Swaragini- my friend (Episode 11)

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Let I start the episode.
The next day morning, It’s a Sunday.
Sanskar and Laksh are still sleeping.
Aarav and Rajat arrives Raj’s house.
Raj opens the room and smiles by seeing Laksh and Sanskar.
Raj: bhaiya, come on . we will make coffee for both then, we will wake up them.
Aarav: hmm..ok Raj…
Aarav and Raj makes coffee meanwhile Laksh wake up.
Laksh rubs his eyes and wakes up Sanskar.” Sansku, elunthuko..ohh! he didn’t know tamil naa. Sansku, utho naa.Sansku, we have so many works today”
Sanskar:Laku, let me sleep.

Laksh smiles mischeviously and starts to tickle Sanskar.
Sanskar wakes up” Laku, stop it. I can’t .. I can’t take it”
Sanskar said while smiling because of tickling.
Laksh: it’s your punishment, Sansku. Come on, we have so many works.
A voice comes there.” Just push your works aside. First take this coffee”
Aarav and Raj comes with a smile and coffee tray.
Sanskar surprised to see Raj and Aarav . Laksh smiles wholeheartedly by seeing them together.

Sanskar:Aarav bhai.. Raj..
Raj(smiles and sees Aarav): yes..
Sanskar hugs both of them.” I am very happy , Raj ..Aarav bhai”
Aarav: thanks to Laksh.
Laksh taps Aarav head.
Laksh: in friends no thanks ..
Aarav&Rajat&Sanskar(in unison): no sorry…
The four smiles and takes their coffee .
Laksh: Aarav , your coffee is superb.
Aarav(surprisingly): how can you know that I made this coffee?
Laksh(calmly): because I already drink Raj bhai’s coffee and your coffee is so tasty. That’s all.

Raj throws a pillow to Laksh.
Laksh: accept the truth , Raj bhai.
Raj: Laksh..!
Raj starts to chase Laksh with another pillow and Laksh starts to run.
After few minutes,
Raj and Sanskar goes to kitchen for making the breakfast.
Aarav holds Laksh hands.
Aarav: thanks Laksh. because of you, I get back my Raj.
Aarav: ok ok..
Laksh: I want to see Ram uncle and Sansku didn’t know about this.
Aarav: why? Is anything important?
Laksh: don’t ask any questions now, Aarav.

Laksh says something hidden. Aarav smiles and nods.
They finished their breakfast and Sanskar drops Laksh at his hostel.
At hostel entrance,
Laksh:Sansku, get me correctly at 10 o clock.
Sanskar(smiles): sure…
After an hour, Laksh is waiting for Sanskar and calls Raksh and Arjun to come hostel.
Sanskar, Raksh and Arjun comes to hostel.
Raksh: Laksh, is something important?
Laksh(smiles): yes… I want a help from you.
Raksh and Arjun sees each other.
Arjun: help.. that too from us.
Laksh: yes… come with me.Sansku, drive to park.
Laksh is sit in front seat while Arjun and Raksh sits in back seat.

At park,

Laksh: Raksh bhai, arjun bhai.. can you see that old couples?
Arjun:haan So what …
Laksh: it’s your challenge that you should make them really happy. In that happiness, they should forget about all their pains.

Raksh: but you said that help…
Laksh: help or challenge that’s your opinion bhaiya’s .
Arjun: nowadays you are becoming so mischevious.. Laksh.
Laksh: thanks bhai… now your challenge is waiting for you.
Arjun and Raksh huffs and get down from car.
Laksh: all the best bhaiya’s.
Arjun and Raksh fakely smiles but soon it becomes a genuine smile.
Sanskar drive away to his house.
Raksh: arghh! Nowadays he is influencing us.
Arjun(smiles): but we are enjoying it. come we will see about this challenge.
Raksh smiles and walks towards the old couple.

In Sanskar’s house,
Laksh takes his bag and gives some clothes to Sanskar.
Laksh:Sansku, wear it.
Sanskar is shocked because the clothes looks like middle class clothes.
Sanskar: are you really want me to wear this?
Laksh: yes.. is there any problem?
Sanskar: no.. not at all.
Sanskar takes the clothes and wear it.
Laksh: hmm! Perfect Sansku. Lets go.
Sanskar takes his car key. But laksh put it in hanger.

Laksh: today you are coming with me. now you are Sansku , Laksh’s friend.not Mr.Maheshwari, heir of VR Industries.
Sanskar: ok. lets go Laku.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh takes Sanskar by walk, first.
Laksh:Sansku, how much money you have in your wallet?
Sanskar: about 5000 . why?
Laksh: take thousand from this and buy chocolates from that shop(points the shop)
Sanskar(stares Laksh differently): really you want choco for thousand rupees.
Laksh: haan.. buddhu go fast.
Sanskar: buddhu..!

Laksh: array go fast naa Sansku. We are getting late.
Laksh turns to hire auto.
Sanskar goes to nearby shop and buys chocolates.
Sanskar comes and Laksh stands with auto.
Laksh: how much you come late,Sansku?
Sanskar gives an stern glare. Laksh didn’t bother about the glare.
After few minutes,
Laksh: bhaiya ithar rukiyee..

Auto stops infront of the orphanage.
Laksh pays the fare and take Sanskar inside.
Sanskar: Laku, why are you take me here?
Laksh:Sansku, I already said don’t ask me any question until I speak.
Sanskar: laku…
Laksh cuts Sanskar in middle.
Laksh: hello mera champs…
A group of kids hugs Laksh.

Boy 1: bhaiya, are you said that you will come yesterday itself?
Laksh: ohh! Sorry mera bacha party. I am not well little bit.
Another boy checks Laksh’s temperature.
Laksh hugs that boy.
Laksh: now I am well .
That boy : really well naa.
Laksh: really
That boy smiles.
It’s an small orphanage which have 10 boys and 8 girls who are in the age of 10 to 13.
Laksh: array Sansku, do you want me to tell to gave their choco to them?
Sanskar smiles and gave their choco.
Girl 1: uncle, who is he?
Laksh: he is my friend Sansku.
Girl 2: Sansku..!

Sanskar pulls that girls cheeks.
Sanskar(smiles): are you have any problem with my name?
Girl 1: no …
Sanskar: take your choco.
Sanskar shows choco and that girl takes it.
Laksh and Sanskar plays with that kids so many games. Sanskar feels so much happy by seeing Laksh and children happiness. He forget about everything .

At Orphanage office,
Orphanage Incharge: come in Laksh beta…
Laksh smiles and get inside along with Sanskar.
Orp.Inch: thanks Laksh beta… your help is very precious to them. you accepted their educational expenses. You paid 20 Lakhs in their name.
Laksh: not me . it’s my friend Sanskar.
Laksh points Sanskar.
Sanskar gives a shocked and confused look to Laksh.
Orp.Inch: I don’t know how to express my gratitude. You sponsors their education, make their future brighten.
Sasnkar didn’t know how to react.
Laksh: ok mam. I will come after some days.

Laksh takes Sanskar outside.
Laksh: I will give your answers but not now.
Sanskar: ok. but say how can you know about that children?
Laksh: I know through Amrit. He stayed here.
Sanskar: ohh!
Laksh: are you not hungry?
Sanskar: hmm!
Laksh: come with me.

Laksh drags Sasnkar to nearby restaurant.
Laksh orders for him and Sanskar. The foods are so spicy.
Sanskar holds Laksh hands before touching the food.
Laksh:Sansku, what are you doing?
Sanskar: you can’t eat spicy food, Laku. Amrit already informed me.
Laksh(grits his teeth): amrit bhai, I will never leave you.
Laksh(sweetly):Sansku, but this food can’t be wasted.
Sanskar(smirks): don’t worry Laku. You take my spiceless thali and I will take your spicy food.
Laksh: but Sansku, sharing food is very good. So we share our food.
Sanskar: stop your drama and eat this thali.
Laksh glares and Sanskar gives a smile in return.
Laksh huffs and eat spice less food.

Laksh and Sanskar starts to roam city.they seen a final travel of a man i.e dead body.
Sanskar’s mind covered with unknown fear. Sanskar imagines Laksh in that position. His legs betrayed him to move further.
Laksh:death is common for man, Sansku. One day, we all should die. So, don’t fear about it and just enjoy this moment. Even I may de..
Before Laksh ending his sentence, Sanskar closes Laksh’s mouth.
Laksh smiles and go to nearby car.

Sanskar : whose car is this , Laku?
Laksh: I already said don’t ask me any questions.
Sanskar: you are very stubborn, Laku.
Laksh returns a smile.
Laksh starts the car and on the radio.
Sanskar thinks about Laksh and slowly starts to fell in sleep.
After few hours of journey,
Laksh stops the car in middle of road infront of small hut.
Sanskar wakes up.
Sanskar:Laku, where are we?

Laksh: don’t ask me now. You will get to know within few minutes.
Laksh gives Sanskar a pack. Sanskar opens it and sees a beautiful sherwani.
Laksh(shows the hut): go and change it and don’t ask me any questions.
Sanskar is more confused but he did what Laksh said as he trust him fully.
Sanskar changes his clothes in hut and get into car.
Laksh take a black cloth and blind folds Sanskar’s eyes.
Sanskar smiles and accepted his defeat.
Laksh takes Sanskar inside a house .
Laksh(whispers in Sanskar’s ear): now we reached our destination, Sansku.
Sanskar slowly opens his eyes and sees that house fully decorated. The house where he lived in his childhood, where he have his happy moments with his maa, where he start to crave for love.
Sanskar: laku….!

Sanskar walks backward but Laksh holds Sanskar hands.
Laksh: we have to go inside, Sansku.
Sanskar(determined): no Laku, I will never step into this house.
Laksh: it’s swear on me that you have to come inside.
Sanskar looks Laksh with teary eyes. Laksh refused it and drags Sanskar inside.
Inside hall, it’s dark. A light falls on a man.
Sanskar: papa…
Laksh smiles and signs to Ram and himself immersed in darkness.
Ram slowly walk towards Sanskar and Sanskar stands where he stands.
Ram (holds Sanskar hands and with moist eyes):Happy birthday CHAMP.
Sanskar broke down and hugs Ram.
Sanskar: papa..

Ram: forgive me champ. I am not a good father.
Sanskar: papa.. leave that past.now you are with me. it’s enough to me. please never leave my hands again.
Ram: I will never leave.
Hall is occupied with light. Aarav, Amrit,raj , arjun and raksh stands there with smile.
Ram looks Laksh with moist eyes and Laksh nods.
Flashback starts…
Laksh entered into hostel and smiles by seeing Ram in waiting room.
Laksh:Good morning Uncle.
Ram(smiles):Good morning Laksh. is anything important?
Laksh takes a deep breath.

Laksh: yes uncle. It’s about Sanskar.
Ram stands up and starts to walk outside.
Laksh: he is dying inside because of your ignorance. If it continues, one day you will surely lose him forever.
Laksh says with a cold voice.

Ram is frozen where he stands.
Laksh: can we talk outside now?
Laksh shows the way to garden and Laksh and Ram sits in a chair.
Laksh: uncle, why are you ignoring him? what is his mistake?
Ram:his mistake is to be born as my son, Laksh.
Laksh holds ram’s hand and lightly presses it.
Ram: I want that he should hate me. now , he hates me.
Laksh: but, that hate also destroys him. his mental state is critical, uncle. First tell, why you want him to hate you?
Ram:because anything can happen to me at anytime. I don’t want him to depend on me.
Laksh stares Ram’s eyes deeply as he is searching some answers.
Laksh: are you have any non curable disease?
Ram: no..

Laksh: then what?
Ram: you can’t understand Laksh.
Laksh(smiles weakly): uncle, we don’t know that we should be alive for next day or not. we can’t assure. It’s life. Sanskar needs you now otherwise you may lose him forever. I meant about his death.
Ram looks shockingly Laksh.
Laksh: now he is so fragile uncle. He needs you. then, it’s your decision.
Laksh leaves Ram who is immersed in his thoughts.

Flashback ends…
Ram takes Sanskar to nearby table where the cake is placed.
Sanskar cuts the cake and feeds Ram. Ram feeds Sanskar.
Sanskar searches Laksh through his eyes.
Laksh: I am here, Sansku.
Sanskar relaxed and hide his fear. A unknown fear again starts to occupy his mind after seeing the last travel of that dead person.

Sanskar feeds Laksh and Laksh feeds him.
Laksh smiled mischeviously and sees Sanskar and cake.
Sanskar observes it.
Laksh pushes Sanskar into cake and cake occupied Sanskar’s face.
Sanskar: Laku.. I will not leave you.
Laksh starts to run and Sanskar starts to chase him.
Ram remembers a scene of three boys running with water in their hand. Ram hides his tear.

Laksh runs to terrace. It not a evening at the same time not a night. There is no sign of moon as yesterday is no moon day.
Laksh stops running and Sanskar stands behind, wipes the cake and ready to fill this in Laksh’s face.
Laksh: are you happy with my gifts Sansku?
Sanskar: I am so happy Laku. You make me get blessings . you made my day laku.
Laksh: sansku, you are Ram uncle’s world. Don’t make him feel sad.

Sanskar: nowonwards I will support him .
Laksh: Sansku, what are you thinking about moon?
Sanskar: what? moon? Its beautiful. But we can’t see it now.

Laksh: even though we can’t see it now, but it’s still present in sky.
Sanskar: why are you suddenly speaking about moon?
Laksh: Sansku you are Ram uncle’s world. Your presence have importance in Aarav, raj bhai, Arjun and raksh bhai life. , I am just like moon in your life. even I may vanished from all your life. But still, my soul should be with you Sansku.
Laksh turns and fainty smiles.
Laksh: I know Sansku that I am counting my days.

Precap: Ragini and Laksh day out .
To be continued…

Sorry friends , I know I am very late. But my work load didn’t let me to post and I can’t give small part. Sorry once again.

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