Swaragini- my friend (Episode 22)


It’s Balaji here to disturb you all.Thanks for all your support friends and also silent readers. Bharathi, I am sara and I am writing in my choti bro’s name as he is my world. Sometimes, he will update whenever I am busy. You can call me Sara or Akka. I know tamil and I am living in south Chennai. It’s not my native. I am glad that you considered me as your friend.In friendship first rule is no sorry no thanks.I am not in any social media as I am allergic to it so you can message me in TU .Asra , are you also from Chennai that too Avadi? Well, I have more Chennai friends here.
I know you all have some confusions . if ragini’s murdered, how can be she alive in present and about Sathya. I will reveal about Ragini in upcoming episode and about Sathya, you will get to know in this episode, About Arjun, I can’t say. I already said that be ready to see Laksh as anti hero.
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Let I start the episode.
Laksh: tomorrow is my engagement. So drive carefully.
Sanskar looks Laksh confusingly.
Sanskar:how can you smile? We have a big problem.
Laksh:Sansku, we always have problems.just enjoy this moment and we can overcome this problem also.
Sanskar nods negatively.
Sanskar: you are really a unsolvable riddle , Laksh.
Laksh: ok ok. Take the car and I want to see my kuttimaa.
Laksh leans to seat and close his eyes, pretends as sleep.
Sanskar: argghh! Dramebazz!
Sanskar drives the car to VR Mansion.

Past …
Rehan phone rings.
Laksh:Attend the call ree.
Rehan attends the call and shocked.
Laksh:what happened Ree?
Rehan:Someone kidnapped Raksh and his wife.
Laksh(shockingly): what?
Rehan: I think that central minister.
Laksh takes his phone.
Laksh: Ree, I am going first and sent the mens and kidnap that central minister son.
Rehan: ok K.
Laksh puts mask on his face and go to his car.
Laksh connects his phone to a device in car and tracks Raksh position as he inserted bug in Raksh body.
It’s an isolated place near cliff area,
Laksh park his car somewhat before and walks silently. He sees more goons safeguards the place. Laksh chose the weaker one .
Laksh walks behind the goon and hit him from back and hold his mouth to stop sound.
Laksh changes his dress with goon dress and ties the goon , hides his face by black kerchief, gets inside. He see Raksh and Adittra tied and blood oozing from Raksh mouth. Adittra is laying in ground unconsciously.
Laksh fists his hand in anger.
Goon 1: boss is come.
Laksh(in mind): I will end this central minister’s chapter.
Goon Boss entered and Laksh shocked to see his face.
Laksh(whispers):Shiv Kapoor…
Shiv kapoor holds Raksh chin.
Shiv: is it paining?
Raksh: how can you do this to your own son?
Shiv: who said you are my own son.
Both Laksh and Raksh looking Shiv shockingly .
Raksh(shocked): papa..
Shiv: I sent him to heaven before so many days. I meant so many years.
Raksh is hell shocked.
Shiv: I am not shiv kapoor, that honest politician. I killed him and get his position by getting his face through plastic surgery.
Raksh: no..no..
Fake shiv laughs wickedly.
Shiv: I even killed your maa and make it as a accident because she got to know my truth and she transferred all the properties into your name if anything happens to you before 25, it will go to ashram.. that’s the only reason to keep you alive. Once I thought to leave you alive. but you forced me to kill you.
Raksh looks him painingly.

Fake shiv: I should keep you alive till tomorrow. so, I will say a story how I destroyed your friends life.
Raksh looks him shocked.
Fake shiv signs his men to tie Raksh with chair tightly.
Fake shiv: you made me lose my position through Arjun. I want to destroy all your life. Do you know what I did?. I destroyed that boy what his name.. Haan Laksh… I kidnapped his wife. Do you know what I did with her?. I used science and made her pregnant with Laksh baby through surrogacy.
Raksh screams but muffles come out. Laksh starts to lose his stability.
Fake shiv: I know what you want to ask. How I did this. I got Laksh sperm when he was in hospital by threatening doctor with his family. Actually , I planned to get VR Enterprises through that baby. I Trapped your friend Sanskar in this. But he escaped because of Laksh. Hmm! She try to escape at her ninth month and she succeded. But her unluck, I caught her at the edge of cliff. Poor girl, she jumped from cliff by made my plan fail. But I never stepped back from my revenge. I got to know Laksh brother against Sanskar and I supported them behind the screen by using my political power. Now I will kidnap Sanskar and kill him but Amrit will be accused for that.ha ha.ha..
Laksh comes near Raksh and presses his shoulder lightly. Raksh falls unconscious.
Fake Shiv(Shockingly): hey what you did? Why did you kill him? I said to wait for tomorrow.
But Laksh didn’t hear anything. His mind is full of Ragini and his baby. Laksh takes the iron rod and hit in Fake shiv’s leg hardly. Fake shiv yells in pain and falls down as he can’t stand.
Fake shiv men start to hit and shoot Laksh. Laksh hit a goon with rod and takes his gun, shoots others.
Within five minutes, every goons lays on ground half consciously.
Laksh takes a rod in his hand and walks slowly towards Fake shiv. Fake Shiv moves back in fear with his hand and Laksh hits his hand with rod hardly. Fake shiv yells in pain and falls with thud sound. But Laksh seems unaffected by his screams.
Adittra wakes up and panicked to see Raksh unconscious and whole place covered with blood and turns by hearing fake shiv’s yell.
Fake Shiv:who are you? I will give plenty of money. leave me…
Laksh:money… (laughs devilishly) will you return my cutie and my baby?
Fake shiv(shockingly): who are you?
Laksh takes the kerchief which hides his face.
Fake Shiv:Laksh…
Laksh:the same Laksh …
Adittra is shocked to hear this because she imagined Laksh is soft by Shyam , Raksh and Amrit words.
Laksh hit fake shiv with rod and Laksh face covered with blood of fake shiv.
Rehan comes inside and shocked to see the scenario. Then, he sees Adittra witnessing and goes near to her, make her unconscious.
Rehan goes near Laksh and put his hand on Laksh’s shoulder.
Laksh(turns): still, he is alive. burn him and this whole place.
Laksh signs his men and his men comes with petrol.
Laksh(roars):take that Boy and his wife from here. Hold them as our captive till tomorrow evening and then release and keep this in your mind. If I get to know, someone harm them. I will kill and his death will be worst than him.(points fake shiv)
Laksh men shivers by seeing Laksh anger and rehan confused by seeing Laksh anger.
Laksh bends and take fake shivs phone and then pour petrol over him.
Fake shiv:please leave me… I will never come infront of you.
Laksh seems unaffected by his pleads and lit a match stick, throw it o Fake shiv. Fake shiv yells and rolls but Laksh smiles devilishly .
Laksh(turns with same devil smile):blast this place…
The light of fire reflects in Laksh face.
Rehan observes that Laksh is not in his control and he can destroy anyone in his anger. Without any option, Rehan knocks out Laksh by using sedative and hold him in his hand.
Rehan: take all goons from there and admit them in hospital. Blast this place and don’t leave any evidence.
Rehan throws Laksh in his shoulder and walks towards the car.
At the same time, in airport
Sahil ,Arjun , swayam waits for Swara and Amar.
Arjun: why this Raksh didn’t attend my call?
Swayam: arre Arjun bhai, he is newly married that too after so much hurdles. Let them enjoy their moment.
Sahil: Swayam is correct Arjun.
Arjun nods his head half heartedly.
Amar and Swara comes from Airport after checking and Swara holds Amar hands tightly.

Swara’s POV
I am coming back to India after 4 years… 4 years after my Rago left me. because of me, she commited suicide. I don’t know why I love Laksh. if I didn’t love him then Rago live with him happily. I became the sole reason for her and Laksh misery life. I got to know Laksh also missing. It’s all because of me. still I am cursing myself, why I love Laksh. After this much happened, then why still I love him. I know I can’t live with him. my rago memories will never let me to live with him. at the same time, I can’t forget him as his memories mixed with my soul. I can’t marry any other person.I am so depressed. After some counseling sessions, now I feel ok. I can’t come over the guilt but now I have to face Laksh family. I don’t how will they react. But I come here to see Laksh. I know he will definitely come for his Sanskar’s marriage. I come out the airport and a men hugged me.
“Swayam..” I whispered. I didn’t talk with him in these four years.
“Shona di. I think that you can’t identify me”Swayam smiled in happiness that I identified him. how can’t identify. He and bhai only hug me with so much of love after my rago…
I feel a long drop of tear escaped from my eyes buti hide it soon.
“how much you grown? “ I said and looked him upside down.”waise you are looking handsome” I complemented him.
“ di , don’t you know I am heartthrob of my college”Swayam said with pride and I tap his head. I pretend to be normal as I always do nowadays.
Amar bhai hugged Swayam and Sahil bhai and they have their talks. I tried to control my shivering.
“ relax shona” I heard a voice near to me. I jerked and it’s Arjun, Laksh’s friend.
I nod my head down in guilt.
“Shona , relax. We can’t change whatever happened. If Laksh know that you are in guilt and you are not happy, he will feel sad. You are his best friend naa. Try to forget everything.”Arjun said to me.
I smiled to him. we all departure to Sahil’s bhais house which he bought recently in kolkatta.
I freshen up that we all want to go Sanskar’s marriage which will happen in few hours. I opened my suitcase and take my blue colour lehanga. It’s presented by My rago for my birthday. I feel heavy at my heart and silently cries. But my cry didn’t reduce my pain. Somewhat I composed myself. I washed my face and put a little makeup which hide my tear marks.
I come out from my room and see my bhai’s and Arjun ready in shervani’s . they all are too excited about this marriage. I smiled to them.
“ we will depart after half an hour” Arjun informed me. I sit in sofa and I make myself ready to face Laksh and I want his forgiveness.
Swara POV ends…

In Laksh place,
Laksh wakes up by holding his head.
Rehan comes with a mixture of water.
Rehan:Drink this Laksh. you will feel better.
Laksh drink the mixture.
Rehan:Sorry Laksh for using sedative but you lost your control. I scared that you will destroy everyone.
Laksh takes a deep breath and tears fall from his eyes after so many years.
Rehan put his hand on Laksh’s shoulder.
Rehan(concerned): what happen Laksh?
Laksh break down and puts his head in Rehan lap as he needs a support.
Laksh: he killed my cutie and my unborn baby, ree.
Laksh said everything.
Laksh stands up.
Laksh: when she jumped from cliff, how much pain she felt. I am a bad husband Ree, I failed to keep safe my cutie. My baby… if my baby alive, he must be three years old. If he looks like me or cutie, he is innocent like me or naughty like cutie.. I want them..ree. I want them…
Laksh closes his face by his hands and sobs. Rehan hugs Laksh and rubs his back.
Rehan:Laksh. It’s time to your family. you already take your revenge. Don’t spoil your life and please return to your family.
Laksh wipes his tears.
Laksh: I already lost my life. Now I just live to keep alive my cutie’s memories and safeguard my friends and family. from now , I will remain as K.
Laksh said this expressionless face.
Rehan looks Laksh painfully.
Laksh suppresses all his pain.
Laksh:what about bhai and bhabhi?
Rehan: they are still unconscious and I admit them in hospital as they have some wounds.
Laksh:keep them unconscious till tomorrow evening. When will baraat depart from VR Mansion?
Rehan: it’s in one hour.
Laksh:Doll! I mean Swara.
Rehan:she arrived sanskar’s house.
Laksh: ok. Swap gurads with our mens. Both Groom and bride house must be in our control. I changed my plan little bit.
Rehan:change means..
Laksh(smirks): entry of Laxmi in my house and you are going to become my PA of LS Industries.
Rehan(shockingly):what? Laxmi? PA?
Laksh:haan… I don’t have time to waste Ree. Come fast.

At VR Mansion,
There are so many people gathered. Amrit and Aditya is also present there but ignores Kalyani and veer. Meenu gets emotional and hugs Kalyani. Every one believes that Laksh will come to Marriage.
In Sanskar room,
Sanskar stands before Laksh photo.
Sanskar: today, it’s my marriage Laku. Still, I love Swara but I don’t have any other way. I have to do this marriage. Please return soon Laku.
Sanskar sees a reflection of masked persons in Laksh photo frame.
Before Sanskar turn, that masked men hold Sanskar mouth and injects something in Sanskar’s neck. Sanskar hand hits the table in the process of escaping .Sanskar falls unconscious. Masked men changes Sanskar clothes with servant clothes and put a wig and beard in Sanskar’s face.
Goon 1: now no one can identify him.
Goon 2: we will take him through back side.
Swara stands in lawn and inhales the sweet scent of garden. She turns and sees two persons takes a man in their hold and walk towards them. wind blows little bit stronger.
Swara:what happened to him?
Goon 1: he fainted while he working. We are taking him to his house.
As a result of wind, Swara’s duppata falls on Sanskar’s face and Sanskar wig and fake beard falls on ground.
A goon holds Swara’s mouth by wet cloth and Swara faints.
Goon 1: now what can we do with this girl?
Goon 3: our boss will decide about this.
Goons take Swasan outside.
Rehan also in Servant dress.
Rehan(on call): they kidnapped both Swara and Sanskar.
Laksh: I will take care of it.
Goons put Swasan in car and drives fastly.
After few minutes, in outskirt of kolkatta,
Goon stop the car with jerk.
Goon 1: why did you stop the car?
Goon 2: there is a car in middle of road.
Laksh stopped his car in middle of road and sits in bannet, his face is not visible.
Goon 1: I will see about it.
Goon 1 comes out from his car and taps Laksh.
Goon 1: move out from our way otherwise it will not be good for you.
Laksh jumps to road.
Laksh:what do you say?
Goon 1: I will give you a correct answer.
Goon 1 raises his hand to punch Laksh but Laksh holds his hand and breaks it. by seeing this, other goons come outside.
The next minute, all the goons lays on road as Laksh men overpowers them.
Laksh whistles. A Small truck comes there and Laksh mens put goons in truck and truck goes from there.
Laksh throws his car key to his men.
Laksh: tell Rehan that I am coming and make everything ready.
Men: ok Boss.
Laksh’s face lightened to see Sanskar and then Swara. Laksh starts the car and drive inside the forest like area.
In VR Mansion,
Suji:arre Ram, go to Sanskar room and check him that he is ready or not.
Ram:haan I will go.
Aarav &Raj: bade papa, you wait here. We will check.
Radhika: Janki beta, is everything ready? Are you check it once?
Janki:Radhu maa, I check it. don’t panic.
Arjun , Swayam, Amar ,Sahil go with Aarav and Raj.
Everyone enters the room and tensed to see Sanskar is not there.
Aarav: Raj, check the bathroom.
Swayam takes the bridal shervani.
Swayam:Aarav bhai, is it belongs to Sanskar?
Aarav takes the clothes in his hand.
Aarav: it’s bought for Sanskar. That means…
Sahil: I think someone kidnapped Sanskar. But who can do this?
Arjun:Raksh’s papa… still Raksh is not come to marriage and he will never miss it for any reason.
Youngers looks Arjun shockingly .

Aarav: wait! In childhood, we inserted a tracking chip for his safety. Still, it’s working.
Arjun: Aarav and Raj, you take control of situation here. Swayam and Sahil, you both search Raksh and Adittra as you know wherever he go. Amar, check about swara once and inform me about her.
Arjun takes his car and comes out from VR Mansion.
Laksh hears them as his men attached bug in Sanskar’s room.(bug is used to eavesdrop someone talking from distance).
Laksh:Gps chip! Not bad. Aarav bhai, you reduced my work.
Laksh smirked and stop before a godown like building. He takes Swasan in his shoulder and take them into a room.
Laksh ties them with rope loosely and put tape in their mouth.
Rehan comes inside.
Laksh: are you completed your work?
Laksh:where is he?
Rehan: he is in that room.
Laksh walks towards that room and painfully sees Arjun who lying unconsciously in floor.
Rehan: it’s so difficult to knock him out.
Laksh: he is my teacher in defensive skills Ree. That’s why I advised to use long shot gun to shot seductive injection.
Rehan looks him stunned.
Rehan: hmm! I never think that doing a marriage will be that much difficult.
Laksh didn’t give any heed to Rehan’s words.
Laksh:Arjun bhai’s phone.
Rehan gives Arjun phone and Laksh messages Raj that he will come soon.
Laksh: put a jammer in Sanskar’s room and put a knife near him.
Rehan: ok…
At VR Mansion,
Aarav and others panicked to see Arjun, Raksh and Swasan missing. Veer informed police but Laksh make police slow.
In Laksh’s place,
Sanskar slowly starts to wake up.
Sanskar is frightened to see his hands and legs are tied. He slowly turns his head and shocked to see Swara here.
Sanskar sees a knife and take it , cut the ropes. Sanskar freed himself and frees Swara.
Sanskar taps Swara’s cheeks.
Sanskar:Swara.. Swara…
Swara slowly opens her eyes.
Sanskar holds Swara’s mouth.
Sanskar(whispers):don’t shout… it will be danger to us.
Swara:where are we?
Sanskar:can I ask our kidnappers? Arre Swara, we have to escape from this.
Swara:haan.. I will ask them.
Swara tries to stand but she slips as seductive effect.
Sanskar:wait, I will .
Sanskar takes Swara in bridal style first then he throws her in his shoulder.
Sanskar comes out of room and sees the exit.he slowly walks towards door .
Swara: hey how dare you? wait kidnappers uncle, save me from him.
“they are escaping” they hear a shout.
Sanskar starts to run and Laksh men acts as chasing them.
Sanskar starts to lose himself in Swara unknowingly.
Swara:arre Sanky monkey go slow. My hip is paining.
Sanskar(while running): If I am slow, they will caught us. Do you want that?
Swara: no no.. go fast.. go fast..
Swara starts to hit Sanskar’s back with her hands.
Sanskar:arre Swara, why are you hitting me?
Swara:arre I saw when a man hits buffalo, it walks fast. I did the same.
Sanskar: I didn’t want your help.
Swara(cries): first you throw me to your shoulder like a bag and now you are scolding me. wait! I will complain to my Amar bhai. you know, he is a doctor. I ask him to give 16..no..no.. 100 injections.
Sanskar sees a hut and hides in it. Swara sees the kidnapper and try to shout but Sanskar holds her mouth.
Sanskar sees Swara and both get into eyelock.
Sanskar:don’t shout.
Swara nods.
Sanskar sees some food and a mat.
Sanskar: I am hungry..you
Swara: I am also.
Sanskar takes plate and put food in two plates.
Swara takes food in hands but it slips.
Swara throws her hands and legs like kid.
Swara: this food don’t obey me.
Sanskar taps his head by forgetting all his problem.
Sanskar:wait! I will feed you.
Sanskar feeds Swara and Swara eats.
Both feels sleepy.
Sanskar extends the mat and make Swara lays on mat.
Swara: don’t go away from me.
Sanskar: ok. I will hold your hand and you can sleep.
Sanskar hold Swara hands and Swara slaps Sanskar hands.
Swara:don’t dare to touch me.
Sanskar sees a stick.
Sanskar: you hold this end and I will hold that end. Now you sleep.
Both Swasan slept.
At early morning, still sun hides in cloud.
In A shiv temple,
Laksh immersed himself in water and get up. He did this for three times and takes water in a kalash. He is just wearing dhoti. Rehan stands in stair of pool. Laksh walked towards Mandir , climbs in step and go towards Shiv ling.
Laksh(while doing Abhishek):kya hua Shivji! Are you shocked that still I am worshipping you after you gave so much miseries in my life? Even I don’t know why I am still worshipping you. you snatched my cutie from me and my baby. But still my heart yells to me that my cutie should be alive in any corner of the world. I am saying outside that I can live with her memories. but the truth, still I have hope that she will be alive. when that hope dies, I am also die. Now I am want your ashirvaad that I am taking a big step that too with my two important lives. And atlast don’t punish my family for my sins.

Laksh finishes the abhishek, does the early morning aarti.
Laksh puts the aarti plate before idol and covers his bare chest by angavastra.
In VR Mansion,
Everyone worried. Kavitha’s papa and Maa came to VR Mansion.
Youngsters roams all around kolkatta and police informs them they get Sanskar’s GPS signal lastly at forest side area.
Amrit and Aadi also searches Sanskar and Raksh and shocked to hear That Raksh fake father died in his old factory blast.
In Swasan side,
Both sleeping by holding each other hands.
A villager comes inside and sprinkles water in Swasan face.
Swara and Sanskar wakes up.
Villager: who are you beta?
Sanskar: my name is Sanskar and she is my dost Swara. we came here while escaping from our kidnappers.
Villagers: that means you both are not married.
Sanskar and Swara nods.
Villagers: beta, wait here.
After few minutes,
Villager comes with a old man but his Magnificient attitude make everyone bend their head before him. all the villagers crowded before the hut.
Sanskar starts to feel Laksh presence over him.
Villager: Sanskar, he is our leader of sarpanch.
Sanskar looks the leader confusingly.
Sarpanch leader: are you both married?
Swasan looks each other.
Sanskar: no…
Sarpanch Leader:beta, we have some principles. You both are unmarried and you both stayed together in a hut. You both have to marry.
Swasan looks each other in shock.
Swasan: no…
Sarpanch leader: then, the consequences are not good. We will make you tied in centre of our village and our villagers thrown stone on you and we will blacken that girls face and take her in donkey, make her travel whole village like that.
Sanskar holds his hand in anger.
“we are ready to marry” Swara announced.
Sarpanch leader: pandit ji, arrange for marriage.
Villagers left by giving privacy to Swasan.
Sanskar:Swara, why did you agree?
Swara: we don’t have any other way Sanskar. We will do marriage now then we will hide it. however I will return to US after four days.
Sanskar looks Swara shockingly.
Sanskar:are you out of mind?
Swara:no Sanskar…
Both interrupted by Villagers
A lady comes there and takes Swara with her and a villager gives Sanskar bridal dress.
After few minutes,
Villagers takes them to shiv Mandir.
Pandit ji: who will do gadhbandhan?
Leader:laxmi, you will do the gadhbandhan. Sarpanch Leader put a chain in Sanskar’s neck as a gift.
Laxmi comes and do the gadh bandhan.
Swasan takes 7 pheras and while Sanskar fills her mang, Swara looks into Sanskar eyes unknowingly. Both their eyes sheds a long tear for different reasons while they have a eyelock. Sanskar felt sad for marrying Swara in such situation .
Sanskar make her wear Mangalsutra.
“Sanskar..””Swara..” two different voices calls them and Swasan turns and shocked to see their whole family.
“Maa..” “Amar bhai..” Swasan stands and looks each other.
Sarpanch leader comes front.
Leader: are you belong to their family?
Veer: I am his badepapa.
Leader tells Everything.
Leader: I hope you will give importance to our Values.
Kavitha’s Papa: now who will marry my daughter?
Kavitha maa: I want Sahil to marry my daughet now itself.
Everyone confused why Kavitha’s maa wants Sahil to marry Kavitha.
Sahil: I am ready.
Sahil and Kavitha marry at the same temple. Swara did the gadhbandhan.
At that time, police comes there.
Police:Mr.Singh, I arrested the culprits who are responsible for Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari’s kidnap. Actually Ex-Minister Shiv Kapoor is behind this. But he died when he tried to kill his own son Raksh Kapoor. We got to know Raksh kapoor and his wife admitted in hospital. We got to know some people found them road in wounded state.
Sanskar: I want to see him now. Raj , take your car.

Raj nods.
At outerside of Temple,
Laxmi: thanks Sarpanch ji.
Sarpanch Leader: beta, Lakshsap did so many thing to us. Only because of him, now we are living here peacefully. We are just repaying.
Laxmi smiles and leaves.
In Laksh house,
Rehan lays on his bed tiredly and feels someone pulls his hand.
Rehan: arre Laksh , let me sleep sometime. I am so tired.
Laksh nods his head in disagreement and throws water on Rehan.
Rehan: please show some mercy on me.
Laksh: you can sleep after finishing this matter.
Rehan: now what can I do?
Laksh:make Arjun bhai marry Laxmi and we have to remove bug from Sanskar’s room.
Rehan looks at him shockingly.” Are you lost your senses?”
Laksh tells something hidden. Rehan thinks and then finally nods.
Rehan: ohh! Shivji please save me from this mad.
Laksh smiles after so many days.
Sanskar and Swara goes to hospital and sees Raksh and Adittra. Doctor tells that they will wake up at evening, Being Stubborn, Sanskar make Raksh and Adittra shift to VR Mansion. But Amrit shifted Raksh and Adittra to his house and Shayam supports Amrit.Amrit , Aadi and meenu leaves to their house.
At VR Mansion,
Kalyani, Suji and Radhika takes Aarti to Swara. Swara enters VR Mansion and laksh memories starts to occupy her mind. As a result of depression, Swara faints and at the nick of time, Sanskar holds her and take her in bridal style.
Sahil checks her .
Sahil: she fainted because of stress.
Sahil injects medicine that she can sleep for some time.
Sahil: take care of her.
At that time, Kavitha enters the room. By seeing Kavitha, Sanskar nods his head down.
Kavitha gives a file to him.
Sanskar opens the file confusingly and after reading the file, he is overwhelmed.
Kavitha: nothing happen between us sanky. Still I am virgin.
Sanskar hugs Sahil in happiness.
Sahil pats Sanskar shoulders.
Sahil: don’t drink again. If I see you drink, I will give all your teeth to your hand. don’t dare to hurt my shona. Give her some time.
Kavitha: I got this yesterday. If you didn’t stop this marriage, I will stop by myself because I love Sahil and my maa helped me lastly.
Sanskar nods and Kavhil(Kavitha-Sahil) leaves.
Sanskar takes the chain in hand and sees that rectangular shape box covers something. He opened the box and tears start to brimming in his eyes when he see Blue stone in the middle of Sun. it’s laksh’s chain which given by Veer.
At Amrit’s house,
Aditya , Amrit and meenu stands in terrace. Raj, Aarav and Raksh ,Adittra comes there.
Raj: is anything important, Amrit?
Amrit: yes.
Everyone looks him confusingly.
Amrit: it’s about Laksh.
By hearing Laksh, Adittra remembers what happened .
Aarav: Laksh?
Amrit: he came for Sanskar’s marriage.
Everyone looks at him shockingly.
Aadi: is Laksh bhai came to Sanskar bhai marriage? Did you see him?
Amrit: no Aadi. Raj, did you noticed Sanskar and Swara’s bridal dress?
Raj: what’s in this?
Amrit: that dress was given by villagers. But the dress material is costly.
Raj remembers Swasan dress and nods.
Amrit: the important fact is I was the one who designed that dress.
Everyone looks at him shockingly.
Aarav: what do you want to say?
Amrit: I specially designed that dress for Laksh marriage.
Raj: that means…
Amrit: Laksh knows everything what happening around us. He symbolically says he is giving his place to Sanskar in your family, Raj.
Raj: it’s also your family.
Amrit: I don’t want to speak about that now. We have to find Laksh as soon as possible.
Raksh: I want to say something important.
Raksh:Shiv is not my real father.
Raksh tells everything.
Raksh: after that I don’t know who saved us.
Adittra:Laksh bhai.. LAKSH bhai saved us.
Everyone looks Adittra.Adittra tells what she see.
Amrit: no.. Laksh can’t do this. He is innocent Adittra. I think you misunderstood him.
Aadi: no bhai. there is also possibility. Did you remember how Laksh bhai react with your classmates?
Amrit and others looks shockingly each others.
In VR Mansion,
Kalyani, and other elders are sitting in hall.
Kalyani:So many things happened. We should make Swara feel comfort.
Suji: I don’t know what is happening.
Radhu:Swara looks like nice girl.
Veer:where is Arjun? I didn’t see him till from morning.
Ram: I will call him.
“No need Mamaji. I am here”Arjun said .
Elders turned and stunned to see Arjun with a girl, that too in bridal dress.
Arjun:Kallu maa, she is Laxmi and I married her in critical situation.
Soon, elders come out from shock.
Radhika: Janki, take Aarti plate from pooja room.
Kalyani, Suji and Radhika do the Aarti.
Laxmi kicks the rice pot and get inside. Laxmi puts her leg in red water and walks towards pooja room.

At night,
Laxmi waits for Arjun in his room. Arjun get inside.
Laxmi throws pillow to floor.
Laxmi: sleep in couch Mr.Mehra.
Flashback starts…
Arjun wakes up and confused to see him in a dark room.
“ oh! Finally you wake up” A lady voice comes there.
“ who are you? why are you tied me here?” Arjun shouts.
“Don’t shout Mr.mehra. ”Laxmi said and throws a photo before him in which Laksh tied with the chair.
Laxmi: my name is Laxmi and I have your Laksh in my custody.
Arjun: what do you want?
Laxmi: I want you to marry me.
Laxmi: I don’t have any interest on you. I want to take revenge on my enemies. For that, I want the name of Sultan’s and VR Family’s Daughter in law.once I get my revenge, I will leave your life and your house.
Arjun: how can I trust you that you will never harm my family?
Laxmi: I promise you Mr.Mehra . I never broke my promise and we are going to do fake marriage.
Flashback ends…
Arjun twists Laxmi hand and locks her.
Arjun: I again warn you don’t dare to harm my family.
Laxmi kicks Arjun in his leg and Arjun releases the grip.
Laxmi locks his hand backside and pins to wall.
Laxmi:Don’t dare Arjun.
In VR mansion, each and every room have study room.
Laxmi opens the door of Study room and push Arjun inside,lock it from outside.
Arjun:open the door Miss.
Laxmi:Laxmi… it’s your punishment. Stay here tonight.
Past ends…

Sanskar and Laksh enters the house.

Precap: Past:Laxmi plays cupid in Swasan. Present:As previous.

Sorry friends, next episode.. Pakka Raglak marriage preparations. Well! Hereafter for two to three episodes, you don’t want to see Laksh as a don that I will give about present.

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