Swaragini- A FRESH BEGINNING…Chapter 4

The Gadodias except for Swara go for shopping the next evening and fortunately bump into maheswaris who are shopping in the same mall.
Ragini is selecting her saree for the engagement.
Parineeta and Uttara help her.
Parineeta- Ragini, where is Swara?? Why didnt she come?? See Sanskaar is getting restless.
Ragini- Actually bhabhi, she is in a friends birthday party.
Uttara- Calk her na pls??

Ragini- Ok wait, I will call her.
Ragini calls Swara
Ragini- Swara is the party over??
Swara- Yaa Ragini I an coming home.
Ragini- We are out for shopping so come directly to regent mall.
Swara- Ok I will be there in 20 min. Biii
Ragini- She is coming.
Swara reaches the mall. She is dressed in a baby pink above knee length frock and heels.
Sanskaar is mesmerised seeing her.
Ap- Swara u are lukin so beautiful. Did u go to some party ??
Swara- Yea aunty I am coming rom my friends bday party.
Dp- Swara beta call us papa and maa.
Swara- Ok papa.
Swara goes to Ragini but Sanskaar pulls her towards himself when everyone is buzy talking and selecting clothes.
Sanskaar- You are killing me with ur beauty ms. Swara
Swara- Leave Sanakaar someone will see.
Ragini calls Swara and Sanskaar leaves her.
Swara- Ragini what have u selected show me
Ragini- I am unable to select anything. Pls help me
Swara- Wait Laksh will help u
Swara brings Laksh near Ragini.
Laksh- Ragini… This orange and green saree will look perfect on you.
Swara- Now toh u will purchase this saree only. Jiju ur choice is very good. Why dont u teach something to your brother??
Sanskaar- Swaraaaa…
They all start laughing.
After the shopping is done, they return to their houses.

At Swaragini mansion

Sumi- Ragini pls try all the dresses we have purchased for u and tell it something is needed to be changed.
Raginu- Okk maa

At Swaragini’s bedroom
While Ragini is changing Laksh texts Swara to send Ragini’s pic. in the engagement dress.
Swara texts back sure
Ragini – How is the dress looking Swara/??
Swara: Awesome Ragini. Let me take ur pic.
Ragini: SURE
She clicks her pic and sends it to Laksh.
Laksh: Thank u Swara.
Swara: My pleasure jiju.

On the day of engagement.

Sumi- Wake up Swara u need to take Ragini to the Salon. The appointment is after 2 hrs.
Swara- Yes maa.
She wakes.up.
Ragini- Get ready. We need to go to the salon.
Ragini- Swara madam I am ready u go and get ready fast.
Swara- Ok ok
They go to salon,get ready and return back by 3pm.
The engagement muharat was at 4:30.

The maheshwaris come to the Swaragini mansion.
Ap- You have done very beautiful preparations.
Sumi- Thank u
Dp- Shekhar ji call Ragini down
Shekhar- Swara pls bring Ragini down.
Swara- Ok papa.

Swaragini come down. Ragini is wearing the blue and orange saree and Swara is dressed in yellow anarkali suit.
Sanskaar- My doll is lukin sooo beautiful. As if she is an angel.
Laksh- Ragu is lukin the best.
Laksh and Ragini exchange rings.

All enjoy.

Dp- Panditji, pls look for an auspicious day for their marriage.
Panditji- The best day for marriage is next week according to their kundlis.
Ap- Next week!!! Sumi ji we need to do all the preparations very quickly. Tomorrow you, Sujata, dadiji and I will have to go to purchase Ragini’s lehenga and jwellary.
Sumi- Yes annapurna ji, we need to all the arrangements very quickly.
Dp- Shekharji tomorrow we will have to arrange the caterers, the venue and the wedding cards.
Shekhar- yes we need to go today itself for the cards as we need to post the cards as soon as possible .
Rp- Lets go.
Dp- Swara beta u also come with us for the card selection.
Swara- Ji papa.
Dp, Shekhar, Rp, Sanskaar and Swara leave.
They finalized the cards and returned to swaragini mansion
After deciding everything, the maheshwaris left.

Maheshwari mansion

Dp- tomorrow ap along with other ladies except for Swara will go to buy Ragini’s lehenga jwellary etc.
Ap- But why not Swara??
Dp- Because Swara is a very practical and bold girl, we need her for all the others this and she knows both ragini and lakksh choice.
Ap- Okk

Precap- The gadodias organize a great mehandi event where maheshwaris also take part.

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