun: I want to talk with him and I can’t trust you.
Laxmi: okay you can speak with him, after two days.

Arjun:After two days?
Laxmi: that too if you don’t mess up with me and from today, I will stay in your study room and you can take your bed.
Arjun: you can trust me.
Laxmi: arghh! I know how you put your legs and hands I sleep.
Arjun is shocked and gives a detective look.
Arjun: how you know about this?
Laxmi bites her tongue.
Laxmi: stay away from me.
By saying this , Laxmi leaves the room.

After two days,
All the elders left for pilgrimage tour as they need some peace and Kalyani gives house key and responsibility to Janki.
Swasan started to share their bed. Sanskar makes Swara feel free and he just said Ragini is murdered but not detailed. He removes guilt from Swara’s heart but he can’t remove pain of losing her rago.
All the mens left for work.

Janki and Swara cries by seeing Ishqbaaz serial replay as om is taking drugs.
Janki:See naa Swara, how much he good in understanding? But why he suffering?
Swara:even I can’t see this.
Laxmi comes there.
Laxmi:di, Swara why can’t we go out?
Janki: outing…
Laxmi: just a shopping , if our husbands comes means, they will always over protective.
Janki: haan it’s a good idea.
Laxmi: ok, we all will wear salvar.
Swara: ok.
Soon, Swara, Janki and Laxmi went out.
In market,
They chitchats and shops, enjoys.
A group of goons seen them. actually they are teasing girls who crossing them.
Goon 1: see them, how much they are hot in salwar. If they wear modern clothes, we will die.
Goon 2: what a shape. What a curve.

Goon 3: you correct yaar. I just want to touch her hand. how much smooth it.
Janki and Swara feels disgusting by hearing their comment. Laxmi seems as not disturbed.
Laxmi: di, wait here. I will come.
Laxmi goes near goons.
Laxmi:do you want to feel my touch naa?
Goons looks her questioningly.

The next minute, all of them hear a slap sound.
Laxmi slaps all the goons hardly.
Laxmi:next time, when you tease a girl, this slap make you remember me.
The peoples laughs and taunts them.
Goons looks Laxmi angrily and left the place.
Swara: you gave the correct answer to them, Lachu.
Swara:haan nick name.. don’t you like that. Even I gave nick name to Janki bhabhi as chubby queen.
Swara pulls Janki’s cheeks and janki smiles.
Janki:Don’t ask her other’s nick names, then you will roll in road because of Laughing madly.
Laxmi: no.. not at all.

Janki thinks about that goons.
Janki: I think it’s right to call our husbands here.
Laxmi: atleast enjoy a day without their overprotectiveness.
Janki:but I am scared.
Laxmi:di, if I am here, there is no need of scaredness. Come on we have to buy more. I decided to empty Arjun’s bank balance.
Janki and Swara smiles in Laxmi’s antics.

Swara sees a old couple struggling to cross the road and she goes and helps them, then come.
Laxmi observes each and every action of Swara, keenly. How she helped others , her nick names.
The trio walks and Laxmi’s slipper torn.
Laxmi bends to check her slipper and without noticing it, Swara and Janki walks.After two minutes, they notice Laxmi missing.
Swara:Laxmi.. Janki bhabhi, where she gone?
Janki sees someone kidnaps Laxmi.
Janki holds Swara hands “Swara , see there. Some one tries to kidnap Laxmi.”
The van goes with Laxmi.
Swara: we will inform our husbands.

Janki calls Aarav and informs.Aarav informs Raj ,Sanskar and Arjun.
At that time, Swara receives a call and attends it but the call is terminated within ten seconds.
Swara:call ended. But nothing is clear.haan.. I have Call recorder naa. I will use it.
Swara opens the call recorder .
Janki touches Swara’s shoulder and Swara accidentally opened Sanskar’s call and it played.
Swara(tensed): Janki bhabhi, I received a call. But it’s not clear. Wait! I will open it in call recorder.
At that time, half of the conversation ended.

Swara takes her mobile to switch.
In call recorder,
Raj:Sanskar, I want to speak about Ragini’s murder.
(Swara is frozen and remembers Sanskar also said about this and how she misunderstood he was lieng to console her.)

Sanskar: what Raj? Is you find the culprit?
Raj: Laksh found the culprit and killed him. actually, Raksh’s fake father …
Sanskar:Raksh fake father..?
Raj tells everything how Ragini got pregnant and her death.
Swara misses the phone and phone is broken.
Swara sits in the middle of road.

Janki is stunned and she also have tears in her eyes.
Sanskar , Aarav, Raj and Arjun comes there. Arjun still don’t know about Ragini’s mystery.
Sanskar holds Swara’s hands.”Swara, Laxmi bhabhi ka kuch nagi hoga”
Swara faints in Sanskar arms and Sanskar is shocked.

Janki(crying voice): she got to know how her sister Ragini died.
Sanskar: what? But how?
Aarav:Sanskar, it’s not correct time to discuss. Raj, Arjun and me will search Laxmi and Janki and you take Swara to home. I will call Amar to come home. No.. he will be more emotional. I will call Sahil to come.
At that time, Arjun receives a call and attends it.
Arjun: hello… your voice is not clear..

Arjun identifies it’s Laxmi’s voice.
Arjun: it’s Laxmi. Raj, tell police to trace the call.
Police traces the call and get the location. Arjun, Raj and Aarav arrives that place with police.
Arjun enters the place and shocked. Police and Aarav Raj also.
Here , Goons kneels down and Laxmi beats them with wooden stick like Teacher.
Laxmi: tell, we never tease any girls . bola naa.. warna..
Laxmi beats goon with wooden stick.
Goons: We never tease girls. All the girls are my mother and sisters.
Laxmi:hmm! Not bad. Tell again..!
Police arrests the goon.

Goon 1: one minute sir. Sir, can I know who is her husband?
Arjun: I am.
Goon 1 fall on his knees” you are great. “
Laxmi(glares): what?
Goons are gulped and drags police with them and sits in jeep.
Raj and Aarav laughs.

Aarav: I can’t believe.
Laxmi:Aarav bhai, I am black belt in karate. Don’t underemtimate the power of women. Wait! I will say Janki bhabhi to give broom treatment.
Aarav folds his hand before and raises his hand above head.

Laxmi , Raj and Arjun laughs by forgetting their problems.
“Arjun selected a correct girl for him” a voice said.
By seeing him, Aarav and Raj face turned red in anger.

Laxmi puts her saree pallu in head and bends for blessings.
Aarav and Raj goes from there. Arjun follows him.
Sultan caresses Laxmi head.” keep my arjun always happy”
Laxmi:can I call you dadu?
Sultan(happily): definitely!
Laxmi: why he is anger on you? I asked him but he refused to tell.

Sultan: his mom Annu and my son durga loved each other. Durga married his mom in temple and Annu pregnant with durga’s child. We asked Annu’s hand from her bhai RudraVeer but veer refused. Her bhabhi killed my son and accused that he raped Annu. But my son can’t do this. I spared them for my bahu Annu. But they hided her and accused me. one day, Annu came to me and handovered Arjun to me that he is in danger. The next day, she was missed. I tried my best but all in vain. I decide to take revenge and I took it. once Arjun got to know everything. but he misunderstood me and when his friend cum cousin Laksh missed, he accused me and left me. when I recalled everything, I got to know some played well in between but I can’t figure out.
Laxmi holds Sultan hands.

Laxmi: dadu, what happened we can’t change. But I promise I will make your Arjun as your old arjun.
Sultan smiles” you are so good beta but I don’t want problems in your life because of me”
Laxmi:Don’t worry dadu. Your pouta is so stubborn like kid. But I will make him understand. I have a doubt how you come here?
Sultan:Arjun is my pouta, beta. I have to take care of him even though he hates me.
Laxmi smiles and comes out. Here, boys stands with stone face.

Laxmi:bhai, chale.
Aarav and Raj’s face lightened by seeing Laxmi.
Aarav: haan Laxmi.
Aarav, Raj and Arjun, Laxmi goes to VR Mansion.

In VR Mansion,
Sanskar holds with Swara hands.

Sahil enters the room and checks Swara, injects some medicine to reduce stress.
Sahil:Sanskar, don’t give any stress to her. Is she get to know any shocking news?
Sanskar decides to tell everything and tells what happened with Ragini.
Sahil sits with thud. They hear a vase broken near door and turns. They see Amar and Swayam who stands with tears.
Sanskar holds their hands.
Swayan: we want to be alone sometimes.
Amar and Swayam walks towards gate at that time, Laxmi and others enters.
Aarav:Amar.. Swayam.. what happened to them?

Raj nods no.
Laxmi enters the hall and Janki hugs her.
Janki: I am scared Laxmi.
Laxmi: where is Swara? I think she also scared. But..that goons while pleading to me, it’s so funny.
Laxmi:Ask Aaravbhai, he will tell. I am going to see Swara.
Janki holds Laxmi hands.
Janki:she is not in the mood.

Laxmi looks confusingly.
Janki tells everything and Arjun also hears this.
Arjun remembered how they enjoyed in Sahil’s house in pune trip. A long drop escaped while thinking about Ragini.
Laxmi: how they know?
Janki:Adittra told about this. Ohh! You don’t know about Adittra naa. She is Raksh’s wife.
Laxmi: ohh!
Laxmi goes to her room.
Arjun sits in sofa in hall.
Arjun:Ragini and Laksh never deserve this. It’s all because of me. If I make him lose all his powers, Laksh and Ragini shouldn’t be suffered. Wait! If laksh took revenge , that means Laksh is not anyone custody. Wait! If he already knows about Shiv’s plan. But he let them to kidnap Swasan and made them married. So he planned. Laxmi should be also his plan.

Arjun goes to
Arjun storms into his room.
Laxmi comes there from study room.
Laxmi:why are you shouting yaar? Let me take rest sometimes.
Arjun holds her hands and pins to wall. Laxmi looks directly into his eyes.

Arjun: what is your relationship with Laksh?
Laxmi: he is my hostage.
Arjun: tell him I am not that much fool. If he even defeat that much goons for revenge means, you can’t keep him as hostage and you didn’t came this house for fulfilling your revenge. Something behind this and if my guess is correct, Laksh sent you .
Laxmi:impressive. Laksh said correct. Yes I come her to unite this family. once I united, I will leave.
Arjun: but Laksh is come here means all the problems solved. Amrit and Aadi also unite with their family.
Laxmi: but he can’t.

Laxmi:do you know K, the don?
Arjun: haan but no one seen his face. I got to know he is so cruel while punishing.
Laxmi: what can you do if I say Laksh is that don?
Arjun:don’t lie. Laksh never become like this.
Laxmi: the bitter truth is he can and he is . Revenge is powerful. I hope you got to know this from dadu.
Arjun sits in bed with shock.

Laxmi : I know it’s a shock for you but it’s the truth.
Arjun: I want to speak with him.
Laxmi: I will try .
Laxmi moves but Arjun holds her hands.
Arjun: I will help you in this. So, friends?
Laxmi thinks a minute then nods.
Laxmi:friends. But I will stay in study room .

In Swasan room,
Sanskar holds Swara hands and Swara wakes up and remembers about Ragini.
Sanskar:Swara.. don’t stress yourself.
Swara: how can they, Sanskar? My Rago is so innocent.but she suffered a lot. How much pain will she gone through? I am a bad sister Sanskar.
Sanskar can’t take it without knowing, Sanskar hugs Swara and Swara also didn’t feel any discomfort in Sanskar’s touch.
Sanskar: it’s all our fate, Swara. we can’t change. Don’t blame yourself . you didn’t do anything wrong.
Swara cries by hugging Sanskar and then Slept in his embrace.
Sanskar looks Swara lovingly.
Sanskar: I know Swara you loved Laksh. but I love you Swara and I can’t see in pain. I will do something to vanish your pain. It’s my promise.
Sanskar kisses Swara’s forehead.
Precap:Laksh and Swara convo and Arjun confronts Laksh atlast Raglak meet in past.
Friends spare me for two episodes. Because the next two episodes are important to continue this story after that you can enjoy Raglak and Swasan. Please*puppy face*. once, I complete the past , I will continue with present otherwise it will confuse you.

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  1. Missing Raglak scenes

  2. Silent_writer

    Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb loved it alottt

  3. As usual interesting episode but really missing Raglak scenes. Waiting for more Raglak scenes

  4. Jazzy

    Missed ragini today

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  7. No words to praise ur ff Akka u r just awesome and eagerly waiting fr raglak meeting in past

  8. awesome..tc..

  9. Fairy

    Dr u know wt i alwayssssss loved to read ur storiess!!!!!i hve read allll ur stories n believe me dey r superrrr interestngggg??? love u n ur storiesss a lotzzz!!!!v r reallly blessed to hve u in TU ..??
    Episode ws amazinglyyy awesome!!!post nxt part sooon!!!keeep rockng n stay bkesssed dr??????

  10. Awesome episode

  11. Superb….waiting 4 nxt update…..

  12. Am confused yaar.is ragini alive present

    1. Balaji

      ragini is alive

  13. But nice

  14. Asra

    awesome akka….missing raglak scenes akka….
    but Indha update la irunthu na arjlax oda fan ayiden akka….i love both of them….laxmi today u rock it dear…arjun Unoda wife Unaku equal than iruka…i love their tashan….interesting akka….love u akka….eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr akka….

    1. Balaji

      no asra they are not pair

      1. Asra

        they r not pair….bt both r married na akka…anyways akka I love their fighting….

  15. It’s awesome…keep rocking…

  16. Superb part. Waiting 4 precap

  17. Dharani


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    first congo for completing 24 parts of this ff.. . as far as I remember I read all your previous.. your every ff is amazing than the other won… it’s amazing as always.. your imagination is too good dear… keep rocking… ???

  20. Hmm sultan nd dp is nt at al fault in anu’s cndition. Means may b she is alive. In last epi u told u hav oly 6 epi wt does tat mean are u ending ff? Y do i think tat master planer is some1 frm tat 6 parents. If dp is gud nd they lovd eo then they should hapily livd wit arjun. Where is laxmi nd arjun in present? So many que?

  21. Past is getting clear. If dp nd anu lovd eo then y did kalyani killed her? I think the master planer is in some1 in 6 parents. May b ram or suju becoz laksh told tat sanskar cnt digest d truth. And in last epi u said u hav oly 6 epi wt does tat mean r u going to end dis ff?plz reply…. Overal i just lov the bond bw sanlak. Post nxt epi asap tq

    1. Balaji

      sry naina fr replying.late. i just now see the message. yes its going to end as i am reached mainplot. veer r his friends not the culprit. thanka fr reading take care

  22. awesome di

  23. Mahavir

    Awesome akka sry ennaku exams irrundhadhu adhanala dhan cmt pannala but it was superb….

  24. Amazing

  25. Damn interesting

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