Swaragini- A FRESH BEGINNING…Chapter 5

Dp is talking to Shekhar over the phone.
Dp- Shekhar ji, we need to leave within one hour.
Shekhar- Ji. I will pick u up and do you want Swara to acompany us??
Dp- Yes shekharji.
They end the conversation.
Laksh enters the hall.
Laksh-Papa… I wanted to talk something to u.
Dp- Say it quickly Laksh, i dont have time.
Laksh- Wo papa… Ragini and I wanted a destination wedding at Jaipur in city palace.
Dp- Laksh u could have said this earlier, now how will everything get managed in a week??
Laksh- Papa pls try na.
Dp- You kids na… Ok let me talk to Shekharji.
At Swaragini mansion
Dp, Ap, Sp, Rp, Laksh, Sanskaar, Adarsh, Parineeta and Uttara ring the door bell.
Swara opens the door and it shocked to see everyone together.
Swara- All of u here, is everything all right??
Dp- Haan Swara beta everything is fine.
Swara- Pls come in… Maa papa see who all are here.
Sumi shekhar dadi and dadaji enter the hall.
Dadaji- Are Dp ji u?? Is everything all right na??
Dp- Ji ji no need to worry.
Ap- We need to worry.
Sumi- Why annapurna ji??
Ap- Our kids want a destination wedding at Jaipur city palace and we are coming to know now.
Shekhar- What? Ragini never told us about it.
Sp- She would be shy talking to all of u regarding her own marriage.
Sumi- Swara call ragini down
Swara- ok momsiee.

Swaragini enter the hall.
Sumi- Ragini why didnt u tell us that both of u wanted a destination wedding??
Ragini looked at Laksh and blushed.
Dp- Ok now whatever, who will go to jaipur to book the palace and hotel as we need to assemble the guests and bring thrm directly to Jaipur so shekhar ji, Rp and I need to stay here.
Swara and Sanskaar together- I
Dp- Ok then, both of u go and make all the arrangements there and no need to come back before the wedding, we will directly meet both of u there on monday.
Swasan- Ji papa.
Sumi- Swara go and pack your bag and after booking everything go to market and buy yourself the dress and the jwellary for Ragini’s wedding and other functions.
Swara- Ok maa
Sanskaar- We will be leaving tomorrow.
Swara- Before that we have arranged a grand sangeet party today evening pls come here by 7pm all of u.
Dp- Ok Swara.
They leave.
AT 7 pm
The maheshwaris come to swaragini mansion
Shekhar- Welcome welcome
Laksh- Papa, where is Swara??
Shekhar- Laksh, she is in the kitchen.
Sanskaar- Is Swara Gadodia really cooking??
Shekhar- No Sanskaar, she is eating her lunch.
Dp- At this tym??Lunch
Shekar- Ji durga prasad ji… Swara and Ragini went for shopping as soon as you left in the morning and they returned right now.

Ap- Okk
Sangeet starts.
The ladies start singing and dancing meanwhile swara and ragini enter the hall.
Swara rushes to gra laksh’s and ragini’s hand and make both of them dance.
After the grand sangeet gets over, the maheshwaris and gadodias sit together for swaragini’s jugalbandi of guitar and sitar.
All of them enjoy.
Ap- Sumi ji… Both of ur daughters are blessed with too much of saraswati matas aashirwaad, they sing soo well.
Dp- We must leave now because swara and sanskaat need a proper sleep, they need to leave tomorrow.
Swara- Shit!!!
All together- What happened Swara??
Swara- I forgot to do the packing.
Sumi- Swara beta why are you so careless?? Ragini go with Swara and help her in packing i am coming after sometime.
Ragini- Ji maa
Swara- Ragini u only do my packing… I am very tired and want to sleep now.
Ragini- Ji nahi madam u are going to help me in ur packing got it.
Swara- Ragini!!! U are my good sister naa pls pls.
Sumi- These girls have gone mad. She pulls both of their ears in front of their going to be husbands and in laws. Tum dono thodi toh sharam karo
Dp- Accha wr are leaving now, i will go with both of them to the airport. Swara we will pick u up.
Swara- Ji papa.
Sumi- Shonaaa wake up fast. Sanskaar and Dp ji must be coming, u need to be on tym to board ur flight.
Bell rings and Swara wakes up.

Sumi- Go and get ready, i will open the door.
Swara-Ok momsiee
After freshing up, Swara comes down and see sanskaar and dp
Swara- Namaste papa.
Dp- kush raho beta. Lets go wr are getting late.
Ragini- Take care Swara and call me as soon as u reach.
Swara- Ji maate i will do it.
Sumi- Swara take care and decide wisely and ad soon as you select and book the hotel tell me the name and the address.
Shekhar- Meri princess ko mat sikhao, use sab aata hai. Take care beta biii
Swara- Bii
They leave for the airport.
Dp- Take care beta. Bii
Swasan- Bii papa.
They reach Jaipur.
Sanskaar- So mrs swara maheshwari… Sorry sorry… going to be mrs swara maheshwari whicj hotel shall we book??
Swara- Sanskaar… Forget hotel lets book the surajgarh palace royal rooms for the everyone. What say??

Saskaar- Awesome idea.
Swara- You go to book the city palace and i will go to book surajgarh palace okk??
Sankaar- Ok Swara, meet me in hotel jw marriot once u are done.
Swara- Okk
After doing there respective work, the come to a hotel.
Sanskaar- Come Swara lets have dinner.
Swara- Lets go… I am very hungry.
After having dinner, they go to their respective rooms.
Around midnight Sanskaar calls Swara and asks her to open her room’s door.
Sanskaar- Swara, I love u
Swara- I love u too Sanskaar.
Sanskaar gets closer to Swara to k**s her and swara moves backwards. Sanskaar pins her to the wall and the k**s.

Swara calls Sumi and says that all arrangements are made and they should come to Jaipur without delay.

Precap- Raglak’s mehandi, haldi and swasan’s romance.

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