Swaragini- my friend (Episode 19)

Thanks for your support friends and also thanks to silent readers. Thanks ashnoor for answering lol. Lisa, I will try to give romance scenes but I am bad in writing romance.Lol, Sathya dev is Raglak son and Lakshman is Swasan son. I took 7 years leap, Veer, Suji,Vishnu and Radhika come alive whom thought to be dead. Veer is Laksh dad, Suji is Sanskar maa and Vishnu and Radhika are Rajat and Aarav parents. They misunderstood Laksh died in a accident. Sanlak and Raj parents live in a single house. Swasan and Lakshman goes to temple which is faraway from their house. While returning their car breakdown, a little boy helps them and take them to his house as it’s night and raining. Swasan sees Raglak in shock, they fainted. Ragini is suffering from memory loss and Laksh lies that he is Amrit and Laksh’s twin and made SwaSan believe. Laksh family comes to Laksh house and overwhelmed to see Laksh alive. Swasan takes Raglak to their house and Sanskar doubts that Lakhs is lying and do the tests with help of Amar, Ragini’s bhai,. Amar certifies that he is not Laksh and he is veer’s son as Laksh forced him to lie. Swara get to know that Laksh met Ragini just a year before and Sathya is Laksh’s son and worries about Ragini’s future. Swasan decides to made Raglak marry eachother. Raksh, Amrit and others take Raglak and Sathya for shopping.
Flashback- after everything settled down inbetween Ragsan, Sanskar get to know Laksh loves Ragini and he informs Ragini about that. Ragini is very happy and asks help from Sanskar. Ragini planned to make Laksh jealous by using Sanskar but it backfired because of Swara’s arrival to college. Laksh, Amrit, devils,Swaragini and her bhai’s went to pune for Intercollegiate competition and enjoyning time. Swara’s love for Laksh increases. Devils shocked to Laksh naughty side. Ragini did a prank for Laksh to overcome from the fear of riding bike with the help of Sanskar and Amrit which makes Laksh angry and Laksh slapped Ragini then feels guilt. Arjun and Raksh hears RagLak convo and scolds Sanskar and Amrit by pointing Laksh safety.

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Let I start today episode.
Laksh goes to drink water with Sathya while others discussing about Laksh behaving with them as a stranger.
Ragini comes with other ladies with smiling face by seeing Ragini’s smile , Laksh face starts to glow.
Raksh sees Laksh smiling face and sees the direction.
Raksh(whispers in Laksh):Ragini is so beautiful naa , Laksh.
Laksh(unknowingly):haan Raksh bhai..
Laksh comes to reality and see smirking face of Raksh.
Raksh(taps Laksh shoulders): come on laksh. we are married and we have full rights to stare our wife(Raksh looks Adittra lovingly)
Laksh smiles and Amrit,Aarav and Aditya comes towards Laksh with different suits, t-shirts and jeans.
Aditya: bhai, which one you like?
Laksh:haan Aadi…
Laksh smiles by seeing salesman’s state and decide to help salesman.
Laksh chats and helps them to shop, ladies also joins with them but Ragini stricts in money while selecting dress for Raglak and Sathya.
After finishing shopping, all returned to VR Mansion.

In Hall,
Swara with the help of her maa’s made dinner and arranges it in dining table.
Everyone presents themselves in dining table and chit chats. Ragini also immersed in their chat slowly she started to accept the family.
Laksh:maa.. papa.. choti maa and chote papa.. I also want a permission.
Ram(concerned):for what laksh?
Laksh: I want to join in our company choti papa.
Vishnu: ok. we will create a new post for you which powers equal to vice president.
Laksh:no chote papa.. I want to join from a lower level. So, I can learn.
Amrit: but you were a successful business man Laksh.
Laksh: I were bhai. now, I am just a beginner in business.
But youngsters shows their objection in their face.
Veer:ok Laksh. tomorrow there is an interview and you will work under Vishnu.
Laksh(smiles): thanks papa…
Swara(sees Sanskar):maa, bade maa , Radhu maa I have an idea.
Everyone looks Swara eagerly.
Kalyani: what swara?
Sanskar: maa, we didn’t see Ragini and Laksh marriage naa.why can’t we do their marriage with all the ritual?
Raksh: it’s superb.
All youngsters supports Swasan idea while Ragini blushes and Laksh worried about Ragini.
Kalyani sees all the elders and signs Suji to speak.
Suji: Swara, it’s a very good idea. I will call Pandit ji.
Radhika: after so many days, we are going to celebrate. Suji, why we also can make Swara and Sanskar remarry? Even we didn’t see their marriage.
Kalyani: it’s good idea. We will do both marriage in a date.
Everyone smiles and thinks about Raglak and Swasan remarriage.

At Raglak room,
Laksh stares the moon and remembers.
Flashback starts…
Laksh holds Ragini hands smoothly .
Laksh: I am sorry Cutie. I know I can’t justify but please forgive me. My appa always told me that if a man raises his hand against his wife, he can’t be a man , he is a coward.
Ragini can’t see her jaan in guilt.
Ragini: if you didn’t react then only I will be scared Jaan. if you didn’t anger on me, I will take you to Mental hospital for treatment.
Laksh:hmm..! what you said? Am I looking like Pagal?
Ragini starts to run while Laksh starts to chase her. Both stops near a golgappa stall.
Ragini(takes heavy breathes):Jaan ! I can’t.
Laksh: I am also cutie.
Ragini:why can’t we celebrate for getting prize?
Laksh:let’s go.
Laksh and Ragini both sits in golgappa stall and Ragini feeds Laksh as his hand hurt.
Ragini: Jaan, we are getting late.both Amar and Sahil bhai should be worried.
Laksh:ok cutie..

After half an hour,
Raglak reaches sahil’s house where Sanskar and Amrit sits sadly and Arjun and Raksh sits with anger face. Amar, Swayam and Sahil, Swara gives an confusing look.
Swara sees Laksh’s hand hurt and tied with the portion of Ragini’s duppatta.
Swara(concerned and worried):what happened Laksh?
Laksh: just a single wound.. doll. That’s all.
Amar nods and Sahil comes with first aid kit and dresses it.
Laksh winces in pain while Ragini and Swara become sad.
Sahil: it’s ok, Laksh. it will be cured within two days.
Laksh sees Sanskar and Amrit who are sit in couch and guilt is clearly seen in their eyes.
Amar:Rago, what is this?
Amar touches Laksh’s hand mark.
Ragini:I falled down, bhai.
Amar: but this wound didn’t like that. Tell me, if anyone slapped you.
Before Laksh accepts,
Ragini:Array bhai, who can touch your rago? If anyone slapped me, then do you think I will let him to live .
Amar(smiles): but take care Rago…
Ragini: it’s ok bhai.
Laksh: ok. why can’t we play truth or dare?
Swayam:it’s superb idea Laksh.
Laksh: I want everyone should be gathered on lawn.
Laksh goes and Sahil comes with some wodden logs, Laksh and Sahil arranges logs and lit fire.

They sit in a circle and Swayam comes with a bottle. Fire gives then hot and light.
Swayam: ok. let’s start. I will twirl the bottle. Who comes infront of open side will do whatever the opposite person said.ok. that’s clear.
Swayam spins the bottle and it comes to Amrit and Arjun.
Arjun:truth or dare Amrit.
Arjun:what is your first crush?
Amrit: my first crush, my first love all is my lioness. She is cute, innocent at the same time she is very brave .
Amrit immersed himself in meenu’s memories.
Arjun:did you proposed her?
Laksh pinches Amrit before answering” Arjun bhai, one time only one question”
Amrit gives a thankful look and laksh winks .
Amrit: ok. next..
Amrit spins the bottle and it comes to sahil and Amar.
Amar: truth or dare my buddy…
Amar: you have to dance in salsa with ….Sanskar.
Sanskar and Sahi sees each other and shouts”no…”
Amar:dare is dare..
Sahil and Sanskar halh heartedly dances and everyone laughs.
Sanskar spins the bottle and it comes to Swara and ragini.
Ragini: you have to propose anyone here.
Sanskar sits eagerly.

Swara stands and plucks a flower and comes.
Swara: I don’t know why I let you enter in my life though I didn’t trust strangers. You came into my life and made it’s better than heaven. I love your helping nature when you helped that old couples. I love your innocence when you gave the name to that dog. I love you when you shared food with us by understanding our situation .I love you when you respected my self respect. I love you when you stand for me in my sorrows. I love you when you solved every one problems and misunderstandings. I love you when you care for everyone. You returned my all happiness Laksh which I lost. Can you always stand for me?
Swara kneels down infront of Laksh and gives him a flower which she plucked. Everyone frozen at their place .
Laksh stands up and take flower from her hands.
Laksh: I will be always with you doll…
Everyone is stunned and tears starts to brim in Ragsan eyes.
Laksh:as a friend. Thanks for such a lovely friend proposal(Laksh points yellow flower)
Laksh pulls Swara cheeks.

But Amar feels different in Swara and Sahil observes Ragini reaction.
Swara virtually taps her head for her madness of plucking yellow rose. Ragini scolds herself for giving such a dare to swara and Sanskar virtually take long breaths.
Sanskar:guys, I felt thirsty and I will be back within a minute.
Sanskar goes inside and gulps two to three glasses of water. Still, the shock given by swara is not leaving him. a unknown insecurity starts to surround his mind.
Arjun:Laksh, are you forget about that old couple? You didn’t ask us about them.
Laksh:because I got to know you both united that old couples with their family and his son now really takes care of them.

Raksh: how did you?
Laksh: they met me before they leaving and you also get to know where we get real happiness.
Sanskar returns to lawn .they started the game again.
Swara spins the bottle and it comes to Laksh and Raksh.
Raksh:truth or dare..
Raksh: who is your first girl friend?
Amrit gives a shock look. Ragini gives a anger glare.
Raksh: that village girl..
Raksh:when are you going to propose her?
Laksh: why will I want to propose?
Raksh:she is your gf naa.
Laksh:even Swara is my also gf. Girl+ friend= girl friend and meenu is my first friend cum sis in girl.
Raksh taps his head” it’s my mistake to ask you this question”
Everyone smiles by seeing Raksh antics.
Laksh spins the bottle which stops to Ragini and him.
Laksh:truth or dare…
Ragini: dare..
Laksh: you will never scold Swayam for his pranks for three days from tomorrow and you should save him from swara.
Ragini: no…
Laksh: rules is rules..

Swayam hugs Laksh” thank you so much Laksh…”
Ragini spins the bottle which stopped inbetween Sanskar and Swayam.
Sanskar:truth or dare my little boy…
Sanskar:you will never do any prank for two days from tomorrow.
Swayam:Sanskar, it’s not fair. You are saving your friend.
Sanskar: still, you have one day in your hand.
Swayam accepts half heartedly.
Swayam spins the bottle but Laksh stops in the middle.
Laksh:guys , it’s already 11 PM. So , take a break and we will continue tomorrow.
Laksh insists and everyone get inside and Laksh and his bhaiya’s slept in terrace.

The next day,
Laksh and Ragini wakes up and get ready, goes to college with everyone.
Amrit checks his designs and boys and girls are ready in their outfits.
In Raglak side,
Ragini wears a white gown and Laksh wears a white and black suit.
Anchor announces Ragini and Laksh name.
Laksh is very nervous and Ragini holds his hand.
Ragini:jaan, trust yourself and we can do. We will.
Manwalage plays in back ground.
Ragini enters the stage like an angel. Light is faling on her.
Ragini starts to dance, postures hands and finally she touches Laksh who is standing in dance floor.
A clip of Tere sang yaara plays in back ground.
Laksh holds Ragini by waist. Slowly , they start to dance, Laksh twirls Ragini, both gracefully dances. At the end of this song,

Laksh and Ragini both shares a deep eyelock.
Laksh: I love you Cutie..
Ragini:I love you jaan..
Dance floor covered with dark.
Light falls on laksh who stands with Ragini photo.
Tum hi ho plays in back ground.
Laksh dances by expressing the pain .
Ragini comes on dance floor as his imagination.
Both dances, Laksh expressing the pain and Ragini shows a angelic smiles.
A sudden bright light appears.
Ragini and Laksh sees eachother with pain of separation.
Ragini leaves Laksh hands and Laksh looks her with pain.
Laksh suddenly pulls Ragini to him as he forget it’s dance.
Ragini lands on his chest and Laksh leans to kiss her, a bright light covers both as no one can’t see them clearly and then dark covers the stage.
Ragini breathes heavily as Laksh is very close to her. Laksh leans so nearly. Laksh thoughts cut by hearing clap sound.

Both composes themselves and go back side of the stage.
Laksh is immersed himself in Ragini’s thoughts and what he try to do, worried about Ragini’s reaction.
Anchor: what a performance yaar..
At the end, Anchor calls judges to announce the result.
Judge: everyone gave their best. But one performance directly reached our heart. they both danced so well and their act also good. Their chemistry made them win the competition. So, the winner is Ragini Khanna and Lakshaya dev singh from XXX engg. college and the first runner is Arjun mehra and Ria Roy from XXX engg College.
Raglak receives the prize and Swasan hugs Raglak.
Arjun: I never think you will dance this much romantically.
Laksh cheeks starts to turn into red” bhai, don’t tease me. you also so romantically dance with ria di”
Arjun punches Laksh friendly.
Swara: ok. I am getting late to my musical competition.
Arjun:we are also getting late for our ramp walk. See you guys later.
Ragini, Swara , Sanskar, Laksh goes to Swara’s competiton. It’s a duet music round.
Swara and Laksh goes to register Swara’s name.
Laksh: doll , where is your partner?
Swara:even, I am waiting for him. but still he didn’t come. He even didnt attend my calls.
Laksh:don’t worry he will come.
Swara: Laksh, can you sing with me?
Laksh: but..
Swara:please, I don’t have time.
Laksh: ok.
Swara and Laksh registers the name.
SwaLak enters the venue.

After few minutes, Anchor calls Swara and Laksh name.
Swara and Laksh enters the stage which surprises Sanskar and Ragini.
Swara starts to sing and Laksh plays his flute which makes the performance wonderful.
Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saasein bharti hoon
Teri dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon
Swara stares Laksh and thinks how he become her life . Sanskar remembers when he met swara and Ragini remembers how Laksh saved her life.
Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Swara recalls how Laksh entered in her life and her proposal , how he hold her by her waist and sings with smile while Ragini looks Laksh lovingly and Sanskar looks Swara lovingly.
Laksh starts to sing and he stares Ragini who standsin the crowd and Swara plays her guitar.
Meri Nazar ka safar
Tujh pe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuki
Laksh eyes didn’t move from Ragini while Sanskar eyes glued with Swara . Swara smiles lovingly to Laksh while playing guitar.
Meri neendin hain
Teri nigaahin ki
Tujhe khabar kya bekhabar
Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
Teri aankhein padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yunn pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon..

Swara sings with feel of hiding her love for Laksh, Ragini looks Laksh and says herself that she will make him propose soon. Sanskar feels his love for swara and smiles.
Swara sings the song with the feel of her love for Laksh and Laksh sings and plays flute with his love for Ragini.
Swara and Laksh both sings well. In happiness, Laksh hugs Swara friendly.
Laksh: we made it, doll. I will go to Ragini.
Swara smiles to Laksh and virtually blushes.
Swalak wins the first prize. Amrit bags prize for his design and one fashion house offers him a job. But he declined because of his studies.
Days started to roll,
Swarag, Sanlak and others returned to Mumbai. Sanskar asks help from laksh and ask him to join ih his company as Ram is ill. Amrit also decides to help Sanskar. Laksh and Amrit both joins in VR Industries and Aarav trains them. Arjun trains Laksh in defensive skills. Sanskar get admission for Swayam in big school.
Three months leap,
Today is the last exam for Sanlak rag. Amrit already gone to Annur as Sathya narayan , Father in law of Amrit is ill.

At afternoon,
At collge corridor,
Laksh is waiting for Ragini. Ragini see him and come near to him.
Laksh:Cutie, can you come to meet me in park at night?
Ragini(acts like thinks): ok jaan.
At night,
Laksh stands infront of mirror.
Laksh(in mind): am I looking good?
Laksh wears what Ragini bought for him.
Laksh smiles and take a rose in his hand.
Laksh walks towards park.
Laksh sees Ragini in park.
Laksh(scolds himself): you came late buddhu..
Ragini starts to turn.
Laksh:cutie, don’t turn. I will scare to tell this.
Ragini:what Laksh?
Laksh didn’t notice that Ragini address him by his name instead of jaan.
Laksh: I love you cutie… I fall for…
Ragini(cuts): I don’t love you Laksh. you are just my friend. That’s all..
Flashback ends…

Laksh felt someone hugging him from back and he composed himself.
Ragini: I love you rowdy.
Laksh turns and takes ragini in his embrace after seeing Sathya slept.
Laksh: so, my kuttimaa is in romantic mood. Waah!
Ragini plays with Laksh pyjama buttons.
Ragini: haan ! I am romancing with my rowdy hubby in my room .
Laksh:hmmm! Not bad.
Laksh pulls her closer at the same time, Sathya turns in sleep and Raglak break the hug.
Laksh:come on. We have to sleep.(points sathya)
Ragini smiles.
Raglak holds hands of Sathya and slept.

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