Swaragini..Its fortune..episode 1

Hey guys..Its Ara Martinez.
Iam so glad with your supports.
Since its the first episode,it will be little short..sorry for that.

Episode 1

Early morning

A guy is having a ride in his Harley Davidson.He is tall, having perfect abs.He is wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt with a black jacket.He is driving so rashly.

Unfortunately guys,we cannot see his face cus he is wearing a helmet.

Since the speed of the bike is so high, about 120,his jacket is filled with air.
There are no other vehicles on the road as there is strike.
A child is crossing the road.She is looking backward in between as if she is looking for someone.

He is driving so fastly.He see the child crossing.
“oh my god”he shouted.
Suddenly he stops his bike.Since he was driving so fastly,the back tire of his harley raised up.

Both the boy and the child closed their eyes.

The boy is having a lot of thoughts in his mind in that very second..
“God,please dont let the bike hit that child..That child looks so innocent and ofcourse you know that iam also innocent..please somehow stop the bike”.

Actually its so funny that the boy is driving the bike but he is asking god to stop it.

The boy removed his helmet.Its our hot and handsome sanskar with shiny black hair.He then opens his eyes.

“Thank god”he said with a relief.
Sanskar come out of his harley Davidson and went near to the child and knee down.

The child also opened her eyes and hugged him tightly.
“sorry uncle..i shouldn’t have crossed alone..”she said
“No..its actually my fault i was driving so fastly..sorry”he said in a regretting manner.
They breaks the hug.

“what’s your name”sanskar asked cutely.
“piyu”the child replied.
“piyu!nice name”he chuckles
“what’s your name..uncle”the child asked innocently
“sanskar,but you can call me sanky uncle”he said kindly.
“oh i forgot to ask..there is no one with you?”sanky asked doubtfully
“my mom is there with me.she is in that shop”
“oh mom is coming”the child gets little afraid.
“sanky uncle,please don’t say anything to her”she said pleasingly.
“Iam going”sanky said.
They bid bye to each other.
Episode ends

So guys how is it…is it interesting?
Don’t worry guys..i will try to give equal importance to all.
Waiting for your feedbacks.

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Ara Martinez

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    1. Thankyou Sindhu di…
      Iam a great fan of ur ff all alone ragini..

    1. Thankyou newbie..

  1. atleast inform which episode u will reveal d pairs pls…

    1. Abi…i will reveal the pairs in episode 6.

    1. Thanks…yaar..

  2. nice n best of luck!!

    1. aashi..thanx yaar.

  3. Awesome dr

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  4. Very nice,amazing start, all the best.

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  6. Super yaar.

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  7. Again it gonna be Ragsan
    Can’t U write about Swasan
    There is no chemistry between Ragsan as couple
    Bt yaa there frdz bonding is awesome
    Anyway hope u will make Swasan this time

    1. avni yaar..
      Pairs doesnt matter..
      Everyone will have a special bonding ..
      Hope you will enjoy it..

  8. super Dr best of luck

    1. Thank you so much yaar…

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