Swaragini- my friend (Episode 16)

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Let I start the episode.
Sanskar sees Laksh look alike Amrit 2 who is stand with farming utensils in his shoulder. He is just wearing a dhoti and stains of mud shown in his body .
Sathya:uncle, he is my papa Amrit dev singh.
Sanskar is frozen and Amrit 2 walk towards Sanskar.
Amrit2: bhaisap, come in. here it’s raining

Amrit 2 touches Sanskar’s shoulder and Sanskar faints in shock.
Swara is scared by seeing Raghavi as she looks alike Ragini and runs outside and sees Amrit2.
Swara(whispers): Laksh…
Raghavi touches Swara and Swara turns ,scared and faints.
Raghavi holds Swara and Sathya saves Lakshman from falling.
Raghavi and Amrit2 look like each other.

Raghavi: Am I look alike ghost , rowdy?
Amrit2: even this bhai scared by seeing me. Sathu, are we look like ghosts?
Sathya: I don’t know papa. May be they scared by seeing your face in dark. Even sometimes I am scared.
Raghavi: Sathu! We will see you after some time. First we should wake them.
Amrit 2: no Kuttima.. let them sleep. If they wake up in morning, they wouldn’t be scared.
Raghavi:hmm! Correct rowdy. Help me .. we will take them to our room and we will sleep in hall.
Amrit 2 and Raghavi take Swasan to their room and make them sleep in mat. Amrit 2 takes lakshman in his hand and made him sleep in his chest as floor is cold.
The next day morning,
Sanskar wakes up and remembers whatever happened.
Sanskar shakes swara .
Sanskar:baby .. baby..

Swara wakes up.
Swara: I saw Ragini and Laksh.
Sanskar:even I saw Laksh. what happening there? Where are we?Lakshman.. where is our Lakshman..?
At that time, Sathya enters with Lakshman in his hands and plays with him.
Sathya:good morning uncle… I scared by seeing you both fainted. Why are you scared by seeing my parents?
Sanskar:sorry beta… I think we misunderstood that your parents…

Swara:no..nothing like that.
At that time, Raghavi enters the room and her face hide by moni.

Raghavi: take this coffee . you will feel better.
Swara:thanks behanji. You helped us.
Raghavi: no need of thanks behanji.
Raghavi takes Lakshman and plays with him. Accidentally,her moni falls and Swasan again shocked.
Swara caress Raghavi face and Raghavi gives a confused look.
Swara:Sanskar, see she is our Rago..
Raghavi shockingly looks Swara .
Sanskar shockingly looks Raghavi where Sathya gives confused look and Amrit 2 enters the room.
Amrit 2: pranam bhaisap…

Sanskar runs and hugs Amrit 2.
Sanskar(moist eyes): I know Laku… you are not dead. You will never leave me. see naa Swara.. hamara Laksh vapas aagaya.
Amrit 2 breaks the hug.
Amrit 2: bhaisap.. mera nam Amrit Amrit Dev Singh… na Laksh and moreover I didn’t see you before.
Sanskar is shocked by hearing Amrit 2 statement.
Sanskar:mera. Wallet..
Amrit 2: your belongings are there.
Amrit 2 shows Sanskar dress, phone and wallet.
Sanskar picks his wallet and shows Amrit a photo.
Amrit2 is shocked to see a photo in which Sanskar and Laksh smiles and puts their hands on each other shoulder.
Amrit 2: how can be it’s possible?
A long tear escaped from his eyes.
Amrit 2:wait a minute…
Amrit 2 comes with a small photo in which Veer and Kalyani stands with smile.
Amrit 2:is they are your Lakshka parents?
Sanskar: you are Laksh.
Amrit 2:first see this… and say.
Sanskar see the photo and shocked.
Sanskar(murmurs):bademaa.. bade papa…
Amrit 2: they are my maa papa …
Swara and Sanskar are shocked.
Amrit 2:Sathu.. go and tell malkin sab that I will come late.
Sathya:haan papa..
Sathya runs from there.
Sanskar shockingly looks Amrit 2.
Amrit 2: you can ask anyone in this village. I am living here for past 25 years. Mera dadaji take care of me and When he in death bed, he gives this photo and said that they are my maa papa and mera bua gave me to him to safeguard me from a gunday.
Sanskar stands with tears.
Swara shockingly looks Sanskar.

Amrit 2:can you know anything about my maa.. papa…?
Sanskar:they are my badimaa and badipapa.
Amrit 2:that means you are my bhaisap . is everyone fine naa? Is still my maa papa searching me or they forget about me.
Amrit 2 hugs Sanskar in happiness. Sanskar stands as numb.
On other side, Swara didn’t pay any head to Amrit and Laksh talks.
Swara:Sanskar, see hamari Ragini haa.
Amrit 2:do you know her?
Raghavi:do you know me?
Swara:you are mera behan hoo Rago.

Raghavi and Amrit 2 looking each other shockingly.
Raghavi holds her head and feels some pain, faints.
Amrit 2 runs and takes a tablet, make Raghavi take it and lays on floor.
Amrit 2 caresses Raghavi’s face lovingly.
Swara:Laksh…sorry Amrit. How you met Ragini I mean Raghavi?
Amrit 2: I met her 6 years above. She have so many cuts and bruises, her head was bleeding. I admitted her and when she wakes up, she lost her memory. She only trusts me. I take her to my house. In a situation, I married her.
Sanskar:situation means…
Amrit 2: I can’t tell as its our privacy.
Sanskar sits by holding his head.
Amrit 2:can you take me to my maa,papa? I want to see them. I want to feel my maa’s love, mera papa’s care. I want to be with my family.
Amrit 2 holds Laksh hands and pleads.
At that time, they hear a horn sound and some people calls Sanskar and Swara.
Sanskar and Swara comes outside and stunned to see their whole family.
Sanskar:bade maa..maa.. chote maa..
Kalyani:we scared Sanskar. Why didn’t you inform me?

Suji hugs Sanskar and radhika try to console her. On other hand, Amrit 1, Raj, Raksh, Aarav, Aditya are ready to scold Sanskar as make them tensed. Sanskar felt guilt by seeing their worried face . Ram, Veer and Vishnu try to console their wives.
Before Sanskar answer, everyone hear a voice.“Maa.. papa..”.
Everyone turns and frozen to see Amrit 2(Laksh’s twin).
Amrit 2 runs and hugs Kalyani and veer.
Kalyani&Veer (whispers):Laksh…
Kalyani carsses Laksh with shivering hands. Everyone can’t believe their eyes. Each face shows mixed expressions. Tears, shock and happiness.

Amrit 2:maa… papa.. Mee tum..
Sanskar:hamari Laksh haa Bademaa… hee zinda ha.
Amrit 2 shockingly looks on Sanskar and Sanskar pleads him through eyes.
Amrit 1 and Aadi hugs Amrit 2. Amrit 2 sees a confused look.
Amrit 1:Laksh, why are you staring us as Strangers? I am your bhai cum friend Amrit and he is your choti Aditya.
Amrit 2 gives a shocking look with moist eyes to Sanskar and Sanskar nods.
Sanskar:Amrit, he lost his memory. He knows about me, bade maa and bade papa.
Amrit 2 steps backward as a shock.

At that time, Sathya arrives there and puzzled to see his papa’s broken condition.
Sathya hugs Amrit 2” papa. Who are they? Why are you crying?”
Amrit 2 hugs Sathya for support and takes him in his hands and everyone is frozen by their bond. Kalyani holds Veer hands for support.
Sanskar:bademaa.. he is …
Kalyani:mera Laksh ka puttar.. mera poutha.. if he is there meant Ragini is also there.
Sanskar:haan bade maa. She is in shock as she also lost her memory. I will tell you later what happened.

Kalyani hugs Sathya and kisses him” we scared that we lost you..iss kaa name. I am your dadi maa (points Veer) he is your Dadaji hea.”
Sathya looks Amrit 2 and he nods.
Sathya: mera nam Sathya Dev. Dadi maa, where are you ? now only I see you.
Kalyani:mera maaf karo puttar. I am not that much lucky to have you in my hands.
Sathya wipes Kalyani tears.
Sathya: dadimaa, you are badi hee. You can’t talk like this.
Kalyani kisses his forehead.
Sanskar:maa.. Bademaa.. choti maa.. you will go first and make arrangements. I will come with Laksh and Ragini.
Kalyani and veer hesitates but Swasan forcedly sent everyone by pointing Amrit 1’s health and They takes Sathya with them and Swara also leaves with Lakshman.
Amrit 1stands inside and Sanskar touches Amrit 1’s shoulder.
Sanskar: I am sorry but Amrit can’t take this truth.
Amrit 2: I understand Bhaisap. I know the pain of living as orphan .
Sanskar:you not only look alike Laksh , your character also.
Amrit 2 smiles sadly.
Sanskar:hereafter, you have to live in Laksh’s name.

Amrit 2: I can do anything for my family.but I want to know about my bhai Laksh.
Sanskar:once we get into home, I will tell everything whatever happened in Laksh’s past.
Ragini/Raghavi wakes up and Amrit 2 slowly tells everything and lies that he is Laksh, he lost his memory as she also.
Swasan takes Ragini and Amrit 2 to VR Mansion.

Friends, I want a couple romantic song and tough female voice song in hindi. Please suggest me that I want that for upcoming episode. And after next episode, I will address Amrit 2 as Laksh.x . I want a feedback about this ff till now as I completed my season 1.please leave your suggestions.

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