Swaragini-A fresh start of love!


HII GUYS.. Iam Jyotii..!! I always used to read fan fictions and now this is my first fan fiction. Hope you guys like it.

At Badi: The episode starts with a girl taking blessings from elders. She is our Ragini. Sumi gives her Prasad and bless her. Sekhar asks where is swara? Meanwhile a girl is struggling to wear a salwar and she is our Swara. Sumi calls on Shona and sees her in a funny position and laughs along with Ragini. She says Ragu plz help Shona.Ragini helps her. Dadi and Nani helps Sumi in the kitchen.Shekhar and dadaji hand over sweets to dadi. They place it in a table. Preparations are going in a full swings as two boys are coming to see swara and ragini.

Maheswari house: Sujata and Parineeta are packing some gifts. Arnapurna and Uttara are helping two boys to get ready. One of them is wearing a black jeans with a sky jacket and is Sanskar while other one is wearing a blue jeans with a red jacket and is Lakshya.All of them seat in two car and reach badi.

At Badi: everyone is welcomed by dadaji,dadi and nani. Sumi serves them sweets and snacks.Ragini and Swara comes from inside holding trays of drinks. Sanlak is mesmerized seeing swaragini.Swara is wearing a pink salwar and Ragini is wearing a orange salwar.They serve everyone juice and eye at sanlak.DP asks them to have a talk among them selves. Laksh insist to go out and everone agrees. They all leave. Laksh says that he is Sanskar and Swara says that she is Ragini. Laksh as SAnskar goes with Ragini as Swara in his bike and Swara as Ragini goes with Sanskar as Laksh in her scooty.

Precap: Swara hits a car and the owner comes and misbehaves with swara and Sanskar beats them and thet have a eye lock. Main rang sharbaton ka sng plays in background. Laksh and Ragini are eating golgaps and Ragini coughs due to the spice and Lakshya pat her shoulder and they too have a eye lock and jot u mera humdard song is played in the background.

Sorry guys it was too short but I will try to make it lengthy. If you guys don’t like the track inform mem I will change it. THANK you!!

Credit to: JYOTII

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  1. Its good…the track is different..keep going

  2. Good start.Please continue.

  3. come on dear

  4. No plz don’t change it it’s amazing and make it swasan

  5. It’s Gud going keep it up nd make the pair swasan nd raglak

  6. different and gud
    pls continue
    make it as swasan and raglak plsssssssssss

  7. Amazing yrr U shud continue it

  8. Thank you guys!!!
    my next episode will be uploaded soon…

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