Swaragini..Its fortune..introduction

Hii guys,Iam Ara Martinez…

Iam gonna start a fanfic …Its fortune.
I have read most of the ffs of swaragini and Iam so glad to say that i found a lot of great talented writers..
well,Iam not sure that I’ll be able to raise my ff upto your level ..but I’ll try my best.
I know that there are many fans of different pairs for swaragini…
guys,Dont get disappointed if iam not choosing your favourite pairs…
I will reveal the pairs only after some episodes..

And by the way there is a humble request from me…pls guys..dont suggest or guess the pairs because i have already decided the pairs…And i don’t want anyone to get hurt cus of me…
Iam not giving any character sketch now…It will be there with their entry..
Swara,ragini,laksh and sanskar are lead protagonists..
I know very well that you didn’t get any idea about my ff…
But iam sure you all will like the plot..

Ara Martinez

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  1. all the best Ara Martinez just a suggestion write what you feel like and make pairs that you want we won’t get hurt dear as it’s your fanfic not ours
    and yea hope i’m one of the writers above that your talking about 😉
    waiting for you plot eagerly 🙂

    1. Hey nidhi..iam a great fan of ur ff..swaragini the beginning…Thanks for ur support yaar..

    2. Nidhi plz upload ur ff

      1. i’ve submitted them but don’t know y they haven’t uploaded yet

      2. same here.they dint upoad mine too

  2. Intrusting plot i think

    1. Thanks yaar…

  3. Cant for it

  4. Cant wait for it

    1. Thanks yaar..

  5. all the best ara give equal inportance to all the characters

    1. Thanks yaar…i’ll try my bst to give equal imp to all..

      1. Hey yaar…i read ur ff ..its awesome..

  6. M sooo excited…update soon…

    1. Thanks yaar..

  7. Waiting for the first chaoter Ara!!! Please post soon…I know how excited I was when I posted my first fanfic! All the best!!

    1. Hey anjali…i love ur ff the path to happiness..Thanx for ur support.

      1. Thank you soo much!!!

  8. Firstly a warm welcome ara and thanks for stepping in to pen down your ideas. Well thanks for deciding the pairs first itself and I am sure that within few episodes you would top in the writers list. All the best for your ff dear. I may not be able to comment on your every episode but still don’t forget that I read you every update. Fingers crossed for the first episode.

    1. Your ff limitless is one of my favourite…Thanx fr encouraging me..

      1. Limitless love

  9. All the best

    1. Thanks..

  10. All the best dr..I like that u already decided ur pairs and we will support u…

    1. Pournami,I love ur ff lovers cannot hate each other..

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