Hey everyone how are you all i can’t wait for tomorrow so i have started it today only i am the one who wrote dastan e ishq , here every character is same as my previous one ,and guys plz comment because it means a lot to me.so here we began

ragini and sanskar are sister and brothers
swara and laksh are sister and brothers


Two girls of 12 years swaragini are in love with two 13 year boys sanlak , but there family came to know about it one day and there are taken away from each other,and are swasan are send to two different countries to study futher. ralak are also with them , but swaragini and sanlak don’t know each other as they introduce themself with different name and there are grown up
swara as sammie, laksh as lucky, sanskar as sanky and ragini as rags
A girl is seen happily waking her brother up its swara, the boy wake up in a irritating mood he is laksh,
Swara: bahi guess what
Laksh: what yaar ? why you wake me up so early morning ? see its only 10 let me sleep peacfully till 1
and he cover his face with blanket
Swara: bahi listen we won and we are going to Canada for further studies.
laksh: what!! ( uncover his face from blanket) really or you are joking
swara: wait i will pinch you
( she pinches laksh)
laksh: aouch!!!swara slowly
laksh and swara dances on the bed as they are the only students who are selected from there collage to go for Canada
swara calls to sumi in india and informs her they also get happy

Sanskar and ragini are checking the list in there collage and doen’t find there names
sanskar: why everything happens with us only first they took me away from my swara and send us here and now i didn’t got selected

ragini: bahi don’t worry i am also away with my laksh na , and don’t worry definitely we are going to select for studies in Canada university.
ragini goes and check the list one more and get happy as they are selected
ragini: bahi we got selected
sanskar: i am ok ragini no need to tell lie and make me happy
ragini : bhai see we really got selected
sanskar: ( see’s the list) ya ragini really let and go and get details from sir
they went
same with swalak and they came to know that they have to go from tomorrow’s flight they are very excited
swara pack all the stuffs and all then she goes near the bed and take out one pic from her pillow cover and see’s it , tears roll down her cheeks.its sanskar childish photo she says i promis you sanskar i will meet you one day
same happen with laksh and ragsan
they reach the airport and are ready to move
they landed in canada
ragini calls and inform sujata that they reach safely
same with swalak
swara went to near by canteen in airport as the collage car takes time to come at airport
ragini fells hungry she informs about it to sanskar he too went to canteen
swasan by mistake hits each other swara’s coffee falls on sanskar
sanskar : you are blind or what can’t you see and walk
swara: you could also do that , my coffee fell on you doen’t mean that you are right and i am wrong

sanskar: first you did mistake and now scolding me
both fights
ralak make them cool and ask to shake the hands with eachother
the both angrily shake hands and sanskar tolds her hand tightly , she feels pain and shout and tries to pinch sanskar but fails
collage car arrive, sanskar thinks atleat now i will feel relax and free from that loudspeaker , swara thinks the same
and both are shock to know that they have to reach same collage and in the same car, swara shout again sanskar hold her mouth and tell oh radio sorry i mean ancient broken useless radio just shut up
swara: you was telling me ancient broken and useless radio
sanskar :ya i know i told less but never mind
swara: accha if your voice is melodious then why don’t you become singer
sanskar: i was the top singer of my collage
swara : you was

sanskar fumes in anger , ralak chagne the topic my asking each other name laksh says my name is lucky and she is my sis he was about to say swara but swara stops him and says my name is samiee sanskar says very bad name
swara fumes in anger and sanskar get happy seeing that .
ragini says my name is rags and sanskar say my name is sanky
swara: “sanky ” world’s worst name
sanskar : useless radio says always useless words
swara again fume in anger

PRECAP :sanakar misses his mother and sing aaj bhi todi chot lage tho song ( from yaariya)

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  1. Amazing waiting for next oart

  2. ,wow..nice intro..plz post next part ..

  3. Awla dear

  4. Nice start 🙂

  5. sry to say but swara and laksh don’t look like bothers and aisters to me if u wanna make swasan u can but don’t make swalak as bother and sister .
    ur statement really hurt me when u said that swalka are bother and sister

  6. wow nice ff pls continue and it is swasan so people will love
    so good luck and continue
    you know the daastan one who are the pairs cause it is confusing

    1. hey thanks i use o wrote dastan e ishq the pairs where same as this fan fiction

  7. Wat is this yar ragsan bro&sis..this is nt fine yr
    if u want to make swasan raglak u make it bt nt dis way
    It hurts ragsan fans
    im sry if u hurt….

  8. Yaiiii….swasan nok jhok…love dem?

  9. Omg…. superb epi.. i liked their fight.. lolz.. ancient useless broken radio.. vry funny..nice start..

  10. interesting

  11. loved it.

  12. thank you guyz thank you so much . I will make swalak and ragsan as cousins ok because in this epi i have already shown them as sis and bro sorry but they will cousin are close friends

  13. NN it’s too too too good please don’t effect by others talk it’s your ff and it’s your choice to make the character by the way you ended Dastaan very early it was really good

    1. thanks tooba , i end dastan very early because i was not getting ideas

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