Swaragini- A FRESH BEGINNING…Chapter 3

After the party all of them return to their houses.
Sanlak room
Lucky is thinking about Ragini and Sankoo is thinking about Swara.
Swaragini room
Ragini is thinking about Laksh and Swara is thinking about Sanskaar.
Next day
Shekhar has called the Maheshwaris to their house in context to Ragini’s relation with Laksh.
DP- This is my elder son Laksh and we are looking for a perfect bride for him
Shekhar- Swara Ragini come downstairs.
Ragini- Papa Swaragini will come down not Swara and Ragini. The choice is yours.
Shekhar- okk now come down.

They enter the hall and Ragini is shocked to see Laksh.
Sumi- She is our elder daughter Ragini and our younger daughter Swara.
Laksh and Ragini are continuously staring at each other. Swara coughs as the others are staring at them.
Ap- Do u know each other ??
Swara- Yes aunty. Laksh and we both are in the same mba college.
Dp- It is good that u know each other.
They all talk to each other for some 2 hours and the relation gets fixed. All of them are very happy.
Shekhar- As soon as they both complete their mba we will engage them.
Dp-You took my words.
The maheshwaris leave.

At maheshwari mansion
Ap- Ragini is a very sweet girl. And her younger sister Swara is also very bold but very humble. After we marry Ragini and Laksh we will ask for Swara’s hand for Sanskaar.
Dp- That os a really good idea.

Next day( At the college)
Laksh and Ragini come face to and Ragini blushes.
Laksh- Ragini will you come with me for coffee after the college gets over??
Ragini- But Laksh…
Laksh- Pls Ragini dont say no.
Ragini(hesitant)- Ok Laksh
After the collage they go to coffee culture.
Ragini- Cappicheno??
Laksh- My favourite.
Ragini- Mine too.
Laksh- 2 cappichenoes pls.
They talk for sometime and then Laksh drops Ragini to her house.
Swara- Ragini… How was ur first date??
Ragini- Swaraaa…
Swara- Ok ok i will not tease u.
After 2 months, they complete their graduation and once again the maheshwaris and the gadodias meet.
Dp- Welcome Shekhar ji

Ragini- Namaste uncle.
Dp- Ragini i am ur papa not uncle
Ragini- Ji papa
Swara- Hello uncle
Dp- hello Swara beta. How are u??
Swara- as fine as possible.
They all sit.
Sumi- Panditji has given 3 auspicious days for engagement, one is tomorrow itself, second one is after 4 days.and the third one is next month. Now u decide the date.
Dp- We will engage our children after four days itself.
Sankaar enters the hall and sees Swara.
Dp- This is your younger son Sanskaar.
Ap- After Laksh and Ragini get married, if u dont mind we would like Swara as our Sanskaar’s wife.
The gadodias rejoice.
Sanskaar and Swara are staring each other and this time Ragini coughs.
Dp- It seems like both of you also know each other.
Ragini- Yes papa, they are batchmates.
All start laughing.
Ap- Sanskaar and Swara do you approve this relation ??
Swara blushes and Sanskaar says a big yes.

All pf them congratulate each other.
Dp- As soon as Ragini and Laksh get married we will engage them
Dadi- Both my granddaughters will be settled together now. I am so happy.

Precap- Maheshwaris ans the Gadodias shop together.

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