Swaragini: The forgotton sisters part 3

Hey guys I’m back I’ve replied to everyone comments and I guess anu di is right many are not commenting bcoz of pairs guys I already told that I want to focus on the sisters bond first but if my lovely readers want I’ll try to bring the pairs fast but whoever is the pair you guys will be able to see all the pairs bonding very well some with love and some with friendship and much more so plz keep supporting me

Leta begin

Swaragini reached room no 345 and opened the door and we’re shocked to see a man lying there unconscious with bandage on his head and hand fractured
The looked at eo and entered the room and stood on either of his sides teary eyed
Swara took his hands in her hands and cried
Dr enters
Swaragini:what happened to him Dr
They both said at the same time and looked at eo
Dr:he met with an accident and was bought here by a girl and boy it’s not a major accident but he is weak now so don’t stress him and take care of him
They nodded
Swara:karan bhai get up see your shona is here
She kept on crying
Ragini saw her and felt something but didn’t know what but it was definitely not hate
A man entered the room
Swaragini saw him and ran in his arms and cried
Man:shhh shona ragu stop crying beta your bro is strong
Ragini:mamu how did this happen
So guys the man is jaideep khanna aka jai father of karan khanna
Jai:don’t know beta he went from home for office and after sometime I got a call that he met with accident and I informed you both
Swaragini nods

Shomi and janki entered the room and saw swaragini already there
Jai:are shomi Didi janki u here Karin is fine now
Shomi:Wht fine see my karan is looking so pale
Janki:jai bhaiya how is bhabhi
Jai:like always not talking with me sleeping like she’s doing from five years
Jai wife deepa is in coma form past five years after she met with and accident
Jai was teary eyed while saying so
Janki:bhaiya it’s OK she’ll be fine
He nods
Swara:mom ur fine no and why u came with Mrs mehra
Shomi:shona my car went for service so I had to come her
Swara:u could have told me I would send another car
Ragini:yes mom (janki)why did you give her a ride she isn’t worth bcoz of her were in this condition
They said at the same time

They were having many different feeling in their eyes of love hate and much more
Jai:so what happened beta if they share a ride they are sisters
Swara:no they aren’t bcoz if she (pointing towards janki)would think that my mom is her sister then she would never betray her she would never marry her jiju she would never become the mother of her inters husbands child
She said all this while crying
Ragini couldn’t take it more
Ragini:enough Swara you don’t have to insult my mom everyday for the mistake she didn’t did it was your mother who came between my mom and Mr mehra oys your moms fault
Swara:shut up it’s wrong bcoz Mr mehra didn’t love your mom bcoz if he did he would have never married my mom
Ragini:he did under pressure your mom pressurized him
Jai:stop it you both it’s hospital karma is lying there and you both
The both looked at eo with hate visible in their eyes
And shomi and janki were looking at eo with and unknown feeling of hate and guilt guilt of ruining eo life guilt of ruining their children lif e but at the same time they thought that the other had betrayed them
(So now it’s clear that shomi janki and jai are siblings and karan is swargini cousin bro but they love him more than real bro and karan also loves them alot he she only child of hai parents )

Karan gains conscious
Swaragini go towards him
Karan:shona ragz
Swaragibi:yes bro
Karan:down fight for me plz
Swara:sorry bro but that isn’t possible I can give my life but not reconcile with her
Ragini:same here bhai
Karan:hmm OK but now I’m alright and wanna go to home
Swaragini:no way
He made a puppy face and all smiled at his antics

Swara:you’ll go home once Dr checks you BTW Dr told that you were brought here by a girl and a boy don’t who they are we should thank them
Ragini:bhai did you see them
He nods in a no
Ragini:OK I’ll ask the Dr
Dr enters and checks karan and tell he’s fine and he’ll be discharged tomorrow morning
Swaragoni:Dr do you know the people who brought bhai here
And once again they said at the same time
Ragini:will u stop imitating me
Swara:it has to be me who should tell you this
Dr:no but they looked from a good family
Swara:thanks Dr
Dr leaves

Swara:now how will I thank them for saving my bhai
Shekar comes there and sees everyone present there
Shomi janki swara ragini :why are you here
Shekar:I heard about karan
Jai:he s fine now don’t worry
Swara:you Amy leave me mehra
Shekar sadly leaves
Ragini:mom you go home I’ll come after sometime
Janki nods and leaves
Shomi:shona I also have an important meeting so take care bye karan beta take care
She also leaves
Jai gets a call
Jai:swara ragini you plz be with karan I’ll be back soon
They nod
Now only swarahini and Karin were there

Precap:hero entry

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