Swaragini..Its fortune..episode 2

Hey everyone..
Ara here…
You will get to know about the pairs soon..

Episode 1
Recap:Sanskar met a child whose name is Piyu.Before seeing piyu’s mom he went.

Episode 2

Piyu’s mom comes…
She is wearing blue leggings and white long top.She is looking beautiful..And she is none other than our gorgeous Ragini.
Ragini:piyu…who was it..
Piyu:it was sanky uncle..
Ragini:Sanky uncle?Who is that..what was he talking to you..
Piyu:Ma…vo..nothing..he just asked me….vo..
Ragini:vo..vo..kya piyu…i told you many times that dont talk to strangers..
A man comes..He looks very handsome and cute..
The man said:Haan..papa…
Laksh:Haan..mein..Why did you come here without saying me…You know na..today there is strike..Come lets go from here..
They all are in the car.
Laksh:Its 5:45am.Strike will start at 6:00.

Piyu:papa..one minute..I have to say something to you.
Laksh:say…my dear princess.
Piyu:Ragini maa..is always scolding me..say her not to scold me.
Laksh:Ragini maa…why are you always scolding my princess?
Laksh:Ragini maa will not scold you anymore.Right na..?
Ragini:Okay….iam not saying anything..
They reached house.
Ragini :You both go and get fresh…i will make the breakfast..
Laksh:No..no..Today me and my princess will make breakfast..
Ragini:please laksh…dont do that..Today there is strike na…We will not be able to even go hospital…
Laksh:Ha ha..so funny.
Ragini:Then fine..you can make food..I will read some books then.
Laksh:So princess…come fast..lets start the preparations..
After sometime..
Laksh:Ragini…food is ready..
Ragini:God…iam coming to you..
Laksh:Ragini,most probably i itself will sent you..
Piyu:You both please stop your fighting…Iam feeling very much hungry.
Ragini:Sorry piyu…Come,lets have the breakfast..
They start having the breakfast.

Ragini:Laksh..its not that bad…infact its good.
laksh:I told you na…
Piyu:Its so tasty papa..Today onwards daily papa will make food..na..
Ragini:Thats a great idea..
Episode ends..

Precap:sanskar..and swara’s introduction.

Pairs will be revealed in episode 6.

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  1. If piyus mom and dad are Raglak then basically it means that the ff pairs are raglak and swasan….. ??

    1. Anything can happen kritika..Because my ff is full of twists..Whoever the pairs…hope you will enjoy it..

  2. plz make swasan and raglak as pairs

    1. Let see roja that who will be the pairs…

  3. So it’s going to be raglak and swasan……
    Nice keep going on……

    1. Priya…many twists are there..But surely u will enjoy it..

  4. Nice start…

    1. Thankyou Ani…

  5. Isn’t it raglak and swasan because raglak already have a cute daughter????please dont say that pita is not their daughter??????

    1. There are a lot of twists and turns…

    1. Thankyou so much Divya..

  6. Awesome. I hope u make it ragsan.

    1. Lets see who will be the pairs…hope you will enjoy it..

  7. What raglak already wife and hus na or ragsan are pair

    1. Hayathi..for knowing it you will hve to wait till episode 6…

  8. swaragini fan

    If u r thinking to make it Ragsan and swalak …..then great

  9. nice …

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