Swaragini…Its fortune…Episode 5


Hey everyone..
Ara here.
Thanks to everyone who reads my ff.
Hmmm..I know that you all are waiting to know about the pairs.I know that after reading the names of the pairs..some of you will leave my ff and some others will stay.
Can anyone of you can say that you will continue to read my ff whoever the pairs are..no na!!!
I knew it. And guys pairs will be revealed in Episode 6 only,as i said before.And please in next episode when i reveal the pairs,don’t ask me to change the pairs..pls.. Sorry ..for blabbering.Lets go to today’s episode.

Episode 5
At night
Laksh’s house
Ragini:Today my piyu will sleep with me.
Laksh:No way,today she will sleep with me.
They starts fighting.
Piyu:please stop fighting.,.lets do one thing.Heads or tail. Laksh:Heads
Piyu tossed and it came tail. Ragini:Yooo..today my piyu will sleep with me.
Laksh:Oyyy..its only for today..tomorrow I will win. Ragini:Lets see..good night papa Laksh makes an angry face. Morning.
Laksh:Ragini,wake up..Ragini… Ragini woke up.
Ragini:What happened..why so early?
Laksh:So you are not going to office.?
Ragini:ohh shit..Thankyou so much laksh.
Ragini went getting fresh.

After sometime
Piyu is going to school.Laksh and Ragini are going to their respective offices.
SM industries
Ragini enters the office.
She is wearing a blue salwar with white shawl.
She is looking gorgeous in that attire.
Male staff:Are you Ragini.. Ragini:Yes..
Staff:Iam Goutham.Sir’s personal assistant.
Goutham:Come..i will take you to sir’s cabin. They reached the cabin. Goutham:You stay here..sir will came in 5 minutes.
Goutham leaves.
Sanskar is entering the office. Goutham:Good morning sir Sanskar:Mrng
Goutham:Sir, you said us to appoint someone for presentation works na..
Goutham:Last week we conducted an interview for it and selected a girl.Her name is Ragini. Sanskar:Ragini..?
Goutham:yes sir.
Goutham:She is waiting for you in your cabin.
Sanskar:okay..okay..i’ll meet her.You go and bring the files from Vichu.(staff)
Goutham:okay sir..
Goutham leaves.
Sanskar is about to enter his cabin. But Anaitha(employ) calls him:Sir
Anaitha:Sir,here is the presentation flow chart.
Sanskar takes the file from her. He reads the file and gets angry. Sanskar:What the hell is this..is this a presentation flow chart.. He throws the file on her face. Sanskar:10 minutes..make a perfect one and come to my cabin. Sanskar enters his cabin and found a girl there. He cannot see her face as she is facing to opposite direction.
He thinks:Oh she might be the girl about whom Goutham said about. Ragini turns back.
Both are super shocked to see eachother.
Both together:YOU!!!?

Episode ends.

Thanks for reading …And pairs..in next episode.
Next episode will be posted on or before MONDAY.

Credit to: Ara Martinez

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