Swaragini- my friend (Episode 20)

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Let I start the episode.

The Same Night,
In Swasan room,
Swara sings Lally for Lakshman and he start to yawn and slept, Swara kisses Lakshman in his forehead and puts in cradle.
Swara comes towards the balcony and stares moon. Sanskar comes to room after speaking with veer.
Sanskar puts his hand on swara’s shoulder and Swara holds his hand and stares moon.
Swara: I wish Sanku that day shoundn’t come in my life.
Sanskar understands Swara is so emotional because she calls Sanku only if she emotional.
Sanskar:it’s not your mistake Swara.
Swara:if I didn’t tell about my love to di, then we should not lose her or Laksh.
Sanskar hugs her tight.
Flashback Starts…
Swara decorates her house and terrace, Swayam helps her. Ragini enters the house with confusion.
Ragini:Shona, is this any function? Even it’s not my or our bhai’s birthday.
Swayam(excitedly): it’s Laksh bhai’s birthday. we are going to surprise him.
Ragini remembers Laksh asked her to come park.
Ragini enters her room which is shared with Swara.
Ragini opens the wardrobe and takes a dress which taken by Laksh. a diary falls down.
Ragini(in mind): ohh I made Shona diary fall down.
Ragini takes the diary and a photo fall down from diary.
Ragini takes the photo and shocked to see Laksh photo from Swara’s diary. At that time, Swara enters the room and snatches Laksh’s photo from Ragini’s hand.
Ragini extends her hand but composed herself.
Swara hugs Laksh photo and A smile forms in her face.
Ragini(shocked): Shona…
Swara comes to reality and gives a puppy face to Ragini.
Swara:Rago… you are my sweet sister naa. I love Laksh(blushes) Rago
Ragini: that means your proposal at that day…
Swara blushingly nods.
Swara: I am going to propose him tomorrow with red rose. don’t tell this to bhai , I will tell when correct time come. Please..
Swayam calls Swara for help and Swara pecks Ragini’s cheeks and go from there.
Ragini sits with moist eyes.
Flashback ends…
A long tear escaped from Swara’s eyes and Sanskar wipes it.
Sanskar: baby, don’t hurt yourself. We can’t change what happened.
Sanskar can’t know how will he console his Swara.
Sanskar takes her in his hand and lay down on bed and he lay down next to her.
Swara tightly hugs him and Slowly start to sleep.

In Raglak room,
Laksh open his eyes and stares RagSath lovingly. Laksh extends his hand to Ragini.
Flashback starts…
Laksh sees Ragini back and can’t see her face.
Laksh: I love you cutie.. I fall..
Ragini(cuts ): I don’t love you Laksh. you are even not my friend…
Ragini wipes her tears.
Laksh is stunned .still he have some hope.
Laksh walked towards Ragini and turns her, hold her by her shoulders.
Laksh:no.. you are saying lie. I know you love me. you love me.. I have seen love in your eyes.
Ragini takes his hand from her shoulder.
Ragini:stop blabbering Laksh. just take it in your mind, I don’t love you.
Laksh holds her hand.
Laksh: then, why did you care for me?
Ragini: yes. I cared you for my revenge.
Ragini:revenge… haan. I already know Sanskar is behind my bhai’s accident. I decided to take revenge and my only way is you, Laksh.
Laksh looks her shockingly” me…”
Ragini:haan it’s you Laksh. I am the one who was swapped your reports. For that, I made myself close to you and your innocence made it easy to me.
Laksh: no.. I don’t believe this rubbish lies. Cutie, I know you are lying to me. we can sort out the problems together if you have. Cutie.. please…
Ragini jerks her hands and Laksh painingly see her hands leaving from his hold.
Ragini starts to walk and Laksh walks behind her, holds her hand.
Laksh: cutie… don’t do this to me. I can’t live without you. please don’t leave me.
Ragini: you are a LOSER laksh. still, you can’t understand. I made you as my friend only for my revenge and moreover who will love you. you are a LOSER, fool and fit for nothing. No girl love you Laksh.

A police sees this and come towards them.
PC:Behanji, it’s any problem.
Laksh: we know each other sir. We are talking.
Ragini: no sir. We don’t know each other. He is a stranger.. just a stranger to me.
Laksh looks Ragini with pain of losing love and betrayal. Ragini can’t see Laksh state and walks fastly from there by hiding her tears.
PC warns Laksh but Laksh stands frozen.
PC pushes him to go from there and Laksh walks without any destination.
In Background of Ragini, Samjewan plays.
Nahi Jeena tere bajun
Nahi Jeena tere bajun
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bajun lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bajun lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bajun lagda jee
Tu ki janay pyar mera
Main karaan intezar tera
Tu dil tuhi jaan meri
Do not want to live without you.
How can I explain you
Without you , I become uncomfortable,anxious
About my love what you know

Ragini walks in road without wiping her tears.
Ragini sits in the middle of road as her legs are betrayed.
Ragini: I love you jaan, I love you . I can’t live without you. but I can’t hurt my shona. I know I hurt you very much. Now you will hate me and accept Shona’s proposal. I know you better than you jaan. I hope one day shona’s love will make you love her. I am sorry Jaan. for me, I live with your memories but shona can’t live without you. I love you jaan I love you.but I can’t express you. I can’t come in your life in Shona’s position.
On the side of Laksh, Ai dil hai mushkil plays.
Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil
You are my journey, my destination. Living without you is difficult.
Laksh recalls about his love.
Tu mera khuda
Tu hi dua mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil..
You are my god, present in my prayers. Living without is tough,
Laksh knees in road.
Laksh: even though you gave me pain. Still my heart needs you cutie. Why did you do this for me? yes. I am a fool, loser and fit for nothing. Then, why did you entered in my life? Though for revenge, then why you continued your care towards me? why did you changed me? why did you give me beliefs?why did you supported me whenever I need? why did you make me love you? even you betrayed me, I can’t hate you cutie. I love you even though you used me. I love you(shouts in pain)
Laksh stands and walks towards Sanskar house as he need a support.
Laksh sees the door open and get in. he sees Ram, Aarav , Raj and Sanskar are talking. He composed himself and walks towards them, they can’t see him.
Ram: why did you lie Sanskar that I am ill?
Sanskar(smiles): it’s the only way I had that time and it’s so beneficial to us.
Aarav: but Laksh is innocent. We did mistake by using his helping nature. If he knows, he will definitely anger on you.
Laksh can’t stand and his legs walks backward and he get out from there.
Laksh ran to his hostel and go to his room, sit in bed.
Laksh’s POV
Why ? why this is all happening in my life? Why they are betraying me? is this my mistake being innocent?
“ don’t trust strangers bhai” My Aadi already warned me. but I didn’t take it serious. Now I am repenting. The people whom I trusted most . Cutie..Sansku.. both betrayed me. why? Is it my mistake to trust them? how can they betray me? didn’t they care about my feelings? They didn’t feel any guilt of betraying a person who trust him more then himself. My chain of thoughts cut by hearing a moan. I come out as the exams are over, most of the boys vacated hostel. I search where the moan is coming from. Hmm! I can’t change even after getting two lesson. I turned and see a room open and sound is coming from that room. I entered that room and see Shyam Prasath, my senior who is drinking and hurting himself with cigarette . his friends didn’t stop him and they also in drunk condition.
It’s a third shock to me. because he is always silent, topper and he hates drink and smoke.
“Shyam bhai, what are you doing?” I asked him with shock forgetting my pain.
“ my ria.. she betrayed me. she said that she loved me and made me as her friend. Today, when I am proposing, she did this all for a bet. Didn’t she have a guilt of betraying a person in the name of love and friendship?” Shyam bhai asked me.
His state is also like me.
“ bhai, ok. then, why are you punishing yourself?” I asked him. I can’t see his state. I always see him with a smiling face.
“ I am giving pain to me so that I forget my pain” Shyam bhai answered me.
Even I am in his state. The difference is he betrayed by single person, but I am betrayed by two persons. A bitter smile formed in my face. my sansku, he also betrayed me and cutie, to take revenge from him, she also betrayed me.
I take that cigarette and I burnt myself. But this pain didn’t make me forget the pain given by my besties. It’s increasing in my heart. I can’t .. I can’t take it more.
“ even I can die. but I have to take care of my choti.’ Shyam bhai blabbers in sub conscious state. He didn’t know he gave me the best way to over come my pain. Yes, still I am alive, this pain will kill me everyday. I can’t do anything against them but I can’t live with the pain. I don’t know it’s better to die single day.
I ran to terrace. I see the sun raising. I always enjoy that but this sun is going to witness my dusk.
I climbed into cliff still I have to chance to back off my decision. I closed my eyes to control my fear.
“ LOSER..” this word ringed in my mind and I opened my eyes with jerk. This word will definitely follow me wherever I go.
“ why are you doing this? Just think about your beloved ones, your family , your maa…your Aadi…” my mind snapped me.
“ no Laksh. if you step back, you should live in this colour ful hell where emotions and feelings didn’t hold any place in this .” my heart yelled me.
“ maa.. I failed in my promise” I asked forgiveness. I am broking her trust.
“ maa.. I failed maa. Your son failed to keep your trust. But the pain kills me from inside maa. I can’t live with this pain.” I asked her.

Suddenly Sun is surrounded by clouds and it’s start raining like my life suddenly surrounded by darkness of betrayal. Swayam always said that Rain will wash all our pain. But it can’t wash my pain. I closed my eyes as I am so scared this height. First doll came in my eyes, Amar, Sahil , Swayam,Ram uncle, Aarav, Raj , My maa, Aadi, Cutie…came into my eyes. Last my Sansku., his image lasted in vision.
I heard someone screaming my name. I opened my eyes, it blurred because of rain droplets, I blinked my eyes to get a clear vision and see my sansku. SANSKU… my first friend or I can say my one and only friend. Even he betrayed me , I always consider him as my friend. My Sansku… no one can change it. wait! Am I hallucinating or he is really present. But I didn’t care . his presence gave me confidence. I smiled to him. he always told me that he likes my smile .I stepped my legs before as a result I started to fall down. In fear, I closed my eyes. Their betrayal comes into my eyes. Cutie taunted me LOSER and Sansku laughs.
I feel so much pain in my legs as I didn’t see tree. No this plan shouldn’t fail. If fail, I can’t live in this hell.. this betrayel…
I feel so much pain in my head. I opened my eyes and see my blood which is mixing with rainwater. I feel someone taking my head in their lap and wrapping my head with their shirt to control blood loss. I tried to figure that person. It’s my Sansku…
“ please free me from all my pains … this hell” I told him with so much difficulty. My breath become difficulty. I smiled as tried to control my pain.
“car is ready” someone informed Sansku. It’s Raj bhai. Sansku take me in his hand and put me car.
“Laku… Laksh.. don’t leave me. I can’t live without you”Sanskar yelled me and try to make me hold my consciousness. His words are coming from his heart. I try to remember all my moments with my Sansku. Am I misunderstood him.. but.. I just heard middle conversation. I didn’t heard start or end. It’s my habit that I always misunderstood him. it made me release a painful smile. Slowly Darkness start to cover me. but now I also need this. It’s better than living with pain of my cutie’s memories. my eye lids become heavy. I can’t kept it open.
“Laku, don’t close your eyes” Sansku pleaded me and taps my cheeks. But I am sorry Sansku.. I tried.
Slowly my eye lids are closed as I can’t kept it open. I start to travel I world of darkness and peace which I need now.
Flashback ends…
Laksh felt someone wiping his tears.
Sathya:papa, why are you crying?
Laksh come out of his past.
Laksh: nothing beta… I remembered something which gives me pain.
Sathya: if it gives you pain then, why are you remembering that? Forget about it, let sleep.
Laksh caress his son hair strands.
Sathya: I said to close your eyes and sleep.
Laksh closed his eyes and Sathya smiles and cuddle himself in his Papa’s embrace. Laksh starts to sleep slowly by hugging his son.
In Swasan room,
“Please free from this pain.. this hell” Sanskar wake up with jerk. His body is sweating badly.
Unknowingly his mind recalled what happened that day.

Flashback Starts…
Sanskar’s POV
Tomorrow is Laksh’s birthday. I have to surprise him. what can I do?. Ok. I will get help from Papa.
I called Papa to come house soon. Papa come with Aarav and Raj.
“ Papa, tomorrow is Laku’s birthday. I want to surprise him. what can I do?. My duffer mind didn’t gave me any idea” I asked him. by my antics, that trio burst out in laughter.
We started our talk then it comes about my lie. Yes, I lied to My laku for the first time. He is so intelligent and if I ask him to come for training with me, he will definitely refuse it. so, I lied when Papa went to US for business, and Aarav bhai acted according to my lie.
Ram: why did you lie Sanskar that I am ill?
Sanskar(smiles): it’s the only way I had that time and it’s so beneficial to us.
Aarav: but Laksh is innocent. We did mistake by using his helping nature. If he knows, he will definitely anger on you.
Sanskar: no bhai, he will understand me. I did this for him. imagine SL Enterprises, Sanskar-Lakshyadev Enterprises. We both will start this company when we complete our studies.
Aarav : but he already told me that he hate lies and once, we both wrote thousand times sorry.
Ram smiles by remembering this and Laksh reply about movie.
Sanskar: I will expose my lie tomorrow and I will convince him at any cost. He is my Laku… and he will understand me.
I said with my whole confidence. My laku will definitely understand me. but I don’t know why I feel his presence around me. nowadays , I am thinking more about him. he will marry Ragini and I will marry swara, both sisters and we will run our business together. Papa already said that he and Aarav bhai safeguarding VR enterprises for the real heir and once, he come, papa will handover the properties and I will start my own company.
I went to sleep but I don’t know why I am feeling sad. Haan.. tomorrow is my Laku’s birthday and I will enjoy. I brushed my thoughts and slowly my eyes closed.
I wake up with jerk as my phone ringed. I take my phone and It’s showed Amrit calling me.
Is anything important? Otherwise Amrit shouldn’t call me.
“Amrit, is everything ok there?’ I asked him with hope of receiving positive answer.
“ here, everything is ok. but Laksh didn’t take my calls” Amrit said worried.
“ I think he is sleeping” I try to make him lose his unwanted temper.
“ no Sanskar. I feel something is bad with him. please check him once “ Amrit tensedly asked me.
Even I felt the same.
“ok Amrit. I am going to hostel to check him” I assured him and take Raj with me. I said Raj to park the car and went towards Hostel. I see someone stands in the edge of terrace cliff. But I can’t see because of Rain droplets . I brushed my eyes and see” it’s my Laku..”
What the hell he is doing here.
“Laku..”I screamed.
I start to ran towards the hostel but he jumped. He fall infront of my feet and it made me frozen. My Laku… is lying in the pool of blood under my feet.
“Laku..” my mouth whispered.
“Laksh..” I heard Raj’s scream. No.. my laku shouldn’t leave me like this.
I take his head in my lap and hugged him.
“Please free from this pain.. this hell” Laku said to me with a smile. I can’t fulfil his wish . I can’t , why Laku why you did this. What happened in single night and I feel the hotness of his blood flowing in my lap. I removed my shirt and torn it, tied around his head to control blood loss.
“ Raj, get the car” I yelled and take my Laku in my hand.
“Car is ready” Raj shouted from driving seat and opened back side.
I make him lay in back side and hold him.
“ laku… Laksh . Don’t leave me. I can’t live without you” I yelled him.
“ Laku.. don’t close your eyes. Just see me. I am your Sansku.. there naa.. don’t close your eyes” I start to plead him.
He smiled but it scared me. he slowly started to close his eyes. I tapped his cheeks… no.. he can’t leave like this…no..
“Laku…” I screamed as he closed his eyes. I tapped little bit harder but he didn’t give any response.
“Raj.. drive fast..” I shouted him. Raj increased the speed and we reached my hospital within ten minutes.
“Doctor..” I shouted with Laksh in my hands.
A ward boy come with strecture and I put Laksh carefully. He hold my hands and I started to run with him.
Doctors take him inside and he left my hands. I stand there staring the direction which they taken Laksh.
After a minute,
Doctor comes out with some forms.
“Sir, I need sign from his relatives in these forms. Without this, we can’t do anything Mr.Maheshwari” Doctor said to me.
Here, my Laku is struggling for his life. But this doctor is discussing about procedure. I don’t know when I lost my mental stability. I hold his collars.
“ I want him alive and I don’t worry about any bleedy procedures. If anything happen to him, I will ruin all your lives. You know naa who I am and what can I do. Use all the best doctors in my hospital” I shouted at doctor like a animal.
Raj freed doctor from my clutches and Doctor face turned pale.
“ I don’t know what you will do. I just want him alive. do you get that” I threatened him like a beast. Beast… who I am before 6 months.
Raj touched my shoulders and I turned to him with the same rage in my eyes. He stepped back and I see fear in his eyes which I enjoyed once.

My legs automatically walked towards temple which my maa built in the hospital. I kneeled infront of him after so many years. I always spell his name but I never kneel down infront of him after my maa left me.
“Ganapathi papa, you already snatched my maa from me. I can’t lose him. I want him throughout my life. He is one who made me realize what is love and care. Please don’t punish him for my deeds” I pleaded ganapathi papa who is stone hearted for me. I closed my eyes and all my memories with Laku come infront of my eyes how he showed concern towards old people, how he made me his friend, how he made my life beautiful, his innocent smile and last his painful smile… but why he did suicide attempt? What happened in single night? I never leave anyone who is responsible for his condition.
I felt someone touching my shoulder. I turned and see Raj.
“operation is over and Doctor is calling you Sanskar” Raj said.
I run towards doctor cabin.
“ sir, please calm down. but..” Doctor tell to hesitated.
It made me furious. No .. nothing can happen to My laku.
“ but.. tell me dammit.” I shouted in fear of losing my Laku. I banged his table.
Rajat hold my shoulders to calm down.
“ he should wake up within a day . otherwise , he may slip into coma and his knee balls are severely damaged. Someone tortured him and I saw some scars of burnt mark by cigarettes. Now he lost his ability to walk because of that, temporarily ” doctor said.
I just frozen . I failed to protect him.
“and he need a operation. But there is a chance to lost mental stability or slip into Coma. Now he is so depressed. Make him ready for operation mentally. We should do the operation within a week. ” doctor finished and move out.
My legs and hands betrayed me. my eyes are shedding tears . no it’s not time to cry.
“Rajat..” I called him. Raj shockingly looked me as I am calling him by his full name.
“Sanskar” he touched my shoulder.
“ I want to know who did this to Laksh. “ I said to him.
“Arjun and Raksh is deal with this. I will make their life as hell” Rajat said to me.
I smiled devilishly” hell! They will feel hell is better than their life”
I just smiled to Rajat and I see fear in Rajat’s face.
“Sanskar..” raj stressed my name.
“ only for Laksh, we changed ourselves as a human Rajat. But now, for him, I am changed to devil. I am a devil rajat” I said in a cold tone and smiled devilshly.
Raksh comes inside.
I asked Raksh” Raksh..?”
“ I made police arrest them” Raksh said to me.
I smiled to him wickedly” you can’t save them from me, Raksh”
Raksh hold me” I never bother about them. I started my work to destroy them. I never let anyone who is responsible for our Laksh’s condition. Now ,I worried about you Sanskar”
I didn’t tell anything to him and I weakly walk towards Laksh’s ward.
I stared his face. I always make him smile but now I can’t remove his pain. How can I say to him that he can’t walk. How can I say about him about operation. He is so soft at his heart.
I hold his hand” why you did this Laksh?”
Doctor words start to roll in my mind. Only one can help me in this. It’s Ragini… Laksh loves Ragini and Ragini also. But how can I say her that Laksh is in death bed. but I have this only way.
At that time, Papa and Aarav bhai arrived. I take my car and drive to Ragini’s house.
I banged the door and Swayam opened.
“Sanskar, is everything ok?”Swayam asked me as see my tensed face.
“Swayam, where is Ragini? It’s urgent” I asked him.
Ragini comes out from her room. Her eyes are swollen.
I hold her hands.
“Ragini, Laku did a suicide attempt. Doctor said if he didn’t open his eyes within a day, he will get into coma. Only you can get him out of this” I blurted out.
I feel some tears fall on my hands. It’s Ragini. I heard a thud sound. I turned and see Swara who is sitting in floor and tears fall from her eyes.
Amar try to convince her.
“Bhai, I love him . I can’t live without him. I love my Laksh , bhai. I love him” I heard Swara heartbroken voice. I feel a deep pain in my heart. I sweeped my feelings my Laku is important to me. I said everything to ragini.
“ I will come with in a minute” Ragini said to me, she go inside , after a minute come with me.
We both reached the hospital. Papa and others looking me with question.
Tears are continuously flowing from her eyes.
When I tried to get inside, she blocked me.
“ I want to speak with him, alone” Ragini said to me and get inside.
I heard some sound outside and see Amrit, Meenu and Aditya and Kalyani mom comes inside the hospital with crying face as Arjun arranged a private helicopter.
A nurse comes here and said to Raj” sir, if his family comes there means, please get their sign”
“ I am his bhai, I will sign it” Amrit said and everyone including me looks him shockingly. Is he not an orphan?. But he is busy in consoling meenu and Aditya. She looks like married that vermillion in her mang.
Amrit gets the papers and sign it.
“ bhabhi, I failed . I failed to keep our Laksh safe.” My papa hold Kalyani mom hands and crying.
“Mera Laksh ka kuch nagi hoga, Ram”Kalyani mom said calmly but I can sense her worries. Her eyes are so moist but a single tear didn’t fall from her eyes. Maa try to be act as strong.
Is my papa knows Laksh maa? Why he calls her bhabhi?.
At that time, Doctor comes there.
“Sir, as I already said patient needs an immediate operation. I already tried blood banks. But his blood group is so rare . so, if possible arrange from his relatives” Doctor asked my papa.
“ haan His Twin Amrit is here..”Papa said tensedly and stopped in middle. Is Amrit is Laksh’s twin?
I shockingly looked Amrit who is also give the same look to my Papa. The pen which he signing fall on floor which created a huge sound in silence.
“ am I Laksh’s twin?” Amrit asked my papa.
“Haan Amrit, you are my son, Laksh’s twin brother” Kalyani maa answered him which makes everyone shocked. I didn’t feel any expression in Kalyani maa’s voice other than a void expression.
I see Amrit who is clutching Meenu’s hands tightly.
“ is this the reason that you adopted me?” Amrit asked with pain.
“ when I adopted you, I didn’t know you are my son amrit. I feel my mothership when you are around me and I identified by the chain which you gave to Meenu” Kalyani maa said and broke down in floor.
Amrit ran to her and hugged her. I see tears flowing from their eyes. I can’t understand anything.
“Papa..” I called my papa with so much of questions in my eyes.
My papa sits weakly in chair.
“Sanskar, it’s my past only Aarav knows about this. Now, what all we enjoying, the wealth , this all belongs to Veer , Veer singh , Laksh and Amrit’s papa.” My papa started to narrate . but the start itself shocked me , if it all belongs to Laku’s papa, then why they lived as Farmer.
“ Veer, me and Aarav and Raj’s Papa Vishnu are friends. We always live, play together. Even sometimes, we were slept in one house. Veer is rich but he never show any difference nor his parents. In an accident, my and Vishnu parents were died, left us orphan.” My papa stopped as he felt pain of losing his parents. He composed himself.
“ Dad and mom I mean Veer’s papa and maa took us to their home. They never shown any difference between us. We started to live as a family by forgetting my pain. To fulfil our family, a little anjel came to our family. our Annu.. Annapurna our sister. we used to pamper her a lot as she is very small. Still, I can feel my feelings when I had her in my hand as a little baby. When I had her in my hand, she stopped crying and smiled. “ My papa get into emotional. I never see this side of my papa. I put my hands as a support to him.
“ we were grown.. Veer loves Kalyani bhabhi , who is an orphan and I love Sujatha and Vishnu love Radhika, bhabhi’s friendwala sister and married. The trio always treat Annu as their daughter. Mom and dad passed away in a single day as they can’t live without eachother . They were lovely couples .After that , Bhabhi made us come out of sorrow .Everything went smooth until that beast entered my life, DurgaPrasad. He said that he loved our Annu who is just 18 years old. he was a gangster’s son. So we denied. But he kidnapped our sister and raped her .In Anger…”Papa started to search words.
“ I killed him”Kalyani maa said calmly. Her face didn’t show any guilt but some satisfaction of punishing.
“ court released me as that I did for save me and my beti Annu. Even we thought everything got over. But , Annu was pregnant and we don’t want to abort it. it’s my beti Annu’s son.we decide to raise us our son. At that time, Suji also pregnant . one day, Annu ran away from home. We are completely shattered. But, we got to know that Durgaprasad’s father behind this. He threatened me that he will kill my beloved ones . so , we did our fake dead and Veer transferred all the properties to Ram and Vishnu’s name, we started our life in a village. But , one day he came with Sanskar in his hand. to save Sanskar, I gave Amrit to him as I didn’t have any way to save Sanskar and we ran away from that village and settled in Tamilnadu. But…” Kalyani maa said and sobbed.
I looked into my papa and Kalyani maa, Amrit. Both have different type of expressions. Is that person also have hand in my maa’s death.
“ again he came to Annur and he gave me a chance, to save my sons or my veer. Veer sacrificed his life to save our son. I got to know he did the same with Suji, Radhu and Vishnu ” Kalyani maa finished the dreadful past with painful face.
“why didn’t you do anything against him. we have powers papa” I asked him in frusturation,anger of losing my maa, fear of losing my Laku .
“ he have our annu’s son with him. if I did anything against him, it will also affect our annu’s son” Papa said weakly.
“What is that person name? I will teach him a lesson” Arjun asked.
“no beta.. I don’t want you mess up with this”Papa try to cover.
“it’s swear on me , Papa” I asked him.
“SULTAN”Papa answered me.
Arjun whispered “DADU”
But I didn’t heard correctly.
At that time,
“Jaan opened his eyes” Ragini said to me and we all get into Laksh’s ward.
Flashback ends…
Sanskar thoughts of chain cut by Lakshman cry. He go to cradle and sees his son diaper is wet.
He take Lakshman in his hands and changed his diaper. He start to sing lally but Lakshman starts to play with Sanskar by holding his fingers. Sanskar forget his pain in his son touch and smiles.
“ ohh! My champ is in play mode at 1 AM. Waah!” Sanskar said and Lakshman giggled.
Sanskar stares his son lovingly and plays with him. after few minutes, Lakshman yawns and start to sleep by holding Sanskar’s finger in his hand.
Sanskar carefully put Lakshman in bed in between him and Swara, sleep in Lakshman’s touch by leaving all his painful memories. both the soul friends leave all their pains and sleep in their sons touch.

Precap: Past: Police arrests Sanskar for Ragini murder, Present:Raglak and Swasan marriage preparations.

this is the tragic one after my first os heavenly marriage. i am trying to write this for two days. i want to write something happy . so be ready for Swasan and Raglak marriage. if i am boring please inform me, i will try to find new track .

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