Swaragini- my friend (Episode 21)


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Let I start the episode.
The next day morning,
Ragini wakes up first and sees Laksh and Sathya whom sleep peacefully. A smile shown in her face and kisses their forehead.
Ragini gets ready and go to kitchen, makes coffee to everyone. At that time, Swara comes there.

Swara: good morning, Rago.
Ragini:Good morning Shona. I made coffee. We can give it to everyone.
Meenu comes there.
Meenu:bhabhi, why did you wake up this much earlier? It’s only 5:30.
Ragini(smiles): it’s my habit, meenu.
Swara remembers how Ragini sleep till 8 .

Swara: ok. you will take it to Laksh and I will give it to everyone.
At that time, Veer comes there.
Veer: waah! What a smell! What a aroma of coffee..!
Veer takes his coffee.
Veer:it is Coffee. Till, I drink a liquid which named as Coffee.
Meenu sees Kalyani in kitchen entrance.
Meenu:Papa, I think …
Meenu(in mind):papa.. you gone.
Veer:no one can stop me now. Coffee is superb ragini beta. Your Kallu maa always gave me a liquid which named as coffee .

Kalyani coughs intentionally. Veer wrap up.
Veer:Kallu.. come. Our Rago beta made a superb coffee.
Kalyani takes a cup.

Kalyani: did I gave worst coffee naa? Don’t speak with me.
Kalyani turns .
Veer:ohh! Kallu, how can I live without speaking to you? show some mercy on your veer.
Kalyani walks outside and Veer follows her while pleads her continuously.
Ragini:papa should not irritate Kallu maa.
Meenu(smiles): did you think papa didn’t see Kallu maa?
Ragini looks Meenu questioningly.
Meenu:papa always have a habit of irritating Kallu maa and Kallu maa always loves this. Both will have a small small fight. But their love never reduces.They are such a lovely couple Rago bhabhi like Lakshmi bhabhi and Arjun bhai. but Ram papa and Suji maa worser than this. Always Vishnu papa and Radhu maa stucked in between them.

Ragini:Arjun? Laxmi? But I didn’t see them.
Meenu sadly smiles.
Meenu:Arjun is Veer papa’s behan Annapurna’s son. Laxmi bhabhi, Arjun bhai’s wife is the one who united this family. still, we can’t believe they dead.
Meenu: in morning itself, I am making you sad. Go and give coffee to Laksh. today is his first day in office after a long time.

Ragini takes coffee and go to their room.
In Swasan room,
Sanskar wakes up by hearing Lakshman giggle and takes him in his hand.
Swara comes inside with coffee tray.
Swara:so, morning itself Papa and beta started their play without me. it’s so bad.
Sanskar:champ, say your maa that we are waiting for her.
Swara puts tray in table.

Swara:ohh! You are waiting for Champ’s maa.hmm!
Sanskar puts Lakshman in bed and pulls Swara to him. Swara hits in his chest and encircles her hand in Sanskar’s neck.
Sanskar:what happened to my Baby? She is in her form morning itself.
Swara comes closer to him.
Sanskar closes his eyes and opened , see Swara in entrance of room.
Swara shows her tongue and Sanskar ruffles his hair in embrass.
Sanskar: I will get my morning kiss at any cost. Hai naa Champ..
Lakshman giggles without knowing anything
Sanskar continues his play with Lakshman.
In Raglak room,

Ragini wakes up Laksh and pushes him to bathroom.
Ragini:Rowdy, you are already late. Take your bath and come down soon.
By saying this, Ragini starts to arrange bed.
Laksh takes bath and comes with towel in his waist.
Ragini turns and lost herself in Laksh.
Laksh come towards her and she starts to blush. Laksh shakes his head which results water droplets in Ragini’s face.

Ragini make Laksh sit.
Ragini: you are father of six year old son. But still, you didn’t know to dry your hair. Wait here.
Ragini opens cupboard and Laksh digs his head in Ragini’s neck and it gives goosebumps in Ragini.
Laksh(husky voice): Laksh nahi.. rowdy haa tumari rowdy.
Ragini turns and puts towel in his head and starts to dry his hair.

Ragini removes the towel from his head and Laksh innocently blinks his eyes. Ragini lost herself and both have a deep eyelock.
“Good morning maa.. papa..”Sathya broke their eyelock and fell in Laksh’s Lap.
Laksh and Ragini both kisses Sathya in his cheeks.
RagLak:good morning Sathu..
Ragini:Sathu.. come with me. I will make you brush.
Laksh: I will take care of him. you can help Swara bhabhi and others.
Ragini nods and leaves.

Within a minute, Sathya and Laksh giggle and Laugh starts to fill the house.
Ragini smiles by hearing their laugh and helps Janki,Meenu in household work.
At dining table, everyone organized themselves in their position. Adittra and Raksh play with Sathya and feeds him.
Laksh:Aadittra, I will feed him. you should eat at correct time.
Aaditra get moist eyes by seeing Laksh’s care.
Raksh side hugs her.
Raksh:array! Laksh, don’t you know don’t speak while eating. So, keep silent and eat your food. We will take care of our sathya.
Laksh smiles and eat his food.

Ragini gets happy by seeing her family’s care and love towards them.
Veer:Laksh, your interview is at 10 PM.
Laksh: ok, papa.
All mens except Raksh leave the house and went to work place.

In Office,
In board room,
Veer, Ram, Vishnu and their sons are sitting and discussing.
Veer: JC, Owner of JC Industries, is steeping into india and I got to know , he will try to take over our company. We should be so careful.

Amrit:Don’t worry Papa. I already secured our shares. So, we don’t worry about shares.
Ram:but, still he will try to do something. The information we got is, he never accept failure. He can go any way. Previous time, Laksh saved us. But this time…
Sanskar: Papa.. badepapa.. chote papa.. don’t worry . your sons are here with you.let’s see papa, who will win in this.
Vishnu: I will increase security for our family members.
Veer worriedly nods.
Past Starts…( no one is describing or remembering)

Everyone get inside.
Sanskar hold Laksh hands. Kalyani caresses Laksh hair.

Doctor instructed only one people can speak with him and others should go outside.
Kalyani let Sanskar inside by seeing his state.
Sanskar:why did you do this, Laku? Why didn’t you fight against them?
Laksh looks Sanskar confusedly.
Sanskar: I will made suffer who all ragged you.
Laksh:Sansku, did seniors have any other work than ragging?
Sanskar looks Laksh shockingly.

Laksh:call all bhaiya now .
Sanskar takes Raj, Arjun and Raksh inside. Arjun still thinks about his Dadaji SULTAN deeds.
Laksh: bhaiya, don’t lie to me. did you do anything to Shyam ?
Raksh(with Rage): because of him, we saw you in this condition.
Laksh:if I say no.. what will you do?
Arjun comes into reality.
Arjun:are you trying to save them?
Laksh:bhai, you are the one who taught me about defensive skills. Can you think I can’t beat them if I need?

Raksh: that means..
Laksh: they didn’t do anything . Shyam try to console me when… ok. what all you did with them? don’t hide or lie. I already messed up with so much lies in my life.
Sanskar feels deep pain in Laksh words.
Arjun: I made Police arrest them in a wrong case.
Raj: I made their family suffer financially.
Raksh nods his head down.
Laksh: what you did with him , Raksh bhai?

Raksh: I kidnapped his choti to make him mentally suffer.
Laksh takes a deep breath.
Laksh: Make everything normal bhai.
Sanskar: we will make everything normal but I will never leave that person who is responsible for this.
Laksh closed his eyes… his mind unknowingly recalls all his moments with Ragini. Their first meet in Prof.cabin, their first date, when he realized his love , their dance, their joyful moments, Ragini’s confession about revenge, finally their …
“ I love you jaan”these words rolled in his mind.

Laksh: is Cutie come there?
Sanskar:haan Laku! She is the one who saved you from slipping into Coma.
Laksh: where is she?

Sanskar:She went to her house after you wake up.
Laksh closed his eyes” I am going to far away from you Jaan. until I am in your life, you will never let Shona in your life”
Laksh opens his eyes with jerk and sees CCTV camera in the corridor.
Laksh(yells): I want the CCTV Footage now itself.
Sanskar worried by seeing his abnormal heart rate.
Sanskar:Laku, I will get it. don’t be panic.
Sanskar calls administration and get the CCTV Footage ,plays it.
CCTV Footage…

Ragini enters the ward and closes the door.
Ragini(sobs): why did you do like this, jaan?
Ragini holds his hands.
Ragini: I can’t live without you , jaan. I love you.
A tear escaped from Laksh eye corner as he start to get his sense.
Ragini takes two things from her handbag- a Mangalsutra and Sindoor box.
Ragini holds Laksh hands and wear mangalsutra by his hands and filled her mang with sindoor by Laksh hands.

Ragini: now, we are one jaan. wherever you go, I will also follow you. so, it’s your decision .
Ragini wipes sindoor from Laksh hands as she see laksh try to open his eyes.
” I am going to far away from you Jaan. until I am in your life, you will never let Shona in your life”Ragini said to Laksh.
Ragini kisses Laksh’s forehead and she try to stand but her mangalsutra is stuck with Laksh button.
Ragini smiles sadly and frees her mangalsutra, hides in her dress and hides sindoor by using hair.
CCTV Footage ends…
Laksh: I know it. she loves me. she can’t betray me…
These three sentences created a storm in Sanskar’s mind.

Laksh holds Sanskar hands.
Laksh: Sansku, something bothers cutie. She loves me. I want to see her. I want to see my cutie.
Laksh starts to have panic attacks and Sanskar calls doctor.
Doctor comes and gives injection to sleep and Sanskar stares Laksh’s tear mark and remembers Swara’s confession about her love.
Sanskar understands that Ragini sacrifice her love for Swara.
Sanskar: I never forgive you Ragini for this.

Sanskar furiously coming outside and searches Ragini and he saw Ragini outside in front of the temple.
Sanskar walk towards her and holds her by her shoulders, shakes her. Her mangalsutra comes out and her mang shows Sindoor. At that time, Amar, Swayam, Sahil ,Swara comes there to see Laksh.
Sanskar: why did you do this , Ragini? I already said don’t dare to broke his heart. but you broke his heart even sent him to near death.
Ragini silently cries.
Sanskar: you did all this to your behan naa.
Ragini shockingly looks Sanskar.
Sanskar: you cared about Swara, then why did you forget about Laksh, Ragini? Is he a doll, to throw if you don’t need or give to Swara? how can you refuse his feelings?
Ragini(with tears): my shona loves him Sanskar. She will die without him. I want him to hate me but I never think he will take this decision.

Sanskar(sarcastically): ohh! You want him to hate you. wahh! But when he knows you married him(points Mangalsutra) , now he loves you more than his life.
Ragini shockingly looks Sanskar.
Swara(shockingly): Rago…
Swayam, Amar and Sahil stands numb as they don’t what to do
Ragini moistly looks Swara and Swara also reciprocates , both stares each other with different expressions.
Swara stands in verge of Sorrow of losing her love and Ragini stands in guilt of giving pain to Laksh and Swara.

Raj comes in running, he didn’t notice Swaragini and their family.
Raj: Doctor decided to do the operation now itself as Laksh have panic attack.
By hearing this, Sanskar run inside. Ragini also run inside. Swara starts to move backward and runs from there.
Amar:Swayam, you will take care of Rago. I will try to console Shona, try to make her understand.
Amar takes Sahil with him and search Swara.
After few hours,
Ragini stands there by clutching her mangalsutra tightly, Swayam holds her for giving support.. Kalyani and Ram didn’t notice Ragini and Swayam as they also in the tension of Laksh’s condition. Amrit, Meenu and Aditya stands before temple and prays.
Raksh makes everything normal in Shayam’s life . Arjun is seen no where.

Doctor comes outside of Operation theatre.
Doctor: he is safe now but I can’t say anything about his mental stability. It’s better don’t gave him any shocking news.
Sanskar, Raj and Aarav gives a relieved breath but the last sentence of doctor made them sorrow.
Sanskar raises his head to see Ragini but Ragini is not there.

Sanskar:Swayam, where is Ragini?
Swayam searches.”Rago di is standing here. I will see”
Swayam tensedly searches her and sees Ragini is going out from hospital.
Swayam runs and holds her hand.
Swayam:Rago di..
Ragini:Don’t worry Swayam. I am just going to our house.
Swayam: I am also coming with you di.
Ragini taps Swayam’s cheek.
Ragini: I am not that much coward. I want you to be here and inform me about Laksh.
Ragini faintly smiles and walks weakly.

In Hospital,
Kalyani and Ram standing before Laksh’s ward and Kalyani see him through the little glass in the door. Sanskar, Raj and Aarav stands there with tensed face.
“Devi…” A voice is calling Kalyani.
Kalyani and Ram shockingly turns and See Veer ,Suji, Radhika and Vishnu are standing before them.
Kalayni is rooted where she stands. Ram runs and hugs Suji. Aarav and Raj who comes there, Sees their parents , shocked and then overwhelmed. Suji extends her hand and Sanskar hugs her and cries. Aditya is stunned to see his papa alive and hugs him while Amrit stands with confused look.
Meenu(with moist eyes):he is your papa, Amrit.
Amrit gives an shocking look to meenu then stares Veer with moist eyes.
Ram:Suji, you are alive. why you didn’t return?
Suji:That Sultan threatened us to live far from you all. We don’t have any other way. But, today he freed all of us. I don’t know what is cooking his mind now.
Sanskar, Aarav and Raj tightened their fist in anger.

Arjun comes there with folded hands before.
Arjun: because of my Dadu, you all are suffered this much. I know I can’t ask forgiveness, but I promise my dadu shouldn’t give any problems here after.
By Saying this Arjun left from there with moist eyes. Sanskar and Raj stands numb.
Ram:is Arjun calling Sulatn as his Dadu?then, he is our Annu’s son.
Ram ran behind Arjun and stop him by holding his hand.
Ram: Arjun…

Arjun is looking him with moist eyes.
Arjun: I did what can I do,Mr.Maheshwari and I already promised that my dadu don’t interfere in your lives.
Ram: I am your mamaji , Arjun.
Arjun(holds Ram hands): whatever happened, my Dadu is the one who took care of me. I can’t come by leaving him, Mamaji. Let it be…
Arjun gives a sad smile and leaves.
After few hours,
Laksh wakes up and sees Kalyani who stands with moist eyes.
Kalyani holds his hand.
Kalyani:everything is alright Laksh. wait!
Kalyani signs Ram to take Veer inside.

Veer comes inside and Laksh is stunned to see his Appa alive.
Laksh(stammers): ap..ppp…aaa..
Veer nods and caresses Laksh’s face.
Kalyani: your Appa is alive. my veer is alive…
Laksh hold his hands and tears falling from his eyes.

A unknown peace starts to occupy his mind and he again starts to sleep by holding Laksh hands.
Doctor informs Laksh will sleep for some more hours as he is so weak.
At outside,
Sanskar is sit in a table by placing his head in Suji’s Lap. He is in deep dilemma and thinks about what all happen in a single day. Sanskar phone beeped a message and his facial expression changed after seeing the message.

Sanskar:Raj, we have some important work, come with me.
Raj nods.
In Arjun house,
Arjun is packing his bag and take a photo in which he ,Laksh and others smiles. A long drop escapes from his eyes.
He opens his cupboard and panicked to see his Passport missing.

Arjun(in mind while messing up his wardrobe): I put it here. How can be it missing?
“Are you searching this, Arjun?” a voice comes from behind which jerked Arjun and turns.
“Sanskar”Arjun whispered and see Sanskar is having his passport.
“ where are you going buddy?” Raj asked calmly but Anger is visible in his eyes.
Sanskar walks slowly and punches Arjun hardly.
Sanskar: how dare you to leave us? How can you think we will leave you? is our friendship that much weak?
Sanskar asked Arjun with a painful voice.
Arjun:but, because of my Dadu, you lose your maa’s love and Raj, his parents.
Raj: it’s because of your dadu, not by you.you are my friend and you will always whatever the circumstances rises. I don’t care.

Arjun looks Raj with moist eyes.
Both Raj and Sanskar takes Arjun in group hug.
Raksh: I think you are missing someone…
The trio smiles and pulls Arjun to their hug.
Sanskar:if Laksh is also get well soon, we will be completed..
Sanskar said with a smile which makes his friends smile.
After 4 years,
Sanskar is standing before a photo in which Devils, Sanskar and Laksh, Amrit, Aditya smiles and the photo was taken when Sanskar and Devils went to Laksh’s village.
Sanskar’s POV

I thought everything will be alright. No it’s not. it started a new enmity… enmity with my beloved peoples and a complete destruction. It’s been a two days after Laksh operation. Doctor informed us that Laksh can’t walk but under proper treatment , we will cure him. I still remember what he said.” If you are with me, even I can jump across sea like Lord Hanuman .” he said with his branded smile. He was very happy that he got everyone, his family,his ..Cutie. but it’s all like peace before Storm and that horror storm crossed in our life. I accused for Ragini’s murder. This the thing we didn’t expected. Laksh left the place when police arrested me by didn’t say anything. His silence threatened everyone that he will go against me but I sensed some thing which he can’t tell. I still remember what happened in hearing. I was standing accused stand and Laku was sitting in his whell chair in witness stand. That’s the worst phase in my life.
Flashback Starts…
Public Prosecutor(PP): I want to ask some questions to Mr.LakshyaDev Singh.
Davali calls Laksh and Amrit takes Laksh to witness stand.
Sanskar’s Lawyer: I objection your honor. Mr.Lakshya Dev singh mental state is not normal.
I shockingly looks on Laku. No.. it can’t happen.

My Lawyer produces document which proves his statement.
Before Judge Saying anything,
Laksh: it’s not updated your honor, my updated medical certificate is here.
Laksh smirked devilishly. It shocks me because I never seen devilness in Laksh’s face.
Laksh signed Amrit to give it to judge through PP.

Judge: you may tell your side, Mr.Singh.
Laksh: first I want to show something which is very important to case.
Laksh shows a cd which Ragini married him. I sense he is going to do something bigger.
Laksh: the case is about my wife Mrs.RaginiLakshya dev singh. We loved each other but her sister also loved me. so she lied to me that she didn’t loved me and being heart broken, I tried to kill myself. But I survived and to save me, she married me. but she was still stucked between me and her sister. in depression, she commited suicide.
I can see a long tear is escaped from his eyes while Amar shouts no.
Judge declared me that I was innocent and announced ragini commited suicide.
In Court hall,

Now my family and Ragini’s family is there.
Amrit clutched my shirt and Aditya raised his hand to slap me for trying to prove Laksh was mad but Laksh hold his hands.
Aditya: leave my hand bhai.he is a betrayer. I know he can’t kill bhabhi but how can he try to prove you are mad?

I always see him as a smiling boy like laksh but today his anger… I scared to see his anger.
“ he is your bhai, Aadi. Don’t forget , Ram and Vishnu uncle’s are our chote papa and Sansku never do like this. If you want answer, ask maa and Appa” Laksh said in strict tone.
Aditya and Amrit stares Kallu maa and Veer bade papa with hurt eyes and they nod their head down.
“ I want to speak with Amar bhai and Sansku alone. So, others can leave now” laksh said with expressionless voice. Our Family left us alone with Amar.
“Still, what do you want to speak Laksh? our lives are destroyed Laksh. shona is in mental dilemma and she starts to imagine Rago and Ragini is dead. But you.. you easily proved Ragini commited suicide?” Amar asked Laksh being hurted.

Laksh takes some envelopes and gave it to Amar.
“ Amar bhai, I already lost cutie and I don’t want to lose doll also. It’s your airtickets for US. I arranged a job for you and you are taking Doll with you in dependent visa. Swaru and Sahil bhai will stay with Raksh. I know why I am doing all this. Please trust me. I will answer all your questions after five years. If not, you can consider I am dead” by saying this Laksh turned his wheel chair leaving me and Amar shockingly. I can’t understand what’s happening in my surrounding.
“Laku” I called him. but he didn’t stopped.
After few minutes,

We all reached VR mansion.
“ I wanted to spent some time alone in garden” Laksh announced and I took him to garden. He hold my hands and said” take care of our family”. I confused with his word. That’s the last time, I saw him. yes. Laku left the house. We searched all around Mumbai but we can’t find him which made the condition worse. Amrit turned against his own maa and papa.
“ maa… papa… because of you, I lost my Laksh. it’s all your fault. First you sacrificed me then Laksh for your friendship. You decided to save Sanskar for your friendship. But how can you forget about your own son? Instead of becoming his supporting system, you made his condition worse. Stilll, he is not fully cured. If anything happens to him, I will not forgive you and I leave this house because I don’t want any bad happen to Aadi also” Amrit declared his decision and left the house with meenu and Aadi.
Flashback ends…

Amrit is totally right. Each and every child want to be special for their parents. But in Amrit, he grown up as a orphan.even he forget about his pain and accepted his parents. But he can’t take what happen with Laksh. Our lives are totally changed. Bademaa and badepapa start to live in a room which have Laksh, Amrit and Aditya’s photos. Maa and Radhu maa tried their best but the truth is no one can fill Amrit, Laksh or Aditya’s place. Amrit accepted the offer which he declined. He worked hard and made his own company after three years. It’s not a cup of tea to make his own company that too in short period. But the power of Revenge gave him that much Strength. Still, I remember what he said. “ I will ruin VR Industries which is the symbol of my Appa’s friendship for which he destroyed my Laksh’s life”. He is so ferocious and me , Aarav and Raj are trying to save that from Amrit .I always gave informations about him and Aadi, meenu to Bademaa and badepapa with the help of Swayam. Swayam made friendship with Amrit unknowingly but it helped us a lot. Still, my heart believes that Laksh is alive and he will come back. But I scared when ever I remember his promise to Amar.

Raksh chose Acting as his career and he is the top most actor now. Today is Raksh’s engagement. But we are not happy. Raksh love Adittra who is Shayam’s choti. Raksh’s father force him to marry Central minister’s daughter by kidnapping Swayam. Arjun and me tried our best to find Swayam but still we don’t know where he hide him.
My chain of thoughts cut by hearing my phone ringtone.
“hello…” I said.

“Sanskar..” it’s Swayam’s Voice.
“Swayam.. where are you?” I asked him tensedly. I don’t want him to stuck in danger.
“ I am here in Kali maa’s temple with Adittra bhabhi. Here, we made all arrangements for marriage. Take Raksh bhai here”Swayam informed me.
I stared Laksh in photo.” Everything will be fine” I said to myself.

I called Arjun and Raj and informed everything. we trio entered Raksh house by hiding our identity.
Somewhat we entered Raksh room.
“who are you? “ Rak asked us and he is going to yell. But Arjun stopped by holding his mouth.
“ I am Arjun and he is Sanskar” Arjun said. Raksh looked us with wide eyes.
“Swayam escaped now we want to escape” I said and we start to observe the scenario to escape.
“first I want to ask sorry to Swayam. Because of me, he suffered a lot”Raksh said with guilty.
“ you can feel guilt after some time. First we want to escape” I said and we all escaped through pipe and somewhat we reached temple.

We all hugged Swayam and Raksh guilt increased when he see bandages in Swayam hand and head. I surprised to see Amrit over here.
“Amrit saved me and he did all the arrangements for marriage” Swayam said .
“ I did this for Swayam and moreover Adittra is like a behan to me”Amrit said by turning his face.
Soon, Marriage rituals are started. Shayam did the kanyadhan and Raksh and Adittra both are married. But my heart feels Laksh presence over there. I walked away and sees a person back. Before I touch him, he turned. It’s not Laksh but why I feeling Laku’s presence after so many days or am I hallucinating.
I shrugged my head and walked towards Mandap.

Marriage is done successfully and when we descending temple stairs, Media person surrounded us as Raksh is a celebrity. But how can they know about the marriage.
“Sir, what is the reason for your sudden marriage?” Reporters throws the question. Somewhat, we come out. I closed my eyes and leaned towards car seat. Tomorrow is my marriage with Kavitha, Sahil’s love interest. When I was drunk, I crossed my limits. I have to marry her eventhough still I am loving my Shona. I can’t forget about her and she is coming for my marriage. She will arrive within two hours with Amar. I should be ready to face her.
Sanskar Pov ends…

In an isolated place,
A person stands before a photo which is same photo hanged in Sanskar’s room.
He enters the room and mens scared by seeing him. his red eyes can kill anyone just by his sight. But his face hide by a mask partially.
“Rehan…” person shouted.

Rehan, a local don comes before .
Rehan:they are the mens who kidnapped Swayam, bhai.
Person takes a knife in hand and comes to another room where goons are tied and beaten up by Rehan’s men.
Person signs and Rehan mens taken aback by freeing goons mouth.
Flashback starts…

In Amrit company,
Amrit phone rings. Amrit attends.
“Amrit bhai..” Amrit hear a crying voice.
“Swayam.. where are you? why are you crying?” Amrit asked tensedly.
“Bhai.. someone kidnapped me when I was going to college. This place looks like a godown”Swayam answered.
At that time, two goons are talking.
Goon 1: no one can suspect us, we took the boy to xxx place in Mumbai.

Goon 2:haan .. they will search him in kolkatta.
Swayam informs the address and goons are smirking by seeing this.
Once ,Swayam cut the call , the goons comes there and again tied him with ropes when he try to escape.
Amrit comes to the place and enters the godown. A goon try to hit him with vase from behind before that Rehan men caught that goon in headlock and injects something in his neck which makes the goon unconscious.
Amrit feels someone behind him and turned. But he didn’t see anyone. Rehan mens captured all the goons and cleared Amrit way without leaving any evidence to Amrit.
Amrit enters the room where Swayam tied.

While Amrit runs to swayam, a goon hit him with a rod in leg.
Amrit falls and hold a rod which is nearby to him and hit the goon which make the goon fell unconscious.
Amrit unties Swayam and go from this place.

Swayam tells about Raksh and Adittra love.
Amrit directly goes to Shyam who is his friend cum PA and decides Adittra marriage.
Rehan calls the person by hiding into temple.
Rehan: they decided about Raksh and Adittra marriage today itself.
Person:it’s so good. I am coming and tight the security around the temple and inform media about Raksh’s marriage.
Rehan: ok.
Person comes into temple and witness Raksh marriage by hiding behind pillar.
Sanskar walks towards his direction and turned to Mandap brokenly.
Person comes from pillar and looks Sanskar with moist eyes.
Person(in mind):Sansku(whispered) I know Sansku, you will feel my presence. That’s why I hide myself. I will never come infront you Sansku till I close every problems . I want to kill my cutie’s murderer. For that , I should be a addressless man, not cutie’s jaan and your laku.
A rage filled in Laksh eyes when he thinks about Ragini.
Flashback ends…

There are totally 10 goons in Laksh’s custody.
Laksh (while staring and playing with knife): who made this plan to kidnap ?
Goons become mum .
Laksh throws knife towards a goon and before that goon shout, Rehan men hold his mouth.
Laksh walk towards that goon and holds the knife and the knife still in goon’s body.
Laksh: are you going to tell or not?

Laksh presses the knife which horrifies the goon.
Goon 2(points another goon 3): he made the sketch not only for that boy also for groom.
Laksh: hmm! It’s interesting. You guys are also planning to stop the marriage. Well!
Laksh takes knife from the goon and blood droplets falls on floor.
Laksh walks towards goon 3 and goon 3 smirks.
Goon 3: you can even kill me or torture me. you never get a single word from me.
Laksh smiles devilishly .

Laksh: loyal to your boss.. not bad.
Laksh signs a men .After half an hour that men comes with a boy who is unconscious in his hand.
Laksh takes that boy and put him in front of goon3.
Laksh mens hold Goon 3 tightly and goon 3(shouts): mera beta…
Laksh rubs his ears very calmly.
Laksh: I also know he is your son. That’s why I kidnapped him. are you going to tell or ?
Laksh caresses the boy’s face with knife.

Goon 3: no… please leave him. I will tell everything.
Laksh signs his men and his men takes that boy.
Goon 3 says something hidden.
Laksh: hmm! It’s interesting. If we made a plan, that shiv also made another plan.
Laksh: ok, rehan, who hit Amrit?
Rehan points a goon and his men hold his mouth.
Laksh come towards that goon.
Laksh: so, you hit Amrit with rod.

Laksh takes Goon hand and break it in single punch. That goon rolls in pain.
Laksh: put them all in basement and give only water that too once in three hours. Don’t give any food.
Goons shockingly looks Laksh.
Laksh turns and goes to goon 3.
Laksh: say to your boss, they are my enemies if he again cross my way, I will kill him first before I take revenge from my enemies
By saying this , Laksh walks away like a ferocious lion who can kill anyone whom crosses his way. . He is not same who follow his papa’s principles.
laksh goes to his room which is sound proof. Rehan follows him.
In laksh’s room,
Laksh sits in his chair and closes his eyes.

Rehan comes inside and closes the door.
Laksh opens his eyes with rage and holds Rehan’s neck and take him in air.
Laksh: I am not anymore Laksh. I am just K… do you got that.
Rehan starts to choke and Laksh realizes him and leaves Rehan.
Laksh:Sorry Ree! I lost myself.
Rehan: I want to say the same Laksh. you started to lose your own character . I don’t want K overcome laksh. I am scared to see you today.

Laksh bitterly smiles.
Laksh: you came to this dark world to get revenge for your sister and I came to save my family and get revenge for my wife’s death.
Rehan: well! You made them believe that your family is your enemies. So they never doubt on Laksh.
Laksh: I hope so. But I want that goons punished and free that boy and make sure , he reached his maa.
Rehan nods.

Rehan: I already adviced you do something to stop that Shiv kapoor but you refused by pointing Raksh.
Laksh: Make that Shiv Kapoor and arrest tomorrow evening in murder attempt of his daughter in law and his son. But , just scare Raksh bhai and bhabhi don’t hurt them. I don’t want any excuse in it.
Rehan:that central minister…
Laksh: just show him a teaser by using his son what will happen if he go against Raksh.
Rehan: I want to tell something important.

Laksh(while rotating paper weight): what?
Rehan:Amrit is win at his first step. If he work like this, he will definitely ruin VR Industries.
Laksh: that much happened. Hmm! what about Aadi?
Rehan: he is back bone in this. He also start to involve in business. I heard that he also intelligent in business.
Laksh: but Sanskar, raj and Aarav is not less than Amrit and Aadi.
Rehan: you Know revenge is so powerful and your sudden absence make Amrit and Aadi powerful and made your friends weak. They can’t think about others and your parents state made them so depressed.
Laksh thinks for a minute.
Laksh: let them to be bankrupt.

Rehan(shockingly): Laksh…
Laksh smirks.
Laksh: it’s show time Ree. Come on.. we have so much works. Tomorrow we have three marriages. We have to plan for that.
Rehan: you make a don into a marriage planner. So bad Laksh.
Laksh:stop your dramebazz. Come on.
Past ends…

At evening,
All the mens reached VR Mansion.
Laksh looks so tired. Sathya sees Laksh , ran towards him and hugs him. Ladies take bag from their husbands .
In hall,
Vishnu: Laksh, why didn’t you come for interview?
Others looks him confusingly.
Laksh(smiles): Choti papa… I came her for interview, attended and got selected.
Laksh shows a ID card.

Ram: but…
Laksh: ram uncle.. if I work as chairman’s son,no one will correct my mistake and employees will always maintain distance from me.
Veer: let him Ram. But I didn’t see you while I am taking interview.
Laksh: Appa… it’s my open challenge. If you can, find me within a week.
Sanskar , Raj, Amrit, Aadi and Aarav shares some message through eyes.

Sanskar:challenege to us. Ok. wait and see.
At that time, Panditji comes .
All the elders and youngsters stare panditji face eagerly.
Pandit: after a week, there a good day. At that day, you do engagement and after five days, you can do marriage.
Kalyani: within a week… thanks Panditji.
Suji:we have to do so many arrangements… engagement, sangeet, haldi…
Radhika: array Suji… we can do.

Janki: so after so many days, we have a function.
Meenu: we should rock. We have just a week. We have to shop…
But Swara and ragini both in their imagination and stares their husband lovingly. Laksh worries about Ragini if she remember about their first marriage in hospital. But he hides his worries.
While ladies discuss about shopping , mens leaves the place without get notified by their wives while Aadi and Raj looks each other without knowing they are become prey for ladies shopping.
After a week, around 5:50 PM
In Sanskar’s cabin, Aadi, Amrit, Raj and Aarav gathered and arrange a special meeting.
Aarav: I think Laksh will win in this challenge.

Amrit: I also think that.
Raj: we will try our best.
Sanskar: we checked in posts of educated. Why can’t Laksh join in ground level?
At that time, they hear a noise at outside.
Sanskar and others come out.
Sanskar asking his employee.” Why is so much noise?”

Employee: Manager caught a men and blame him that he tried to shutdown manufacturing unit by causing electrical accident. But that Sardarji man blame Manager. Already Chairman sir is going to that place.
Sanskar and others run to manufacturing unit where Veer, Ram and Vishnu already present.
Manager: he tried to did this and now he blaming me, Sir.
Sardarji: no …he tried to shutdown this unit to delay delivery. So that we face a huge loss. He is bribed .
Manager: no sir… I am working here for past 18 years. I am so loyal. Please trust me.
Ram:veer Manager is saying truth. He is working here for past 18 years. He never did like this.
Veer: why can’t we check CCTV footage?

Vishnu: I already checked it. someone blocked the view.
Sardarji:there is no meaning for loyal in business. Don’t fall in his trap. Then, you will be fool.
Sardarji words enraged Aadi.
Aadi: you don’t want to teach about business. My Choti papa’s decision never be wrong.
Sardarji:well! It’s not good to support decision blindly. Human commits mistake.
At that time, police comes.
Aadi(points Sardarji): arrest him..
Sardarji smiles.

Sanskar: wait a minute! Inspector.
Sanskar moves towards Sardarji and removes his beard and turban.
Everyone whispers “Laksh.”
Laksh aka Sardarji: ouch! Well! Sansku, you find me. ok. Inspector, I am Lakshya Dev singh Son of VR Industries Chairman. This CD proves Manager is culprit.
Inspector arrests Manager.
Laksh: Aadi, it’s not good to take decisions based on emotions that too in business.
Aadi nods his head down.
Laksh walks towards him and put his hand in his shoulder.
Laksh:Array! I can’t see my choti’s sad face. we are humans and we commit mistake. Ok. tomorrow is my engagement naa. So smile..
Laksh drags Aadi lips and Aadi smiles.

Veer: how did you trap him Laksh?
Laksh: that’s a big story papa. I got suspicious about his activities and I overheard one time, you feared about some JC. So, I followed this manager and finaaly we got saved from Loss.
Sanskar:Badepapa… papa.. and all, I am taking Laksh with me.
Laksh punches Sanskar arms.” You found me…”
Sanskar(in mind): why I am trusting he is real Laksh. even though medical report proves he is Laksh’s twin.

In Car,
Sanskar:Say truth, how can you suspect him?
Laksh: I got to know JC aimed our company and Amrit secured all our shares. So he will try another way. He will always chose Loyal one for his work. So , I filtered whom papa and Ram uncle will trust.finally I made it.
Sanskar: do you know JC?
Laksh(smiles faintly):once I said naa, I clashed with my boss and he sent me to dead bed.
Laksh: My boss is none other than JC and I was his PA.
Sanskar puts the break in shock.

Laksh: we will be more alert Sanskar, he can do anything if he aimed to get and drive carefully. Tomorrow is my engagement.
Precap: Past:Swara’s arrival and Laksh’s game, Present: Swasan and Raglak re-marriage
Friends, it took me a week to complete this episode. Please inform me in comment box if I am boring. I scared that I lost my readers. Please give your suggestions about this story. if you want change my track,suggest me.

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