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so here we go:
After singing song a girl comes towards sanky she is kavitha ,she says wow what a pleasant voice , well my name is kavitha , every boy of this collage is my fan , but i am not interested in them , well i think i am somewhat interested you.
sanky: oh really i am very grateful that you are interested in me, but
sanky:but i am not atol interested in you,so bye
sanky leaves and kavitha feels insulted in front of whole collage and angrily tap her foot on floor and run form there
swara laugh seeing this and sanky feels happy seeing sammie laughing ,but his brain control over his heart and stops him , he feel weird and he moves by saying putta (broken) radio to divert his mind.

some boys listen it and then see swara .
swara sees them comming and moves from there and they stop swara and teases her by saying her phutta radio, sanky see’s it and was about to go and save swara but lucky comes and tells that she is my sis don’t dare to look at her and see’s them angrily and he take swara to her room

swara: that idiot sanky , he did it willingly
lucky and rags: no yaar he is somewhat naughty, but he can’t do this
swara: ya ya he is a saint.
raglak laughs
sanskar :comes
sanky : see i didn’t told them and i don’t know that how that how they came to know about your real name (in teasing way)
swara fumes in anger
she tap her leg on sanky’s legs and he shouts
swara: see he is shouting that means he is a loudspeaker
sanky gives a look i goes from there

She wakes up and first sees sanskar’s childhood picture and says i miss you
ragini enters and swara hide the pic in her book
ragini: happy birthday sammie
swara:how do you know

rags: lucky told me
they both get ready swara is wearing a white short top and pink jeans , she let her hair open and wore a big heal pink shoe.ragini wears a blue jeans ans black t-shirt and let her hairs open they both looks gorgeous ,swara look more pretty and its her bithday, swara gives chocolate to rags and they leave for class.
sanskar look at swara and looks at her beauty he walks without seeing the way but just swara .they both hit each otherand sanskar’s childhood pic falls from swara’s bookand sanky see’s it, he feels shock and swara in hurry ut it in her bag and tries to move but sanky holds her handans tries to ask about the pic. but swara thinks that she don’t want to spoil her birthday mood by fighting with him and tries to leave but sanky pulls her close and both share a eye look , sanky ask about the pic and swara tells its not your business.and rans from there by not listening to sanky.he thinks maybe rags told her . he goes and ask ti rags she told no i didn’t give
sanky see’s principle going out and goes in his office and and checks swara’s certificate and he is shock to know that sammie is swara and he check all her details and is very shock to know that she is non other then his love swara and says: i am very happy , i will tell her truth but first she has to love sanky then sanskar’s turn , and she still love me that’s why my pic was in her book , now let me make place of sanky in swara’s heart.
screen freeze on him

PRECAP : sanky tells the truth to lucky and rags and ask not to tell to swara

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