Swaragini- my friend (Episode 17)

Thanks for your support friends and silent readers. I know you all are so angry on me for sudden leap and killing Laksh. but don’t worry. How can I kill my one lead? .Please be ready to see Laksh as Antihero and thanks for your suggestions for song friends. I know you all are anger on me. sorry please maaf karo this little choti.
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In Car,
Swara and Ragini sits backside and Laksh.x sits in front side, Sanskar drives the car.
Swaragini slowly falls on sleep and Laksh.x takes Lakshman in his hand and plays with him, make him sleep in his lap.
Laksh.x:what is his name, bhaisap?
A long drop escapes from his eyes.
Laksh.x: did you name him in memory of Laksh?
Laksh.x: still, how many hours left to reach our house bhaisap?
Sanskar: Amrit..
Laksh.x(cuts): try to call me Laksh bhaisap otherwise it will create problem.
Sanskar:Ok. Amrit.. Laksh , you also try to call me Sanskar.
Laksh.x: Sanskar.. can I call you Sansku.?
Sanskar puts a sudden break and shockingly looks on Laksh.x.
Laksh.x:what happened bhasap.. sorry Sanskar?
Sanskar: nothing Laksh.
Laksh.x: ok. still how many hours left to go home?
Sanskar: may be 7 to 8 hours. Did you need anything, Laksh?
Laksh.x:no. then, why can’t you say about my bhai Laksh? I think that you are very close to him.
Sanskar: I will tell, Laksh.but I want a promise. After hearing truth, you will never misunderstood Ragini.
Laksh.x: she is my wife Sanskar and in our life, there is no space for misunderstandings and whatever happened it’s her past . I will never let her past affect her future.

Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar:Laksh also think like that. Ok. I will tell about Laksh.
Sanskar: Laksh.. mera Laku.. we are so close. I met him , I never think he will change my life. He changed me.
Sanskar starts to tell about Laksh and his past till Sanskar told Laksh that he is alright , he didn’t have any disease.
Laksh.x: mera bhai , this much innocent and good. Now, I got why you all love him this much.
Sanskar(painingly): but I snatched his innocence, I made him a worse than a beast.
Laksh.x shockingly looks on Sanskar and the pain in his heart, start to come as tears and it makes blur his vision.
Laksh.x put a hand break.
Laksh.x: Sansku, you are not in the sense to drive the car. I will drive. Take Lakshman in your hand.
Sanskar nods.
Laksh.x gives Lakshman to Sanskar and sits in driver seat.
Sanskar: do you know how to drive?
Laksh.x: Sanskar, I am B.E graduate .
Sanskar confusingly looks on Laksh.x.
Laksh.x: I was a short temper, not like Laksh. first I will beat, then only I will speak about the problem. This nature make me lose my job and because of my ego and self respect, I clashed with my boss, he sent me to death bed and After that , I settled in village.
Sanskar:but you seems like understanding.
Laksh.x: time teaches everything(Stares Ragini Lovingly) mera Kuttima taught me how to be patient. Ok. Let me drive Sanskar.
Sanskar closes his eyes and remembers what happened.
Flashback Starts…
Laksh and Sanskar both are in cloud nine.
Laksh: I want to sleep in class after a long time. Chalo..Sansku.
Sanskar:Laku, we are having so much works. Tomorrow, we have to go pune for intercollegiate championship as technical competition starts .
Laksh:haan.. for that only, I am preparing presentation.oh no! even I want to practice for dance.
Sanskar: ok. come on. I will go to see Amrit as I want to see the design.
Laksh and Sanskar went to Auditorium where Ragini waits for them.
In Auditorium,
Ragini sees Sanlak.
Ragini: how much time you have taken to come, Sanskar?
Sanskar: what can I do Ragini? I forgot everything when I see your partner.
Laksh looks at them amusingly.
Laksh:cutie, I made presentation.
Ragini:jaan. I will come with in few minutes.
By saying this, Ragini drags Sanskar with her as they have so many works.
The ignorance upsets Laksh and her sudden bond with Sanskar make him jealous.

After few minutes,
Ragsan comes to auditorium sees Laksh is working in Laptop.
Ragini and Sanskar sit beside him.
Ragini:Sanskar, make the list ready and conform with students. We should see the performance of students, today itself.
Sanskar:haan Ragini, Princi strictly said that he don’t want any flaws in performance. He is so serious in this.
Ragini:ok. read the name list of music performance. I will write it in order.
Laksh lost his patientce for the first time and walk towards door.
Sanskar:Array Laku! Where are you going? We want to see presentation naa.
Laksh:still, I have some corrections. When you free, meet me in library.
By saying this , Laksh goes outside.
Ragini relaxedly sits.
Sanskar: Ragini, why are you irritating him by ignoring him? why are you making him jealous?
Ragini: I want to see jealous in his eyes.
Sanskar:I think I made a mistake by saying you that Laksh loves you.
Flashback starts …
Sanskar is to enter Laksh’s room. He hear Laksh voice.
Laksh: cutie, I love you more than myself. But I can’t tell. I am going to far away from you all. Love is for giving happiness cutie, not for sorrow .after this competition, I will make myself far away from you and my love always should be an hidden secret.
Sanskar stunned and try to see the photo in Laksh’s hands. He sees Ragini’s photo .
after Sanlak convo,
In corridor, Ragsan walks tensedly.
Sanskar:Ragini, I want to tell something important.
Ragini:haan Sanskar..
Sanskar:Laksh loves you.
Ragini stands numb.
Sanskar: I know Ragini you consider him as your friend. But he really loves you. if you didn’t love him, please stay away from him. I can’t see his pain.
Sanskar tells about Laksh pain.
Ragini(sobs): I am unlucky Sanskar. I love him but.. I gave him this much pain. No I will tell him everything.
Sanskar: no Ragini. If he knows truth, he will be heart broken. You love him naa, then don’t say about this.
Ragini: hmm! I don’t want to lose him Sanskar. Can you help me?
Flashback ends…
Ragini:no Sanskar . you are giving me a very big happiness. Now I will make him to propose me and I know he can’t see with any other person. I will give him punishment
Sanskar:did you really love him? I don’t want to see him heart broken.
Ragini: I love him morethan myself. He is my jaan , Sanskar.
Sanskar:I am really happy for you both , Ragini. Don’t forget about my promise .if anyone in my place, Laku will definitely do something for them even he gave shock treatment. Now, you make me scared for my best buddy.
Ragini: don’t worry I will never break my promise. I will make him join in your company . so you don’t want separate from Laksh.

At outside,
Laksh (in mind): why I am angry? Sansku have so many works about that intercollegiate competition she helping him. why I can’t see their closeness.one day, she is going away from me by marrying or loving others .She considers me as her friend. No.. I can’t lose her friendship.
Laksh suddenly bumps into someone and that girl start to fall. Laksh holds her by waist and that girl closed her eyes in fear.
Laksh make her stand and smiles to see her face.
Laksh:doll! Open your eyes. You are alright.
Swara gives a relaxed breath.
Swara:thanks Laksh.(makes her face anger) why did you lied to me, Laksh?
Laksh:lie.. which lie?
Swara: I got to know that you were paid for Swayam’s operation.but why are you lied?
Laksh smiles and by seeing his smile, Swara starts to lose his anger.
Laksh puts his hand on swara’s shoulder friendly ” ohh doll! I am scared. Come , we can speak in canteen”
Laksh takes his hand and hold swara’s hands and goes to canteen.
Swara(in mind): I want you to hold my hand life long, Laksh.
Swara stares Laksh lovingly and jerks by remembering her anger.
In canteen,
Laksh makes Swara sit in a chair.
Laksh:doll! Wait a minute.
Laksh buys two chill badam milk and sits opposite to her.
Laksh:first drink this, then we can speak.
Swara takes badam milk and drink it in one go.
Swara(calmly): why did you lie, Laksh?
Laksh: if I didn’t lie, you will never accept my help.
Swara looks Laksh with a unknown expression.
Laksh:doll! I know how much you respect your self esteem and self respect. If you know I was the one paid, you will never let me help. Your self respect will definitely stop you or you will feel bad and I don’t want any hurdle in Swayam’s operation.
Swara looks Laksh with moist eyes.
Swara: but please let us return your money.
Laksh:So, you want to repay me that I am a stranger.
Swara:no nothing like that.
Laksh(seriously): if you want to repay me.. then don’t cook and don’t let cook cutie also. I feel pity for Swayam and Amar .
Swara nods first after understands Laksh teases her.
Swara:laksh .. you..
Swara starts to chase Laksh.
In Auditorium,
Ragini and Sanskar really immersed in their work.
At that time, Ria(Arjun’s dance partner) and Arjun comes there and sits beside Ragsan.
Ria:Arjun, you said that Laksh is shy. But do you know? He gave such a beautiful scene today in corridor.
Arjun:what are you speaking Ria?
Ria:actually a girl bumped with him and he hold her by her waist to save her from falling. What a scene! I feel like I see a srk movie .Then , he takes her to canteen and both a chasing each other in whole corridor. Such a lovely couple like SRK and Kajol.
Ria imagines dreamingly.
Ragini’s BP raises to critical level and she stares a nearby table as she wants to break it in Ria’s head. Sanskar observes Ragini’s facial changes.
Ragini(in mind): if I did wrong by teaching about flirt and impress girls. How can he take any other girl to canteen? Is my plan back firing me? arghh! I will not leave that girl.
Ragini(stands):Sanskar, I have a important work. I will come after few minutes.
Sanskar(in mind): Ganapathi papa! Please save my Laku and that innocent girl.
Ragini walks furiously in corridor and Sanskar is following her. Suddenly, someone bumped in Ragini and Ragini hold him in her hands. Ragini looks him in deep choco eyes and he takes her hair strands as they hiding her eyes. Both stands in that position for a minute.
Sanskar:Laksh.. Ragini..
Ragini leaves Laksh and Laksh falls down.
Laksh:ouch! Cutie, why did you left me? my hip…
Swara sits beside him”Laksh, is it paining?”
Swara touches his hip and Ragini comes near Laksh.
Ragini:Swara, what are you doing here? You have college naa.
Swara:Actually, I get od for my training as I am going to perform in Sasgata college event. I come here to give..
Swara takes a box.
Sanskar:what is in this?

By hearing the word rasagulla, Laksh stands up and snatches it from Swara and opens it.
Laksh:wow! Rasagulla..!
Laksh forget his surrounding and starts to eat Rasagulla. Jeera starts to flow from his mouth as he eats like child.
Ragini want to wipe this but she wear kurta. Before she taking hanky, Swara wipes this with her duppata.
Sanskar feels bad by seeing this. Ragini stands helpless as she can’t do anything against her sister.
Swara:Laksh.. you are eating like a kid.
Laksh:doll! What wrong in this. Wait! You also participating is Sasgata college event.
Swara:haan.. I am participating in musical.
Arjun comes there.
Arjun:Sanskar, I make the jeep ready. You can go at evening.
Sanskar:haan Arjun.
Laksh:jeep for what Sanskar?
Sanskar: I forget to tell that we I mean you , Ragini and me are going to pune and we start our travelling at evening.
Laksh: Arjun bhai, when did you come?
Arjun:we come tomorrow evening as non tech events are starting day after tomorrow.
Laksh:ok.Doll! can you take leave tomorrow?
Swara:haan.. for what?
Laksh: you , Amar bhai and Swayam and cutie, sansku and me are going to pune and we are going to stay in Sahil bhai’s house.
Sanskar(whispers in Ragini’s ear): we are planned for romantic trip. Your jaan is converting it into family trip. I am feeling pity for you Ragini.
Ragini (smiles): that’s why I am loving him Sanskar.
Sanskar gives an confusing look to Ragini.
Ragini:Shona! You can go to home and make everything ready. I will come after checking there.
Swara:ok Rago. Bye Laksh..
Swara completely ignored Sanskar and Laksh sees Sanskar’s sad face, thinks about it.
Laksh:cutie.. Sansku.. I have an immediate work. I will come within a hour.
Laksh leaves and goes behind Swara.
Ragini(sadly):I am scared sanskar. If it goes like that, one day I will propose him . why always happening upside down. Only boys will go behind girls. Here, I am doing this .
Sanskar smiles: come on Ragini. First we complete our work.
Swara feels someone taps her shoulder and turns but no one is there.
She hears a voice from her left side” I am here doll”
Swara jerked and sees Laksh, playfully hit him in his shoulder.
Swara:you scared me Laksh.
Laksh:why can’t you come with for a coffee?
Swara(happily): sure..

In Coffee shop,
Laksh(while Sipping coffee ): Doll, what are you thinking about Sanskar?
Swara looks Laksh.
Swara: is the question necessary?
Swara: he is the reason for my miserable life.
Laksh:doll! My papa always said me that if anyone did wrong, before punish them we should remember what are the good things they did for us.
Swara(irritated):now, what do you want to say?
Laksh: Sanskar is the one who helped Amar for his betterment and helped Swayam to broke his shell. Even he gave confidence to you while Swayam’s operation.
Swara remains silent.
Laksh:Doll! I know he did a sin. But just give him a chance, for me. I can’t see my Sansku sad.
Swara:ok Laksh, only for you.
Laksh:that’s my doll.
Both smiles and Swara goes to her house meanwhile Laksh goes to college.
Flashback ends…
Laksh.x stops car in a motel .
Laksh.x:Sanskar, you give Lakshman to me and wake up Swara.they didn’t eat anything from morning.
Sanskar gives Lakshman to Laksh.x and wakes up Swara. in time, Ragini also wakes up.
Ragini:where are we, rowdy?
Laksh.x:kuttima, we are in a motel for lunch. come on.
Ragini:haan Rowdy. Is Sathya eat or not? Rowdy, I want to speak with Sathya.
Ragini became tensed by remembering sathya.
Laksh.x sees Sanskar and Sanskar calls Kalyani.

In Call,
Sanskar:badi maa..mea Sanskar .. Ragini want to speak with Sathya.
Sanskar gives phone to Ragini.
Ragini:Sathu, did you eat anything? Are you ok naa?
Sathya:maa.. I am ok. do you know? I have so many bade papas and a cute chacha. Dadi maa feed me even after I said that I will eat my self. I am travelling in this much big car.
Laksh.x takes phone from ragini.
Laksh.x:Sathu, be a good boy, don’t disturb them.
Sathya:ok papa. I will not disturb them.
Kalyani and others get hurt as they put phone in speaker and Laksh treats them as stranger.
Laksh.x gives phone to Sanskar.
After completing lunch, their travel again started. Swara and Ragini didn’t slept and Swara tries to make Ragini comfort with her. Ragini slowly start to mingle with them.

At evening,
Ragini and Laksh.x arrives to VR Mansion .
Janki and meenu takes Aarti to Raglak and Sathya. Meenu and Adittra become so much emotiona after seeing Laksh.x.
Ragini kicks rice pot and gets inside.
Kalyani shows a plate filled with red water.
Kalyani:Rago beta, put your legs in that water and come inside.
Ragini nods and put her legs in red water and walks towards Pooja room.
Suji:Rago beta, put your hand in haldi. Laksh, take her hand in your hand and press it in the wall of pooja room.
Laksh.x takes Ragini hands and Ragini sees Laksh.x and both have a deep eyelock. Laksh.x presses her hand in pooja room wall.
Radhika comes with milk and a banana.
Radhika: Laksh, drink this and eat this.
Laksh.x drinks half and sees Ragini wets her lip as she feeling thirsty.
Laksh.x:Kuttima.. drink this…
Ragini nods and Laksh make her drink.
Radhika:see Kallu.. before telling what to do, they finished this rasam.
Laksh.x and Ragini looks tired.
Kalyani(caresses Laksh.x cheek):Laksh, you are looking so tired. You and Ragini take rest. Swara, take them to their room.
Sanskar(interrupts):Swara, take them to our room. They will take rest in our room.
Everyone looks Sanskar and Sanskar signs them to silent for a minute.
Swara:Rago.. Laksh come with me.
Laksh.x takes Sathya in his hands and holds Ragini hands. Swara takes them to their room .
Swara:Rago..if you want anything call me. I will be in hall.
Ragini:ok shona…
Swara is stunned because Ragini called her shona.
Swara:rago what you called me?
Ragini:shona..(thinks) but your name is Swara naa.
Laksh.x(holds Ragini through her shoulder): Kuttimaa don’t stress yourself.
Laksh.x makes Ragini lay in bed and massages her head. soon, Ragini get into sleep and Sathya also.
Laksh.x hugs Sathya and slowly dozes off.
In hall,
Veer: Sanskar, why you didn’t let Laksh stay in his room.
Sanskar:badepapa, we forget about paintings.
Ram: oh god. That paintings!
Sanskar:if Ragini or Laksh see this, they will surely try to remember what happened in past. It may harm them.
Amrit: it’s correct. Now only we got our Laksh and Ragini back. I don’t want to take risk.
Everyone nods and goes to their respective room.
In Guest room,
Swara sings lally for Lakshman and try to make him sleep.
Sanskar enters.
Swara:See Sansku, your son so stubborn. Make him sleep.
Sanskar takes Lakshman in his hands and sings Lally. Lakshman starts to sleep and Sanskar put him in bed.
Swara and Sanskar sit beside Lakshman.
Sanskar:baby, I have some doubts on this Laksh look alike and his story.
Swara: I am also. First you tell your doubts.
Sanskar: he told me that he was living in that village so long. He says that he is B.E Graduate and the way , he drove the car. It’s so perfect. The two statements are so contrasting and my heart tells that he is my Laku.
Swara: we have to handle this matter carefully. Because Ragini loves him and Sathya also. It’s involves with Amrit also.
Sanskar:baby, there is only three possibilities. One is This Laksh look alike should be Laksh and he is playing game again for some reason .second possibility is he get Laksh’s face through plastic surgery. The Last chance, he is saying truth. But for that there is low possibility.

Swara:how can we find that he is saying truth or not?
Sanskar:tomorrow I will take This Laksh for check up and badepapa also coming for check up. I will do DNA Test and we can find the truth.
Swara:but be careful.
Sanskar side hugs Swara.
Sanskar: I will take care of it, baby. Relax.
Swara breaks the hug , puts Lakshman in middle. Lakshman holds his maa and papa finger , cuddles in swara’s embrace, sleeps.
Swara signs Sanskar to sleep and she slept.
The next day morning,
Swara wakes up and Swara kisses Sanskar in forehead. Swara get ready and wakes up Sanskar.
Sanskar opens his eyes and pulls Swara .
Swara fall him in his chest.
Swara:Sanskar, leave me.
Sanskar lock swara in his embrace and digs his face in her neck.
Sanskar:good morning baby.
Swara:Sans.. kar..
Sanskar:haan baby..
Swara:we have to solve Laksh’s mystery.
Sanskar leaves swara and stands up.
Sanskar:haan Swara, we have to solve this soon. Ok I will get ready.
At Swasan room,
Sathya sleeps on Laksh.x chest and Ragini sleeps in his embrace.
Laksh.x wakes up and kisses Sathya’s forehead and stares Ragini lovingly. By feeling his gaze, Ragini wakes up and Laksh.x closes his eyes.
Ragini sees Laksh.x and finds that he fake his sleep.
Ragini takes Sathya from Laksh and make him lay on bed.
Ragini slowly leans on Laksh.x which makes him unknowingly smile. Ragini starts to tickle him which results in Sathya wake up and laugh of Laksh.x.
Sathya:maa..papa.. how can you both play without me? maa.. I am coming to help you..
Sathya sits on Laksh and holds his hands and Ragini continues on tickling.
Laksh.x: kutti…maa.. bas..bass. karo. I can’t(laughs) Sathu..
Laksh.X makes Sathya fall on bed and holds Ragini hands. In this, Ragini bumps on Laksh.x chest .
At that time, Swara comes with clothes for Ragini and sees the scenario.
Ragini and Laksh stands up while Sathya runs and hugs Swara.
Sathya:good morning Doll… come, you also join in our game.
Swara bends and pecks Sathya cheeks.
Ragini:Sathu, what is this? Call Shona Bhabhi as Bade maa.
Swara:leave it Rago. It’s his wish. Haan.. Kallu maa gave this to you. wear this and come. It’s for laksh and it’s for Sathya.
Ragini:thanks Shona bhabhi.
Swara:cut the bhabhi and call me Shona.
Swara smiles weakly and Ragini also reciprocate the smile.
Swara goes out while Laksh .x takes Sathya with him to make him take bath.

After few minutes,
Laksh.x, Ragini and Sathya comes down.
The trio takes blessings from Kalyani and Veer.
Kalyani:Laksh, it’s your chote papa.. Ram Ramprasad Maheshwari and his wife Sujatha.
Laksh.x and Ragini takes blessings from Ram and suji and Kalyani introduces everyone. Aadi and Amrit , meenu gets emotional .
Sathya:so, I have 3 dadimaa , 3 dadaji , 4 bade papa , 3 bade maa and 1 uncle and 1 aunty. Ohh! How can I give that much nick names?
Raksh:nick name..?
Sathya(innocently): haan I will always give nick name for my beloved ones. Now you all are mera Parivaar naa. (points Swara) like I gave nick name to this bade maa. I named her Doll. Now I have to think for others.
Sathya sadly sits in couch in thinking position.
Everyone laughs by Sathya’s antics except swasan who stunned to hear Sathya’s statement.
Veer takes Sathya in his hand.
Veer:don’t worry champ. Your dadu here naa, I will help you.
Adiyta: Sathya is also like Laksh bhai naa maa. Laksh bhai also gave nick names.
Kalyani:what can you expect? Sathya is Laksh son naa. He also like his father.
At that time,
Two mens enter the mansion and shouts”Rago..”
Ragini turns and unknowingly her eyes sheds tears.
Two mens runs and hugs her tightly.
Ragini(whispers):bhai.. chotu…
Ragini faints and Laksh.x holds her. Everyone tensed.
Laksh.x takes Ragini in her arms and make her lay on couch.
Laksh.x: Maa.. pani..
Suji gives him water and Laksh.x sprinkles water on her face.
Ragini opens her eyes and sees Laksh.x worried face and everyone tensed face.
Ragini: I am sorry Sasu maa. I don’t know what happened to me.
Kalyani holds Ragini hands.
Kalyani: it’s ok, Rago beta and I am your maa haan.
Ragini(smiles):ok Sa(cuts) maa.
Ragini notices Amar and Swayam who stands with worried face.
Ragini: bhai..(holds her head)
Laksh.x: kuttimaa, don’t stress. Doctor said you naa.
Laksh.x rubs her shoulder and Ragini become normal.
Swara:rago, they are our bhai. he is Amar, our bhai and he is Swayam, our choti bhai.
Ragini smiles to them and feels so weak.
Laksh.x:Swara, can you take Ragini to our room? She is so weak.
Swara nods and take Ragini to Raglak room.
Swara:rago, you take rest. I will come with coffee. You will feel better.

In hall,
Laksh.x: don’t mistake me Amar. Kuttima is so weak. She can’t bear any panic attack and I can’t take risk.
Amar: I can understand but..
Amar looks Swayam who is in crying condition.
Laksh.x walks towards Swayam and promises him” Swaru, I will promise you that I will make our old ragu back”
Sanskar is more Shocking to hear Swaru from Laksh.x voice.
Sanskar:maa, I take Laksh, Amrit and Badepapa with me as they have monthly check up.
Suji: ok Sanskar.
Sanskar signs Amar to come with him and informs him everything about Laksh.x. amar accepts to do DNA test.
Sanskar takes them to hospital.
At evening,
In Amar cabin,
Sanskar enters Amar cabin.
Sanskar: what is the result of test Amar bhai?
Amar: he is son of veer but not Laksh and what he said it true, Amrit is not veer uncle’s son.
Sanskar: are you sure he is not Laksh?
Amar: I am sure Sanskar. Laksh donated liver to amrit but this Laksh didn’t have any mark.
Sanskar is more confused.
Amar: this Laksh loves and cares Ragini more and he also loves our family Sanskar. Let him live peacefully and try to accept the truth.
Sanskar(stands): I should accept the truth. It will be better for us.
Sanskar weaky walks out from Amar cabin.
A men comes from curtain.
Men:thanks bhai.
Amar: why are doing this Laksh? why did you forced me to lie that you are not Laksh and Amrit is not your bhai?
Laksh tells something hidden.
Amar: it’s dangerous Laksh.
Laksh: but it’s needed, bhai. I can do anything for my Sansku and my family.
Amar: but It will give pain to our family. it will be more dangerous than your previous game.
Laksh: I know bhai. but I can’t do anything. One side is my sansku, my family another side is Arjun bhai. I have to save both of them. It’s like walking in a knife.
Amar releases a deep breath.
Amar: Laksh you never hide anything from me.
Laksh(smiles weakly): I will try bhai. but I can’t promise.
Laksh stands and hide himself by fake beard and moustache, leaves from there while Amar worries about his family.

Precap: Past: Raglak dance in competition , Present: Laksh family loses their wealth.
Friends, I know you all have so many questions.
1. How Suji,veer and Aarav’s parents are alive?
2. What is the game that Laksh and Amar speaking? Why Laksh is lying to his best friend Sansku?
3. What is happened in past inbetween Raglak swasan?

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