Swaragini- my friend (Episode 12)

Thanks friends for your support and also thanks to silent readers.Friends, I rewritten the terrace part. Actually terrace part in previous episode is precap. Accidentally, I write about it .concept is same but I just changed dialogues.

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Let I start the episode.
Sanskar chases Laksh and Laksh ran to terrace.
Laksh:Sansku, no…
Sanskar: laku, mera bacha, I will not leave you.
Laksh stops Sanskar and breathes heavily.
Sanskar is worried and throws the cake in his hand and go to near Laksh.
Sanskar:Laku, are you alright naa?
Laksh sees Sanskar empty hands and smirks. Sanskar sees the smirk and understand it.
Sanskar made Laksh fall and sits above him without hurting him.
Sanskar: now, I will pay for your prank.
Laksh: no..
Laksh shakes his face but Sanskar successfully fills Laksh face with cream. Sanskar lays beside Laksh and takes long breath.
Sanskar: today is my best birthday Laku in my whole life.
Laksh: I will see after a girl come in your life.
Sanskar: no one can separate us..(whispers himself) even death.
Laksh: haan..haan.. I will see after your marriage.
Sanskar: we are just 19. It’s not age to discuss about marriage.
Laksh: when will you become like teacher?
Sanskar: leave it. now, I want my answers from first.
Laksh: well, I already know about your birthday. so, I planned according to that. You know naa, how much I am good at planning.
Sanskar: I got to know about your planning skills in first day itself.
Sanskar and Laksh remember about their first meet in college and laughs.
Laksh:you trusted me Sansku.
Sanskar: you saved me Laku. But nowadays, I will feel some changes in you. you are becoming adamant.
Laksh: time Sansku, time will teach everything.
Sanskar: ok. now tell my answers.
Laksh: before that how much you spent on birthday parties?
Sanskar: may be 10 to 15 Lakhs.
Laksh: have you got the happiness like you spent in orphanage?
Sanskar nods no.
Laksh: I want to make you feel the happiness when you help others. Just see about that kids.. they didn’t expect anything from us except loving words and care. Even they didn’t know that you are the one who sponsored their education. But still they show love towards us.
Sanskar: but, I didn’t pay and money..

Laksh: I am a sculptor artist Rudra, Sansku and I paid it behalf of you as a gift.
Sanskar shocked because Rudra’s pieces is expensive and rare.
Laksh nods.
Laksh: only, Aadi and Raj bhai know about this. I want to gift the blessings of that children when they praises their sponsor. I assured orp.inch that they woudnt say about their sponsor. So, you can freely spend your time with them.
Sanskar stares Laksh with different expressions.
Laksh:Sansku, you bullied others that they will fear about you and you gain importance. But you gained curses. Even in this way also, people give importance to you but they will praise about you instead of curse.
Sanskar remembers how he bullied peoples to show his presence.
Laksh: I know Sansku, we can’t help each and every people. But we should help people as we can. It will give peace to mind.
Sanskar nods.
Sanskar: it’s true sanskar. Really the memories with that kids, gives peace to me. wait! How can you take me to Kolkatta that much earlier?
Laksh nods his head down.
Laksh: I am Sansku, I drugged your water .so you will sleep and I arranged chopper and take you here
Sanskar: who are all helped you?
Laksh: Raj bhai and Aarav. But I forced them. they didn’t do any mistake.
Laksh scared that Sanskar will anger on him.
Sanskar side hugs Laksh.
Sanskar: I am blessed Laku to have a friend like you.
Laksh smiles.
Both stares sky which is have no moon.
Laksh:Sansku, I want some promises from you. you will never refuse it.
Sanskar: I will never refuse it.
Laksh:ok, Sansku. Now I will have some questions on you.
Sanskar: haan..
Laksh: what do you think about Ram uncle?
Sanskar: I am his world Laku even though he didn’t gave his attention towards me. but now I got my papa back. I will enjoy his love and care. I will try to get which I lose in these years.
Laksh face shows a smile.
Laksh: he can’t take anything happen to you.
Laksh and Sanskar stand up.
Sanskar:haan Laku. He is so protective on me when I am little.
Laksh: even Raj, Raksh and Arjun bhai loves and cares you.
Sanskar(smiles unknowingly): haan Laku, they are overprotective towards me. that’s why they …
Sanskar remembers Arjun and Raksh drugs Laksh to get the truth.
Laksh: then, why are you decide to come with me after my death, Sansku?
Sanskar shockingly looks Laksh.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh: Ram uncle even die if anything happen to you and bhaiya’s will breakdown. Do you want them suffer? Actually you should console them when they know about my death. Because you already know about my condition. But you decide to follow me.
Sanskar stares Laksh with moist eyes .
Laksh: even I didn’t feel sad when I know about my death. But when I heard your decision, I can’t take it Sansku.
Laksh holds Sanskar’s sherwani .
Laksh: how can you think like that , Sansku? It’s paining me Sansku.
Sanskar: because I don’t want live my life in pain of losing you, Laku. You are the one who changed me upside down. You taught me about life. You are one who shows love unconditionally. You didn’t care about my name, my position and you accepted me as I am. Living without you, its like an hell Laku.
Laksh(gives a calm look and smiles with tears in his eyes): if Ram uncle take this decision what will you do, Sansku?
Sanskar is frozen.
Laksh: you can’t take about your father but you want to give pain to uncle. Haai naa Sansku?
Sanskar sits with a thud.
Laksh: sansku, everyone should die one day. It’s nature. I always pray to god that I want to see my appa. I think he will accept my prayer. I am going to see my Appa and I am happy with that.
Laksh finishes it with a smile.

Sanskar hugs him and cries.
Laksh pats his shoulder and break the hug. Laksh holds Sanskar’s hand.
Laksh: Sansku, see the sky. Even though we can’t see moon now, still moon is present. Like that even I vanished from your life, my soul and my memories should be with you Sansku.
Sanskar didn’t speak anything.
Laksh: now, I want my promises.
Sasnkar stares Laksh.
Laksh: you shouldn’t do anything which harm you and you should not tell anyone about my condition and I want you to smile again by forgetting about my condition.
Sanskar(stammers):la…k..u… do you want me to forget about your condition?
Laksh: no Sansku. I want you accept my death, my fate . I want to make my last days beautiful and I want to present my memories to you which makes you happy.
Laksh sees Sanskar whose eyes sheds tears. Laksh wipes his tears and hold his hands.
Laksh:Sansku, I want to leave this world peacefully. If you have pain and ruin your life, I can’t leave peacefully. Please accept my fate and make my days beautiful. It’s my last wish. I want to you bid bye to me .
Sanskar can’t take it longer and hugs Laksh tighter.
Sanskar: I promise Laku I will make our days beautiful.
Laksh broke the hug and walks weakly.
Sanskar holds his hands.
Sanskar: how can you know about this, Laku? Who Said it to you?
Laksh hesitated to tell.
Sasnkar: Laku, its swear on me. tell me who is this.
Laksh: it’s you , Sansku.
Sanskar releases the grip in shock .
Laksh: I can recall what happened in my surrounding in my half sleep Laksh. I heard your convo with your mom that balcony is near to bed and when I wake up in mid night, I recalled everything. I remembered your advise for your friend. It’s so easy to link all the dots and I got my medical report in your bag.
Sanskar closes his eyes with pain and remembers how he listen in class during sleeping.
Laksh sidehugs Sanskar
Laksh:Sansku, in present I am with you. just enjoy this moment. Let me enjoy buddy.
Laksh playfully kicks Sanskar’s arms.
Sanskar dumps all his pain inside and smiles.
Laksh(in mind): before I am passing away, I will make you accept my death, Sansku. I will wash away all your pain. It’s my promise.
Laksh puts his hand in Sanskar’s shoulder.
Laksh: come on, we have to return Mumbai. We have college tomorrow.
Laksh and Sanskar comes to hall and leaves to Mumbai. Sanskar make Laksh take his medicine and soon, Sasnkar falls into sleep because of medicine effect while Laksh made his decisions.

The next day morning,
Laksh wakes up in Sanskar’s house.
Laksh: ohh! It’s already late. I want to go hostel.
Sanskar enters with coffee.
Sanskar:Laku, take it.
Laksh:Sansku, I want to go hostel. Today , I want submit my presentation.
Sanskar: I get your dress through amrit. So, no need to hurry.
Laksh: ok. what you decide about Swayam? You promised him that you help him.
Sanskar remembers his promise.
Sanskar: I remember Laku.
Laksh: Swaru enjoys your company. He is going to get back his vision soon. Day after tomorrow, his operation is fixed. So…
Sanskar: you want me to spent my time with him
Laksh: in evening until he cured.
Sanskar: ok.get ready.
Laksh get into bathroom while Sanskar calls Arjun.
Arjun(yawns): array Sanskar …why are you disturbing my sleep?
Sanskar:I want a help from you.
Arjun: don’t ask me like Laksh. till, we don’t know how to make that old couples really happy.
Sanskar: it’s not like that. I will send a details about a boy. I want to know who did the accident which he met three months before.
Arjun: ok. I will try.
Sanskar: I want that culprit Arjun. I don’t care how much he powerful.
Arjun: cool buddy. If I am there, don’t need to be tensed.
Sanskar: bye. See you in college.
Sanskar leaves to his room and get ready. They both entered into college.
Arjun , Raj and Raksh stands in corridor.
Laksh: Raksh bhaiya, are you made that old couples really happy?
Raksh: we joined them in old age home. They should be happy now that they got shelter.
Laksh nods negatively.
Laksh: I challenged you both make them really happy that they will forget about their pain. You can check them, they didn’t really happy. So you both failed in my challenge.
Arjun: we never fail. We will win and we will see you after winning the challenge.
Arjun smirks and leaves with raksh.
Laksh turns to raj.
Laksh: raj bhaiya, take care of their studies. We have our internal exams after two weeks. In middle, we will go to pune for participating in competitions.
Raj: don’t worry laksh. they can manage. I don’t know how you make Sanskar pass in this examination. Because Studies and Sanskar are opposite poles.
Sanskar huffs and pretends to be normal.
Laksh: I challenge that Sanskar will score high marks in his examination.
Raj: you are going to lose, Laksh.
Sanskar: I will make him win, at any cost.
Raj: let see.
Sanskar:Laku, lets go.
Sanskar drags laksh and Laksh winks at raj and Raj nods.
Inside class,
Laksh enters first and Sanskar comes behind him that he tightened his shoe lace.
Ragini sees laksh and Smiles.
Laksh:good morning cutie…
Ragini:good morning Lak…
Laksh gives a death glare.
Laksh:that’s good cutie.
Sanskar comes inside and sees surprisingly that Laksh is speaking with a girl.
Laksh turns to see Sanskar.
Laksh:Sansku.. cutie he is my best friend Sasnkar and Sanskar , she is cutie..oops ..Ragini.
Ragini composes herself and looks Sanskar with rage in her eyes. But she kept a smile next minute.
Sanskar observes the change.
Laksh: Cutie, we have to submit our presentation and take feedback from our professors.
Laksh goes to his seat while Sanskar moves towards Ragini. Ragini stares him questioningly.
Sanskar:Ragini, if I hurt you before, I am really sorry. Once, I am very bad.You are laksh’s friend , he trusts you and I don’t want my Laksh hurt because of my past.
Ragini stares Sanskar with anger.
Ragini(lower tone): I am not like you Mr.Maheshwari. he is my friend, I never let him down and you just stay away from me.
Ragini goes towards Laksh leaving Sanskar in confusion.
Sanskar(in mind):what I did to her?

To be continued…

Friends ,what did you think about Laksh? is he really accepted his fate or pretending to accept for Sanskar?. In previous episode, I gave raglak day out. I didvide this episode into three parts. First Sanlak convo, then Raglak day out and third Swasan meet. First is over. I will try to upload second part of this episode, soon..

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