Swaragini- my friend (Episode 23)


Thanks for your comments friends. Bharathi and VK, I am software programmer and all your confusions get cleared in past within two episodes as I have only 6 episodes in my hand. I will try all the updates to be long but It depends on my free time and my project. Hope you understand. about Rehan and Laxmi, you will get to know in upcoming episodes and Arjun is alive .I will never kill anyone other than Villians.
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Let I start the episode.
Sanskar drives the car and Laksh pretends to sleep.
Sanskar arrives at VR Mansion.
Sanskar rises his hand to wake Laksh but Laksh opens his eyes and yawns.
Laksh: ohh! Finally we arrived.
Sanskar remembers Laksh in college classroom.
Laksh opens the door and confused to see Sanskar lost somewhere.
Laksh shakes his hand before Sanskar.
Laksh:come on Sansku.
Laksh whistles a song and get inside and Sanskar also follows Laksh with confusion.
Laksh surprised to see Sahil, Kavitha and whole family of Swaragini.
Laksh:Sahil bhai… Amar…Swaru…
Swayam hugs Laksh happily and then broke the hug.
Swayam: waise Jeju, I heard that you rocked in office today.
Laksh:Arre it’s not like that. Maa, where is Kuttimaa I mean Rago?
Amar: See Sahil! We two people standing here. He didn’t apy any heed to us.He enquires about Rago. Hmm!
Sahil:Arre Amar! Atleast he is speaking to us. But Sanskar silently climbing stairs.
Sanskar stops in middle of Stairs and smiles to them Sheepishly.
Laksh:bhaiya … stop pulling our legs.
Amar: now we are your saala. We don’t have any other work than pulling your leg.
Amar and Sahil gives hi-fi.
Sanskar: ohh! My dear saala’s I will see you when Janvi bhabhi comes.
Janvi(Wife of Amar) comes there and pulls Amar’s ears.
Janvi: are you teasing my bro’s?
Amar: no Janvi. I am just speaking with then, hai naa Laksh…
Laksh:haan Bhabhi.. we are just speaking. He didn’t pull mine or Sanskar legs.
Amar taps his head for asking help from Laksh and everyone laughs.
Sathya comes from his room and hugs Laksh and Laksh takes him in his hand.
Swaragini , meenu, Janki , Adittra come there with coffee and enjoys a lot.

At night,
In Raglak room,
Ragini stands before mirror and she is having Red colour leganga in her hand. Sathya is already slept.
Laksh comes inside his room and sees Ragini.
Ragini sees Laksh in the mirror and smiles, turns.
Laksh takes leganga and put it in bed and hugs her from backside.
Ragini: leave me Rowdy. Sathu will wake at any time.
Laksh(whispers): my champ is so innocent .he knows that he don’t disturb his father in night.
Ragini lightly kicks Laksh and ran to balcony. Laksh ran behind her.
In Balcony, there is a big swing.
Ragini holds the chain of swing which is placed in balcony.
Laksh comes beside her and whispers in her ear.
Laksh:why are you blushing kuttimaa?
Ragini feels butterfly flying in her stomach and her face starts to turn into Crimson red.
Ragini turns and her leg slipped.
Laksh hold her by waist and pulls her towards him. Ragini bumps into Laksh bare chest. Laksh is just wearing a ¾ th pant. His muscles, packs and biceps shown to Ragini and Ragini nods her head down.
Ragini(in mind): what is happening into me? I have see him like this many times when we started new life in Village. But why I am feeling different?
“ one day you will remember our love, Kuttimaa” Laksh voice ringed in her mind.
Ragini: am I ready to refresh our life?
While Ragini immersed herself in thoughts, Laksh tights the grip and puts his head in Ragini’s neck and kiss.
Ragini moans in pain lightly and Laksh comes to reality and takes his head.
Laksh(in mind): what I tried? Even though I am her husband,even though she loves me, how can I touch her when she is ill? How can I force her ? she said that she will give me chance for Sathya only. . I have to wait still she get back her memory but I am..

Laksh releases his grip and walks towards inside.
Ragini feels bad that she lost a precious thing… her love.
Ragini holds Laksh hands. Laksh turns and both have a deep eyelock.
Ragini: Rowdy, I know I hated you for that once you were a gunday. I gave you chance for only Sathya needs his papa. After seeing your struggle and somewhat I felt you were innocent and something happened which changed you. whenever I see you, I am happy. I felt happy when you hug me, whenyou kiss me. I see only love in this not lust. I don’t know what happened in our past. But this minute, I love you. but whenever you come near to me or I , you will break that moment like a bubble. I am exhausted Rowdy.
Ragini falls on her knees.
Ragini:This minute, I love you and I want you, Rowdy. I want that to be locked in your embrace. I want to give all the happiness which are only given by me. I want to feel mothership again. I want your care and love when I am pregnant with your baby. I need you badly Jaan…
Laksh felt so much pain in his heart and go to near her, but Ragini’s word”JAAN” stops him. Laksh looks Ragini with teary eyes.
“ if she have any panic attack for trying to remember her past, she will die as a result of brain nerve burst or she may be paralysed” Doctor words rolls in Laksh mind.
Laksh bends and take Ragini in his embrace. Ragini lost herself and Laksh felt her hot tears wets his bare chest.
Laksh kisses Ragini’s forehead.
Ragini still cries.
Laksh softly raises her head.

Ragini hugs Laksh tightly. Laksh make her stand without broking their hug. Laksh takes Ragini in bridal style and sits in swing and make Ragini lays on his top. Still, Laksh is hugging Ragini and holds her by waist. Moon witness their love and pain.
Ragini: Rowdy, I want to know our first meet.
Laksh: but..
Ragini:it’s swear on me.
Laksh closes his eyes tightly.
Ragini eagerly sees his face.
Laksh: I met you first time in a orphanage.
Ragini:Orphanage? But I have a family.
Laksh: I didn’t say you are orphan. I just say I met you in orphanage when you played with children. I felt something different in me.
Ragini: love at first sight.
Laksh: no… I somewhat attracted on you. I observed a unknown pain in your eyes. I want to give happiness to you. in that happiness, you will forget your pain.
Ragini taps Laksh head.
Ragini: this is called love Rowdy. I never thought you are such a tubelight.
Laksh stares Ragini .
Laksh(in mind): before sometime, you bursted out your feelings. Now pretending to be normal for my happiness. Why you always loved me this much , cutie?
Ragini:Stop your staring and tell now.
Laksh:then, we met in college because of a professor. I asked you that are you my senior and you replied me that you were my classmate.
Ragini:what? You loved me first sight but you didn’t notify me in class.
Laksh:because I have another name kuttimaa, sleeping prince.
Ragini:Sleeping prince…ha ha ha..
Ragini laughs and Laksh lost himself in Ragini’s smile.
Ragini: ok, then…
Laksh: we finished our project and also fall in love.
Ragini: it’s not fair. You are cheating me rowdy.
Ragini playfully punches on Laksh’s chest and Laksh smile with a moan.
Ragini hugs Laksh and both slept in the same position in swing.

In Swasan room,
Sanskar and Swara lays on bed and Sanskar hands in Swara’s waist and Swara encircles her hand in Sanskar’s chest. Lakshman is sleeping in cradle.
Sanskar: hmm! Again we are going to marry, baby.
Swara:haan Sanku, still I remember how our marriage happened. It’s thrilling naa, chasing, running and finally married that too forcefully.
Sanskar:hmm! I never forget how you hit me back and said that you driving me like buffalo.
Sanskar turns and both have a deep eyelock.
Sanskar: I want to tell onething.
Swara: I am also.
Swasan(in unison): I Love you.
Both smiles and hugs each other, slept.

In a hill side place,
A man1 stands with his goons, his face is not able to seen by man 2 but Lady can see his face and another man 2 stands in edge of cliff.
A lady lays inside a bush and she is heavily wounded and a small boy lays after her unconsciously.
Man 1: wow! What a game Laksh? it’s impressive. But , you lost the game.
Laksh: I will never lose. You may escape and I can’t find you this time. But, I will never let you win.
Lady is revelaed as Ragini and boy to be revealed as Sathyadev.
Man 1: but, I killed your whole family. Arjun, Ragini and your son. No one left in your family who knows fully about you. yes now they didn’t die. They are struggling for their life. But don’t worry, I will sent them soon.
Laksh bitterly smiles.
Man 1 shoots Laksh and Laksh falls from cliff.
Ragini(whispers painfully):jaan…
“Kuttimaaa.. Kuttimaa… open your eyes” Laksh yelled.
Ragini opened her eyes and sees Laksh , checks him by her hands.
Laksh is worried to see her state and observed that she scared.
Laksh holds her .
“Kuttimaa.. nothing happened to me. it just a bad dream” Laksh tried to console her.
Ragini hugs him tighter.
Ragini: nothing will happen to you. nothing…
Laksh pats her shoulder back.
Laksh break the hug.
Laksh: now tell what happened?
Ragini: I had a dream that someone shot you.

Still, Ragini hands are shivering.
Laksh: ohh! Kuttimaa.. no one will shot me. see me, I am perfectly alright. Come , it’s already morning.
Laksh sends her to bathroom for take a face wash and comes infront of window.
Laksh sees Ragini’s nailmarks as a result of Ragini’s tight clutch. A little bit blood comes from nail mark. Laksh hears Bathroom door opens and hide the marks with a towel.
Sathya wakes up and sees Laksh , ran to him.
Ragini comes from bathroom and Sathya hugs Laksh and encircles his hand on laksh shoulder.
Laksh suppresses his pain and Ragini sees it, remembers how she clutched Laksh.
Sathya:good morning Papa..
Laksh:Good morning Sathu…
Ragini comes to near Laksh and snatches the towel.
Laksh:Kuttimaa.. what are you doing?
Ragini:Sathu, get the first aid box. It’s in last box.
Sathya comes with first aid box in his hand.

Ragini wets cotton with dettol and cleans the wound.
Sathya moans and closes his eyes instead of Laksh.
Laksh smiles by seeing Sathya’s act.
Sathya:papa, is it not paining?
Laksh:Arre Sathu, it’s just a small wound. Ok. blow the air in wound.
Sathya blows the air .
Laksh:See It will be cured soon.
Sathya hugs Laksh carefully and Ragini puts antiseptic cream, then she hugs both Laksh and Sathya.
They hear a knock sound.
Ragini broke the hug.
Ragini opens the door and Meenu comes inside.
Meenu sees Nail marks in Laksh’s shoulder.
Meenu: what happened Laksh?
Laksh: Actually a cat scratched.
Meenu: hmm!
Ragini:meenu! What is this?(points clothes)
Meenu turns and sees bite mark in Ragini’s neck, misunderstands.
Meenu(smiles herself): Rago bhabhi, today morning is yagnam and ganesh pooja as a start of marriage . so you all wear this yellow dress and come down soon.
Meenu smiles and leaves.

After an hour,
Yagnam completed.
Meenu and Janki , Janvi, Kavitha, Adittra takes Swaragini,Sathya and Lakshman with them.
Sanskar:Arre Bhabhi, where are you taking my baby and champ?
Amar:Arre Sansku, let them. they have to ready for engagement naa.
Laksh: but…
Swayam: both my Jeju’s, come with us. We will make you get ready.
Swayam and others drags Laksh and Sanskar with them.
At evening,
Sanskar and Laksh get ready.
Sanskar in Sandal with green colour shervani and Laksh in creamy colour mixed with red , which was specially designed by Amrit both looks so handsome. Youngsters ready in shervani except Amrit. He wears red colour shirt with Silk dhoti as Meenu wears Red colour Kanchepuram silk saree.
Janki , Kalyani, Suji , Veer, Ram welcomes guest and Meenu, Radhika ,Vishnu takes care of Arrangement.
Laksh and Sanskar waits for ther wives or can I say would be fiancés.
Ragini and Swara comes in red colour leganga and yellow colour leganga.
Sanskar and Laksh mouth turns into O shape.
Swayam:Arre! Jeju’s Attitude Attitude. Don’t make us ashame.
Sanlak comes into Reality and closes their mouth.
First Swasan exchanges the ring.
Sanskar make Swara wear ring slowly as he caresses her finger.
Sahil:Sanskar, Laksh is waiting so you can caresses Shona hand after sometime.
Both Swasan face turns into crimson red.
Then Raglak exchanges the ring. While Laksh put the ring, he kisses Ragini’s hand infront of everyone and winks at Ragini.

Ragini shocked and then blushed hard.
Swayam makes Swasana and Raglak sits in chair.
Swayam:welcome everyone… it’s time to dance.
“Bathamese dil” plays in back ground.Swayam and Raj, Aditya dances very well. Everyone claps.
Meenu, Kavitha, Janvi, Janki dances for Nagada sang dol.
Then, Amrit and meenu dances for Vaha Vaha Ram ji.
Both drags Swasan and Raglak to stage and dances. Raksh and Adittra enters into stage.
Suddenly, Song changed into tere Sang yaara in back ground. Sanskar winks at Aditya and Aditya smiles.
Raksh, Amrit,Aarav,Sanskar and Laksh take their wives in their hand and dances.
Each and every couple starts to travel in their own world with the song.
Song ends but couples lost still in song. Clap sound of guests get them to world.

After few minutes, All the guests leaves.
All the family members present in hall.
Swara and Ragini changed themselves into normal dress and comes to hall with bags.
SanLak shocked to see Swaragini with bags.
Kalyani:After Engagement, groom and Bride shouldn’t see each other.
Before Kalyani finish,
Laksh: I can’t stay without Sathya and Sathya also can’t stay without Rago.
Swayam:Sathya can’t stay without Rago or you, jeju?
Laksh gives a killer look to Swayam but Swayam returns what to do.
Laksh finally accepts his defeat.” I am also”
Elders get happy by seeing their love.
Sanskar:Maa.. Bade maa.. chote maa.. it’s unfair.
Suji: it’s ritual and you have to obey it.
Aarav: you remember Sanskar, how you pull my leg after my engagement. It’s our turn.
Sanlak pouts and go to near Swarag.
Sanskar:Baby, don’t worry we will meet in Shiv mandir daily evening.
Laksh:Kuttimaa, don’t worry. I will come to meet you in Amar’s house itself.
Swarag sees each other and then” we are not going anywhere. You are going to stay in bhai’s house”
Sanslak sees each other in shock” what?”
Radhika: how can we send our beti and our pouta’s?
Laksh: it’s not fair.
Sahil:everything is fair in love and war.
Laksh sees Sanskar both shares a message.
Sanskar:maa.. we have a request.
Kalyani: other than Swarag.
Laksh:maa.. we have so much works for marriage.so..
Sanskar: we want Janvi bhabhi and Kavitha stay with Swarag. In work, we may forget about Adittra.
Laksh:Janvi bhabhi is a doctor. So, she will help to take care of Adittra and I want Aarav bhai with us.
Laksh:Arre Mera Saala and bhai. don’t be stubborn. I know you will never refuse maa words.
Sanskar:come on . we are getting late.
Aarav, Amar and Sahil pouts and helplessly leaves their wives.
Amrit(in mind): oh! Thank god. You showed some mercy on me.
Amrit leaves a long breath and Sanskar smirks at him.
Amrit:maa.. I am so tired. I am going to sleep.
Amrit drags meenu with him and the next minute, Everyone burst out in laughter.

In Raglak room,
Ragini didn’t get sleep and she takes her phone to call Laksh but she put down.
Ragini’s phone shows Laksh calling and she attend the call.
Ragini:Rowdy, I miss you.
Laksh: I am also. just 5 day, after that no one will separate us.is Sathya slept?
Ragini:hmm! He is sleeping with Kallu maa and Veer papa.
Laksh: ok, close your eyes and sleep.
Ragini obeys his word and Laksh hears a little snore through phone.
Laksh smiled and cut the phone.
Laksh turned and sees Sanskar who is consoling and convincing Swara. a wide smile spread in his face.
The next day morning,
Ragini searches Laksh in sleep .
Ragini: ohh! He is in bhai’s house naa.
Ragini get ready and sits in front of mirror.
Ragini fills her maang with Sindoor and sees laksh in mirror.
Ragini turns and Laksh smiles. Ragini step towards him and Laksh vanishes in air.
Ragini taps her head”Nowadays you are so mad in your love,”
“Kuttimaa” Ragini whispered like Laksh and smiles.
Ragini comes down and feel relaxed to see Swayam playing with Raksh and Veer.
At Amar’s house,
Amar and Sahil get ready to their hospital and pouts to see their wives missing.

They come to dining hall and surprised to see foods are arranged.
“ they are with Swarag. We made the food” Sanlak shouts from kitchen.
“we are so blessed to have Jeju like you”Sahmar (Sahil-Amar) said sarcastically.
“ ok. I will extend bhabhi’s stay in VR Mansion”Laksh said with smirk.
“ why Laksh? why?”Sahil asked dramatically.
“ what can we do, my dear Saala’s? it’s your mistake. As our saala, you should speak from our side that Swarag can’t stay without us. But you both are pulling our legs” Sanskar said.
Sahmar pouts.
Laksh: don’t worry bhai. Bhabhi did all this.
Janvi and Kavitha comes from kitchen.
Amar and Sahil hugs their wives and Sanlak and Aarav silently leaves to office by forgetting their mobiles.

In VR Mansion,
Ragini continuously calls Laksh but no one attend the call. Ragini starts to panic by remembering about the dream.
Ragini: no.. that dream will never become true.
Ragini goes to hall and sees kalyani.
Ragini: Maa, I will go outside and .
Kalyani: take car Rago.
Ragini takes car by refusing the driver and Swara observes something wrong. so she follows Ragini.
Ragini stops infront of VR Industries and get inside. Swara smiles by seeing this and she drives away.
Ragini:(to receptionist): where is Mr.lakshyadev Singh’s cabin?
Receptionist: here mam.
Ragini goes the direction which Receptionist shows and Receptionist try to stop her as she didn’t know about Ragini.

In Laksh cabin,
Aarav, Raj, Amrit, Aadi teases Sanlak. Ragini storms into cabin and sees laksh.
Laksh sees Ragini and come towards her.
Ragini hugs Laksh tightly and Youngster turns and closes their eyes.
Ragini: why didn’t you attend my call? Don’t you know how much I am scared? I can’t live without you Jaan even for a single day. That dream.. I will be dead if anything happen to you.
Youngsters starts to leave Laksh room by giving privacy.
Laksh:Cutie(Cups Ragini’s face) that dream never come true and I missed phone in Amar bhai’s house. We will live happily for morethan 100 years.

Sanskar frozen by hearing Cutie from laksh’s mouth and turns shockingly. Laksh is concentrated in console ragini and make her normal. He didn’t feel Sanskar gaze on him.
Laksh:cutie… we are meant to live together. Just enjoy. We are going to marry again.
Ragini tights her grip and sobs.
Laksh:Cutie.. you will obey whatever I say naa.
Ragini nods.
Laksh: wipe your tears and now smile.
Ragini smiles.
Laksh: that’s my cutie.
Sanskar stands outside of Laksh cabin near door and hears the conversation.
Sanskar remembers whatever happened.
Sanskar(in mind): when I met him first, he said he live in that village in so many years. Then, he drives the car and said that , he is B.E holder. Is he Amrit or Laksh? no.. it’s also Laksh game. I am right.my heart told me right. He is my Laku.. My laku only. That medical reports why can’t he change? So, he is Laksh only . Laksh only calls Ragini Cutie and Swayam as Swaru and no one introduced him about Sahil. But he.. Why he told me lie?
Sanskar goes to his cabin and sits in his chair.
Sanskar: something he is hiding from me. I have to find it soon.Laku, be ready but I will confront you after the marriage.

In laksh cabin,
Ragini faints due to stress and Laksh gives her medicine.
Veer, Ram and Vishnu enters the room.
Veer:Laksh, what happened to Ragini?
Laksh:Papa, I have to be with her. If she have any panic attack, it will worsen her situation.
Ram:Panic attack?
Laksh(wrap up): we both lost our memories in accident. Doctor said that I will never remember my past but Ragini will have flashes about our past. She remembered our accident that’s why she tensed. I want to be with her, please.
Veer:Ok, Laksh take care of her.
Veer leaves with Ram and Vishnu while Laksh caresses Ragini’s face lovingly.
Kalyani allowed Sanlak to stay in VR Mansion but Swarag stay in Raglak room and Sanslak stay in Swasan room. Aarav releases a long breath that he can stay with his wife Janki.
Finally, the marriage day comes after Mehandi and haldi.
First, Swasan take 7 pheras and Sanskar fills Swara mang and make her wear mangalsutra. Then Raglak marries each other.

At night,
Laksh stands in terrace.Sanskar comes here.
Laksh is so happy about his marriage.
“Laku…”Sanskar calls Laksh.
“Haan Sansku…”Laksh turns and bite his tongue.
Sanskar holds Laksh by his shoulders .
“finally you found me, Sansku.” Laksh said.
“ don’t forget Laku. We can understand each other without help of words.”Sanskar said.
“why did you lied to me, Laku?” Sanskar asked Laksh with pain .
“It’s needed” Laksh said by turning his face.
“ why it’s needed?” Sanskar asked.
“ I can’t tell” Laksh said by avoiding direct eye contact.
“ if I force you”Sanskar asked.
“ I will vanish with cutie and Sathu from all your life forever” Laksh said with expressionless tone. His face didn’t express any emotion.

Before Laksh completing, he feels his cheeks are burning. Sanskar slapped him hard and hold Laksh shoulder in his hand.
“ how can you , Laksh? why you always refuse my feeling? When you left me first, don’t you know I roam like a beggar in this kolkatta streets. I start to live with the hope that one day you will return. When we were happy that you were return. But you did your fake death. If I haven’t Swara in my life, I would become mad . why you always playing with my feelings? Why you always handle the problems alone. It’s paining me laku. From all this, I understand that you never trusted me” Sanskar blurted out all his pain and bangs his hand in wall. But Laksh stops him in middle.
Sanskar turns and Laksh hold him by his hands.
“it’s swear on me , no one will know about this even doll” Laksh said in threatening tone.
Sanskar looks him with moist eyes and Laksh turns.
Sanskar goes away and Laksh kneels on floor.
“ I trust you morethan myself Sansku. I know you will help me and we can solve the problem. But I can’t tell. When you knows the truth, you will break down Sansku.you can’t tolerate it’s heaviness and I can’t see you hurt” Laksh said to himself.
Laksh feels someone present there and raises his head, Sanskar stands with ice bag.
Laksh sees Sanskar with question.
Sanskar puts ice bag in Laksh cheeks and Laksh closed his eyes. A long drop of tear escaped from his eyes.
Laksh stands “Doll is waiting for you, Sansku”
“ Laku, promise me. you will never leave this house again” Sanskar asked.
“ Still I am alive, I will never leave this family” Laksh promised.

Sanskar stared Laksh for a minute with different emotions in his face anger for himself slapping Laksh, frusturation and helpless.
Laksh smiled to sanskar and Sanskar hugged him. the next minute, Sanskar broke ths hug and walk towards his room.
Laksh and Sanskar both walks towards his room and try to open the door. But it’s locked.
“where is our shagun?” Meenu and Janki asked.
Laksh gives his wallet to them while Sanskar give his cards.
Meenu: I don’t want this Laksh. I want a promise.
Meenu: keep her happy. She did so many things for you.
Laksh: she is my life, Meenu. I will always keep her happy.
Meenu gives key and goes to her room.

At Sanskar side,
Janki: I don’t want this. All I want is, your happy life.
Sanskar smiles.
Janki gives keys and goes to her room.
To be continued…

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    Wooooow its a rocking update ???

  25. Akshata

    awesome update

  26. Beautiful

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