Swaragini- my friend (Episode 14)

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Let I start the episode.
Laksh places Ragini in his bed .
Laksh’s POV:
Cutie… I can’t see her in this state. If I get that culprits in my hand, I will surely kill them. how can they do this to a girl? How can they forget their mother also a women? Such a people never deserves a life. I just think to save that girl and I distract them and made them fall in my trap, punished them. but I never thought that girl is my cutie. My cutie…Mera Rani. I still remember when I met her. At that day, Ammu(Amrit) took me to his orphanage. He went to see incharge. I felt bored and come outside. I saw her first time. Cutie was playing with kids. She herself converted into kid and played with kids and she is so cute. she felt my gaze and turned. I hide my self beside wall.she shrugged and resumed her play. For the first time, I attracted towards a girl. But I don’t know why I felt she is hiding some pain in herself. My heart yelled me to vanish her pain as I always do . But before I talk to her, she went. But the next day itself, I saw her that also my project partner. I thought she was my senior. I don’t know why I felt a little bit pain that she is elder to me. it’s a very different feeling. I felt myself in cloudnine when she told she was my class. I used the opportunity when Arjun bhai challenged me. because If I want to solve her problem, I should know what is the probem. For that, I should close to her. If I close to her without any reason, my bhaiya’s will doubt on me. that’s dangerous. I asked her help but she herself helped me and she never let me down as a friend. She is my special friend. I never allowed anyone to change me even my maa and Aadi. I always said if anyone want me then they should accept me what I am. Sansku, bhaiya’s even doll, swayam accepted me what I am. But she is the one who changed me. my style.. my look .. my everything only for me. she gave me confidence to face world after my sansku. Sansku and cutie both are very special to me. Sometimes I questioned myself why I allow her to change me.. why I enjoyed her companion… why I enjoy her jealousiness . why I am feel more happiness whenever she calls me jaan. I just know she is special to me , but I never think that she lost her parents and living with her bhai. I know the pain of losing beloved ones. I myself converted into helping one but she make herself reserved type. I will break her wall and I will always make her happy until I am alive.( a bitter smile shown in Laksh’s face).
Laksh turns and sees Ragini .

“ I came to you vanish your pain, cutie and it’s my promise I will make you my old cutie, mera rani who orders me” I said to her while caressing her hair.
My watch showed me 6:30 AM. I will make her coffee first.
“ why her bhai till didn’t come?” my mind popped question. A hear a thud sound outside. Paper boy throw newspaper. I take newspaper and shocked to see firstpage.
“three mens are shot dead in Govt.Hospital” . is Ragini’s bhai what his name haan Sahil is sahil killed them?
I fastly read the newspaper. Till, the culprit didn’t caught. A unknown relax filled in my mind. I want to save Sahil at any cost. I don’t want cutie to see her bhai as a murderer.
“ what happened, Laksh?” someone asked me and I raised my head to see the person. It’s Sahil.
I give newspaper to him. Sahil gives me shocked expression.
“ I didn’t kill them. I just made them got into coma” Sahil answered me with shock.
“ what? Explain me everything” I requested him. Sahil explained me what he did with them. they deserves it and I can understand Sahil’s pain. But I have to do something .
“ what are you doing now?” I asked him and he gives me a confused expression.
“ I am working as a doctor in VR Hospitals” he answered me. VR hospitals.. it’s Ram uncle’s .
I take my phone and I called Ram uncle, come far from him.
In call,
“ Hello uncle” I greeted him.
“ good morning Laksh. do you want any help?” he directly come to point.
“ uncle, I need a help. I want you to transfer one person from your Mumbai hospital to Pune. His name is Sahil khan..” I asked him while Sahil interrupted and says to someone in call ”yes . I am Sahil Sengupta ” is he not her own brother? But this question is now unnecessary .
“ haan Sahil Sengupta. Today itself, I want him to be transferred” I requested him.
“ ok. work will be done” Ram uncle assured me. I thanked him and cut the call. I wonder why he didn’t ask me any question.
I walk towards Sahil” sahil , I made you transfer to pune. You have to go”
“ I can’t Laksh and I can’t go. Rago needs me, now and I didn’t left any clue” he answered me as I am expected.
“ you should left here any clue, Sahil, Even though you are smart. I don’t want see cutie in more pain.please for the sake of cutie. I promise you that I will take care of her” I promised him.
I know he can’t leave her sister in stranger’s hand.
“ bhai, I will take care of me and I can’t see you in trouble. I don’t want to loose you also, please” Cutie asked him weakly.

Sahil looked her with painful eyes and Ragini blinked her eyes in assuring manner
The next minute, Sahil left the house that he can’t tolerate the pain. They share a unbreakable bond and both care for each other. Blood relationship can’t define relationship everytime sometimes heart also define some relationship.
I slowly walked towards Cutie and make her sit in chair. She sits weakly. She again get her into a shell. I know she is going through difficult turmoil. It’s not easy to forget or comeout from this. But I have to make her to comeout from this. I went to kitchen and make coffee for her and come out. But she is not present in hall. I tensedly search her whole house. But she didn’t present her. “Is she went to terrace?” my mind popped a question. I ran to terrace and sees her standing in the edge of the cliff.
I ran towards her and pulled her towards me. as a result, she fall down on me. I make her stand. Her expressionless face scared me a lot. No .. I have to do something soon. I take her in my hands. She didn’t resist me. first I should make her to respond.
I make her sit in chair and make her face kitchen. I take my shirt and tied around my waist. I intentionally make my shirt catch fire. Now I am waiting for her response. The fire slowly raises it’s area. But she didn’t responded. I start to yell to save my life. She saw me in scared face and ran towards me. she tries to blow the fire with her hands. I hold her hands and throw my shirt.
She tightly hugged me.” Jaan…. ”she cried.
“cutie” I try to console her.
She herself digged her head in my chest. I feel her whole body shivering. i don’t know why I hugged her tightly. I felt that if I release my grip, she will go away from me. I tightened my grip more than her and starts to caress her hair.
“ cutie…. See me nothing happened to me” I said to her . she slowly raised her head. I can’t see her pale face and swollen eyes.
She broke the hug.
“ take this water cutie. You will feel better” I said slowly. She nodded. But her hands are so shivering. I thanked to that murderer if he didn’t kill that persons, I should kill them with my own hands.
I made her sit in sofa and slowly feed her coffee.
“ they.. they … tried to kill me, jaan” Cutie stammerly start to tell. If she blurt out which is burdening her heart, she will get some relax. I slowly caressed her hair.

Flashback starts…
Ragini entered her house after coming from her part time job. She saw a masked men who is standing with knife.
Goon 1: how many hour I am waiting for you miss? Come, I have so many works after killing you.
Ragini gave a horrified expression and try to shout for help. Someone closes her mouth from her behind.
Goon 2(who closes Ragini’s mouth): why are you scaring her yaar? See… her beautiful face is so scared.
Ragini is trembling to get out from the goons grip.
Goon 3: she is so beautiful. First we will fulfill our desire. After that we will kil her. Take her.
Goon inject drug which make her loose consciousness and sent to semi conscious state.
Goons ties her hands and mouth , take her to their van without stealing any other glances.
On the way, goon releases their grip on her and Ragini jumps from the van but goons caught her.
Flashback ends…

“ even I don’t who they are. Why they tried to kill me , jaan” cutie asked me. I don’t know what I can reply. There is so much contradiction between Sahil and Cutie’s statement. Why someone want to kill my cutie. I have to safe guard her.
“ so, you decide to kill your self dammit” I blurted out in anger.
“ what can I do laksh? I lost the most precious thing for a girl. My dignity… “ she cried.
I hold her by her shoulders and directly see her eyes. She starts to close her eyes.
“ you didn’t lost anything . There is no wrong in you and you are pure in your heart . “She gave me some different expressions shock, surprise, relaxedness. She slowly start to fall in my hand as I mixed her sleeping pill in water.
“even you lost, I don’t care about that. I love you and I love you forever at any condition“ I said to her.
I shocked what I say. Am I love my cutie. How can I love? I am going to die soon. I can’t waste her life. She consider me as her best friend. If I am using her situation , there is no difference between me and that goons. No.. I should hide my feelings and at the same time , I will stand for her. Before I leave this world, I should make her strong.
I slowly take her to her bed and made her lay on bed. I tried to move out.but she hold my hand so tight. I sit in bed beside her and think how to make her normal. For the first time, I am clueless. I don’t know what to do.
Ragini’s POV
I feel my eye lids are so heavy to open. I opened my eyes and see jaan. He is really my jaan. I don’t know what would happen to me if he didn’t come right time. He is leaned on the bed semi state. I made him lay on bed. I tried to move on but I felt a strong grip on my hand. He is holding my hand in his sleep and I see a rope in my leg which another hand is tied in his leg. I scared him so much. I tried kill myself tow times. I can’t believe myself that I tried to kill myself.am I that much weak?. I should kill that goons for what they did to me not myself. By my movement, jaan wake up and gave me a horrified expression.
“cutie, sit here. I will come.” Jaan said and untied his leg without seeing my face.
He comewith a plate with some dishes.
I tried to take plate in my hands. But my hands betrayed me. still, I can’t come over what happened yesterday. He snatched plate from me and start to feed me. tears are brimming in my eyes as I remembered my maa. My maa also so caring towards me. she always calls me cutie as jaan call me.
He wiped my tears and I completed my food. He wiped my mouth with cloth. He literally treats me like a baby. He stand and walk towards outside. I don’t know whu I hold his hands.
“ don’t leave me alone” I said to him. he smiled to me and pressed my hands.
“ I am going to wash my hands. I will come with in a minute” He said to me .
I feel so restless. He came as he said.
“ cutie, we are going out. Get ready” he said and pushed me into bathroom.
I scared if that goons may attack.
“ they are no more cutie” Laksh said wickedly. What? Laksh gave me a newspaper. That goons are shot dead. Is he killed me? I know that he tried to kill one in anger. But, he really killed them. but I thought that he is so innocent.
“ I didn’t kill them. their enemies killed them.” he answered me. is he reading my mind or my face shows what I am thinking.

I remembered his and Sahil bhai’s conversation. Is Sahil did that? That’s why he sent sahil bhai to outer.
“ is Sahil bhai killed them?” I asked him. I want the answer negatively. I can’t lose Sahil bhai also.
“ no. but I worried that someone can trap him in this case. That’s why I sent him to pune” He answered me.
“ go and get ready. You have just fifteen minutes” Laksh ordered me. wait! How can he order me. ordering is my right. How can he take this from me.
I get ready in my salwar and he takes me to the same mall where I am took him.
He directly take me to parlour and ask stylist to pick a style for me. Stylist suggested step cut and he agreed. I didn’t say a word. I know his each and every action has a reason.
Stylist made a new style and washed my hair in parlour itself. Then , he take me to nearby cloth boutique and make me sit in a chair.he take some kurtas and stare me, nods his head positively. Each and every kurtas are modern at the same time decent. I never wear other than salwars.
He take pink and red mixed kurta and blue jean and give it to me.
“ try this cutie.” He said me politely. I take it in my hands and wear it, come outside . at that time, I saw him also changed his dress. He wear red t shirt, brown jacket and deep blue jean, the one which I bought for him at our first day out. He hold me by my shoulders and make me stand infront of a mirror.
“ cutie, look yourself” he made me see mirror gently.
I surprised that is it me. I don’t look what I am. Even Shona can’t identify me now if she see me. he take a small bindi and put it in my forehead. I feel something different, some change inside me.
Laksh’s POV
I changed her outer look. Infact I changed her look upside down. I know dress can’t change one’s character. But it gives some change in ourself. I felt the same when cutie changed my looking. I buy a small bindi and put it in her forehead. She directly looked into my eyes with lot of emotions. I smiled to her to assure that everything should be normal. I take her directly to a building. We both get inside and I filled her form .
“cutie, I need your sign” I asked her.
She didn’t raise a single question. She signed. She trusts me blindly .
“ sir, this is a way” a lady shows us way. There so many womens, kids are practicing martial arts. She looked me.
Ragini’s POV
He takes me to a building and asked me sign. I signed it that I am trusting him more than myself now. My heart believes him that he never betrays me. a lady took us inside. There , so many peoples took training in martial arts , karate. I looked him . I can’t describe my emotion.
“ I want you strong and independent, cutie. I want you to forget yesterday and I want my cutie back who is confident and brave” he said calmly and pecked my forehead friendly. I feel pure love and care in his peck and touch which I got the same in my maa.

I slowly walks towards my martial arts teacher and lady introduce me to all. I changed into uniform and make myself immersed in practice.
Laksh’s POV
I am waiting for her in lobby. After an hourm she comes out. I can see a confidence and charm in her face. I felt myself standing in the edge of everest. From now, she can face anything even in my absence. With in a day, she recovered from the shock. I should salute her for her will power. My maa always says even though boys have power, they can’t stand before women’s will power.
She waved her hands in before my face. I smiled to her. It’s evening. I opened my phone and sees lots of message from Sanskar and Amrit. They must be worried .
I called Sanskar first.
“ Sansku..” I said only this word.
“ are you mad? Where are you? why are you not lifting my calls? Do you know how much we are worried?even I file a missing case. Police are searching you” Sansku scolds me without taking a breath.
“ take a breath Sansku” I said calmly. If I am stand before him, he will definitely beat me.
“Laksh, I am Swara, where are you? is everything okay?” doll asked me after snatching phone from Sanskar.
“ doll, I am alright. My friend met a small accident. So I stayed with him to take care of him” I answered her. I sense that she is sobbing. I don’t know what will happen to them, after my death. She get close to me within a short time , she is also like meenu to me.
“ doll, don’t worry. I am coming to see swaru. Give phone to Sanskar” I asked her.
“ Sansku, what about Swaru’s operation?” I asked Sansku.
“ everything is ok .operation is done yesterday night itself. Swayam is stubborn. He wants you to see first after getting his vision. So, he didn’t allow doctor to take the bandages . He is also worried.” Sanskar informed me.
Ohh! God. Now I should go fast.
“cutie, can you come with me to a hospital? I want to see my friend” I asked her and she accepted.
We both go to hospital and get into Swayam’s ward.
Ragini’s POV
Jaan asked me to accompany him to see his friend. I accepted and we both get into hospital ward.
Laksh entered while calling a name”Swaru..” . my legs betrayed me when I see a scenary. Swayam.. mera chotu… he is going to get back his vision. Swara didn’t see me as she is busy in jaan and swayam. Swayam holds jaan’s hand tightly where Swara hugged him for support.
Doctor slowly removes the bandages and finally asked swayam to open his eyes slowly. I eagerly stare him for his single word.

Swayam opens his eyes and said” is you naa Laksh? tall and handsome. Not bad”.
I stare Laksh who is so emotional now and he take Swayam in his bone crushing hug and Swara also hugged them .
“Swayam…” I called him slowly.
They broke the hug , Laksh look me confusingly where Swara looked me amusingly.
He stared me for a minute” Rago di…”
I ran and take him in my embrace. He gone through to much difficulties in this small age.
“ Rago di. I am alright. Now I can see. Say when you changed your look?”Swayam asked me to make me normal.
I broke the hug.” Laksh, I want to speak alone with Swara” I said or ordered.
Laksh and that bleedy Sanskar gone outside.
“ shona, this much thing happening here. But you didn’t say a word to me naa. I just come to my house for a month. But you both make me stranger naa. You both really don’t consider me as my family” I turned. I am really more hurt.
Swara put her hands on my shoulder.” Because, we don’t want disturb you di. you are so depressed after whatever happened in hospital at that day. That’s why you went to your parents house from our house to reduce your pain” Swayam said.
I looked him with shock. How can he know?
“ we know everything except the culprit “ Swara said calmly.
I shockedly am looking them. the truth which I hide because I don’t want gave them pain.
Swara hugged me” don’t take more pain in your heart and we are family, just when you return I want to give a surprise”
I hugged her more.
At that time, we are disturbed by knock.
Laksh and Sanskar get in and Sanskar directly go towards Swayam and sit beside him.
“ champ, I have a special gift” Sanskar said to Swayam.
“what gift?” Swayam asked him.
Sanskar signs Laksh and Laksh come with a guitar.
Swayam jumped in happiness” thanks Sanskar” and hugged him .
Sanskar phone rings” champ, we will come with in half hour. Sorry…”
Swayam pouts and nods.
What is happening there?my rival is so attached with my family. the bonding between Swayam and Sanskar is confusing me.
Laksh and Sanskar left.
“shona, how do you know Laksh and Sanskar?” I asked her.
Swara is going to answer me but she is disturbed by call. She attened and I am worried by seeing her face. a long tear escaped from her face.
“Shona, what happened?” I asked her .
“ bhai.. bhai..” she hugged me.
“ what happened to bhai?” I asked her.no.. nothing should happen to bhai.
“bhai wake up from coma” she said to me happily.
I hugged her in joyness .

Laksh’s POV
I never think Swayam’s Rago di is my cutie. I feel so bad for her that she was gone through deep pain. I want to know that culprit who done this. If I get him, I will definitely smash him.
“Sansku, where are we going?” I asked him.
“ Raksh asked us to come. He said that he needs a help” Sansku answered me and increased car’s speed. After few minutes, we reached the place where Raksh bhai asked us to come,
But , it’s an isolated road and the both sides are filled with more trees.
“ Laku, I will call him” Sansku said to me and unknowingly walked far away from me because of getting signal coverage.
I see screen flash near bush and I go to near that. It shows SANSKAR CALLING. I hear a car coming sound and I turned to see. I felt strong hand on my mouth who have wet cloth in his hand. I try to hold my breath but I breathed little bit and I start to lose consciousness.
I see Sanskar and Raksh bhai are fighting with some goons.
The goon who hold me take cloth from my mouth , hold me and put knife in my neck.
“ accept your defeat otherwise I will kill your friend” goon threatened them.
No.. I should save my Sansku. I can’t be his weakness. I am going to die. Even if I am died today, it won’t be a problem. I can save my friends. I tried myself slit my throat in that knife but that goon hold my neck tighter. Slowly I blacked out by seeing that goons injecting drug in Sansku and Raksh bhai’s neck.
I feel my difficult to open my eyes. I opened my eyes and see my hands and legs are tightly tied. I tried to scream but only muffle come out as a result of cloth in my mouth. I searched Sansku and Raksh bhai and but they are not present. The edges of wall are so rough. I used it to cut my rope in hand . I freed my hands and legs. I walked without making any noise. Some goons are walking here and there.
I want to get their leader as my captive. It’s the only way to save my sansku and Raksh bhai. by observing the talks of goons, I find leader’s room. In the way, I get a gun . His room is also surrounded by darkness as him. by seeing his position, I can say he is depressed. At that time, his men entered into that room.
“ choti malkin, that boy is missing” that men said with shivering.
“ I want him at any cost. If anything happen to him, I will bury you all alive” his leader roared at him.
This voice is very familiar to me. he is.. he is …

“ bhaiya…” I whispered and moved little bit unknowingly in shock and as a result of my movement, a vase falls down and all their gaze falls on me.
Precap: Sanskar and Ragini confrontation
To be continued…

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