Swaragini- my friend (Episode 2)


Thanks friends . hope I didn’t bored. Thanks for silent readers also. RS, I will try my best to give equal importance Swara and Ragini .
Previous Episode:

Let I start the episode.
Laksh’s POV:
I entered the hostel and see the scenario. I really scared. There some boys are bullying another boys. Ragging. Some boys make another boys half naked and make them walk. I silently walk towards my room and put the luggage silently, hide in bathroom.
I take my papa’s chain out and starts to speak to my appa:”appa, this boys are so cunning appa. They are never care about other’s feeling appa. I can’t imagine that boy’s state. When he bended to that boys, that boys didn’t care about the turmoil he going through. I feeling so sad for him. I didn’t know how many days I can escape from all this.”
My talk with my papa is disturbed by a breaking mirror sound. I slowly open the bathroom door and I just make my head out. I see a boy who is crying silently and have towel in his waist and at that time. At that time, his phone starts to ring. He takes his phone and by seeing the Caller ID , he wipes his tear and composed himself.
Boy : hello maa.. haan maa, I arrived and college is superb.. maa don’t worry. Here seniors are very friendly maa. Ok maa.. I will talk to you later.
A long tear escaped from his eyes.
I feel very bad for him. I put my hands on his shoulder friendly and he raised his head to see me.
I said” I am Laksh.. Lakshya dev singh..” I know it’s not a correct time for introduction. But I decided to divert him from his pain.
He said” I am Amrit dev “
I give a friendly look to him. I know that only we can give shoulders to each other. Even I can ragged by another day.
“ first take bath , you will feel fresh” I said calmly. He nods and goes to bathroom..
My mind reminded me that I forgot to call my maa. I called her .
“ maa, I arrived here” I said.
“ is everything ok?” maa asked me. I sense her worry in her voice.
“ maa. I am well settled. This place is very nice but over crowded” I said half truth. This place is over crowded but I am not settled. Actually I am hating this place. Now I regret why I didn’t accept Cambridge offer.

Amrit take bath and come with tracks. He sit in bed and remembers what happened to him; how he loss his self respect. How they make him bow his head.
“ wait, If I am here, how can I let someone sad. Laksh do something..” my mind said.
I take my flute and starts to blow slowly that only someone hear who is near to me.
He start to sleep by hearing the music.
I felt happy, someone felt solace in my music. With the satisfaction of making him sleep, I started to sleep .
Ahhh! Someone calling my name. it must be Aadi.
“Aadi! Let me sleep sometime” I turned another side.
“ I am not Aadi. I am Amrit “ voice said.
Amrit! Ohh! Now I am in Mumbai naa. It’s my first day of college. Ohh! I am getting late . I wake up with jerk.
“ don’t panic. Till you have time. Can you come with me for jogging in near by park?” Amrit asked.
“ jogging” I surprised.
“ if I am disturb you, I am sorry” he felt sorry.
“ no.. no.. it’’s not like that. I never gone for jogging” I answered him.
“ but you have a ..” he asked.
“ I am a farmer also” I said.
He surprised.
“ ok. leave it. lets go for jogging” I told.
We both chitchatting each other and I get to know that he belongs to CSE Department and he from banglore. He get scholarship for studying here like me. actually, VR Industries sponsors me and I have to work in their research. First I want to meet them.
“ Laksh .. LAKSH..!” Amrit called me.
I shake my head and I get ready for jogging in my tracks.
We both go to nearby park and I see that old people whose are shivering due to cold. I checked my pocket. I have 30 rupees. It’s enough for now. I buy a tea from nearby stall and give it to them. I feel someone is licking my leg. I see down, the same dog.
I bent and caresses it’s hair” ohh! You again. Ok. first I will give a name to you. Rocky..no .. babu.. haan lucky! It’s suits you. I am Laksh and you Lucky. Names are perfect”
“ come on, let start the race” I signed Lucky to chase me and I started to run in the park. I slipped and Lucky jumped on me.
Suddenly a girl comes there with a stick to drive away Lucky .
Lucky is scared and hide behind me.
I stand” stop! Stop! What are you doing?” I asked her with little bit anger. She scared my lucky.
“ It tried to help you. I don’t know it’s your dog” she answered.
“ ohh! Laksh, she tried to help you. but you scolded her. First say sorry to her” my mind snapped me. I virtually tapped my head.
“ sorry miss.. I felt anger that you scared my lucky” I said while caressing lucky’s face.
“ it’s ok. I am Swara” she introduced her.
“ I am Laksh” I introduced myself.

Swara’s Pov:
“ Laksh and Lucky, very good match” I said it with a teasing smile.
“ yes I know . that’s why I gave this name. is it superb?” he asked me. is he didn’t notice my teasing. Well.
I don’t know why I feel free with him in first conversation itself. I saw him when he helped that old couples. I feel something different in him. yes he is differ from other boys. I forget my pain in his presence.
I nodded” it’s superb”
“ ok. we will see tomorrow” he said and left the place.
I heard someone calling me” Shona di..shona di..”
Ohh! How can I forget about my Swayam .
I ran to him. He is slipped and struggling to get his glass.
“ I am sorry swayam.” I said with guilty.
“ it’s ok di. I should learn to stand myself” he said with smile.
It stabs me. his words to overcome the pain he is going through gives me an immense pain in my heart. I promise you, swayam . I will do anything for returning your vision., Swayam.
“Di..” he called me again. I shrugged my thoughts and help him to wear his glasses , take him to home.

Laksh’s POV:
I walked towards my college and I decided to help that old couples. Because I can’t be help them everytime. First I need to get a solution. I take bath and bid bye to Amrit as our department buildings are different.
I slowly walked by checking each and every side as there are any seniors there. I see some seniors are ragging. I started to check my surrounding and planned to get my class without stealing glances of my seniors. I see a boy who is going to seniors side. I hold his hands and hide behind the pillar.
“ don’t go this way. There are some seniors ragging. I planned to escape. follow me” I instructed him.

Sanskar’s POV:
I walked in corridor. Ahh! Today, I will have fun with Juniors. I see my gang playing and have fun. Suddenly someone hold my hand. Who have this much courage to hold my hand. I turned my face to see that courageous person.
He signs”Sssh!”. How dare he sign me not to speak. I remembered he he is that same person who shared his food with beggars. Wait what is he doing here.
“ don’t go this way. There are some seniors ragging. I planned to escape. follow me” he whispered into my ears while hiding behind pillow. He make me to hide for the first time. I felt something interesting in him. poor boy! I curious to find his plan. I nodded to him. first he ran to a pipe by hiding through the pillar. I start to enjoy the act unknowingly.
“ we have to climb the pipe” he said.
Is he a mad. If he slipped, definitely he will have a fracture.
“ what? Are you sure?” I asked him.
“ don’t worry. I will never let you down” he said. I don’t know why I believed him. I nodded.
He made me climb first and he followed me. I crossed first floor. We have to go second floor.I lose my grip and start to fall down. I closed my eyes because of fear. Ahh! He made me feel fear who is having hobby to scare others. But I didn’t feel any pain. I opened my eyes and he hold my hands with so much difficulty.
“ try to get grip” he told me with so much difficulty.
I get my grip again and we climbed to second floor. He landed first and give his hands to me. I landed and both are heavily panting. But he smiled to me while panting.
“ how is it?.my plan is worked” he giggled.
“ ohh! First I forgot to introduce myself. I am Lakshyadev Singh. My friends calls me Laksh.” he gives his hands for hand shake.
I introduced my self. The next second, he starts to laugh. What he is? If anyone knows I am Maheshwari, they will show respect and fear in their eyes. But he laughing! Is he an alien?

Laksh’s Pov:
Ahh! I scared when he lost the grip. It’s too risky. I have to find a new way. Finally we reached.
I introduced my self.
“ I am Sanskar maheshwari” he introduced himself. Sanskar is ok. Maheshwari like a girl name. I can’t control my laugh when I am hearing Maheshwari as his name. his parents gave him a girl name. is they expected a girl? That’s why they named him Maheshwari.
“ what’s in my name to laugh?” he asked me with anger. I suppressed my laugh.
“ no.. no.. actually , in my village, we gave names like maheshwari, mahi…. For girls only. That’s why. I am sorry.” I said to him.

Sanskar’s POV:
Ahh! He is irritating me. well now it is time to enjoy. I will fail his plan.
“ can you come with me?” I asked him sweetly.
“ ok” he accepted. Now I will make you know about ragging. I smirked. How can he trust a stranger.
“ how can you trust me?” I asked him.
“ you are my friend and I believe you that you will never let me down” he answered me. the only element I find in his voice is trust, believe, truth. The truth is he believed me. but I am… my thought chains are broken by a voice.
“ hi Sanskar, who is this poor boy?” Rajat asked me .
“ our junior” I smirked to Rajat.
“ junior..! ok. then start our game” Arjun told with wicked smile.
Laksh see me with horrified look.. fear which I enjoyed .but why I didn’t feel happy. Why I feel sad. I feel unknown pain when I see his scared face. It only not fear its beyond that. That gaze tells the betrayal. Yes I betrayed him. Rajat goes to unbutton his shirt. Laksh looked horrified.. I can’t see his suffering. I don’t know why I feel like that.
““ you are my friend and I believe you that you will never let me down” Laksh words rolled in my mind.
“and he is my friend guys” I announced. Rajat stopped in middle and stare me with shocked expression. Not only him, my gang looks like that.
“ do you guys want to repeat?” I said in a cold tone. They know about me that I never like to repeat and it’s consequence also not good.
Rajat composed soon and give his hands for handshake.
“ I am Rajat Singhania” Rajat introduced himself. In the mean time, I sent the another juniors who are there without stealing glances of Laksh.
“ can I call you bhai?. you are so friendly not like others” Laksh asked him.
“whatever you want?” I answered Laksh. “ I asked him, Sansku” he replied.
Sansku..! only my maa was calling me like that.
“ you didn’t like that name” Laksh asked me in doubt.
“ I like it very much, Laksh” I answered him while hiding my moist eyes. I tried my best to not choke my voice. I put my hands in his shoulder.
“ we are getting late, Laksh. it’s our first day. We should not be late” I said to him and he nods.
“ bye bhaiye. We will meet after some time” Laksh said to them.
I take my batch which is especially designed for our gang Devil and put it in his shirt.
“ what is this, Sansku?” he asked me.
“ you are my best friend naa. It’s my gift for starting our friendship” I answered him.
“ thanks Sanskar” he thanked me.
“ in friends no thanks no sorry” I instructed him.
He smiled. First time, I feel happy by seeing a smile nor than a fear.
He punched my arms playfully.” You scared me. how can you know that friendly seniors?” he asked me.
I decide to hide. “ we are studied in same school” I answered him.
“ohh! They are your seniors from your school. You are lucky,Sansku” he told me with excitement.
We entered into the class. I think that he will take first bench. But he is walk towards the last bench and sit in corner. I feel relaxed.
Principal come and starts introduction about college.
“ I am going to sleep, Sansku” he said to me and the next minute, he start to sleep. Thank god he didn’t snore. He fall in deep sleep.
I amazed that when I saw him first time, I thought that he is nerd. Because he wear big specs and he was wearing old fashioned clothes. But…
Principal as usual gives his speech and announces about fresher’s party . for the first time, I am listening someone speech because of him. I decide to wake up him but he wake up automatically and rubs his eyes.
Sanskar pov ends

Principal move out from the class.
Sanskar: Laksh, we have a fresher party at night.
Laksh: ik Sansku. We will meet in fresher party. I have some works in outside.
Sanskar: ok laksh.
Laksh walks outside the college and takes auto for going to VR Industries.
At VR Industries,
Laksh goes inside and greets Receptionist.
Laksh: Hello mam, my name is Lakshya dev singh. I have appointment to meet your manager.
Laksh gives a letter to the receptionist.
Receptionist: wait a minute sir. Receptionist calls someone .
Receptionist: Sir, you can go. Take left and go straight. You will get manager room.
Laksh(smiles): thank you .
Laksh goes to manager room.
Laksh: Good afternoon Sir.
Manager: hello young man. Take your seat.
Laksh: thanks sir. Actually I came here for thanking your sponsorship for my studies.
Manager: you deserve it Mr.Lakshya Dev Singh.
Manager receives a phone call at that time and looks tensed.
Laksh decides to help him.
Laksh: is any problem sir?
Manager: actually, one of my employee met accident and he is the source person for the project. What can I do know?
Laksh: sir, I think I can help you. can you give me project details? I know it’s confedential. But I will try.
Manager: hmm! Ok. Mr.laksh.
Manager calls someone and a person enters the room.
Manager: Laksh, he is Mr.Aarav. he will help you . Mr.Aarav, explain him about the project.
Aarav: ok sir
Aarav smiles friendly to Laksh and Laksh returns his branded smile. Both come out and hand shakes.
Meanwhile in College,
In Devil gang meeting point,
Rajat: Sanskar, what is happen to you?
Raksh: how can you accept him as your friend?
Arjun: he and his middle class out fashioned outfit. How can you decide to join him in our group?
Raksh: we have pride. But he is good for nothing.
Rajat: Raksh! Mind your tongue when speaking about that boy.
Sanskar gives a friendly look to Rajat.
Sanskar: yes Guys. He is middle class and look like outfashioned. We have pride . but we inherited that from our parents. And when comes about him, he is innocent and I feel happy when he is near to me. I will forget about my loneliness and moreover important he is my friend now. I can’t let him down.
Rajat: I will stand for Sanskar’s decision.
Arjun: ok. but we have to change him like us.
Sanskar: friendship is accepting them with their nature.
Raksh: we are just trying. If he didn’t changed, we will give up.
Sanskar(in mind): guys, you all definitely going to lose.
Sanskar smiles while remembering about Laksh in class room.
In VR Industries,
Laksh comes to Manager room and knocks the door.
Manager: come in.
Laksh comes inside.
Manager: are you able to cope up, Mr.Laksh?
Laksh: I will sir. It’s not that much difficult and your employee finished 20% of the work. And plan of IC is also good. But it need several modification.
Manager: so, you are ready to help us. Thanks Mr.Laksh.
Laksh: it’s my pleasure to help you sir.
Manager: ok. I will ready documents. You have to work here until the project completed. I will allot time as based on your college timings and your salary is 50 k for first month and after seeing your performance, I will increase.
Laksh: ok sir.
After five minutes, Laksh signs the documents and returns to college.
Manager takes the documents and go to the CEO Room.
Manager knocks the room and gets permission to enter the room.
Manager: sir, I make him join in the company. These are the documents and I make him sign that he will definitely work here until project completed. For project completion, he will need atleast two years.
Men( smirks at the same time smiles): you will get increment of 50% of your salary.
Manager: thanks sir.
Manager goes out.
Men: now I will complete my promise, bhai. It’s just a first step, bhai.
Laksh returns to college and goes to his room.
Laksh: Amrit, what are you doing with this ?
Amrit is having 1980’s old fashioned dress in his hand.
Amrit weakly sits in bed.
Amrit: I have to wear this.
Laksh: what? Why can’t you oppose them?
Amrit: they they..(cries)
Laksh puts his hand in Amrit shoulders.
Amrit: they have my half naked photo. If I didn’t do this, they will spread that photo in whole college. And they are threatening me to do their assignments.
Laksh thinks something.
Laksh: ok. I will wear this and do their assignments as I say.
Laksh says something in Amrit’s ear.
Amrit: do you think it will work out?
Laksh: it will definitely workout.
Amrit: assignment ok. but this clown dress…
Laksh: I will wear it. don’t worry. We will teach them a lesson. After that, they will never tell you do the assignment.
Amrit side hugs Laksh.
Laksh and Amrit both gives hi fi to each other.
Laksh wears old fashioned dress and go to party hall by hiding into trees. Suddenly someone pulls him by holding his hand before reaching party hall.
Laksh sees the person” Sansku”
Sanskar takes him to his car.” Sit inside car.”
Laksh sits by seeing Sanskar’s anger face.
Sanskar sits in driver place and drives to his home.
While driving,
Sanskar: why are you wearing such a cloth? Is anyone threatened you to wear this?
Laksh: actually, Sansku..
Sanskar glares him.
Laksh: my another amrit in trouble. Some seniors are threatening him.
Laksh tells about amrit except his plan.
Laksh: they are not humans; animals Laksh. how can they get happiness in other’s suffering, Sansku?
Sanskar stops the car with jerk.
Laksh: what happened ,Sansku?
Sanskar: nothing Laksh.
Sanskar stops infront of his home. It’s a penthouse.
Laksh: Sansku, I have to go party. Otherwise, Amrit will get into trouble.
Sanskar: he will not get into trouble. Our senior friends will take care of them.
Sanskar messaged his devils about this. They will take care that seniors in their way.
Laksh: ok Sansku. But still I worry about him.
Sanskar: don’t need to worry. Come inside.
Laksh goes inside and Sanskar comes with black tuxedo.
Sanskar: wear this, we are getting late.
Laksh: but it looks costly. I can’t take it. I will go hostel and take my clothes,Sansku.
Sanskar: I am your sansku naa. I am your friend naa.
Laksh: yes I am your friend but..
Sanskar: then you will not consider me as friend.(makes fake sad face)
Laksh: ok. I will wear it. Drama king.
Laksh goes to nearby room and change it.
Laksh comes outside. Sanskar takes his specs from his eyes.
Laksh: Sansku, what are you doing?
Sanskar: I will borrow your specs for tonight. Lets go. We are getting late.
Sanskar drags Laksh to car and didn’t give time to think. After half an hour, they reached party destination.
Sanskar and Laksh entered the party venue. Arjun, Raksh are stunned while Rajat smiled by seeing Laksh’s handsome look.
Sanskar and Laksh go near to devil gang.
Sanskar: hi.. buddy. Laksh, I will introduce my friends.
Laksh handshakes with them.
Rajat: Laksh, you are looking very handsome.
Laksh: really thanks. No one didn’t complement me like this.
At that time, Amrit comes near to Laksh.
Amrit: you are looking so good Laksh.
Laksh: thanks Amrit. Sansku, he is amrit and amrit, he is Sansku.. sorry Sanskar.
Amrit: hello..
Sanskar: hello..
Amrit(whispers into Laksh):Laksh, I want to speak with you.
Sanskar unknowingly felt irritated that Amrit is closer to Laksh, than him. he didn’t want to lose Laksh.
Laksh : one minute, Sansku.
Laksh and Amrit goes to corner.
Laksh: what happened,Amrit? Is everything ok naa?
Amrit: that seniors come to our room and they pleased me to forgive them.
Laksh: what? Our plan…
Amrit: I executed that also.
Laksh: I am feeling bad for them,amrit.
Amrit: they deserve this, Laksh. ok lets come enjoy the party.
Laksh nods half heartedly and goes to Sanskar.
Laksh: sansku, thanks for helping my friend. What you did to them.
Sanskar: if he is your friend, then he is also my friend.Laksh. and moreover between friends
Laksh: no thanks no sorry..
Both smiled to each other and gives hifi to each other.
Then party is over. Sanskar and Laksh goes to their destination.
Laksh goes to his room , changed into night dress, keep safe Sanskar’s dress and takes his chain.
“ papa, do you know I get two friends Amrit and Sansku. Both are so sweet. And I think Arjun and Raksh bhai didn’t like me. hmm! It’s there not any rule that everyone should be friend with me. Today, I feel more happy that I helped amrit. I will very sad for that seniors . but they also did the wrong. I actually I planned to sent virus to their phones which will destroy their phone memory. I sent it and I did their assingnment in very advantageous manner. They will definitely caught by professor. Haan! I forget to tell that I got a job in VR Industries. I feel satisfied that I didn’t bound to them for they sponsored me. I will finish that project in moreover 6 or 7 months.that manager is also a good man and Aarav is also seems good.ok papa. I will study about project. Good night.
He put his chain in his neck and starts to study about the project. Amrit comes into room and sees Laksh is studying.
Amrit: what are you reading laksh?
Laksh: I got a job in VR Industries.
Amrit: what? Till you didn’t completed your degree and you are not completed 18 years.
Laksh: actually I am now 18 and I get seat in this college by my knowledge. I am experienced in handling projects.
Amrit: but how? You are coming from village naa.
Laksh: coming from Village is not a matter Amrit. I get knowledge through net and I won young scientist award also.
Amrit: well anyhow, I am happy for you Laksh. All the best.
Amrit starts to sleep and then Laksh starts to sleep in midnight.
While in Sanskar house,
Sanskar stares sky.” Maa, I get a true friend today. He also call me Sansku as you maa. I don’t know maa how he easily broke the walls which I built in my heart. I don’t know how long it will last. If he knows about me, he will definitely hate me maa. After a long time, I am scared to lose his friendship. Within a single day, he will become best friend. I never let him to know about my truth. I never lose him.
The next day morning,
Laksh and Amrit wakes up and go to park for jogging. As usual Laksh played with lucky and helps that old couple.
Laksh sits in chair for taking some rest and Lucky sits in his lap. Someone is touching his shoulder. Laksh turns”Swara..”
Swara: good morning Laksh.
Laksh(smiles): good morning Swara.
Swara: hmm! Today I think you ran more with your Lucky. You are looking so tired. Take this.
Swara throws a water bottle.
Laksh: thank you Swara. Laksh drinks the water.
Swara: welcome.
Laksh: are you coming this park daily?
Swara: yes Laksh. It’s my solace for all my pains and my struggles.
Laksh feels the unknown pain in Swara’s voice.
Laksh: Swara, what are you studying?
Swara: I am doing B.Com, Laksh. you..
Laksh: I am engineering. I stayed in hostel.
Swara: where are you coming from?
Swara: what? But you speaking hindi fluently.
Laksh: my parents native is north india. I think I inherited from them easily.
Swara smiles.” Ok. we will see you tomorrow”
Swara bid bye to him and goes.
Laksh goes to hostel and get ready to college.
In hostel entrance,
Sanskar is waiting for Laksh. Laksh and Amrit see him.
Laksh: hi sansku
Amrit: hi Sanskar.
Sanskar greets them and goes to class. Laksh returns the dress which Sanskar gave for him.
Sanskar : Laksh, I gave it for you.
Laksh: no Sansku, you helped me and I am your friend. But I can’t take this.
Sanskar didn’t want to force him.
Sanskar: ok.
Laksh and Sanskar goes to classroom in normal way.
Their first class is Engineering chemistry.
As soon as Professor entered the class,
Laksh: Sansku..
Sanskar: I will take notes for you.
Laksh: that’s my sansku.
Sanskar(in mind): ohh! Laksh because of you, I am listening this boring class.
Professor starts the class about water and it’s reaction with metals and it’s purification.
Prof: good morning Students . now we are going to see about water and it’s purification, the difference between purified water and unionized water.
Professor teaches the class very seriously while Laksh is seriously sleeping. At that time, peon disturbs professor about circular.
Prof: Students, there is an intercollegiate competition in Sasgata Engineering college both in technical and non technicall. If anyone interested , give your name to your Faculty Advisor. Today he is in leave. He will come tomorrow.

Professor continues his lecture and notice that Laksh is sleeping. Professor gaze fall on Laksh and everyone turns and sees Laksh is sleeping. Professor throws chockpiece to Laksh and it hits head before Sanskar alert Laksh.
Laksh wake up and stands.
Prof: are you sleeping in the morning itself, in your first class? Do you know how much importance this? Tell me which topic I am taking now.
Laksh takes a deep breath while sanskar whispers into Laksh ears to apologize.
Laksh: sir, you are talking about water and it’s purification method. You started to telling about traditional method, then purify by ozone. At that time, peon disturbed you and you announced about competition in sasgata Engg college and give our names to Faculty Advisor who is in leave today. Then you continued with purify by chlorine . because of Peon disturbance, you forget to tell about demerit of ozone that Ozone is explosive in nature and while you teaching, in third bench, someone is messaging in phone and my adjacent bench is eating alloo masala.
Laksh inhales the smell of Aloo masala.
Everyone in the class stares Laksh as a different species including Sanskar.
Sanskar(in mind): is he really a human or an alien? How can he told this much correct even about that phone and aloo masala, he is sleeping naa. I witnessed him that he is in deep sleep. But..
Laksh (while yawning): is I am missed anything sir?
Prof: not a single one.(in a shock)
Laksh sits and starts to sleep again by refusing everyone gaze on him.

Precap:Laksh V/s DEVIL

Friends hope you like it. if I am boring, please inform me and share your suggestions and feedback please.
I Have some questions.
1) What do you think about Laksh? is he an intelligent fool?
2) What will happen if Laksh knows about Sanskar’s real face?
3) How will Laksh react when he see Amrit in dead bed?
4) Is he will be successful against DEVIL?

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    Nice update dear..waiting fr ragini entry….

  18. Awesome and waiting for next

  19. Akshata

    i am amazed, laksh is a 8th wonder of the world. i mean seriously?? he didnt miss a single thing which was happen in the class even Alloo Masala??????
    1) i cant rush in to comment, i will wait till the time story takes shape.
    2) May be he will act calm and try to understand him.
    3) heartbroken
    4)question is… why is he want to fight against devils? sanskar is his frnd dont know abt others. and waiting for ragini’s entry.

  20. great update but i have a question if u don’t mind… when will ragini get introduced..

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  22. Ragz_teju

    awesome… loved Laksh… even sanlak bond is amazing..

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