Swaragini..Its fortune..episode 2

Hey everyone..
Ara here…
You will get to know about the pairs soon..

Episode 1
Recap:Sanskar met a child whose name is Piyu.Before seeing piyu’s mom he went.

Episode 2

Piyu’s mom comes…
She is wearing blue leggings and white long top.She is looking beautiful..And she is none other than our gorgeous Ragini.
Ragini:piyu…who was it..
Piyu:it was sanky uncle..
Ragini:Sanky uncle?Who is that..what was he talking to you..
Piyu:Ma…vo..nothing..he just asked me….vo..
Ragini:vo..vo..kya piyu…i told you many times that dont talk to strangers..
A man comes..He looks very handsome and cute..
The man said:Haan..papa…
Laksh:Haan..mein..Why did you come here without saying me…You know na..today there is strike..Come lets go from here..
They all are in the car.
Laksh:Its 5:45am.Strike will start at 6:00.

Piyu:papa..one minute..I have to say something to you.
Laksh:say…my dear princess.
Piyu:Ragini maa..is always scolding me..say her not to scold me.
Laksh:Ragini maa…why are you always scolding my princess?
Laksh:Ragini maa will not scold you anymore.Right na..?
Ragini:Okay….iam not saying anything..
They reached house.
Ragini :You both go and get fresh…i will make the breakfast..
Laksh:No..no..Today me and my princess will make breakfast..
Ragini:please laksh…dont do that..Today there is strike na…We will not be able to even go hospital…
Laksh:Ha ha..so funny.
Ragini:Then fine..you can make food..I will read some books then.
Laksh:So princess…come fast..lets start the preparations..
After sometime..
Laksh:Ragini…food is ready..
Ragini:God…iam coming to you..
Laksh:Ragini,most probably i itself will sent you..
Piyu:You both please stop your fighting…Iam feeling very much hungry.
Ragini:Sorry piyu…Come,lets have the breakfast..
They start having the breakfast.

Ragini:Laksh..its not that bad…infact its good.
laksh:I told you na…
Piyu:Its so tasty papa..Today onwards daily papa will make food..na..
Ragini:Thats a great idea..
Episode ends..

Precap:sanskar..and swara’s introduction.

Pairs will be revealed in episode 6.

Credit to: Ara Martinez


    • Ara Martinez

      Anything can happen kritika..Because my ff is full of twists..Whoever the pairs…hope you will enjoy it..

  1. Maya

    Isn’t it raglak and swasan because raglak already have a cute daughter????please dont say that pita is not their daughter??????

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