Swaragini- my friend (Episode 10)

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Let I start the episode.
In Hospital,
In Amar’s ward,
Ragini holds Amar’s hand and talk with himeven though he didn’t respond.
Ragini hears someone knocks the door.
Ragini opens the door and smiles seeing the person.
Ragini: Come in Sahil bhai…
Sahil smiles by seeing Ragini.
Sahil comes inside and sits in chair.
Ragini: is our plan succeed or not, Sahil bhai?
Sahil: plan …(stops) succeed. I make him believe that Laksh is going to die.
Ragini smiles mischeviously.
Ragini: thanks bhai.
Ragini remembers how she mixed tablet in a drink and made Laksh drink.
Sahil: you are also like my sister Ragini and Amar is my friend. I will do anything for him.
Ragini: don’t you get any problem naa?
Sahil: I never get any problem. I clearly changed the reports. No one can suspect me.
Ragini: now Sanskar will get the same pain which I am going through. Pain of helpless. How I struggling to save my bhai, he will also feel the same pain.
Ragini takes a deep breath.
Ragini: Laksh’s medicine…
Sahil: I changed doctor’s prescription. It will not harm him.
Ragini kisses Amar’s hand “ bhai, I will come again”
Ragini and Sahil leave Amar’s ward and Amar’s last finger moves a little bit.

In the same Hospital,
Sanskar wipes his tears and goes to discharge Laksh. Sanskar discharged Laksh and return to hostel.
At car,
Laksh inhales air and Sanskar try to act as normal.
Laksh: now only, I am feeling free Sansku. I hate hospitals.
Sanskar chuckles but the next minute he lost his smile by remembering Laksh’s condition.
Laksh:Sansku, what happened? Why are you suddenly feel Sad?
Sanskar(hides his pain): nothing like that Sansku.
Laksh: actually, tomorrow I am having some work with you all. First we have to go Raj bhai’s house and confirm him that he is in house or not.
Sanskar: is anything important?
Laksh: yes.. it’s very important.
Sanskar calls Raj and confirm that he is in his house.
Sanskar and Laksh arrives Rajat’s house.
Raj opens the door by hearing the sound of door bell.
Raj: Laksh.. what a surprise?
Laksh hugs Raj” Raj bhaiya.. Sansku admitted me in hospital which place I hate the most.
Raj gives a questionful look to Sanskar.
Sanskar: raj, nothing serious. He is weak and fainted.
Rajat:Don’t worry Laksh. we will made you strong. But we have to wait until you wound get cured . then, we will take you to our gym.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh and Sanskar gets inside and Laksh remembers whatever he did before and sheepishy smiles.
Raj observes that.
Raj: do you remember something?
Laksh: Bhai..(pouts) ok. Sansku, I want silk now. Go and bring it.
Sanskar: what? Why did you say it before?
Laksh: please go naa.
Sanskar: Laku, nowadays you become more stubborn.
Sanskar goes outside .
Laksh:bhai.. you have to hear this fully.
Laksh takes his phone and on the speaker.

Phone delivers The convo between Aarav and Laksh .
Rajat is frozen and tears flowing in his eyes.
Rajat(whispers): bhai..
Laksh: Raj bhai, Aarav loves you and now he needs you. in these years, he didn’t think other than you. just go before time overpowers .
Raj hugs Laksh “ thank you Laksh. I don’t know what to do now”
Laksh: go to Aarav. That’s all.
Raj smiles and takes his car, go to Aarav’s house.
In Aarav’s house,
Rajat rings the door bell again and again. Aarav irritated.
Aarav opens the door and surprised to see rajat.
Aarav: Raj…
Raj hugs Aarav in a bear crushing hug.
Aarav is worried by hearing Raj’s sobbing.
Aarav(ruffles Raj’s hair): Raj what happened? Why are you sobbing? Are you drunk?
Raj broke the hug” I am sorry bhai. I misunderstood you. I am not good choti. I always gave you pain”
“ who said that? You are my chotu and you never gave me any pain”Aarav try to console him and confused what happened to Rajat.
Rajat tells how he got know through Laksh.
Aarav(smiles): Laksh… he is mysterious. I am happy Raj that I get your love which I need nowadays. We should thank Laksh.
Rajat: we can see him tomorrow. I want to share so many things.
After a hour,
Raj is sleeping calmly in his brother lap and Aarav sings Lally with teary eyes.
In Rajat’s house,
Sanskar comes inside.
Sanskar: laku, where is Raj?
Laksh: he is hoing for some important work. I think he will come tomorrow. come . I am so tired.
Laksh goes to guest room .
Sanskar(shouts): choco?
Laksh: now I don’t want.
Sanskar shrugs and doctor word hits his mind. His eyes become teary.
Sanskar falls down in floor and cries silently.
From guest room,
Laksh(shouts):Sansku, are you coming or not?
Sanskar wipes his tears “ I am coming”
Sanskar reminds about Laksh tablets.
Sanskar: Laku, you have to take medicine.
Laksh: already I am taking so much tablets for that wound. I can’t take anymore.
Sanskar became tensed and calls Amrit.

In Call,
Sanskar: Amrit, I am Sanskar.
Amrit: haan Bolo sanskar..
Sanskar: laku is not taking tablets. Which way you convince him?
Amrit: it’s simple. Melt the chocolate and dip the tablet in it and give it to him.
Sasnkar(stunned): choco with Tablet? Laku!
Amrit(giggles): there is no other way. When it comes about tablet, he will worser than a kid.
Sanskar smiles but the smiles fades away when his gaze falls on tablets and doctor’s words rolls in his mind.
Sanskar makes tablets as Amrit said and make Laksh swallow the tablet.
After few minutes,
Sanskar: Laku, I want a advice from you.
Laksh sits in bed.” Ok. tell Sansku”
Sanskar: I met my old class met in park. He told that his chotu is going to die because of some incurable disease. He can’t take this pain and he confused that he should tell about this to his chotu or not. What will I say to him?
Laksh thinks deeply.
Laksh: he should spent more time with him and he will fill my memories with him because after his bhai’s death, ony his memories help him to overcome the pain and atlast, he will always make him happy and he should never tell about this to his bhai. if one knows about his death, he will be never happy.
Sanskar: thanks Laksh. I will advise him this.
Laksh : I feel sad for him, Laksh. is there any possible to save him? if money is problem, you should help him.
Sanskar: I should give my best to help him.
Laksh: that’s my Sansku.
Laksh slept soon that he is tired and Sanskar stares Laksh and his mind rolls about Laksh’s word.
Sanskar walks towards balcony and stares the sky without a moon as it’s a no moon day. Unknowingly his gaze falls in Laksh’s face who is smiling by remembering his moments with Ragini in sleep.
A pain occupies Sanskar’s heart and his eyes sheds tears . Sanskar turns his face towards the dark sky.
He didn’t want to wipe his tears.
Sanskar stares sky and speaks to his mom,
I never think today would be my important today. I met Swayam who is sweet boy. His music talent is amazing. I promised him that I will help him to find the culprit. I spent my whole day with him. when I share my past with him, I feel relaxed. Then, I left him in his house. I am waiting for my Laku in that park. He came and I just surprised. He is in jean, t shirt , a jacket and moreover a cooler. He is looks like a prince. I admit that he is handsome and his smile makes his face more charming. I get happiness in his smile. I imformed about swayam and his smile is faded and he start to think deeply. I am staring his face to know about his decision. I shocked when I see blood in his lip.he fainted in my hands and he whispered my name. I felt that my world was frozen. I took him to hospital and doctor examined him, said that he have brain tumor. I don’t know how to react for this. My whole world is shattered. But I composed myself and I decided to hide this from him. I can’t take this pain. Before his smile made me forgot all the pains. But now, his smile gives me a pain. I don’t want live with this pain.Maa, I don’t want to live in darkness of hatred again. I decided that when Laksh leaves the world, I will also follow him. haan maa, I decided to kill myself. I know that it sounds like I am mad. But. Being killed everyday by that pain, it better to be killed once. Maa, now I will make him happy for each and every minute and see you maa as late as possible.
Sanskar releases a painful smile and lays in bed, starts to sleep.
Precap: Sanlak day out, Sanskar and ram confrontation,Laksh challenges Raksh and Arjun, Raglak dance practice, Swasan meet in Sasgata college, Raglak love story starts.

Mica,sorry for misunderstanding. I misunderstood that another world as paradise i.e world after death and each and every word of you about bullying is correct. And Laksh donated his part of liver not kidney. That operation is known about Living Donor Liver Transplantation(LDLT) which is one of the risky operation. In this, there is a less possibility of mortality of donor but high possibility for other infections and donor’s 75% of liver is transferred to patient. Hope I cleared confusion and I know commenting is reader’s choice and I can’t force them. still, I will try to improve myself. And thanks Mica, your comment gave me so much confidence.
Thanks to my friends.A.xx, akshata,sreevijayan, tani, j.,tamanna, sindhura , silent reader,s , ammu, arjuna, bsr, rekha, ashnoor, dharani,asra,lovely, Ragz teju,mallika. Your comments are my energy boosters and each and every words of your comment are so precious to me.
I say sorry to my friends for not able to give importance to Ragini and Swara especially lisa and lovely. but they will get their importance while story moving and sorry for small part. I will try to update soon . once again sorry.

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