Swaragini- my friend (Episode 13)

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Let I start the episode.
Ragini sits beside Laksh.
Laksh:array Sansku come soon .Cutie, it’s our proposal.
Sanskar sits another side of Laksh. Ragini is confused to see Sanskar’s normal behavior but somewhat satisfied by seeing his red eyes.
Laksh opens his laptop and shows the presentation and cleanly explains to Ragini and Sanskar.
Laksh: cutie, Sansku are you both having any doubt?
Sanskar(confused): why are you explaining me , Laku? It’s your presentation.
Laksh: because you are going to explain this for HOD along with cutie. I have to prepare prototype. Just dumping the program to chip. I will see you in HOD Cabin.
Laksh starts to walk outside and yells to Ragini” take care of my laptop”
Laksh goes outside and A long tear escaped from his eyes
Sanskar’s POV:
I am trying my best to be pretend normal. But I can’t. I don’t know how he is so much normal even after knowing about his condition or he is acting for me. ohh! Ganapathi papa what can I do? I will try my best to extend his life.
Sanskar’s face shows some determination.
Ragini observes his face and changes , smirks.
Ragini(in mind): I am happy Mr.Maheshwari. each and every minute will move like a hell to you.
Ragini: Laksh trusted you, Mr.Maheshwari. I hope you cope up with me. I will again explain you.
Sanskar nods and keenly listens Ragini.

At outside,
Laksh goes to his room and locks it from inside. His face changed from charming into stressed. He slowly walks towards his cupboard and takes the proto type.
He connects it into Amrit’s Laptop and start to dump the program which is stored in his pendrive.
Laksh takes his chain and share his feelings.
Laksh: Appa, you know that I am coming to you.hmm! it’s different naa Appa. I am going to see you in heaven(smiles sadly). Definitely it will be heaven because you are living in it. you said correct Appa. When we get our answers , time will change the question. When I started to get answers of my life, time changed my life totally upside down. I am pretending that I am strong Appa for my Sansku. If he knows I am broke down, he can’t take it. it will kill him. But I am not a sathu appa, to welcome my death. What’s my mistake appa? Till I didn’t make anyone feel sad. Moreover I am trying to make everyone happy. But I don’t know appa why I deserved this?. It’s like living in hell papa. It’s true. If we know about our death date, the present should be none other that hell. Even I want a family, a loving wife and a caring son. I want to see my beloved one happiness, I want to enjoy with my aadi and maa . But I have to go far away from them. appa why god write this much cursed fate in my head? I want to live.
Laksh falls down and cries silently. Laksh hears a knock in door. Laksh wipes his tears and opens the door.
Amrit enters the door and worried to see Laksh’s swollen eyes.
Amrit checks Laksh’s forehead.
Amrit: are you ok naa Laksh? are you having any fever? Why your eyes become this much red?
Laksh composed himself.
Laksh: what can I do ammu? Yesterday I didn’t get sound sleep. Now I want to show prototype. If I have class naa, I will sleep there..
Laksh winks at Amrit.
Amrit: I am so worried that you are ill.
Laksh: what are you doing here in this time?
Amrit: oops! I have to go. I came here to take my proposal.
Laksh: wait! In few minutes, my program will be dumped.

Laksh’s POV:
Hmm!time have his own calculation appa. See, I wonder how Amrit bhai entered my life. Maa accepted him as his own son and Aadi also shared my place to him. now I got. Amrit is going to fill my place.yes Appa. I will reduce my importance in everyone’s life. I will make me alone that my death shouldn’t breakdown them. first , I will make Amrit to take my place in our family and I will deject my position in sanskar’s life.
Amrit shakes his hand before Laksh. Laksh comes to reality.
Amrit: are you okay? Is anything bothering you?
Laksh: no Amrit. I lost in my thoughts about my project.
Amrit stares Laksh because Laksh don’t call him by his name.
Amrit:are you hiding anything from me?
Laksh: nothing Ammu.(pulls Amrit’s cheeks)
Amrit smiles and leaves with Laptop.
Laksh takes his prototype and walks towards class.

In Class,
Sanksar is taking rehearsal and Ragini corrects him.
Ragini(in mind): what I am doing? I want to destroy this Sanskar. but I am correcting his mistake. Its all because of you jaan. Wait! When I started to address him with Jaan.arghh! he make me crazy.
Ragini’s gaze unknowingly falls on laptop and accidentally touched close button. Ragini is shocked to see the wallpaper.
It’s Amrit and meenu’s marriage photo with the whole family. in this meenu is holding Laksh ears.
Ragini(in mind): is he married?
A unknown tear fell from her eyes.
Ragini(in mind): why I am feeling sad? I didn’t bother about his maritial status.
Sanskar didn’t see that photo that he is standing opposite to Ragini.
Laksh enters the class and goes to his laptop.
Laksh:Sansku, are you ready?
Sanskar: I am ready Laku.
Laksh: Ragini, Prototype is completed. Ok.
Ragini(whispers):are you married?
Laksh(smiles to her): am I looking like married?
Ragini nods no and in mind prays to god.
Laksh: it’s my bhai’s marriage photo and his bride is my friend,
A unknown relax occupies Ragini’s mind. Laksh changes the window before Sanskar sees it.
Laksh(in mind): first I have to change this wall paper. If anyone knows Amrit bhai’s is married,they will definetely tease him.
Laksh: ok. Mission HOD starts.
Sanskar and Ragini smiles by laksh’s antics. The trio enters HOD cabin after getting permission.
Sanskar starts the presentation and Ragini continues in middle , finally Laksh finishes it.
Laksh: it will reduce time and cost than previous method. It will show how much copper content in your body. I have a prototype.
Hod:show it.
Laksh connects the prototype with Laptop and take eye shot of HOD and shows the result.
HOD: it’s very impressive.

At that time, Princi enters HOD cabin and everyone greets them.
Princi: it’s impressive
Laksh:Thanks sir.
Princi:Sanskar, I hope you didn’t forget that you are responsible for non technical side. Every year, we won that trophy. I want this year also. You have still five days.
Sanskar:definitely sir.
Raglak san comes outside .
Laksh: finally project is accepted.
Ragini: don’t forget, we have to do practice for dance. Lets go to auditorium.
Sanskar: what? Laksh and dance?
Laksh gives a stern look to Sanskar.
Sanskar: I didn’t say that you can’t dance. Who is your partner?
Ragini: I am his partner, Sanskar. See you later.
Ragini holds Laksh hands and moves towards Auditorim.
Laksh turns and bids bye to Sanskar.

In Auditorium,
Ragini plays the music.
Laksh does the moves wrong and shy to hold Ragini’s waist because Ragini chosen salsa as her dance genre. One hour is ran. Laksh felt discomfort with touching Ragini to dance.
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh gives glare.
Ragini: jaan, first you have to immerse yourself in music.
Ragini puts the earphone in Laksh ears.
Ragini:close your eyes. Listen the music.
Laksh soon immerse himself in the music.
Ragini switches on the camera in laptop to record.
Ragini takes his hand.
Ragini: now your lady love is in your hand.
Laksh opens his eyes and Ragini starts to immerse in his eyes. Laksh himself immersed in Ragini’s eyes. He just hear the music in his background. They started to travel in another word.
Laksh starts to dance with Ragini. Laksh holds her waist and moves linked with music.
Finally, Laksh completes his dance. They hear a laugh sound.
“it’s not any project, Laksh. it’s dance.I already said that you can’t do it” Arjun said.
“ he will do it. he can dance Mr.Mehra, just watch and we will win the prize” Ragini said with rage.
Laksh silenty watches this.
“ok. I take it as a challenge Miss…” Arjun ended with smirk.
Ragini drags Laksh with her outside.
Ria (Arjun Dance partner): hey Arjun! they danced well and coureography also ok. why you demote them?
Arjun:because if I make Laksh’s partner accept this chalenege, he will definitely give his best. He never break his friend’s trust and I want him to bag a prize.

At outside,
Ragini:is they are ur friends? Arghh!
Laksh(smiles): you made me fall in his trap, cutie. Actually he try to motivate me in challenging way. Because sometimes negative motivation can give better results.
Ragini gives a confusing look.
Laksh: they are my friends Cutie. They never let me down.
Ragini:ok..ok.. come to this address at 8 pm. We have to practice.
Laksh:ok. bye cutie.
Laksh leaves and go to Sanskar.
Here Sanskar is immersed himself in preparation works. In intercollegiate , there are so many competitions mostly in music, singing and instrmental, dance single and couple, group, fashion show and also in technical side.
Laksh sees Sanskar busy.
Sanskar(stretches his hand): finally, I prepare the list.
Sanskar sees laksh.
Sanskar: Laku, we may go to see Swayam.
Laksh(smiles): haan… are you prepare the list?
Sanskar:haan Laku… only one problem, we have to find a dress designer in college.
Laksh:Dress designing…? Haan Amrit is good at fashion designing.
Sanskar:problem is solved. Lets go.
Sanskar and Laksh go to hospital.

In Swayam’s ward,
Swara is sitting near to Swayam and waiting for Laksh.
Laksh and Sanskar enters Swayam;s ward.
Swara didn’t notice Sanskar as she is stuck with Laksh. Sanskar is stunned to see Swara and remembers her.
Sanskar(in mind): is she Swayam’s sister? but he said rago naa. May be it’s her nick name.
Swara: thanks Laksh, you come. I am so tensed. Operation is preponed.
Laksh: what? Preponed… doll! Don’t worry.
Swara cries by hugging Laksh and Sanskar is confused with their bond. Laksh try to console her.
Laksh:Doll ! he is my friend Sansku. Sanskar.
Laksh signs Sanskar to give confidence to swara while Swaya sleeps because of medicine effect.
Swara composes herself while Laksh is going to see doctor.
Sanskar makes Swara sit in a chair.
Sanskar: don’t worry Swara. Swayam will be alright.
Swara is still tensed.
Sanskar: swara, if you worried means, how will you make Swayam confident? You should help him to be mentally prepare for operation.
Swara sees Sanskar and nods.
Sanskar goes outside and come with a newspaper.
Sanskar:Swara, take this paper.
Swara: I am not in the mood to read paper Mr…
Sanskar:Sanskar.. just take it and tear it.
Sanskar: do it.
Swara starts to tear the paper as tiny pieces.
Sanskar:now how do you feel?
Swara: little bit better.
Sanskar:now, be confident and ready to enjoy Swayam is going to get back his vision.

At that time ,Laksh enters the ward.
Laksh:doll! Don’t worry. They preponed operation that the doctor comes before itself. Swayam is going to getback his eyes with in a week.
Swara is overwhelmed and stares Laksh lovingly.
Swara:thanks Laksh..
Laksh:doll! You are making me stranger.
Swara:ok ok.
Laksh:doll , today Sanskar will take care of Swayam. You can go to house and prepare dinner for them.
Swara nods and leaves.
Sanskar:laku, how did you know her?
Laksh:she is my park friend.
Laksh tells about their meeting. Sanskar laughs by hearing the name laksh and lucky.
Laksh gives a glare and Sanskar suppress his laugh.
Laksh:ok, Sansku. I have to go Ragini’s home for practice.bye…
Sanskar:ok bye…
Laksh goes towards Ragini’s house by bus. He arrived the bus stop which is near to Ragini’s house.
Laksh sees his watch.
Laksh(in mind): ohh god! It’s already 8. Cutie will eat me raw.
Laksh sees three goons try to rape a girl. That girl is unconscious.
Laksh takes a big stone and hit them. the goons starts to chase Laksh with knife in their hand.
After some time,
Laksh returns to that place and sees that girl.
Laksh(in mind): I will take her to cutie’s house. She will help me in this.
Laksh goes towards the girl. That girl’s face is covered with mud. So, Laksh can’t see her face.
Laksh takes his shirt and covers the girl.
Laksh takes that girl in his arms. Suddenly there Raining starts.
Laksh hears the girl moan.
Rain water cleans the mud in girl and gives irritation in her wounds.
Laksh runs to Ragini’s house. It’s a 3 bhk independent villa .
Laksh sees the door is open and things are messed up.
Laksh hears a low voice” jaa..aaa…nn..”
Laksh turns shockingly. The girl whom Laksh rescued is Ragini.
Laksh goes near Ragini weakly and sits beside her.
Ragini cries in semiconscious state.
Laksh wipes his tears and goes inside , observes the house. Laksh locks all the windows and doors, go to kitchen and come with a candle that there is no electricity.
Laksh takes Ragini and Ragini winces in pain as he touched a wound. Laksh carefully places her in bed.
Ragini holds Laksh hands.
Ragini:maa… don’t leave me. they are so cruel…they..they..
Ragini blabbers in semiconscious.
Laksh can’t take more.
Laksh:cutie… nothing happened to you. I am here naa.. your jaan…
Laksh hugged ragini and hold her in his embrace. Ragini lose her conscious.
A unknown rage and anger raised inside him.
Laksh phone rings. Screen shows it Sanskar.
Sanskar senses a different in Laksh’s voice.
Sanskar:Laku, is everything okay naa?
Laksh:Sansku, I need a help. Sent a lady doctor to the address which I sent.
Sanskar:what happened, laku?
Laksh: I can’t say Sansku. Don’t question me.
Sanskar:ok. I will send.
Laksh sends Ragini’s address to sanskar. After few minutes, A lady doctor comes and examines Ragini.
Laksh gets some clothes in Ragini’s room and doctor changes her clothes.
Doctor comes to hall.
Doctor:Someone tried to rape her. But she saved her virginity. She is so weak physically and mentally. I gave her injection which makes her sleep. If incase of any help, you may contact me.
Doctor gives her no and Laksh thanks her and sent her out.
Laksh goes to Ragini room and caresses her hair.
Laksh holds her hand.” I am with you cutie…”
Ragini holds Laksh hands and slept because of medicine. At that time, a man enters the house tensedly and calls Ragini.
Laksh comes outside with knife in his hand for Safety.
Man:who are you? where is my rago?
Laksh: I am laksh, her friend. Who are you?
Man: I am sahil, her bhai.
Laksh(doubtedly): but cutie didn’t say about you.
Sahil:don’t waste my time. Where is she?
Laksh:She is taking rest in her room.
Sahil enters her room and sees Ragini.
Sahil bangs door and his hands are bleeding.
Laksh observes Sahil’s love for Ragini.
Sahil: how did happened?
Laksh: I came to her house for practice. Laksh explains.
Laksh: I punished them, they can’t even walk for six months.
Sahil looks Laksh doubtfully.
Laksh: I used my mind . I gave them 240 volt shock directly from transformer.
Sahil(shocked):are you killed them?
Laksh:no… I used science. I gave them shock for less than a minute. So they are badly injured and may be paralysed.but they deserves it.
Laksh closes his palm in anger.
Sahil: Laksh, take care of her. I will come soon.
Laksh goes inside Ragini room and takes ragini’s head and lays in his lap. He started to sleep in this manner.
Sahil enters into a ward where that three goons are admitted.
Sahil remembers how Laksh made them paralysed using electricity and as a result transformer break down.
Sahil ties hanky in his face and Sahil goes towards the goons after locking the door. Goons scared by seeing him.
Sahil sits beside him.
Sahil:why are you try to rape her?
Goon 1: I can’t say.
Sahil takes a cloth and ties that goon hands .
Goon 2:what are you doing?
Sahil puts some injection to two goons and they slept.
Sahil:why are you try to rape her?
Goon 1: I .. don’t…
Sahil:are you going to tell or you yourself welcome into death.?
Sahil takes a small blade and slits above wrist. that goon muffles in pain.
Sahil: I am not that much good for the peoples who hurt my beloved ones. So, tell the reason or..
Sahil presses the knife deeper.
Goon 1:I want to take my revenge. She slapped me.
Goon stammerly tolds.
Sahil angrily punches the goon and closes his mouth to avoid sound.
Sahil: I want to kill you but my profession didn’t let me. but..
Sahil takes a hospital knife and cuts a vein near neck on those goons.
Sahil: you can’t talk or even you can’t move any parts in lower body. Now you will please for your death.
The next day morning,
Ragini wakes up and remembers everything. She cries and go to kitchen. She takes a knife and try to cut her wrist.
Laksh holds her hand and slaps her ..
Laksh: are you mad Ragini? Are you this much weak? Even I expect you to take revenge from these goons but you are trying to kill yourself. Do you think death is that much easy?
Laksh shakes Ragini and as a result Ragini falls in Laksh hands unconsciously.
Laksh takes her in his hand and places her in his bed.
Laksh(unknowingly):until I am alive, I will never let anyone to give you pain.

Precap:Raglaklove and care towards each other

Friends I don’t give precap today because I can’t write what I gave in precap. I am going to end this revenge track within two episodes.thanks for reading and if I am boring or you don’t like my track, please give your suggestions through comment.

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