Swaragini..Its fortune..episode 3

Hey Everyone..
Ara here.
Today there will be Swara and sanskar’s entry .
As I said before,pairs will be revealed in episode 6.

Episode 2

Episode 3
Maheswari mansion
Sanskar is coming downstairs in a blue jeans and black T shirt.No one will say that he is the one who had a cute conversation with piyu.He looks little arrogant now.
Balu…sanskar’s maid.But he is the one who looks after sanskar.Sanskar also treats him like a family member.
Sanskar:Balu uncle…
Sanskar:Is the breakfast ready..
Balu:Haan..but are you not going to office today?
Sanskar:No..Today there is strike..
Balu:Then you sit here…i will call swara..
Balu leaves..
Sanskar:God,I want my swara back to normal..please god.
Balu knocks the door of swara’s room.
Balu:Swara beta..come for the breakfast.
Swara is coming out of her room.She looks physically very week.Her face looks very dull.She is not having any kind of expressions on her face.Totally,she looks like a hospitalized patient.
She comes downstairs.
Sanskar looks at her.
Sanskar smiles seeing swara.But she is not having any reaction on her face.
Sanskar in his mind:She hasn’t even smiled at me since these two years.Why god?I did all those things for her not for me…Then why?
Balu:Have breakfast..
Swara starts having breakfast.
Sanskar is looking at her face.He is having tears in his eyes.
Swara completes her breakfast and went upstairs.
Sanskar,without having his food,left to his room.
Balu:God…i only have one prayer to you…please give back the happiness of this house.

Laksh’s house
Ragini:Piyu,come and do your homework..
Piya:Ma..please ..today papa is here na..then lets do something different.
Episode ends..

Precap:Ragini gets an appointment letter from SM industries.


Ara Martinez

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