Swaragini- my friend (Episode 1)


Hello friends, Balaji is here to disturb you . first I want to thanks all my friends chandu, kakali, fairy, mica, anjel, xavia, s, snehahari, malika,j, sreevijayna,saishree, ashnoor, deeksha, prajna,ragz teju,ammu, hemalatha, lovely,anu, vijay, jjj. Friends without your support I can’t be live in this virtual world. I heartfully thank you all. Lovely, it’s also Raglak but my plot is between SanLak , I will try my best to give Raglak scenes and Xavia, I started before ending Love me or not season 2. After ending this, I will start third season. It’s Raglak and Swasan. In all my ff’s , the pair would be Raglak and Swasan. I don’t know why I like this pairs but I feel comfort when I am writing for this pair.

Well ,now I am coming to this SS-My Friend. It’s a story of a village boy who is coming for study in city . it’s fully deals about his different stages in his life and how he got a friend who is totally opposite to him. what will happen in his life and is he successful to lead his life in the city. How can he survived and completed his studies. Well I hope you like this plot. I am sorry for making wait you lisa,but I have to finish my another ff. I am not good at writing more than ff at the same time.


Now I will give the introduction.
Laksh’s Family
Kalyani Devi veer Singh- a 55 year old widow of veer singh and mother of Lakshya Dev and Aditya. She loves her children and they are her world. She is so self respectful. She never bends her head to anyone and now she earns money by farming in her land.
Veer Singh- he is father of Laksh and Aditya and died. But the principles and values , he taught Laksh, plays vital role in Laksh’s Life.Veer and Kalyani settled in Tamilnadu because of their dark past when Laksh is one year old.
Lakshya Dev Veer Singh- elder son and so intelligent. His one and only friend is GOOGLE. He is shy and innocent; have a great trust in Love and Kindness; loves his family a lot. He never stepped out apart from his village because of his mother’s overprotective and didn’t face the world true face.

Aditya Dev- younger son of singh family and two years younger than Laksh. he loves his bhai as his father and worried about his innocence . he always teases him but the same time, protects him from others teasing.
SathyaNarayan- Leader of the village and supportive system of Singh family.
Devil Gang

Sanskar Maheshwari- a spoilt brat who craving for love. He hates his father. He is rich and heir of Largest firm Maheshwari groups which includes so many industries and chains of Hospitals.
Rajat Singhania- he is also a industrialist son like Sanskar. He is very good at dancing.
Arjun Mehra- son of Politician and have faith in money.
Raksh Kapoor- son of a underworld don . his father looks outside as a industrialist. he have faith in power.

Let I start the first episode.
In a village named ANNUR,

At night,
A boy is sitting in entrance of his small house which is built in centre of farming Land.
Boy smiles by seeing his father and runs to his father. Veer smiles and hides all his tiredness by seeing his son.
Veer: Laksh.. and opens his hand.
Laksh hugs him.” Appa .. why are you late?”
Veer: I went to help SathyaNarayan Uncle. He have problem in his farm.
Laksh: ohh! But I am waiting for you.
Veer: Laksh, we should always help others if we can.
Laksh: appa, by helping others what can we get? We get nothing naa.
Veer sees A cow’s neck rope stacked in bushes.
Veer:Laksh, go and free the cow.
Laksh goes , frees the cow and returns to Veer. Cow stares him and thanks him by it’s gesture and goes.( friends Animals also have feelings)

Veer: now you helped that cow naa what you get return
Laksh starts to thinks and answers” I didn’t get return anything. But I am feeling Happy”
Veer: that’s all Laksh. whenever you help others, you will feel happy. It’s called as self satisfaction.
Kalyani comes outside by hearing Veer’s voice. She is wearing normal saree which can be wear in village side known as KANDANGI SAREE and wears only small studs and glass bangles.
Kalyani: hmm! Are you speaking secret without me? it’s bad.
Laksh hugs her.
Laksh: no mumma. We never hide anything from you.
Veer sees Kalyani with guilt in his eyes.
Kalyani: laksh, go and check Aadi. I am coming.

Laksh runs inside to check his choti.
Veer: I am sorry Kalyani because of me, you have to suffer like this. I failed to keep you happy devi.(veer always call Kalyani devi as Devi)
Kalyani(smiles):who said that I am not happy. I am very happy and I am getting joyness in my house rather than that gold cage mansion. This peoples are speaking from their heart. there is no betrayal; no pain.

Veer still feeling bad. Kalyani side hugs him. veer feels somewhat better.
In Kolkatta,
Large Mansion,
A boy sits in dining table.
There are so many dishes in that table. But that boy didn’t feel to eat. He feel Loneliness.
He just stand up and walks to his room. No one didn’t care that he is ate or not.
In his room,
He sits in bed and take a photo from his bed. He sees the photo with moist eyes.

Flashback Starts..
A women is running and chasing a boy.

Women: Sanskar.. stop.. please eat this.
Sanskar: no maa.. if you catch me, I will eat.
Suji stops and acts as her leg sprain.
Sanskar comes to her.
Sanskar; sorry maa.. because of me.
Suji: if you eat this, my pain will go away.
Sanskar nods .
Flashback ends…
Sanskar: maa.. here no one will care about me. I will be a good boy. Please come to me.
Sanskar hugs the photo and sleep while crying.

In Annur,

The whole family of Laksh sits as a circle. Kalyani feeds Laksh, Aadi and Veer and they feed her.
Laksh: maa, Idli is tasty.. superb..
Aadi imitates what Laksh said.
Laksh: don’t copy me.
Aadi: you are copying me.
Aadi: maa..
Suddenly a insect falls on Laksh’s eyes.
Laksh rubs his eyes and moans in pain.
Aadi is worried and takes Laksh hands , blows air. Laksh feels ok.
Veer and Kalyani both smiles by seeing their sons bond.
Days rolled..
One day,
At morning , In Kolkatta, it’s Sanskar’s birthday…
Sanskar is wake up and sees his present. He is so happy. He opens the gift fastly and it’s water gun.
Sanskar(in mind): wow! Water gun, I should say thank you to dad. Nowadays he didn’t spent time with me.
Sanskar goes to his dad RP’s room and opens the door lightly.
Rp get ready and talks to his PA through Phone.
Rp: which gift you sent for Sanskar?

Pa: water gun sir
Rp:water gun ok. are you sent gift to Sanskar’s room?
Pa: yes sir. I think that he opened his gift now.
Sanskar hears it because Rp put his phone in Loud speaker.
Sanskar knocks the door .
Rp: get in.

Rp sees Sanskar and water gun.
Rp:Happy Birthday Sanskar. Sanskar, are you like this gift? papa, I am especially bought it for you.
Sanskar(expression less tone): very much papa.
Rp plays with Sanskar’s hair and goes. Sanskar leaves the room and throws the gift in dust bin.
At afternoon, In Annur,
Laksh and Aditya comes to house from School for Lunch. A boy pleases Laksh but Laksh didn’t pay any attention to him. that boy goes from there sadly. Veer notice it.
Veer: Laksh, who is this boy? What is the problem?
Laksh: he is my friend Nithin appa. His Anna(bhai) pushed me down in floor that I refused him to give my eraser.

Veer: Laksh, what is his mistake? We never punish anyone for their beloved one doings. See your friend is so sad.
Laksh starts to think.

At evening,
Laksh comes home with chit chatting Nithin Happily. Veer sees it from field and smiles.
Days rolled,
Sanskar becomes stubborn and do wrong things to attract others vision to him . but it’s results in Rp puts Sanskar in boarding school. It makes him more stubborn.
One day, it’s holiday, at night,
Sanskar stares his maa’s photo and speaks to her. Suddenly A boy snatched photo and irritate him.
Sanskar: give that photo to me.
Boy: if you can get it..
Some boys make fun with him and photo falls down and break it down. It makes Sanskar furious and he started to hit them blindly.
Finally, warden overpower him and controls him. Sanskar sees fear in boys eyes and it gives a different feeling to him. Sanskar takes his maa’s photo and warden imprisoned him in dark room for detention.
Sanskar is so scared. He bangs the door but no one responed to him.

The next day morning,
Warden opens the door and Sanskar comes out as a beast who didn’t have any fear.
Sanskar gets ready and goes to class room after meeting principal. Some boys are blocking his way.
Sanskar: leave my way, otherwise it should not be good for you all.
Boy 1: cool buddy.. I am Rajat, he is Arjun and that is Raksh..
Sanskar: what’s the need?
Rajat: we can rule the school if we are one.

Sanskar remembers the fear in boys face and smirks.
Sanskar shakes hand with Rajat” I am Sanskar.. Sanskar M
In Annur,
Veer: devi, this year Laksh is going to 6th Standard. I decided to transfer him to township school.
Kalyani: Veer , if he study in township school, he will get more knowledge. It’s good.
Veer: at afternoon, we are leaving, devi.
Veer takes Laksh with him and goes to nearby town by his Tvs 50. A lorry hits his Scooter and Laksh falls down. Veer is severely injured and in his last minutes.
Veer: Lak..sh..

Laksh comes towards Veer with so much difficulty”Appa..”
Veer takes a chain in which have a sun at the centre , it have a blue stone.
Veer make Laksh wear that chain “ Laksh, take care of maa and Aadi.”
Laksh(cries): appa…
Veer smiles and smile frozen in his face. Laksh dozed off.
Hours rolled..
Laksh wake up in hospital and sees Sathyanarayan.
Laksh: uncle..Appa..

Sathyanarayan hugs him: he will always with us Laksh.
Laksh: I want to see my appa..(cries)
Sathyanarayan gets Laksh to house. In this, Veer placed in middle of house and Kalyani cries by seeing Veer’s lifeless body.
Soon, the funeral starts.
Laksh and Aadi cremates the body and stares the fire.
Laksh(in mind): Appa.. I will always take care of maa and Aadi. LAKSH clutches the chain in one hand and side hugs Aadi.

Sathyanarayan tries to console him.
Later 7 years,
Sathyanarayan teaches Kalyani about field and she succeeded in farming. But she always keep Laksh with her . Laksh become very silent , intelligent in studies and starts to care Aadi in veer’s position. He never let him to miss his father but he misses his father.. Aditya introduces google to Laksh and Laksh uses it for searching about technologies. Laksh is very good at technologies but he trust stranger. Aditya worried about Laksh’s this habit. Laksh got seat in famous engineering college because of his research but he hided it from Kalyani as he didn’t want to live far away from them. but Sathya narayan knows through post man.

At Laksh house,

Sathyanarayan enters the house.
Kalyani: Anna … please get inside.
Sathyanarayan: Kalyani , why are you wasting Laksh’s life?
Kalyani: anna..(bhai)
Sathya: Kalyani, I can understand your fear. Because of you, he studied in this village only. But now, he get a very precious opportunity. Let him to move on his life.
Kalyani: Anna, I didn’t let him face world. How can he face, single?
Sathya: Kalyani.. you can’t protect him through out his life. Make him accept this offer.
Kalyani: ok Anna. I will send him.

On another side,

Laksh sits in tree and plucks mangoes and throws down to Aadi and starts to play his flute.
Kalyani sees Laksh and calls him. Laksh jumps from tree.
Laksh: maa..is anything important?
Kalyani: did you get offer from Mumbai engineering college?
Laksh: maa.. I didn’t accept this offer. I can’t stay away from you and Aadi.
Laksh side hugs Kalyani and try to convince her.
Kalyani: no.. I never accept. You are going and accept this offer.
Laksh: maa.. I never crossed this village. How can I live in this much big city? If I am lost..
Laksh is try to convince her but a little choti …

Aadi: maa..sent Laksh anna to Mumbai.it’s very good opportunity for him.
Laksh glares Aadi but Aadi didn’t care about it.
Laksh uses various tracks. He didn’t eat, then Kalyani and Aadi also didn’t eat.he pleased and try to reject this offer. But Aadi sent the mail that Laksh will accept this offer. Finally Laksh gave up.

at the day of departure,

Kalyani and Aadi goes to railway station to send off Laksh.
Kalyani: Laksh, you should daily call me.
Laksh nods with moist eyes.
Aadi: Anna, don’t trust any stranger. Take care of yourself.
Laksh: you didn’t like me naa. Then why are you caring about me?
Aadi hugs him” Anna, I love you lot. But it’s really good opportunity. Don’t hate me. I can’t bear it”
Laksh also hugs him: I know Aadi. Take care of maa, check her that she take medicine or not. some times, she will not eat at night. “

Aadi: I will take care of Amma, naa.
Train starts to move. Laksh leaves Aadi’s hands with moist eyes and Kalyani hides her tears and bids bye to Laksh. Aadi hugs Kalyani and sobs.
Laksh sits in his seat and have moist eyes.
Laksh reaches Mumbai after 4 days. Laksh comes out of chathrapathi Sivaji railway station terminal.some coolies try to take his luggage but he refused and approaches A auto driver.
Laksh: bhai, how much fare for going xxx engineering college?
Autodriver: fare is 500.

Laksh: what?
Laksh(in mind): oh! The train fare is 600 for that much distance. He is asking 500 for nearby college. No Laksh.. they are trying to cheat you.
Laksh: ok.
Laksh comes out of railway station and opens google map in his mobile.
Laksh: ohh! just for 12 km , he is asking 500. Cheater cock.he don’t know who I am.
Laksh just raises his collar and starts to walk. He is tired.
Laksh:(in mind) finally , I will arrive. Just one street…
Laksh enters the street and feels someone gaze on him.
Laksh turns and sees a dog.
Laksh takes one step before and dog also put a step before.
Laksh(in mind): how can I escape from this dog?
Laksh starts walk fast and dog also walks fast.
Laksh starts to run and dog starts to chase him while barking.
Laksh(in mind): no I don’t want any dog bite. Pillayar appa , save me, I will give you 10 mothag.
After half an hour,
Laksh feels tired and stops, panting heavily.
Laksh(to Dog): wait! Stop there.
Laksh takes long breaths and Dog also takes long breaths.
Laksh:ok, you can chase me.
Laksh starts to run and dog chase him.
Suddenly, a bike comes to near him and hit him lightly that make him fall. Biker stops his bike in next turn and comes to see what happening there.
Laksh falls down and didn’t see bikers face.
By seeing this, a beggar couple comes there and help Laksh.
Dog also stares him, sadly and licks his leg.

Beggar couple: beta, are you okay?
Laksh:I am okay, aunty. Uncle.. thanks…
Beggar couple gives some water to him and Laksh also wants this. Laksh drink it in one go.
Laksh takes his bag and takes a biscuit pocket , opens it and gives it to dog.
Laksh: uncle… do you know where that Xxx college?
Beggar Uncle: it’s there in next street after a park.
Laksh: thanks Uncle.
B.Uncle: my own son sent away us because we turned into a burden. Beta, please don’t send your parents away from your house.
B.Aunty: why you make him embarrass? Beta, you will win in your attempts.
Laksh smiles and feels bad for couple.
Laksh: aunty.. uncle.. I don’t eat alone, can you accompany me?
Old couples have moist eyes.

Aunty: beta, we are beggars.
Laksh: array ! aunty first we are humans. Come I am hungry.
Laksh takes some parcels and starts to eat while sharing with them.
Old couples blesses him whole heartedly.
Laksh starts to walk towards his college.

Old Aunty: I scared about this boy, he is so innocent. How can he survive in this city?
Old uncle: trust the god. He will save him.
Finally , Laksh find college at night, gives his certificate in office and goes to hostel , shocked to see scenario.
Here some boys are ragging juniors. They make them half naked and make them what they want to do.
Laksh is shocked to see the scenario and runs to his room , hides in bathroom.
Laksh(in mind): is they are man or animals?
On another side,
In an abandoned road side,
Four mens stands with their race bikes and chit chatting.
Sanskar: guys, let start the race.
Rajat: today, I will win.
Raksh: don’t be overconfident Rajat when I am here.

Arjun: stop your waste talking, let see in race.
Sanskar(in mind): how can that boy shared his food with beggars? And moreover he didn’t scold me.
Arjun sees Sanskar in another world.
Arjun:Sanskar.. Sanskar..(shouts)
Sanskar: haan…
Raksh: where you lost?
Sanskar: nothing.. that’s useless. Lets start the race.
The four starts the race.

Precap: Laksh-Sanskar faceoff.
Guys , there is a first part. Hope you like it. if you didn’t , please notify me through your comments. Positive and negative comments are welcome.

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