Swaragini- my friend (Episode 18)

Thanks for your comments friends and also thanks for silent readers . lisa, till I didn’t select anyone for swayam and amar. Taiana, I am living in Chennai.
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Let I start the episode.
Laksh enters the house and everyone surrounds him.
Kalyani(worriedly): Where are you gone Laksh? why didn’t you inform us?
Laksh: sorry maa… I just gone for a walk but I lost the way to return. So, after getting help from some people, I will return.
Suji comes for Laksh help.

Suji:kallu, leave it. he returned naa. Laksh, don’t go out without informing us.
Radhika:Suji , first we will buy a new phone for Laksh and Ragini. Raj, take Laksh and Ragini for shopping.
Raj:haan maa…

Aadi:wait I will also come.
Amrit: I also.
Meenu, Raksh and Adittra , Aarav also raises their hands. Janki listens silently.
Veer: ok ok. everyone get ready..
Kalyani:except Raksh and Adittra.
Adittra:Kallu maa.. it’s injustice.

Raksh:haan maa… it’s not fair.
Kalyani(strictly): Adittra, you are in your fourth month and travelling is not good for you and baby.
Raksh and Adittra both become silent after hearing a word baby.

Janki:badimaa, Raksh will go. I will take care of Adittra.
Raksh :no need bhabhi.. I can’t come without her. You all go.
Suji:kallu..let them go. Raksh.. but careful. Don’t let her eat anything hot and drive slowly.
Raksh and Adittra hugs Suji”thanks suji maa”
On other hand in temple,
Swasan meets as they want privacy to discuss about Ragini.
Swara stands with Lakshman in her hand.

Swara:what about the result Sanskar?

Sanskar holds Swara hands for support.
Sanskar: he is not Laksh, baby and whatever he said was true.
Swara:it’s ok Sanskar.
Sanskar: but I believed he is my Laksh my laku. My heart trusted that.
Swara: Sanskar, see me.

Sanskar looked into Swara’s eyes.
Swara:Sanskar, sometimes our heart may lie. Please come out from our sorrow. Here , Ragini’s life is critical.
Sanskar:what are you saying baby?
Swara:Sanskar, when I am playing with Sathya, I got to know that Ragini and him met this duplicate Laksh before a year when Ragini met accident.
Sanskar:that means…
Swara:you are right.Sathya is our Laksh ka son.

Sanskar holds his heads.
Swara: till now, Ragini fills her mang in the name of our Laksh. she loves Laksh’s twin because he have the same face of Laksh. I am scared Sanskar when she gets to know the truth or get her memory back , will she also follow Laksh?
Sanskar looks Swara with tensed face.

Swara:so, I took some important decision.
Sanskar :You decided about Ragini’s remarriage with this Laksh.
Swara nods.

Swara:this Laksh also loves Ragini and sathya. I can see his love for Ragini in his eyes. If we made them marry eachother, this Laksh’s love will definitely change Ragini .
Sanskar side hugs Swara and both shares a eyelock in which Swara eyes emits determination and Sanskar eyes emits worriedness.
Lakshman giggles make them realize the surrounding.

In VR Mansion,
Ragini, Meenu and Janki and all others get ready and goes to a mall. Sathya is more happy as he is going out with his family. Raksh hides him in beard as he is famous actor.

In Mall,
They first go to kids section.
Aditya takes Sathya in his hands. Each boys takes some clothes and matches it with Sathya and Laksh and nods no which makes sales men annoyed.
Laksh sees it with a smile and remembers.
Flashback Starts…

Laksh enters the auditorium and Ragsan sees Laksh , walk towards him.
Sanskar:Laku, we have some important work.
Ragini:haan Jaan..
Laksh looks at them confusingly.

Laksh:which work guys?
Ragini:array we will tell after naa.
Sanskar holds Laksh one hand and Ragini holds another hand. both starts to walk by dragging Laksh with them. without another option, Laksh walks with them.
Ragsan stops at Sanskar car.
Sanskar:get in guys, we have so less time.

Laksh(annoyed):where are we going cutie..? sansku, atleast you tell naa.
Sanskar(smiles): taking dress for tomorrow competition…
Laksh:I already take it Sansku.

Sanskar:ouch! Don’t utter a word and come with us. That’s all.
Annoyed Laksh starts to stare outside.
After half an hour, the trio reached a mall and get into men’s clothing section.

Sanskar:Laku, you sit there.
Sanskar makes Laksh sit in a chair.
Sanskar goes and comes with a lot of shirth and a sales men and Ragini also come with a lot of shirts.
Salesman matches shirst with Laksh.
Sanskar:no.. no.. no..

Ragini:rejected.. rejected.. rejected..
Both rejects appropriately, 100+ shirts which makes Salesmen annoyed and sad. Laksh observes it and he also start to lose his patience.
Laksh takes a light orange mixed Sandal colour formal shirt.

Laksh: get the another piece of this shirt.
Sanskar and Ragini opens their mouth by seeing Laksh glare both shuts.
Salesman happily nods and come with another shirt which is look alike of Laksh’s.
Laksh:pack this.

Ragini:ok. shirt is over. Now trousers…
Laksh turns shockingly”what?”

Sanskar:haan.. we also take matching trousers naa.
By hearing this, Salesmen go to fainting state.
Laksh:you both sit there. I will come.

Laksh takes Salesmen with him and comes after 15 minutes with bags.
Laksh: I bought shirts, trousers and Ragini, for you a salwar.check it. Now come on guys, let’s go.
Ragini takes salwar in her hand and surprised to see correct size, unknowingly she felt so happy.
The trio goes to Swaragini’s house and surprised to see Arjun, Raksh and Amrit with their luggages.
Sanskar:Arjun.. Raksh .. Amrit.. you all here.

Laksh:I asked them to join with us, Sansku even Amrit have competition tomorrow.
At that time, Amar, Swayam and Swara comes with their luggages.
After 3 hours, around 9 PM , they reached Sahil’s house which is 3 BHK independent villa which he take it for rent.
Sahil and Amar, Ragini, Swara,swayam overwhelmed and shares a group hug.

Laksh(break the silence): bhaiya’s take your comforters, we all are going to sleep in terrace.
By hearing this, each and every boys jaw dropped as they didn’t slept in terrace.
Laksh:Sansku, Ammu come on . I am so tired.
Laksh goes to terrace while others follow him without any option.
The next day morning,

Sahi comes to kitchen to make coffee for everyone. For his surprise, Laksh is already present and made coffee for everyone.
Sahil:why did you made Laksh? I am here naa…
Laksh:array bhai.. I just made coffee but you have to made breakfast for 13 to 14 peoples. So let me help.
Sahil smiles” whatever Ragini said was true”
It kindles eagerness in Laksh.
Laksh: what Ragini said?

Sahil: you are so good and helping.
Laksh(disappointingly):just that..
Sahil:did you expect something?
Laksh:nothing bhai… take your coffee. I will wake up others.
Laksh goes to terrace and smiles to see the scenario.

Arjun puts his one leg on Raksh and one hand on Sanskar. Raksh have his thumb finger in his mouth as a sleeping baby. For sanskar and Amrit, there is only few inches apart and Amrit caresses Sanskar’s face as he dreams about Meenu and Sanskar reciprocates it as he dreams about Swara.

Laksh takes his phone and takes as a video and then takes some photos on each and everyone,then finally takes a selfie.
Laksh hears a voice” what are you doing Laksh?”
Laksh:just clicking photo’s for our memories, Amar bhai.
Amar: just photo’s . I think you will do something mischevious..(smirks)

Laksh: ok. as your wish.
Laksh goes to kitchen and comes with chilli powder.
Amar looks Laksh shockedly.
Laksh slowly make everyone inhale chilli powder. After half a minute, everyone wakes up by sneezing.
Raksh: how we inhaled..auch… chilli powder..

Arjun:I .. auch.. don’t ..auch.. know.
Sanskar: I will auch.. not..auch.. leave that person..auch…
Amrit: I ..auch.. will..auch..definetely make auch.. that person..auch.. repent for this.
Laksh(whispers in Amar’s ears):amar bhaiya.. can you hold this for a minute? I think I also inhaled chilli.
Amar(innocently):ok.. Laksh…

Laksh gives chilli powder container to Amar and others controlled their sneezing and sees Amar with chilli powder.
Arjun(whispers):amar.. bhai..
Amar(shocked and understands Laksh): no.. I am not..Laksh..

Amar searches Laksh but he is slowly walking and Sanskar and Amrit sees Laksh.
Raksh: Laksh is innocent Amar bhai. how can you put blame on Laksh?
Sanskar: I think Amar bhai saying truth.
Amrit:see there..

Amrit shows Laksh and everyone gritted their teeth.
Raksh and Arjun shocked to see Laksh in mischevious.
Amrit: I will not leave you, Laksh.
Everyone starts to chase Laksh and Laksh runs. Suddenly a hand drags Laksh and hold his mouthto stop shouting.
A voice whispered in Laksh’s ears”Laksh, I am swayam…”
Swayam takes his hand.

Laksh(low voice): why did you hide here?
Flashback 2 starts..

In Swaragini room,
Swayam:Rago di, shona di.. get up. It’s 6.30.
Ragini and Swara didn’t pay any heed as they are so busy in their dreams with Laksh. Swayam smiles mischeviously.
A droplets starts to fall on swaragini’s face and they wiped without opening their eyes and continues their sleep.

Swaragini wakes up with a jerk as water balloon fall down on their face.
Swara and Ragini wipes their face and sees each other and then smiling Swayam.
Swaragini:we will not leave you Swayam bacha…
Flashback 2 ends…
Laksh and Swayam gives hi fi to each other.

Laksh:wait.. I will add spice in this.
In hall, every boys searches Laksh madly where Swaragini searches Swayam.
Swara:Sanskar, are you see Swayam?
Sanskar felt his surrounding frozen.
Swara waves her hand before.

Sanskar(coming to reality):no.. Swara..
Swara sighs and searches swayam.
Devil’s phone beeps a message.”Stop searching me and open your whatsapp”
Arjun:Laksh messaged me..

Raksh:me also..
Devil’s open their whatsapp and download the photo which Laksh sent.
Raksh and Arjun sees each other and starts to laugh. Sanskar and Amrit also start to laugh.
Being frusturated,

Ragini:why are you laughing guys?
Sanskar shows his mobile in which Arjun put his leg on Raksh and Raksh was sleeping like a baby.
By seeing this, everyone laughs.
Amrit:Arjun bhai, why are you laughed?
Arjun shows Sanskar and Amrit photo which makes them hell shocked.
Sanskar:it’s not me..

Amrit:it’s not us…
Without listening them, everyone laughs .
At that time, everyone hear a ringtone of Laksh’s phone and finds Laksh’s hideout.
Laksh(in mind): why this Raj bhai called me this time?
Arjun:it’s good for you Laksh if you come or..
Laksh comes out.

Swaragini witness the scenario with smile and devil’s and Amar glares Laksh.
Laksh signs Swayam and swayam throws Laksh’s clothes and Laksh run to terrace.

Everyone chases him and Laksh stands on cliff.
Amrit(smirks): now what will you do?
Laksh turns and smiles, jumps from cliff which makes everyone shocks.
Everyone run towards cliff and confused that they didn’t see Laksh.

A voice comes from down but from neighbours garden.” Are you searching me?”
Everyone sees that direction and sees smiling Laksh and relieved.
Arjun:you have to come house, Laksh to get ready.
Swaragini get worried by seeing dog behind Laksh.

Laksh turned and take that small dog in his hand.
Laksh(shouts): I already neighbor uncle as my friend. Sansku, don’t forget to bring my laptop and our project to college.
Laksh walks toward the house. Everyone smiles.
Amar: he is so different…
Swara(unknowingly): that’s why I love him…
Amar:did you say anything swara?

Swara(comes to senses): no.. bhaiya..
After an hour,
Ragsan takes Laksh with them and goes to Sasgata engineering college. Amrit comes in Sahil’s bike.
Sanskar and Ragini presents the Paper presentation where Laksh participates in project demo.
At afternoon,

In canteen,
Laksh:how is your presentation, Sansku.. cutie..?
Ragsan:superb.. we get good comments but this is your project naa.
Laksh:no.. it’s ours . ok see you in evening.

Ragini: I will leave now itself . I have some work.
At evening,
Sanskar, Amrit and Laksh are very happy as they bagged first prize. Laksh and Amrit both wins so many quizzes and Sanskar won in electronic debugging and poster presentation.
At outside, near bike stand,

Amrit halts bike near Laksh and give key to Laksh.
Sanskar:Amrit, come with me. I have to see this college professor about tomorrow events…
Amrit:haan Sanskar..
Amrit and Sanskar leaves.
Laksh phone starts to ring and shows as Cutie dialing.

Laksh :hello cutie..
OS: sir, this madam met accident. Can you come to city hospital?

Phone slips from Laksh hands and his hands starts to shivering.
Laksh(in mind): nothing happened to my cutie…I have to go…
Laksh takes his phone which is completely broken.
Laksh sees the keys in his hand and stares the bike. Once, how his father died in accident is coming infront of his eyes. Laksh closed his eyes and open ,it shows determination.

Laksh sits in bike and starts by kicking. He become numb what should do next. He sees the nearby boy who starts the bike and ride. Laksh observes his movement and starts the bike. Laksh remembers how Sanskar rides bike and how he try to teach him. Laksh recalls the gear pattern.
Flashback 3 starts…
Sanskar: laku, I will teach you to ride the bike.
Laksh:no Sansku.. I can’t…
Sanskar:ok.just sit back and see how I am riding. It’s easy to learn Laku.

Sanskar teaches the gear pattern and it’s speed limits.
Flashback 3 starts..

Laksh starts to ride the bike and increases the speed upto 100 km/hr.
After half an hour, Laksh reaches the city hospital and runs to inside.
A soft hand holds Laksh’s hands and he try to jerk but he felt that hands belongs to Ragini’s
Ragini(shows ice cream): have it jaan. you will be relaxed.

Laksh sees Ragini with rage and within a minute, his tension, his worriedness, his fear of losing beloved ones turned into anger.
In anger, Laksh slaps Ragini hardly and holds her shoulder,shakes it and his hand starts to pierce Ragini’s soft shoulders.
Laksh: are you mad? Didn’t you get anything for this cheap prank? Do you know how much I tensed? Why Ragini? Why you played with my feelings?
Ragini(holds her tears): it’s paining Jaan..
By hearing jaan, Laksh loses his temper and feel guilt for slapping Ragini. By seeing his anger, two persons frozen where they stands.
Laksh: sorry cutie..

Laksh touches Ragini’s chin where his hand mark because of slap and ragini winces as it’s burning.
As not able to take this, Laksh bangs his hand in nearby tree. His hand starts to bleeding as a result of rough surface of tree.
Ragini holds his hand.
Laksh: why did you do this cutie? It’s paining me cutie. I can’t lose my beloved ones and you played with my feelings.
Being hurt Laksh stands up by taking his hand from Ragini.
Ragini(slowly): because I don’t want my jaan scared of anything.
Laksh looks Ragini shockingly.

Ragini walks towards Laksh.
Ragini: I know Laksh, something didn’t let you to ride bike, it disturbs you and I want my jaan to overcome this and I don’t have any idea than this.
Laksh looks Ragini with moist eyes. By seeing Laksh sad, Ragini can’t take that. Ragini hugs Laksh which made Laksh break down.
Laksh: my Appa died in a accident Cutie infront of my eyes. Whenever I try to ride bike, it comes infront of my eyes, my appa’s last minutes. I can’t overcome it cutie.

Ragini(caresses Laksh’s hair): you overcome it Jaan. you ride bike.
Laksh digs his face in Ragini’s . Laksh feels his father’s care and Love in Ragini’s embrace. Ragini broke the hug but Laksh didn’t want to lose .
Laksh:sorry cutie… whenever I become emotional, I lost my senses.
Laksh feels so guilt for slapping her.
Ragini smiles.
Laksh recalls what happened before in college.

Ragini thinks about their hug when she hugged him how Laksh reciprocated her and when she broke the hug, how Laksh reacted. She immersed in Laksh thoughts.
Laksh:so, Sansku and Ammu helped you. haai naa cutie..
Ragini(unknowingly):haann..(comes to reality)no..

Laksh:yes.. or ..no…
Ragini(lowers her head): yes…
Laksh sees Sanskar and Amrit who are heavily breathing.

Laksh(worried): what happened Sansku, Ammu?
Sanskar and Amrit checks Laksh ok or not.
Before Sanskar start to speak, that two persons comes there and interrupts.
Person 1:what is Sanskar? How can you do like this?
Sanskar shockingly looks.

Laksh(in mind): now, Sansku and Ammu are gone.
Sanskar:woh! Arjun..
Sanskar stops by seeing Arjun raises his hand and drops.

Raksh:are you mad? Laksh didn’t know how to ride. How can you let him to ride in road?
Arjun:Sanskar is immature. But what happened to you Amrit? I think you are a mature person.
Amrit:we decided to stop Laksh once he started the bike. But he ride in high speed.
Laksh understands they both ran behind him and feeling sad for them.

Raksh: ohh! You decide to stop. Wah! What will you do if he get into any accident?
Sanskar and Amrit become numb that their prank have more possibilities to become a disaster eventhough they did for Laksh.
Sanskar and Amrit nods their head down.
Laksh comes with two water bottles and throws to Sanskar and Amrit.
Laksh:drink this. Bhaiya… you all come to home after finishing your scolding. First I will ask sorry to cutie for slapping.
Laksh smiles to Sanskar and Amrit and leaves behind Ragini.

At outside,
Laksh holds Ragini hands tighter at the same time which didn’t hurt her.
Laksh:can we have ice cream?
Ragini:first I will see your hand and you will try to control your anger .(herself)only anger not love. Even I love this angry man..
Ragini and Laksh goes to Sahil’s house.
Flashback ends…
Laksh feels someone shaking him.

Laksh raises his head and sees Raj who is standing with two suits.
Raj:Laksh, which you like this or that?
Laksh:your choice bhai.
Laksh stands and goes to drink water with sathya while Aarav, Raj, Raksh and Amrit,Aditya sees each other.
Aarav:Laksh is treating us stranger.
Amrit:Ragini also. She didn’t want us to buy clothes for Sathya.

Raksh: bhai, Amrit.. first understand.. Laksh and Ragini both lost their memory. For Ragini, her self respect is most important and moreover she lived a simple life. They will take time and it’s depend on us to make them feel as our family.
Aditya: Raksh bhai is correct, bhaiya’s. I can’t see Laksh bhai like this. We will do something.
To be continued…

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