Swaragini- my friend (Episode 15)

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Let I start the episode.
Laksh accidentally make fall the vase and get everyone attention.
The gangleader turned and Laksh is shocked after seeing his face.
“ arjun bhaiya…” Laksh whispered.
By seeing Laksh , Arjun eyes softened. He hides his gun in jean backside.
“Laksh..” Arjun called Laksh and Laksh walks towards him with confused face.
“ Arjun bhai… what is happening here?. Who are they? Why they kidnapped me? where is Sansku and Raksh bhai?” Laksh continuously asking Arjun.
Arjun holds Laksh shoulders and signs goon to get a chair. Arjun make laksh sit in a chair.
“ Laksh, just relax. They are safe. You will get every answer but not now” Arjun said.
Laksh senses something big .
“ no bhaiya. I want to know, now. I feel you hide something big from me” Laksh said in determinate tone.
“ ok. come with me” Arjun said.
Arjun signs his men to get his car. After a minute, Laksh and Arjun come out from this place.
“Laksh, wear this” Arjun offers a mask.
Laksh sees Arjun confusingly but he wears it.
A car comes infront of them.
“Laksh, do you trust me naa?” Arjun asked him.
“I trust you bhaiya. But I worried that you are handling a problem which is big and that’s too related to me” Laksh said worriedly as he feels so restless.
Arjun smiles by hearing Laksh answer and puts his hand on Laksh shoulder , lightly presses it.
Laksh feels a little bit pain and knocked out. Arjun holds Laksh in his hands.
“Sorry Laksh. I don’t have any other way to safeguard you. I will hide you until I find that killer. But I will soon find him and finish this matter” Arjun promises unconscious Laksh.
Arjun places unconscious Laksh in backside car and his mens accompany Laksh.
“ Take him to my house.. Take it in your mind . he is so smart, you will never harm him at the same time, he will never step out of my room” Arjun threatened his men and his men nods and leaves.
In Hospital,
Ragini , Swara and Swayam sits in Amar’s ward. Amar’s ward is in third floor and at in corridor.
Amar slowly opens his eyes and smiles to see his family.
Amar(weakly):Rago..shona .. chotu..
Swara caress his hair.
Ragini: you are alright bhaiya…
Ragini smiles whereas a red laser points on her head. a shooter points her from opposite building.
Ragini bends to hold Amar’s hand and falls on Amar unconsciously. Someone hits shooter from behind and as a result shooter accidentally presses the trigger and it hits hospital wall.
All hears a sound but refuses it as they don’t want to spoil their time.
On other hand,
Arjun in call
“ what?” Arjun said in shock.
“ Are you catch him or not?” Arjun asked the caller.
Arjun takes a deep breath as get a positive response.
“ ok. ensure that everyone safe.” Arjun ordered his man.
“ now, I want to kill him for whatever he did. But I can’t.” Arjun punches the steering.
Arjun drives to his house and enters into a room.
“Raksh…” Arjun called softy.
Here, Raksh is sit by holding his head in couch.
“everything is undercontrol, Raksh and everyone is safe” Arjun said with a little smile.
Raksh hugs him and said with moist eyes” thank you Arjun .if anything happen to Laksh or Sanskar , I can’t forgive myself, Arjun”
“ buddy, you are not a crying baby. You are so strong even you have six pack” Arjun said to enlighten Raksh’s mood.
Raksh punches Arjun arm lightly.
“ let’s go Raksh. we have some bending works. I have to convince Laksh. I am scared.”Arjun said to Raksh and both goes out.
“ I also. When he knows truth, I don’t know how will he react” Raksh said.
The next day morning,
Laksh wakes up and sees himself in a very luxurious room.
He wakes up by holding his head and try to remember whatever happened yesterday.
The kidnap, his attempt and Arjun words… he remembers everything.
Laksh sees a chocolate dairy milk temptation with sorry note near bed and start to eat chocolate by forgetting about the problem.
Laksh POV
I heard a door opening sound and sees Arjun bhai coming with a coffee tray. He is so tired and I can see dark circles around his eyes. Within a day, his face changed into dull.
“ bhaiya, I want to know what is happening here. Where is sansku and Raksh bhai” I asked. Really I am frusturated now.
He comes near to me .
“stop there bhai. first promise me that you don’t make me unconscious again”I said. I don’t want to be knocked out again.
“ Problem is solved , Laksh. now I don’t want to hide you.” Arjun bhai answered.
“ I asked promise and where is Sansku and Raksh bhai?” I asked him.
“ ok I promise you .they are sleeping Laksh. they will wake up after an hour” Arjun said.
“ ok. what is the problem? From whom, you are trying to save me?” I asked him.
“it’s a long story, Laksh but now it related to you” Arjun started as a puzzle.
Laksh gave him a puzzled look.
“ two days before, Sanskar asked me to get the real culprit of his choti friend Swayam’s accident.” Arjun started.
I nodded as a sign of listening.
“ I am a grandson of underworld don, Laksh. so , I have so many connections. It’s easy to find the culprit. In this I got to know, the accident was done by Sanskar . Sanskar did that accident”Arjun bhai said and observing my facial expressions.
It is complete shock to me. my Sansku.. can’t done like this but Arjun bhai didn’t need to lie.
I signed him to continue.
“at that time, Raksh also with Sanskar inside the car. Both are drunk and they didn’t know anything about this and the car belongs to Raksh. So, Raksh’s papa, who is minister got to know about this when Ragini filed a case and she saw car no and she informed police about this. He sent the goons to threaten her and he made her sign” Arjun bhai stopped middle as he see Raksh bhai in the entrance.
Raksh bhai come near to .

“ first I informed to Raksh about this.” Arjun bhai said.
“ I decided to confront my papa, Laksh. I went to see him. I heard that he ordered some goons to kill Ragini as she gave a petition to ACP to reopen the case. I tried to stop him. but he said that he didn’t care about me , he only cared about his reputation” Raksh bhai continued with pain.
“Raksh papa made him home arrest. He got to know that you saved ragini. It made Raksh’s papa furious , he killed that goons and he ordered a professional killer to kill you both . Raksh somewhat escaped and asked Sanskar to come that isolated place. But they trapped him through his phone signal and that goons made you all unconscious. But at that time, I came with my mens and saved you all. I made Raksh get conscious soon and we both tried to sort out the problem and my mens find that killer and sent him the place where he sent others” Arjun bhai finished.
Within two days, this much happened and I didn’t aware anything about that. If Arjun and Raksh bhai didn’t helped me, I will lose my cutie. I want to punish that man, but he is Raksh’s papa.
“ are you really think I am your friend?” I asked them.
They both look at me with horrified look.
“ yes Laksh. you are our best friend” they said in unison.
“ then , why you both tried to hide this from me?” I asked them. if I didn’t see Arjun bhai in that place, he will definitely hide these things from me.
“ first thing, I don’t want to expose my identity to you Laksh. I am grandson of SULTAN, a underworld don. In this dark world, there is no place for love. But Love is the base of your world and ..” Arjun bhai can’t complete his sentence.
“and you thought that I will ignore you after knowing about your identity. Hai naa bhai?” I asked him. how can he think me about this?. Arjun bhai nodded. My mind said to use this opportunity and go away from their world. But they will breakdown.
I holded his shoulders and I directly looked into his eyes.
“ bhai, don is your grandpa’s identity. I don’t care about that. You are arjun, who loves and cares for their friend so much.it’s you bhaiya ” I said calmly but I makes Arjun bhai so emotional. He hugged me as he overwhelmed. I fall down on bed as he hugged me forcefully, accidenty TV is on.
“Mr.Shiv Kapoor, lost the position of Minister of defence because of health illness”
I switched off the TV the next minute but Raksh bhai smiles.
“ I made him lose as Raksh asked me”Arjun bhai said.
I stared Raksh bhai and he blinks his eyes.
“Actually, I should send him to jail but I can’t because of my family. so, I made him lose his power. He never get his position back and I am sorry Laksh” Raksh bhai said.
“ bhai, in friends no thanks and no sorry..” I smiled to him.
Ohh! God now I made him to come out from guity and I don’t know what will Sansku’s reaction after getting know the truth.
“ Laksh, we decide to hide this from Sanskar. He can’t accept this truth . he will breakdown if he know , because of him, two people went near to death” Arjun bhai requested me.
Whatever he said is true. Sanskar can’t accept the truth. But…
“ no bhai. he should know. We can’t hide the truth . don’t worry , I will make everything fine and still, I didn’t forgave you both. So, think me how to make me forgive you for hiding the truth? “ I said to them as I want to distract them importantly Raksh bhai.
“ where is Sanskar’s room?” I asked them and Arjun bhai show me the way.
I entered into Sanskar’s room while he wake up. He stare me and try to conclude that I am absolutely fine.
“ Are you ok naa Laku? Where are we?” Sansku asked me by holding his head.
I take a deep breath and said whatever happened. As I expected, Sanskar breakdown. The truth make him breakdown.
I hugged him and tried to console him.
“ how can face Swayam, Laku? I am the one who responsible for his condition… his pain.. his miserable condition … Go away from me Laku. I am sinner and a bad omen . I am going to lose you and I never deserve any lovable ones in my life. To punish me, god is taking you away from me. if you stay with me, you will get more problems. I don’t know what I did in my previous birth..” Sansku blabbers and unknowingly blurted out.
I lose my stability by hearing his words and unknowingly I slapped him.
“ yes I am going to die. It’s truth. But you are not responsible for this. You are not a bad omen or a sinner. You are my lucky charm and you are my sansku. Till my death, no one can Separate me from you .even after my death, I will stay with you as a soul. And coming to Swaru, I accept that you are the one who responsible for his condition but you did it when you are not in your conscious. Moreover you made him confident and helped Amar to come out of from coma by appointing best doctors for him though you didn’t know you are the one who responsible for his condition . “ I blurted out.
Sanskar looked me with teary eyes .

“Get ready Sansku, we are going to Swayam’s house” I said to him.
At that time, Arjun and Raksh bhai entered Sanskar’s room.thank god ! they didn’t came earlier. If they came, they should know about my truth. I don’t want them, to know about my truth.
I smiled to them.
“Raksh bhai, we are going to Ragini’s house. Get ready. I will catch you within fifteen minutes.” I said to him.
I entered the room where I wake up and see a white tshirt, black jeans and black jacket with a big Dairy milk silk and a sorry letter. I ate choco which I love most and get ready.
When I come to hall, All are waiting for me for breakfast.
I opened my plate and sees Sandwich with smiley and sorry. Nice try bhai.
I finished my breakfast.
“ Ragini and her family returned to their house”Arjun bhai informed.
“ Sansku and Raksh bhai, wait in car. We will catch up you both in short” I said.
“Arjun bhai…” I called him.
“is you accepted my sorry?” he asked me.
I pulled his cheeks.” I want you to be my tutor” I said but Arjun bhai confused.
“. I want you to teach me as you should well know defensive skills. I don’t want to be weakness of Sansku” I said to him and he nodded.
We four arrived Swayam’s house after an hour because of traffic.
I pressed the door bell.
Swayam opened the door and hugged me and Laksh.
“ do you know Laksh, my bhai wake up from Coma. Morning, we both are discharged” Swayam said with a smile.
Sanskar caressed his hair. Swara welcome us and we sit in sofa. Ragini serves Coffee to us and surprised to see us, there.
Laksh introduced Raksh and Arjun to Swayam . Ragini introduced them to Amar.
“Swayam, as you asked me I find the culprit “ Sanskar said to Swayam.
Laksh said what ever happened except about Arjun and how he saved them from Raksh’s papa.
After that there is a pin drop silence.
Raksh stands and folds his hand before” I know we don’t have any rights to ask your forgiveness and we can’t justify our doings even we are drunk at that time”
“ if you can, please forgive us. We are ready to bear the punishment whatever you give us” Sanskar pleaded and turned to get out from the house before kicked out.
“we forgave you, Sanskar” Swayam said.
Sanskar is frozen where he stand.
“ you are already repenting Sanskar. So, there is no need of punishment for you guys.” Amar continued.
Laksh, Sanskar, Arjun and Raksh looked them as they can’t believe what are they hearing.
“ as a doctor and friend, I advise you don’t drink” Amar finished.
Swara and Ragini looks Amar and Swayam in disagreement.
“ we will come some aftertime” Laksh said and takes his friends as he observed his friend’s and Swaragini feelings
In Park,
Laksh POV
Sanskar and Raksh both sobs.
“ we did so bad to them. how can they forgive us so easily?” Raksh asked in middle of tears.
“ the feeling of guilty is killing me from inside, Laku. Atleast they should slap me”Sanskar said.
Guilt is one of the worst punishment. Amar and Swayam gave this to Sasku and Raksh bhai. I know it will go to deep of the heart . only there is two possibilities. One is this guilt kill the person. Another one is guilt will never let them to do this sin again.
In Swaragini’s house,
Swara: bhai, how can you forgive them?
Ragini: bhai, I never think you forgive them.
Amar: ok, Shona.. Rago.. just try to understand. Sanskar is the one who make Swayam confident and Laksh is the one who helped you both. Because of him, Swayam got his vision. Moreover, they didn’t know about my accident and when they get to know, they are repenting Shona.
Swayam: di, they are good at their heart. just forget about these past three months and start a fresh life. We can’t get anything in revenge or punishing the one who already repenting.
Swara: ok bhai. you also correct. I can clearly see the guilt in their eyes.
Ragini is lost in Swayam’s words.

At night,
In terrace
Ragini stares moon.
“Rago..”Amar called Ragini.
“bhaiya.. if you need anything…” Ragini asked amar.
“ what is your revenge against Sanskar, Rago?” Amar asked calmly.
“ bhai..” Ragini shocked.
“ I start to get my senses when you talking with sahil about your revenge” Amar said.
Ragini said about her revenge.
“Make everything normal Rago .” Amar said while caressing Ragini’s hair and Ragini nods.
The next day morning,
Sanskar, Arjun and Raksh are sitting in college corridor and thinks about what happened yesterday. Raj is absent.
Ragini sees them and go to near them, passes a smile.
Sanskar looks Ragini at amusement.
Ragini: we already take two days leave. We have to give presentation and you have so many works about intercollegiate event. Princi appointed me to assist you. come … let see about the work.
Ragini turns to Raksh and Arjun.
Ragini: Laksh is my best friend and you both are his friend. So, can you accept me as your friend?
Raksh looks her with moist eyes.
Ragini: bhaiya, whatever happened you didn’t know about that. When you know, you repent and try to solve. It’s enough bhaiya. So, leave that devdas face and get ready for musical audition. Array Sanskar, come on, we have so many works today.
Sanskar nods and both go to class .
In the way,
Ragini:Sanskar, I want to say something important.
Sanskar:haan Ragini.
Ragini: can you come to that side?
Sanskar nods.
Ragini: Sanskar, I already know that you did the accident. I decide to take revenge from you. I want you to feel the same pain as I felt about my bhai.so..
Ragini: I swapped Laksh medical report with another one’s report and made you believe that Laksh is going to die to made you feel the pain of helpless.
Ragini said with guilt.
Sanskar closes his eyes and try to control him.
Sanskar: who are all know about this?
Ragini: only me and my bhai get know about this at yesterday night.
Sanskar: I understand your feelings Ragini if I am in your position, I will react to bad than you. forget about it and don’t say to Laksh about this. He trusts you more.
Ragini nods.
Sanskar: you will go. I will come after five minutes.
Ragini nods and leaves.
Sanskar(in mind): Sorry Laksh, because of me you have to gone through pain. I will vanish all your pain.
Sanskar runs to hostel and get into Laksh room.

His gaze falls on Laksh who makes presentation,
Laksh turns and sees Sanskar, gets happy by seeing his happy face after a long time.
Sanskar hugs Laksh and take deep breath.
Laksh:Sansku.. what happened?
Sanskar: your report has come. Actually , Reports are changed. You are perfectly fine. You didn’t have any disease. You are not going from me, Laku…
Sanskar shouts in happiness.
Laksh: I am not going to die.. I am not going to die.. Sansku, do you lie for me?
Sanskar: you can cross check with any doctor.
A long tear escaped from Laksh’s eyes and Sanskar wiped his tears.
Sanskar: there is no need of tears Laku. We are going to laugh for our life forever.
After 7 years leap,
A dark night,
Sanskar is shown standing infront of a portrait in which a girl makes a boy fills her mang with sindoor. Girls face didn’t shown. It’s a painting and decorated with varmala.
Sanskar: Laku, I think that you will never leave me but you betrayed me Laku. Why You sacrificed your life for me? why Laku? Why ?
Sanskar slowly walks towards the room. There are so many paintings. In one painting, Laksh smirks but his eyes are moist and Sanskar looks down. In another painting, Aditya raises his hand to slap Sanskar and Laksh holds his hand. in another painting, Sanskar marries Swara. in a painting, Laksh is in a car which rolls in mountain slide and a lorry stands at the corner. The last painting shows everyone Swasan and others sit with tears in Laksh Shradh. In another painting, a girl and Laksh stands with a 5 year aged boy . Each and every painting was drawn by Laksh.
Sanskar feels a hand touching in his shoulder and he turns.
Sanskar(smiles): laku…
Laksh smiles to him.
Sanskar try to hug him but Laksh vanishes in air.
A strong hands hold Sanskar .
Sanskar:bade papa, Laku is here. I saw him…
Person: Sansku, try to understand. he left us. He will never back to us.
Person try to hold his tears.
Sanskar hugs his badepapa.
Bp:Sanskar, Swara and Lakshman waiting for you. go soon. If Swara sees you in this state, she will feel bad and tomorrow, you both are going to kuldev temple.
Sanskar wipes his tears and walk towards his room.
Badepapa comes outside and a lady sobs by seeing Sanskar’s condition.
Badapapa: Suji, don’t cry. We should be strong now.
Suji: veer…
Veer: now Sanskar need you, suji as his mother. We should take over him from my Laksh death.
Suji: we are trying this more than a year. But still , we can’t.
Sanskar get into his room and sees Swara plays with their son Lakshman.
Sanskar takes six months baby in his hand.
Sanskar: oh! Mera champ.. staring your papa naa.
Sanskar shakes the baby playfully and baby giggles.
Swara: by seeing your papa, you forget your maa. I don’t speak with you both.
Baby stares their maa and papa alternatively and then Smiles.
Swasan lost in their baby antics.
Swara: thief like your papa! Like him , you also theft other hearts easily.
Swara little bit blushed by remembering what she said.
Sanskar side hugs her.
Sanskar: champ see your maa! She says we are theifs. We should punish her,haan which punishment? She should kiss us .
Swara kisses her son in forehead and then comes to sanskar.
Sanskar looks at her and kisses her lips slowly. Both break their kiss, by hearing baby crying sound.
Sanskar takes Lakshman in his hand and soon, Lakshman slept in his papa’s hand.
Sanskar put Lakshman in the cradle and swara hugs him.
Swara: Lakshman nowadays become more naughty. Nowadays, he needs you a lot.
Sanskar cups Swara’s face.
Sanskar: Lakshman only..?haan..
Swara nods her head down.
Swara: I am also.
Swara hugs Sanskar and Sanskar reciprocates it.
Sanskar: I am lucky swara to have you in my life.
Swara: no I am lucky to have you in my life.
Sanskar:no I am ..
Swara:no I am…
Lakshman began to cry by hearing their fight.
Sanskar: ohh! Mera bacha… first we will convince him.
Swara takes Lakshman from cradle and Sanskar start to sing lally for Lakshman. After few minutes, Lakshman again start to slept.
Swara signs Sanskar not to talk and carefully put Lakshman in the cradle.

The next day morning,
VR Mansion
Swara wakes up and kisses Sanskar in forehead.
Swara try to get up but felt a tight grip on her waist.
By the pull, Swara fall on Sanskar.
Sanskar: only kiss… I want something baby. You are cheating baby.
Swara:arghh! Sanskar, you are father of a son. Asanskari Sanskar… leave me. I have so many works. We have to go kuldev temple. Meenu and Janki(Aarav’s wife ) is waiting for me and moreover Raksh and Adittra also coming to our house as Adittra is pregnant. We have to take care of her.
Sanskar:ohh! Baby. Stop please.. I will get ready.
In hall,
Laksh, Ragini ‘s photo decorated with varmala.
Veer , Kalyani devi, Suji, Ram and Vishnu and Radhika(parents of Aarav and Raj) and others waiting for Swasanlak.
Swasan goes to hall with Lakshman.
Swara:sorry maa..bade maa.. chote maa.. Lakshman make us sleep late night.
Janki(whispers in Swara’s ear ): Laku baba or Sanskar bhaisap.. tell naa Swara..
Swara face turns into crimson red.
Meenu: leave it bhabhi. See Sanskar bhai is how much happy. By his happiness, we can get to know. Haa naa Swara bhabhi.
Swara’s face fully turned into tomato red.
Kalyani starts to pooja and everyone stop their talks.
After few minutes,
Raksh and Adittra enters the mansion.
Sanskar hugs Raksh and welcomes him.
Sanskar: how are you Raksh?
Raksh: I am fit and fine.
Adittra: bhaiya, say him I am also fine. He didn’t leave me a second alone. He cancelled all his shottings for a year.
Sanskar:very good Raksh. If he didn’t cancel his shootings, I will make it cancel.did he have any other work other that taking care of my behan?
Adittra: you both.. . that’s why I came here. Kallu maa.. suji maa..radhu maa..
Kalyani, suji and Radhika comes there.
Adittra hugs them and they blesses her.
Adittra: maa.. tell them. I am so frusturated by their care.
Raksh comes towards them and take blessings from elders.
Raksh(moist eyes):maa.. take care of her.she is mera jaan.
Kalyani: Raksh beta, Adittra is our daughter. we will take care of her. Don’t worry.
Amrit:See Raj bhai, our action hero is comverted into emotioanal one.
Raj:haan haan Amrit. See him. if we let him, he will here itself.
Raksh:turns.. who saying this? The one who make the house into two for a small pain of our lioness.haai naa Amrit.
Amrit acts as he getting call .
Everyone in the family smiles.
Kalyani:Swara beta, are you everything which needed for Lakshman? Medicine..clothes.. meenu ,janki are you both checked her?
Meenu: maa, we check everything.dont worry . they will come with in two days.
Suji:Sanskar, take care while driving.
Radhika: I arranged everything in temple. So you both need to do the pooja.
Swara:bademaa..maa..choti maa.. don’t worry. We will come soon.
Sanskar and Swara goes to temple which is 350 KM far away from kolkatta and does the pooja.
Car is breakdown while returning and it’s also night.
Swara:Sanskar, what we can do now?
Sanskar: we can search any house nearit. Even we can’t do call as we can’t get signal coverage.
Suddenly, climate is changed and it Started to raining.
A boy who is in the age of 6 crosses them and sees their struggle.
Boy:uncle, do you need any help?
Sanskar can’t see the boy face as it’s so dark.
Sanskar:haan beta… our car is broke down.
Boy:hmm! Don’t worry uncle. You can stay our house tonight. Tomorrow my papa help you to get mechanic.
Swara pecks the boy.
Swara:thanks beta. What is your name?
Boy: Sathya .. Sathya dev singh…
Sathya dev leads Swasan to their house.
Sathya shows a house which is surrounded by farm.
A lady whose face is hided by veil comes outside.
Sathya:maa.. their car is break down. It’s not safe for outside. So, I take them to our house. Aunty she is my maa … Ragavi.
Swara and Sanskar greets her.
Ragavi:wait a minute! I will do the lunch.
Sathya sees a man outside who have farmer utensil in his shoulder and his shoulders are well masculine by farming work. Sanskar can’t see the men face.
Sathya runs to the man and hugs him. that man takes Sathya in his hand.
Sanskar hears a thunder sound and a lightning. A lightning shows the face of man which is Laksh and the boy looks like boy in Laksh’s painting.
“ I will never leave you , Sansku. Like moon, I always stay with you as a form of soul” these lines of Laksh runs in Sanskar’s mind.
Raghavi helps Swara and Swara feeds Lakshman.
A strong wind blow inside house.
Raghavi ‘s face is shown and Swara sees Raghavi’s face in the light of candle.
At outside,
Sathya:uncle, he is my papa… Amrit dev singh.
Sanskar shockingly sees Amrit who is looking alike Laksh.

Friends, I didn’t proof read. If you see any mistakes , forgive me. suggest me a romantic song for dance and a tough female voice song to sing in hindi. I know you have so many questions. I gave a clue today about villain.
Laksh/Amrit dev 2-Namish taneja.
Amrit dev 1-Arjun bijilani
Meenu- Mouni Roy.
Raksh-Kushal Tandon
Adittra-jennifer winget
Arjun- Vivian Dsena

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